Oca 06

Growing Josh Ch. 07

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it was between the main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationships and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Trent paused at the plane exit, the cool moist air of early fall a shock to his Oklahoma acclimated system. There was a bump from behind him, and he glanced to see Josh toss a backpack over his shoulder.

“It’s nice. Not like the hundred-degree days we just left.”

Trent turned and gave Josh a light kiss. “You’re absolutely right. One point for Alaska, it’s cooler than Oklahoma.”

“Yeah, I don’t think it would be too hard for anyone to believe it’s cooler in Alaska than Oklahoma. Come on though, I think some of these people behind you might want to get off the plane too.”

“Oh. Yeah.” Trent stepped forward, only to have Josh lurch against him. He pulled Josh to one side when he started shaking. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine. It was just a little turbulent. I can make it.”

Josh wobbled up the ramp and entered the terminal. They stopped for a minute to get their directions straight, the pair started at a brisk walk toward the exit. Trent noticed Josh was moving slower and slower, and then stopped outside the first restroom. Trent looked closer at Josh and realized he looked the worse for wear.

“Josh, you sure you’re okay.’

“I dunno. My stomach is not very happy right this minute. Just give me a second.”

He wavered for a few minutes, his breath ragged and his face flushed.


“Oh god!” Josh dropped his bags and sprinted for the restroom.

Trent gathered up Josh’s bags and followed him at a more sedate pace. He stood outside the stall door to hear retching from inside. “Josh. You okay?”

“Oh fuck, I’m so sick.”

Trent gave a silent smile, hoping it didn’t leak through to his voice. “It’s okay. When you feel better we’ll go.”

After a few minutes of quiet, Trent wet a few paper towels and then held them over the stall to Josh. “Here, wipe your face. It’ll make you feel better.”

There was a pause, then Josh flushed and the door opened. “Damn, I haven’t been that sick in a long time.”

“It’s okay, the descent was a little rough.”

“A little rough, hell! It was worse than the crazy rollercoaster you talked me into at the last county fair.”

“Yeah, I think you puked then too.”

“Oh, shut your pie hole.”

Trent scanned the crowd as they moved through the exit. His uncle had just given him the cryptic information that family would know family. Trent wasn’t positive he had enough family blood in him to recognize anyone, much less a great uncle he had never met. So he scrutinized the crowd in hopes something would trigger a long buried memory.

His eyes were drawn to a stately gentleman with obsidian shoulder-length hair who moved toward them. “I think I see who we’re looking for.”

Josh glanced over. “Yeah, I’d say you’re right.”

The pair closed the distance. Trent stepped in front of the tall man. “Thomas Grant?”


“I’m Trent.” He paused for a moment and gathered himself. “Your great nephew.”

Trent was suddenly engulfed in an embrace. The hold was tight, Trent exhaled, and his spine popped. The arms retracted and two large hands rested on his shoulders.

“We’ve been looking for you for years. Everyone is so happy you’re back.”

Trent beamed back at the man. “I’m glad too. I didn’t think I’d be able to find you.”

Trent turned and pulled Josh beside him. “This is my…” Trent turned to meet Josh’s eyes and felt his heart connect with his soulmate. “Well Josh is my fiancée, but who knows when we’ll be able to get married.”

Thomas took Josh’s hand and shook it. “Glad to meet my nephew’s husband. It’s great to have both of you in the tribe.” He clasped both men’s shoulders and gave them a warm smile.

“Let’s grab your luggage. If we miss the ferry we’ll have to wait for the next one. I was hoping to give you some time to relax before the potlatch tonight.”

Trent met the man’s strides and they strolled down the concourse. “What exactly is this potlatch?”

He turned and shot both men a smile. “One hell of a party!”

The drums stilled and the echoes of the singer’s voices receded into the night. The dim recesses of the longhouse was cloaked in darkness Trent’s eyes couldn’t penetrate. The potlatch had been going on for hours now and he was stuffed with delicacies from cousins he would never be able to remember. His fingers went up to touch the new earrings one of them had given him. They were tiny raven masks carved from cedar. The smoothness fascinated Trent.

He refocused on the events in time to see his uncle and aunt move into the firelight with a highly patterned blanket across each of their arms. The sharp drumbeat began slowly as they swayed toward the two of them. Trent glanced to each side and realized they had to be coming kocaeli escort toward him. Trent’s heart gave a flutter when the couple stopped in front of he and Josh.

