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Gwen The Pissmop: The End

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Double Penetration

(Authors Note: This is the final part of my Gwen The Pissmop stories. Although you could read it as a stand alone story I think it would make more sense and show the whole progression of the story and characters if you had read the others beforehand. Please take the time to vote or comment, they are appreciated. Thanks)


I climbed the steps at the front of my fiancée Gwen’s house with some degree of trepidation. I could hear the raucous sounds of the hen party inside and to be frank, they scared me. Inside that house, I knew, was not just Gwen and her sister Sarah but a gaggle of frenzied, drunk females most of whom really didn’t like me. Some in fact, despised me and thought me the worst example of human kind on the face of the planet, and maybe they were correct. After all they were a collection of sluts that I had paid money to film while getting pissed on (and other such kinky fetishes).

I hesitated at the door. Took a deep breath, was I really ready to do this? Was I ready to become a pissmop myself? My life and career had been on the other side of the camera up to now, directing the increasingly bizarre action before me. Enjoying debasing my starlets, desperate as they were for money or stardom. Now I had agreed (god I had suggested it to Gwen, hadn’t I?) to become one myself, the main attraction of this night of celebration. As I finally plucked up the courage to ring the door bell I shivered in a strange mixture of dread and relish.

I rang the doorbell and the world seemed to freeze for a moment until the door swung open and the noise of loud music and the blood chilling cackle of a gaggle of drunken young females assaulted my ear drums. What greeted my eyes was certainly more appealing. Standing in the doorway was my future sister-in-law, Sarah, and she was looking as hot as I had seen her. Her red hair was beautifully straight and shiny and framed her clear, white complexion perfectly. She was dressed in a tiny silver, tied back top that showed masses of cleavage and midriff and a tiny black mini skirt that allowed a glimpse of the tops of her black stockings. She flashed me a mischievous smile.

“You’re here at last, we were beginning to think you had chickened out.”

I tried to speak but words struggled from my mouth and allowed Sarah to take my hand and lead me inside. We passed through the hallway and caught a quick glimpse of the festivities in the large living room. Gwen was central, dressed in a fancy dress that I couldn’t quite make out and surrounding her were a bevy of beauties all glasses in hand getting drunk as quickly as possible. A couple turned to see me being led past the door and the news seemed to spread like wildfire as I heard a terrific screeching and cheering seconds later as Sarah opened the bathroom and led me inside.

It was a spacious bathroom and once we were both inside Sarah locked the bolt and faced me. She had obviously had quite a few drinks and was on the very edge of being drunk but had enough about her to tell me to strip off. Nervously, thinking I had made a huge mistake, I slowly began to unbutton my shirt but drink and the heady atmosphere of her sisters twisted bridal shower had obviously overtaken Sarah and she reached out and tore the garment from my body, throwing it to a corner of the room. She delved her thin fingers to my belt and swiftly undid it and yanked my trousers and boxers off, leaving me before her sporting nothing but a nervous smile and, yes, an erection. Sarah’s clear blue eyes met mine and for the briefest of moments she sank to her knees before me, rolled her hand along the length of my cock and stole a quick kiss to it’s helmet before rising and plucking a pair of handcuffs from the hook on the back of the door.

“Turn around Pissmop!” she demanded of me, trying to keep the amusement from her voice.

A lot of this had been agreed beforehand and Sarah was just acting ankara eve gelen escort up to her ‘part’ (a pair of cameras set in the roof and wall were recording this evening for posterity). I turned my back to Sarah reluctantly and she grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back and firmly handcuffed my hands behind my back. She gave my stiff cock one more quick rub before guiding me into the cream coloured bathtub and instructing me to kneel submissively on it’s floor.

“Tell us what you are?”

I looked straight into the lens of the camera in the wall and spoke.

“I am a Pissmop. Tonight I will be the pissmop for all the women at my fiancée’s bridal shower and they have license to use me in whatever way they like.”

Sarah looked down on me and smiled and licked her lips in anticipation. Without another word she unbolted the door and left me alone on my knees. The door was unlocked and I could just imagine Sarah telling all those girls that over the years I had humiliated and debased that I was in position and that they now had free reign to abuse me. On some level it turned me on intensely but I can freely admit that I was seriously worried about what may happen to me that night. And then the door swung open….

