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Subject: Hambre The usual disclaimers apply here. Adhere to them the best as you can. I dont encourage or condone diddling in the taboo fun with family, yet I know it happens & will continue to do so. I’m an open book with my own experiences & wishing they had gone further. Feel free to send feedback, ideas, thoughts, or any fantasies/desires. Up to talk about experiences, past or present. We’re all horny bastards here, so donate what you can please. I’ve jerked to this site as a teen boy, and I know there are countless men, dads, teens & boys still doing so. So let’s help with what we fty/donate.html This story is based on a very handsome mex cub I loved & crazy for, and also my own dad. Its been terribly hard to find pics similar to my ex cub, as I forgot what he’s like. And obviously, most don’t measure up to my dad, but I got what I can. This is my idea that the alternate universe version of me got what he wanted & liked. Horny fun with his mex chulos. Enjoy!! ———————————————————— “Fucking shit, I’m glad I stopped working so damn much” I thought to myself as I relaxed butt naked on my queen size bed. Not to stroke my ego, yet I was proud of the work I’ve done over the past few years. More so, in taking care of my wito who was resting now. That was such a huge lesson internally for me in life. Just felt it was time to enjoy myself a bit more, just a fuckin bit more. Yea, my life seemed boring but I was grateful for it after evertyhing. My aim was currently aimed at trying to get fun, as my dry spell had majorly sucked(def no pun intended). Even with the air feeling a bit quiet, heavy & dead..I sensually tickled and touched my foreskin, daydreaming about the horny fun I could possible find once again as I had before. The “luck” I had in finding all sorts of guys, from twink to muscle to dad to young to more. How I wish I could have it all back instantly. Fuck, my small uncut cock started to quickly get hard as I was many days pent up as I have been for many many months. “Mmmmmm” escaped my thraot as I could almost smell, taste & feel warm balls and ass in my face and mouth again. I couldn’t help but stroke myself as I got lost in my horny feelings, and right as it started to feel too damn good..my phone vibrated. Quickly and almost desperately, I opened my phone, an email poppin up to my eager attention. I noticed it was from a mexican DILF I had been talkin to for a long while now, almost 4 months, but no luck. He was extremely downlow, and so far, only gave me his stats, which I actually believed. I mean, at 56 years old, a lil too late in life to lie about certain things. I got excited as I read his response in spanish, which said “I think I’ll do it tonight. I can’t stand my urges. I have to cum”. Quickly, I replied “Okay, no probs. Take a few drinks like we talked about and I’ll have the rubber ready. I’ll be up all night.” After sending it, I kicked myself in forgetting to ask for his pics. So I sent a sugarcoated message asking to see his daddy sexiness, and added a pic of my wet uncut cock before sending it to him. Hopefully he would send something, and I could fukin finally get fun after more then a year without anything. As I sighed and tossed my phone aside..I started to sink into my thoughts of the zero responses I had to my ads, especially my Gloryhole. Fuck..this was such bullshit!! As I tossed myself back onto my pillows and covers, my phone vibrated once again to my surprise. Hoping the horny DILF agreed to come..I was pleasantly surprised to see I had a reply to my gloryhole ad. Opening it, a wave of “familiar excitement” rushed through me as I realized it was from 32yo horny mex cub. He seemed sexy from his body and bulge pic, but didnt show cock. He mentioned being about 15 mins away or so, and I could feel nervous excitement twist and turn inside me. And always, no matter how many times I hooked up or even with the same guy, I battled myself to go through with it. I quickly subdued that thought as I dimmed my lights, set up my gloryhole sheet and sent a quick “ok, come through” as I made sure to give my address. I let him know my doors would be open to walk through. Quickly, I unlocked my front door and made my way to the window, nervously standing there, rubbin my bulge in the dark as it felt like I had to piss. Good thing it was summer, as with my apartment being 1st floor, I could see the face of the guy I was going to suck if I got one to come. It wasn’t hard for me to get lost in my daydreams, and in no time, I noticed a small car park in front of my building. As I strained to see who it was, I was actually shocked to see my ex bf start to walk to my apt..well, it looked more like drunk walking. Realizing I was still in my living room, I quickly bolted into my dim bedroom and made sure my setup was well put. After kneeling on a large, dry folded towel, my body focused as I several loud knocks echo through my apartment. Almost chokin on my words, I managed to barely pull out “Come in, the doors open” in my deepest voice. My body trembled as I heard it open and shut