“Trent. We are blessed to have you back after all these years. Your presence has given a gift that cannot be equaled. In honor of the tradition of the potlatch, we have these for you and your husband.”

He unfolded the first of the blanket from across his arm and opened it for Trent to see. The striking patterns in yellow and black, with an accent of blue, caught Trent’s breath. He looked again to his uncle who nodded to him. He stepped closer to Trent and draped the Chilkat blanket across his shoulders. The long fringe sways with the movement and then settled with a sensual sway. Trent slid his fingers over the weaving, enjoying the texture as it moved under his touch.

He looked up to watch then put a second matching blanket over Josh’s shoulders. His eyes were the size of saucers when he looked at Trent. He felt more was coming when his uncle turned back to the crowd. “We are excited to have these two with us. My nephew tells me they want to be married. The Haida have long recognized the importance of Two-Spirits in the world. I have decided to sponsor their marriage in the Haida traditions.”

Trent’s mouth dropped open, he looked frantically at Josh, hoping he wasn’t offended. But to his delight Josh smiled at him and shrugged. His muscles relaxed as he turned back to the ceremony. He knew they would discuss it later, but was glad Josh seemed okay with whatever is going on.

They turn as the drumbeat begins again. Trent knows this will be an occasion he will never forget.

“You know, this taking care of their critters is a pain in the butt.”

Darrin leaned against the manure fork and chuckled at Mitch. “Yeah, like when we went to Houston, left everything with them and it all went to hell.”

Mitch chuckled and winked at Darrin as he sat the wheelbarrow down between their two stalls. “That was a completely different thing!”

“Because you were the one on vacation and they were left shoveling shit?”


Darrin shook his head and tossed the load from his fork onto the growing pile. “It won’t kill us to help them take care of their animals this once.”

“You know if anything happens to any of them we will have to leave the state.”

Darrin grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “Oh yeah, you got that right.”

They worked together, enjoying the silence and the satisfaction of physical work. Mitch slowed and then leaned against the stall. “You know they exchanged rings?”

Darrin tossed another forkful into the wheelbarrow. “Yup, Josh told me the story. It’s really sweet.” Darrin stopped and looked at Mitch. “Why? I’ve already explained to Josh what legal paperwork they needed in place to get what protection they can.”

“It’s too bad they can’t get married.”

“It’s too bad we can’t get married.” Darrin observed. “But we live in Oklahoma. They aren’t going to change the laws any time soon.”

“No. But I can check with the sheriff. He might know of some loophole we don’t know about.”

Trent stood as if frozen, afraid he would end up in the cold Pacific Ocean. Somewhere along the way, they forgot to mention a traditional Haida wedding involved canoes and an ocean. He could see the sea of red button-blankets on the shore ahead of him. He was in one of the traditional cedar canoes his people had used for centuries. His uncle said there were only a few people left with the knowledge. Trent hadn’t realized the Haida were one of the tribes almost wiped out by small pox. He found it hard to believe only five hundred Haida were left after the epidemic. Trent had heard stories from Sheriff White Cloud about the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee and the Long Walk of the Navajo, but this was the first time he’d heard about small pox blankets being given to native tribes. He was learning his heritage was not all sunshine and drums. Trent stumbled as the canoe shifted.

“Careful cousin, it’s bad luck for the groom to drown.”

Trent shot the figure beside him wearing the raven mask a grin.

“It might have helped if I’d been born a few hundred feet from the ocean. And there sure aren’t a lot of ocean’s close to western Oklahoma.”

“Oh jeez, how can you live in that miserable part of the country?”

Trent looked around, taking in the view around him. It was beautiful verdant country, and there was a tug of attraction. But as he’d discovered when he ran away from Josh, the pull to the harsh Oklahoma prairie was ingrained in him. It hadn’t taken many days in the continual gray and rain of the northwest coast to miss the baking sunshine of home. He loved finding his family, and he would be back to visit. But this wasn’t home.

“Hey, the button-blanket processional is starting. Brace yourself so you don’t end up in the bay!”

Trent readied himself for the final part of the wedding.

They watched some relative of Trent’s as he worked kocaeli escort bayan on a new carving. The traditional patterns developed as the long curls of cedar emerged from his gouge.

“That’s amazing.” Josh ran his finger along the sharp delineations.

“Thanks, it was almost lost to us but there’s more interest in traditional skills these days.”

Josh shook his head in disbelief. “The artwork we’ve seen over the last few days were beautiful. Nothing like I’ve seen before.”