The first of my former Pissmops stars to enter the bathroom was Theresa, a desperate blonde who had been more than happy to do what I ordered for cash but after the scene had suddenly come over all prim and proper and tried to prevent me showing the tape. But she had signed the contract and footage of her being pissed on simultaneously by four guys was soon all over my web site, much to her chagrin. Now here I was pretty much helpless as she stood over the bathtub, leering down at me. She looked down upon me for a few moments before locking the bathroom door and stalking over the toilet bowl and picking up the toilet brush from it’s holder beside the commode. She brandished it at me, letting me see the hard plastic bristles up close. This didn’t look good and it only got worse as she plunged the brush into the toilet bowl and violently scrapped the bowl with the brush. Then she pulled it out and held it over my upturned face and began to rub the brush over my face, specifically targeting my lips and nostrils. She twisted my exposed nipples and as I opened my mouth to protest the filthy brush was thrust into my mouth and swirled around.

It was vile and degrading but thankfully did not last too long, Theresa too desperate to witness the disgusted look on my face. But she wasn’t finished. She reached down and avoided my writhing face and calmly placed a thick rubber plug into the gaping plughole. She then hauled up her short skirt and squatted over my face and let loose with a torrent of piss that she had obviously been storing up for some time. It washed over my face and into my lips and nose and eyes and I felt it stream over my torso and through my hair. It was everything I had expected it to be. The flow of piss seemed to last forever and it was ages before the force subsided and by that time she had coated my entire face with her piss. Finally, she clambered from the edges of the bath and sneered down on me and finished off by spitting into my face and snarling.

“Take that you fucking creep! I don’t know what that stupid bimbo sees in you but I’m glad I got to show you what it feels to be a fucking Pissmop.”

I heard her storm out and the front door slamming. A bad start to be sure but surely it couldn’t get worse, I was really doubting the sanity of doing this.

Next to enter the room was Kea. I recognised her through wet and sticky eyes. The big difference between Theresa and Kea was that Kea had wanted to film our scene and hadn’t been purely in It for the money. She wanted the experience as well and had followed my direction brilliantly, positively enjoying being urinated on and gaziantep escort treated like a piece of shit. There are people that love to be humiliated and degraded and she was definitely one of those. And tonight so was I.

She was in her thirties and was a Big Breasted Woman and I heard her soft Southern voice coo to me as she stood over my prone form.

“Now I just knew that bitch had evil intentions honey. Never you mind, here let me get rid of this (she returned the toilet brush to it’s holder). That’s better now I want you to get up on your knees and get that mouth of yours open ‘cos I wanna piss right down it.”

Goodness, it wasn’t an easy task getting to my knees in that slippery bath tub with my hands handcuffed behind me but somehow I made it up to the submissive position in time for Kea to step into the bath with me. She had stripped off her skirt and shoes and knickers and as her feet entered the tub they lightly splashed in Theresa’s piss. Kea lifted my chin and opened my mouth before jamming her hairy pussy towards my face and within seconds a flood of her golden nectar invaded my mouth. I tried to take some but most splashed over my face and I felt it run down my body and gather with the rest at my feet. She shook her pussy out over me making sure I got the lot before pushing my face into her snatch to lick her clean. It was humiliating that a Pissmop such as Kea could do this to me but I have to admit I was hard with excitement at it.

A couple more girls followed and I dutifully knelt or lay in the slowly filling bath to accept their piss, wondering at the slight differences in taste, texture and aroma of each girls flow. Next into the pungent bathroom was Linda, a grey haired older woman who we had featured in a mature pissmop video, having great fun paying her to be pissed over by a gang of teenagers who had sought out her every orifice with their piss.

Linda entered with a wine glass in one hand and a jug in the other. Without a word to me as I lay in the ever increasing yellow puddle she took a sip from her wine, placed the glass down and hoisted the hem of her skirt up and proceeded to piss a big load of piss into the jug and then withdrew a funnel from the cupboard under the sink. I considered pursing my lips harder but what was the point? So I let her slide the tapered plastic end into my mouth and braced myself as she tipped the jug upside down and into the funnel. I tried desperately top swallow it all down but it quickly overflowed and poured over the rest of my face. It seemed to last forever but finally it was all over and I could feel piss sloshing around inside of me, still not having offered a word Linda thrust the slimy jug at my face and I automatically began to lick it. That’s what good pissmops did after all!

