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Subject: Growing Up Charlie Chapter 3 (Gay/Incest) DONATION: Nifty is a not-for-profit organization that heavily relies on our donations to keep the site free and accessible. Your donations pay for web hosting fees and other day-to-day activities for the wonderful staff of editors/publishers. You can donate on the website at fty/ Every little bit counts. DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, and contains explicit, sexual content involving adults over the age of 21 and minors under the age of 16, and scenes of incest involving step-parents/step-children. If viewing this material is illegal where you live, OR you’re a minor under the age of 18, please stop reading this. If you’re not sure about this legatilty, please stop reading until you have looked into your own, local laws. Any likeness or similarity between persons, places, products or concepts are purely coincidental. If you would like to leave any positive feedback, please let me know. Thank you. Chapter 3 Charlie woke up alone in Billy’s bed. He felt warm and sweaty. The sun was shining through the window and it was very humid. As Charlie stretched, his hands slid under the pillows and he felt Mr. Unicorn. He pulled out the stuffed animal and hugged it, with a faint smile on his face. Charlie noted that it smelled like Justin’s deodorant. Charlie also smelled bacon. “Yes!” he exclaimed, giving one final, bodily stretch, before throwing off the blankets and heading down stairs. “Good morning, Sleepy,” Justin said, as Charlie took a seat at the kitchen table. Two settings were placed next to each other, both had glasses of cold orange juice. Charlie drained his glass as Justin put small piles of eggs and bacon on the plates. Justin was dressed in basketball shorts and the top of his blue briefs was just visible. After serving some fried potatoes, Justin took his seat next to Charlie. “How do you feel?” “Good,” Charlie said around a mouth full of bacon. “Good,” Justin said, mixing his eggs and potatoes. “Anyone ever told you that you snore?” He asked with a grin. “Yeah. Dad and Billy complain about it all the time. Ry doesn’t seem to care.” “I think it’s cute, actually,” Justin said, as he took a bite of breakfast. Charlie tried to hide his embarrassment behind his second glass of juice. “Thank you for letting me sleep with you last night.” “It wasn’t a problem at all. I liked the company,” Just said, blushing himself. The pair finished their meal in relative silence. After breakfast, Justin cleared the table and did the dishes, while Charlie got dressed and played video games. Justin sat on the couch next to Charlie and looked through his phone. “Ugh,” Justin sighed. “It’s supposed to be hot and muggy today.” “It’s already hot and muggy,” Charlie said, taking off his shirt. “Can you swim?” Justin asked. “Yeah. I had lessons when I was little. Why?” “I thought we could go swimming at the wave pool.” Charlie got excited. He loved swimming, but his dad would only take them to the county pool. It was always crowded, and the little kids were annoying. He always wanted to go to the wave pool. It was a large water park on the other side of town. They had several water slides and a huge pool that created giant waves you could ride on with rafts. “Of course, if you don’t want to go to the wave pool, we could get a kiddy pool for you to play in.” “No!” Charlie yelled, as he flung himself onto Justin’s lap. “I want to go to the wave pool, please!” şişli travesti Justin tickled Charlie till the boy moved off of him. “Fine. The wave pool it is, then.” Justin made a stop at the store to get some waterproof sunscreen. The complex was open-air, and the teen knew that Charlie would get a really bad sunburn without it. The park was very busy. Charlie guessed there were several hundred people there, mostly children splashing around. He made his way to a line for one of the water slides, as Justin put their bag in a locker. The slide was at least 30 feet tall and snaked around until it dumped everyone into a smallish pool at the bottom. The line seemed to take forever. The air was thick with vapor and Charlie debated leaving the line and finding Justin, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Every summer, even before they moved to Washington, Charlie had seen commercials for the park, and the slides always caught his attention. After what seemed like an eternity, it was finally Charlie’s turn. He took hold of the steel bar above the tube and sat down in front of a jet of cool water. The man next to him looked over the edge to make sure the way was clear, as he explained