Thomas chuckled and nudged Trent. “Maybe because there aren’t a lot of cedar trees a couple of hundred feet tall in Oklahoma.”

Trent nodded in agreement, as fascinated with the skills of the carver as Josh was. “No, biggest trees we have on the ranch is some big ole cottonwoods along the creek. But they aren’t even close to as big.”

“The beadwork the tribes back home do will blow your mind though.”

The carver snorted in derision. “Show me a hundred foot tall piece of beadwork.”

“They’re different, that’s for sure.” Josh gave him.

Trent’s uncle dropped them back off at the house around mid-afternoon. “I’ve got a few things to take care of in town. Since your flight is leaving tomorrow, we’re going to have a few people over. One of the elders wanted to meet you. But you probably would like to relax a little this afternoon.”

Trent let out a sigh. “That would be great. I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone, but it would be good to get some time to relax.” He turned and flashed a grin at Josh. “Besides, I’d love to get to explore a little. We really haven’t had time to look around.”

“Sure, I can understand that. Just don’t get lost, this isn’t the wide open prairie.”

“Got it, uncle. We’ll be careful.”

Trent sat on the fallen giant, the damp atmosphere filled the air with the scent of moss and a millennium of growth and death to build this natural cathedral. Without a word he motioned Josh to him, pulled him between his legs.

“You having a good time?”

Josh let out a snort and grinned. “I see where you get your bluntness. Your family is a little overwhelming.”

Trent echoed Josh’s laugh. “Yeah, they did kind of tell us they were having a marriage ceremony. That was a little much.”

“At least they weren’t discussing whether you should wear a button blanket or not.”

“And you didn’t have to worry about falling out of the damn canoe either.”

Josh chuckled. “True, very true.”

“Something else is missing you know.”

“What’s that, babe?”

“Well, we haven’t exactly had a lot of private time.”

Josh clasp his hand over Trent’s denim covered crotch. He let out a soft breath as the fire ignited inside him as it did each time Josh touched him. Trent’s hands slid under Josh’s shirt, and let the hair glide under his fingers. As they glided over the hard nubs of Josh’s nipples and Trent smiled at the rumble that drifted from Josh’s chest at the touch.

Josh’s hand closed on his nuts and squeezed harder. The tinge of pain was a needed counterpoint to the heat filling his system. He leaned back on his hands, opened himself to Josh’s desires.

“So what did you have in mind, love?”

“Well, unless you managed to sneak in lube, I don’t think we’re fucking.”

Trent chuckled. “Nope, and I don’t think even I leak enough precum to make up the difference.”

Josh’s hands slid over Trent’s chest. “I’m sure we can find some other way to release a little tension, blow off some steam, pump up the action—”

Trent clasped his hand over Josh’s mouth. “Enough with the bad puns.” He grabbed Josh by the collar and pulled him in, pressed their lips together. Josh’s scent mingled with the aroma of fertile earth that surrounded them, exciting Trent on an entirely new level. He grabbed Josh’s hips and yanked him tight against his own groin, his hands slid down to his ass and squeezed it in his hands.

Josh broke the kiss and pressed his hands against Trent to separate them. “Damn you’re fucking hot.”

Trent chuckled and squeezed Josh’s ass in his hands. “You’re damn fuck’n hot too. Now lets get you out of some of these clothes.”

Trent slid his hands under Josh’s shirt and delighted in the feel of soft hair as it passed under his fingers. They reached his nipples and rubbed over them softly, eliciting low groans from Josh’s lips.

Trent opened the button on Josh’s jeans and then tugged them open, the faint sound of the zipper a quiet counterpoint to the sounds of nature surrounding them. He reached in, clasped Josh’s hard dick in his hand and squeezed it tight, then stroked it from base to tip through the material.

Josh gasped and grabbed Trent’s shoulder for stability. “Shit, it always feels so good when you touch me.”

“Oh, I plan on doing a whole lot more to make you squirm.” Trent plunged his hand into the front of Josh’s briefs and ran his fingers through the thick pubic hair before he grabbed his silky hard cock. He worked his hand up and down its rock hard length and let his jeans izmit escort drop to his ankles. Trent gripped the top of Josh’s underwear and slid them down until Josh’s clothing pooled at his feet.

Trent leaned back, drinking in his husband’s beautiful body. He ran the back of his knuckles across his hard nipples and was rewarded with a shudder from Josh. He gripped the denser hair nestled across his sternum and pulled it, eliciting a groan from Josh that reverberated through the forest.