I had lost all track of time by now and the dull thump of music further in the house was increasingly met with wild girlish cackles and bumps and bangs. The door opened an into the room came Cheryl. Now the thing is Cheryl wasn’t actually a Pissmop. Oh, but how I would have loved to urinate or direct a group of guys urinating over her cute, Colorado smile. She was in fact a rival movie director who also specialised in watersports. We had been friendly rivals for months now but there was always an edge to that rivalry, always trying to one up each other. And now here I lay in a bath full of piss, shackled and soaked and looking up at this beautiful, kinky, young rival.

She smiled mockingly at my plight and slid her soft hand into the piss, pooled in the tub and got a pool in her hand and held it over my saturated face, letting it drip through onto me.

“Stand up, I’m going to show you who’s the best at this.”

I did as told and she soon had me out of the tub and I took one look backwards at the pools of piss waiting there for me as she took me onto the tiles with slippery feet and ankara gerçek resimli escort pushed me to my knees before the toilet bowl.

“Now in homage to your favourite scenes I want that tongue of yours to get to work in licking that bowl out and while you’re doing that I’ve got this for you (she held up a large strap on dildo and left me in no doubt that she intended to don it and fuck me as my face was buried in the bowl).”

I had watched nearly all of the girls that night come in and take a shit in that bowl and though they had flushed, knowing what had been there and the faint linger of it’s smell as I approached it was nauseating. But not as bad as getting that monster in my ass, that was really extreme.

At Cheryl’s command I got to work with my tongue in lapping at the cold ceramic of the toilet bowl, my saturated head all the way in as I felt her slide the fake cock home in between my piss-slippery ass cheeks and into my waiting asshole. It was incredibly intense as I tried to hold my head in there as Cheryl fucked me like her bitch. Knowing that this was my biggest rival was also a massive humiliation to me as well. When she finally finished fucking me she had me lick the dildo clean before getting me back in the bath and squatting over my head and pissing over me. Would this night ever end?

Gradually though I heard the front door slam and people slowly begin to seep away from the house. It must be late and my arms were numb now and the smell of piss was totally pervading my senses when Sarah walked in and locked the door behind her. She stripped naked before me and fell to her knees beside the bath and reached in to grab my stiff, hard cock. She jerked me off for a minute before stretching her head over the rim and reaching my penis with her mouth. As her beautiful red hair fell down upon my piss soaked crotch she delivered a mind blowing blow job, one I knew her older sister would be proud of.

Just as I was about to unload the boiling load of cum from my balls deep into her mouth she withdrew and cockily jerked me off into the pool of piss. The cum floating ominously in it by my head as she rose to open the door to admit Gwen. My fiancée was stark naked and had obviously enjoyed her evening. A thin sheen of sweat came off her glowing skin and I could tell she was pretty drunk. Hooking her arm around her little sisters shoulders she looked down at me lying in a large pool of yellow piss and spoke to me.

“Hi honey, had a good night? I have as well, the girls laid on four big, black strippers dressed as firemen, and let me tell you they had some real impressive hoses!”

This comment brought a fresh burst of hysterical cackles from the drunken, naked sisters and in their fit of laughter they nearly stumbled into the tub beside me. Sarah managed to use her hands to catch the rim and prevent their topple and as they regained a vestige of composure they each made their way up and squatted as they balanced on the edges of the bath over me. What a sight I was presented with as I looked up at my intendeds shaven pussy and an almost identical one on her sister. They seemed to start spraying simultaneously and as both ladies had not pissed all evening my face was assailed for the longest time by twin streams of piss that targeted my mouth and nose and at one stage merged as they fell and I took both in my mouth in one thick flow.

Finally, it was over and as they carefully clambered from their perches Sarah produced the key to my cuffs and freed my aching arms. I expected the next comment because it was one I regularly used at the later stages of my own Pissmop movies. It came form Sarah.

“Well done Bitch, now get on your knees and blow bubbles in the piss!”

I turned over to face the acrid puddle of yellow piss and pursed my wet lips and without hesitation lowered them to meet the liquid and began to blow bubbles in the bath. After that as I pulled the plug out Gwen spoke to me once more.

“You have a shower and get nice and clean, me and Sarah will be waiting in the bedroom, maybe we can finish the night with a little threesome action, make it a real night to remember.”

Ah, my bride to be, ever the romantic…


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