close, and the locks being turned. For a few seconds, the silence felt deafening as he stood at the door, not sure if he should make his way or something. I nervously rubbed my balls n tummy as I somehow found the courage in my hunger for cock to lightly say “Hey”. And softly I could hear him make his way to my setup, each step making me feel more and more giddy till finally, I could see his jens. I could barely hear him say “Hi” as my ear throbbed, straining to catch every detail I could. Quickly I responded “Hi” as he stood still as me staying right on my knees. And almost as if an instinct, the other part of me spoke up saying “Hey, just to let you know, like I tell all guys, we can stop at any moment, no probs at all. Just let me know. You def don’t escort izmit have to be hard right away and very awesome if you cum quick, okay?” Softly I can hear him say “Okay….it’ll take me a minute to get hard, as I’m kinda drunk”. I let him know “It’s okay, no probs. And since it’s your first time, I’ll slip on a rubber to keep it safe, cool?” I couldn’t tell if he was disappointed or what not, as he simply replied “sure”. With a shaky hand, I eagerly reached through and felt his bulge. I could feel that familiar warmth wash through me again, as I finally had him in front of me after so long. I don’t remember what try this was with him coming around, but the other half of me wanted to get things my way finally and for good. As he stepped up to my gloryhole, I anxiously unbottoned his shorts and zipped it open, letting it fall to the ground. My eyes closed as I put my nose right to his warm bulge, flashing back in time to when I first got to know his manly sexy scent. A moan escaped from me as he was sweaty, a bit ripe, and his scent was full fledged. He was still soft as he softly asked “You like that?” I nodded into his bulge which seemed to make his cock start to grow hard in his black boxers. It felt like I got an extra prize as I could also smell his piss stains. Suckling on his covered bulge & tonguing the tip, he started to moan & let me know it felt good. Eagerly, I pulled his cotton boxer briefs down as best as I could, and my eyes were rewarded with his extra hairy jungle cock hairs. Although I ignored it, I could feel my small cock pulse in horniness. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I buried my nose in his sweaty pubes, gettin another chance to smell him once again as he continued to lower his boxers. I moaned a bit as the musty dirty sponge smell drowned my nose, making me more wild to sniff and cock hungry. As I pulled back, that’s when it hit me that I FINALLY had him right in front of me..hard and horny. And that he also got beefy as shit. I don’t remember his cock being so small like mine, but fuck, I can’t lie, it still looked so sexy and tasty. His dark shaded balls upclose to his body..those plump hairy inner thighs..dark shaded shaft with that plump, juicy dark red mushroom head I loved to nurse on and drink every drop or virile mexican milk he could give me. On it’s own, my right hand stroked his cock as I thought “fuck, I wanna suck him dry all night..that delicious cum I loved swallowing and have deep inside me is only an orgasm away..damn, i miss his smell n taste”. But that new stronger part of me kicked in, as my hand absent mindedly searched for the condom as I stared hungrily at his cock. Yea, the other half of me wanted to suck n get that hot creamy sticky reward, but “I” knew better. I didn’t want to be left blue balled or used again. I needed to feel satisfied and things to go my way finally. So, to both our disappointments, I opened up the small package, and rolled the rubber onto his steel hard cock. Funny thing is, I don’t remember if I ever got to tell him my fetish of seeing hard, hairy uncut cocks in a rubber. It looked just as sexy in and out of the lil plastic cover to me, and always made that horny fire grow stonger within me. After making sure the rubber was on right, the moment of truth came as slowly, I started to slide and suck him right into my mouth. We both moaned at the same time as we enjoyed having his warmth right back where it belonged. It was actually a nice thing to be able to take his cock all the way down. My body relaxed as my nose buried itself once again in his sweaty pubes, dick lodged in my mouth and balls on my chin. My eyes stayed closed as I enjoyed this moment of sexual satisfaction and just hummed on his cock. He must have liked that as I felt him pulse and strain in my mouth. Without thinkin, the horny slut in me took over, and just started to massage and milk his chorizo without takin my mouth off of him. As if it remembered, my right hand went up to his his furry balls and started to massage and roll them around like chinese balls. I could feel him tense up and breath in sharply as I let my body attempt to please and get him off. Scooting closer, for just a split second, I could feel how wet my foreskin was as it smeared a bit on my thick thighs, a sign of how much I was enjoying this. I could hear him mutter “FUCK” as he braced himself by grabbing onto the door