the rules to him. Once the man was ready, he counted Charlie down: 5…4…3…2…1…and Charlie felt the man’s hand shove him down the large, plastic tube. Charlie laid flat on his back, kept his arms tight against his sides, and rested his chin on his chest. The tube was multi-colored, with a few open areas. He tried to laugh but water kept spraying his mouth. There were a few scary parts, especially an open turn that made him think he was going to fly out of the tube, but he mostly felt alive and happy. The tube started to flatten out and he was shot from the mouth and into a large pool at the bottom. When he came out of the water, Charlie opened his eyes and saw Justin standing at the edge holding the bottle of sunscreen. “You started without me,” Justin said, helping Charlie out of the pool. “Sorry,” Charlie said, pulling his trunks up a little. “Don’t be. You look like you were having fun.” Justin and Charlie found a couple of chairs. Justin dried Charlie off enough to apply the sunblock. Justin was thorough, even putting some just below the elastic band of Charlie’s trunks. “Okay, my turn,” Justin said, handing Charlie the bottle. Charlie did the best he could, doing the same as Justin. He decided to mess with Justin and tug a little at the hair at the small of Justin’s back. Justin gave a little scream and told him he’d get Charlie back. Charlie only laughed and jumped into the nearest pool. Justin pretty much let Charlie go wherever he wanted on his own. The only exceptions were the wave pool and the locker room. Charlie had never experienced such freedom. He usually had to stay with his dad or brothers. Justin seemed to trust him, and Charlie didn’t want to ruin it by misbehaving. After a few hours, Justin pulled Charlie out of a fountain pool, so they could have lunch and reapply the sunscreen. There was a hot dog stand, so they each got a large hot dog, chips and a soda. “My mom calls this ‘pop’,” Charlie said while taking a drink. “Did you know,” Justin said, opening his bag of potato chips, “in England they call these ‘crisps’.” “No they don’t,” Charlie said, skeptically. “I’m serious,” Justin said. “They call these ‘crisps,’ and they call fries ‘chips’.” “That’s crazy,” Charlie said. “No, what’s beylikdüzü travesti crazy is they call cookies ‘biscuits’.” “None of that makes sense.” “Tell me about it. I got the weirdest look when I asked for biscuits and gravy for breakfast,” Justin said, laughing. “You went to England?” “Sure did. I went last summer. I was actually born in England.” “Wow,” Charlie said. “So, you’re a foreigner?” “Not really. My parents are US citizens, and my mom was working over there before I was born. We moved back to the States when I was about six.” “Explains why you don’t speak with an accent,” Charlie said, with a giggle. “Yeah, I grew out of it pretty quick. I kinda stumble back into it if I’m over there long enough.” They spent their lunch talking about where in England Justin was born (Yorkshire) and how they had moved around a lot for his mom’s work. Justin explained that, after his parents divorce, his mom moved to Wales. “Which is not the same as England,” Justin clarified. “I’ve only been to Nebraska to see my grandparents. Aside from that, I’ve never really gone anywhere,” Charlie said, with a hint of disappointment. “Maybe we can change that one day,” Justin said. “Really?” Charlie asked. “Yeah. I don’t see why not. We could go to Canada and check out Toronto or Montreal, or to Mexico and check out Tijuana. Are you afraid of heights?” “Nope. I like being in high places. Billy is the one who doesn’t like heights.” “Good to know. Next time I visit my mom, I can see if you can come…that’s if your dad is okay with it, of course.” “He probably won’t let me. He doesn’t let me do anything fun,” Charlie sadly said. Justin reached over and squeezed Charlie’s hand. “It’s probably because he’s scared you’ll get hurt again.” Charlie pulled his hand away from Justin and looked towards the pools. “I’m going swimming again,” and he walked towards one of the far off pools. Justin gave Charlie his space and decided to let Charlie find him when the 10-year-old was ready. Justin knew he was pressing his luck, and he felt bad for upsetting his little friend. Charlie eventually found Justin coming out of the locker room. “I’m sorry,” Justin said. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” “It’s okay,” Charlie said. “Are you ready to go? It’s almost dinner time, and we don’t want you getting too red.” “Sure,” Charlie said, half heartedly. Justin decided to not press the issue any further. Charlie followed the teen to the locker where their bag was kept. Justin unlocked the door, grabbed the bag and said, “Come on. Let’s use one of the family dressing rooms.” “Why?” Charlie asked. “A little more privacy. There was a guy in here earlier being kinda pervy towards me, and he creeped me out.” “Is he still here?” Charlie asked, looking around the crowded room. “No,” Justin said walking towards an exit. “But, I don’t want to chance it.” The pair went down the tiny hall and opened one of the doors. The room was big with a single shower. Justin closed and locked the door behind them and set the bag down on a bench. Justin pulled out a couple of towels and a few other items from the bag. He then removed his trunks and made his way to the shower. Charlie tried not to stare at his brother’s boyfriend but couldn’t help it. He never really noticed how much muscle and definition, not to mention how little body hair, Justin had until then. He’d also never been that close to another naked man before. He didn’t istanbul travesti count his dad or brothers, since they were family. “Do I have something on me?” Justin asked, looking down at himself. “No,” Charlie said, turning his gaze. He was glad he was a little sunburned, since he was also blushing. “Sorry.” “There’s nothing to be sorry about. It’s okay if you want to look at me. I won’t say anything if you don’t.” Charlie felt awkward. He was very short for his age. He also never gave his weight any thought until that moment, and now he felt every extra pound on his body. He grabbed a towel and tried to hide his belly. Justin walked over and tenderly removed the towel from Charlie’s hands. Still very naked, Justin sat down on the bench and looked into Charlie’s brown eyes. “You have nothing to be ashamed of,” Justin quietly expressed. Charlie’s eyes widened. He can read minds! Charlie thought. “I used to be chubby, too,” Justin continued. “I worked very hard to get where I am, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel bad for how you look. To be honest, I think you look a lot better than I do.” Justin reached a hand out and gave Charlie a little rub on his belly, which barely stuck out over the edge of his trunks. “You don’t need to lie to me,” Charlie said, moving from shock to offense. “I’m not lying to you,” Justin said. “I would never lie to you. Some guys look good thin, some look good chubby. I think you’re one of those guys who looks very good chubby.” “Thanks,” Charlie said. He still felt very awkward. “Come on,” Justin said, standing up. “We need to get that bleach and pee off of us.” Charlie titled his head and said, “Pee?” “Yeah,” Justin said, looking a little taken aback. “You know people pee in the pools, right?” “What?! That’s gross!” “Yeah, I know, but it happens all the time,” Justin said, turning on the water. “You let me swim in pee!” “I thought you knew!” Justin said, with a chuckle. He tested the water and asked, “Well, are you getting naked or what?” “Aren’t you going first?” Charlie asked. “I thought we were going to shower together,” Justin said, stepping in. “Why?” “To make things quicker. I do it all the time at school after games and practice. It’s not a big deal.” “Okay, I guess.” Charlie removed his damp trunks and got into the shower with Justin, who stepped aside to give Charlie a little more space. “See. It’s not that bad,” Justin said, grabbing the bottle of shampoo he had brought from Charlie’s. “I guess not,” Charlie said, as Justin poured some of the soap onto his head. Charlie watched as Justin shampooed, not only his head, but everywhere he had hair, including his pubes, which looked rather short. Charlie then noticed that Justin had foreskin like he and his dad had. His brothers were circumcised, and he had never met anyone else with foreskin before. He watched as Justin pulled the skin back and washed the pink head that poked out. His skin was still mostly attached and it hurt too much to pull it back all the way. Justin’s peen and balls were a lot bigger than his, too. Charlie tried to not feel even more self-conscious about it. Justin washed himself and helped Charlie with his back. Justin even washed between Charlie’s butt cheeks, which felt a little weird. Charlie got Justin back, though. Justin asked Charlie to wash his back, so Charlie did everything Justin had done to him, including washing his butt crack; what is more, Charlie secretly peed on Justin’s feet and legs to get him back for letting him swim in a pee-filled pool. Once they were done, Justin took them to a burger place, got dinner and headed back to Charlie’s for what Justin called “a guy’s night in.” ***Coming Soon, Chapter 4***

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