Trent chuckled and swatted Josh on the ass. “Hey, a little quieter. We are out in the great outdoors.”

Josh bit his lower lip, glanced around and then shuffled closer to Trent. “Sorry, babe. But you make it feel so good it’s hard to be quiet.”

“Maybe I should give you something to keep you quiet then.”

Josh grinned and pawed at Trent’s jeans, desperate to strip him. With a few quick movements, Trent’s pants were open and Josh yanked them down. Trent smiled as his cock arched out of its confinement to hit Josh across the cheek. The precum drooled out of his slit, but Josh pressed his lips against Trent’s cock, sucked the clear stream into his mouth. Trent leaned back, the thick green moss felt like he was sitting on velvet. He let his hands run over his chest, found his hard nipples and tweaking them with his thumbs. His eyes drifted shut at the jolts from his nipples and Josh’s tongue ran back and forth across his throbbing cock. His breath came in gasps when he realized his body was close.

“Josh, slow down or I’m going to nut right now.”

Josh ran his tongue over Trent’s slit, sent a shiver through Trent and almost drove him over the edge. He gasp, thinking of anything other than how good Josh made him feel. Once the sensations receded, he opened his eyes and looked down to see Josh’s happy face that Trent slapped with his hard cock.

“What’s wrong, stud. Does something have your attention?”

Trent grinned, grabbed the sides of Josh’s head and pulled him up. His fingers dug into the back of Josh’s head while he pressed his lips hard against Josh’s. Trent shoved his tongue inside Josh’s mouth and explored his hot mouth. Trent loved the slight tang of precum flavoring Josh’s mouth. He released Josh and they broke apart with both of them gasping.

“Damn, that was hot. I don’t think we should lay out here with our asses in the air for too long.”

Trent nodded in agreement, trying to regain his breath. He lunged forward, grabbed Josh’s cock, and squeezed it tight. “Let’s see how long you last.”

Josh let out a quivering sigh. “At this rate it won’t take long.”

Trent slowly stroked up and down, his fist twisting at the top of each stroke, delighting in the gasp that escaped from Josh’s lips. With an ornery grin, Trent stuck a finger inside Josh’s mouth while he worked on the hard cock in his hand.

Josh’s eyes flew open as Trent’s finger slipped inside. But he quickly adjusted and slobbered over it. He tongued it like a small cock, his tongue wrapped around it, and left it coated with spit.

Trent eased it out of Josh’s mouth, he grabbed Josh’s nuts, tugged them down hard, and caused a groan from Josh, who spread his legs to give Trent better access. Trent released his sack, slid his wet finger over Josh’s perineum and slipped the tip into Josh’s hole.

“Ah, fuck.” Josh let out a sigh.

Trent grinned and slipped the spit-slicked finger inside, making certain to press it against his prostrate.

Josh’s body began to shake, his ass clamped around Trent’s finger. Trent squeezed Josh’s cock just as he started bucking his release. Trent grabbed Josh’s hip while he pressed his finger deeper inside his man. Josh let out a garbled scream and the first jet of white shot from his crimson cock. Several more jets exploded from his cock, Trent looked down to see his stomach and thighs crisscrossed with lines of semen.

Trent smile as the final shudder move through Josh’s body and a final glob of cum oozed from his dick to slowly stretch out and then hit the leaf-covered ground. Trent stripped the final bit of jizz from Josh’s dick and caught it in his palm. He smiled at Josh as he smeared cum over his aching cock and began to stroke it and play with his nipples. He knew it wouldn’t last long, but he wanted to shoot while he stared at Josh.

Josh’s hand snaked out and he wrapped his fingers around Trent’s balls and rolled them in his fingers. Trent closed his eyes, the wet sound of his hand flying up and down his cock was pushing him toward the edge. The tug of Josh’s fingers on his nuts, the scent of hot cum covered him, Josh’s heavy breath as he recovered, all formed a delicious combination.

Josh lowered himself and put his lips over the tip of Trent’s cock. Josh’s tongue drill into his slit and was the final piece and drove him over the edge. His muscles locked as the first shot raced through his system. Blast after blast shot out of his dick and ecstasy flooded his system. His senses heightened, twisting and looping. Feeling sensations he’d never experienced before.

Trent clamped his eyes shut, trying to block out what he’d just seen. He opened his eyes as the last rumble of passion traveled through his system, and saw the figure of his father fade into the forest.

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