frame. Slowly I pulled back to massage his plump head with my lips and tongue as I kept rolling those hairy nuts around. After what felt like 2 minutes of sucking pleasure, I heard him whine out “Fuck chulo, I’m going to blow” which made me more eager to feel him pulse right into my mouth. Quickly I pulled off to egg him on with “Please papi, give me your cum, I’m so hungry for it” as I brought him closer to the edge. Hoping it would help, I started to lightly whimper & moan as my hands and mouth kicked into draining mood as he started to just push his hips forward. In an instant, I heard him loudly gasp as his plump head flared even more so, letting out a deep gutteral “Uuuugghhhhhh!!” as I drove my face fully into him. With no thought in my mind but making sure every drop came out, I suckled his verga as my nose stayed in his cock hairs, tongue swiping under his shaft as I loosened up on his balls. I could feel him shudder and squirm as his cock got extra sensitive and finally, I let go. While softly milking him, I heard him sheepishly say “Sorry for cumming so fast” as I slipped the milk filled rubber off of him. “Nah, it’s all good. Shows you enjoyed it a lot. And fuck, you gave me a lot of leche” I replied as I wiped his sticky cock clean. I could smell his load and man, it brought back all sorts of memories alive. He brought out a smirk from me as he softly, he asked “Whatcha gonna do with my cum?” Teasingly I replied “Weeeell..I might use izmit escort it as lube to pound my ass with my dildo thinkin of a sexy mex cub. Or better, I’ll drink it down as I jerk off and cum, wishing it was leche de sanchez.” He didn’t have to know that I planned on wolfing it down the moment he left my apartment. “Oh” was all he replied as he dressed himself up. As I examined his cum, I spoke up saying “Thanks for coming and cumming..it was fun and I liked how hairy your pubes are..and your chorizo too. Maybe next time I can keep your boxers if it’s cool.” “You like how I smelled?” he asked to which I said “Yea, I do. Plus, I bet you smell good back there”, which made him chuckle a bit. “Thanks for the bj, I’ll def make time to come around again if you’re available.” “Sure, just look out for my ad. And remember, I’m discreet as needed” I replied as he started to make his way out. I can’t lie, it was nice to hear his voice again in person..and that I was a lil bummed out hearing the door shut close as he finally left my place. With slightly sore knees, I made my way to the bed and plopped myself down after tying up the rubber and setting it aside. I let out a good sigh as I figured that was my fun for the night. I couldn’t complain. At least I got cock and the one I was missing a lot too. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts once again as a vibrating sound snapped me back into reality. A second later, I realized it was my phone upon hearing it vibrate again. Quickly, I searched for it and noticed I had 4 unread emails, and all from that mex DILF. Its a good thing I hooked up, as my nervousness surfaced once again, but not nearly as strong. I read each email quick, and noticed he sent a cock & body pic. Fuck..it looked so good to me and yes, I was ready to give him pleasure. As quick as I could, I replied back that I was using the toilet and taking a hot shower, and that I’m available. In email, he let me know that he was drunk enough, as just couldn’t handle his horniness anymore. And asked if it was okay to use a condom as he was married. He must have been nervous as he sent an email asking if he can come, which I gladly replied yes, and gave him my address. He replied back that he’d be there in 5 minutes. With a new excitement in me, I made sure my setup was okay, took a much needed piss and then stood at the windows to keep an eye out for him. I could feel those butterflies flutter around as my hands and feet tingled. As I shuffled around to the middle of the window to peek from the curtains, my breath was taken out of me completely. A wave of shock ran through me as a small gold civic pulled up, which looked very much like my dads car. I found it hard to breath as my eyes focused as hard as it could, as I tried to calm myself down. “No, it can’t be pa..no…it just can’t.” My whole body stood still as I saw a figure come out and lock his door..and as he made his way to my door, my heart started to beat harder and harder with each pump. I felt frozen inside as I could see my dad walk up to my apartment, and was lost with thoughts of “HOW!?”, “NO FUKIN WAY!!”, “It’s PA!!” In the name of all things good, I was so grateful that he stopped right in front of my door and pulled his phone out. Fear aligned itself with every once of cold in me, as I realized I was still at the window, and he could have walked in & saw me. Without thinking, I bolted to my room as fast as I could, and saw my phone was lit up from receiving another message. My hands trembled as I reached for it and opened the email, in which he asked “Puedo entrar?” I almost gagged in nervousness as I didn’t know what to reply. I was only there for a few seconds, but felt like two eternities as he sent another email asking “Estas alli?” With numb fingers, I replied back “Si, estoy aqui. Tuve que componer my sabana pero todo esta bien. Entra.” Kneeling in place, I could feel my thunderous pulse as my heart continued to beat so hard, a cold sweat covering my body as my mind kept saying “No, this can’t be real…it just can’t be…after so long..” It sounded so damn vivid as I heard my door open and shut, as if I was standing right there. And each step he took towards my gloryhole made it harder to catch my breath. I was ready to hear pa scold me, yell at me, cuss me out, and more. But no, to my actual surprise, I heard a deep yet soft “Hola.” Although my throat felt tight, I swallowed out of reflex..and in my best yet shitty attempt possible, I faked my voice by saying “Estoy bien. Aqui cachondo para verga”. I almost choked on the last words as I couldn’t fathom I was tellin pa I was hungry for cock. I absent mindedly rubbed my chest to calm myself as I said “Perdon, estoy un poco nervioso. Pasa tanto tiempo que no hago esto”. To which he quickly replied “Yo tambien.” That seemed to help a bit as we both stayed still in an anxious filled silence. I don’t know what part or section of me took over and had the balls to speak up, but damn, was I glad it did as I said “Ven, acercate” in a calm like voice. My hands couldn’t stop trembling as I wiped the sweat from my forehead and lips, wiping it off on my sweaty side and towel beneath me. My logical thoughts spoke up to help calm me down more, realizing he didn’t know it was me, nor could he see me through my gloryhole. As my fingers touched his bulge, my body flinched and convulsed every few seconds as I gingerly touched his package. After so many years, countless wet dreams, jerk sessions and yearnin for him..I still couldn’t believe pa was right in front of me. It was still hard to breath as I continued to find the will to massage him more and more. With tingly, clammy fingers, It seemed damn near impossible to pull down his zipper. After a few seconds of fumbling with it, he reached down and did it himself. My body was yearning for him as my tongue licked izmit kendi evi olan escort my lips, wanting to even suck on his thick rough callused fingers. A shock passed through me as he pushed his bulge through the hole again, but this time, I could make out the shape of his soft cock in his bold blue underwears..the same ones I had sniffed three weeks ago when it was ripe. As if in desperation, my face planted itself right on pa’s bulge and inhaled deeply. Instantly, my lungs seized as I went crazy, not knowing what to do. I harshly gagged at what I was doing, yet I could feel all doors in me break down as I FINALLY got his scent in person. “Estas bien?” he asked as I caught myself and quickly replied “Si”. My hands and fingers tingled more when my thoughts kept telling me to pull down his undies, which I obeyed without question. Eagerly I pulled them down, and in a split second, every drop of me stood still as pa’s glorious cock popped out in front of me. It looked so damn sexy, beautiful and tasty..yet so damn different. I had spied on him so much when I was 11 to 14 years old. I remember how it hung soft, how fuckin hairy his bush was and loose his balls seemed. And now, it seemed half as hairy..balls hung closer to his body..and soft cock looked like a larger version of mine when soft. Reality slapped me that I wasn’t a boy, pa is older now, and that my satisfaction arrived. I couldn’t stop examining pa’s crotch as I kept lookin at every spot over and over, as if etching it into my mind forever as I did when I was a teen. As if on cue, my body somehow remembered that I needed to breath, and I leaned closer to take another whiff. My body shuddered as I could smell his manly sweaty scent, helping a small moan escape my throat. It must have turned pa on as he scooted a lil closer before grabbing his cock and shaking it a bit. I finally started to feel some warmth as I noticed he started to play with himself a bit. The boy waitin deep in me came out, as I could feel a lusty wave of horniness pulse through me as my right hand lifted up, and started to touch the tip of his foreskin with my finger. He jumped a bit but let me do so as he continued to touch himself. I could feel my vergita get wet once again as his cock started to grow. My tummy tingled as I watched the natural beauty of his hardon coming alive, and absentmindedly tickled my own wet foreskin. I kept shuddering as he softly asked “Te gusta?” and I moaned out “Siiii”. I could feel my cum start to rise through my cock as pa finally got fully hard. I just looked in amazement as his 7.5 uncut cock just softly bobbed in front of me every few seconds. He snapped me out of my daze by asking “tienes el condon?” to which I quickly searched for the lil package. Eagerly, I opened it and started to roll it onto his cock. Even though I was feeling it through the thing plastic, feeling his cock’s warmth sent a blazing horny fire in me as I rolled it down. I don’t know why I did so, but I started to rub and play with my sensitive nipples as I leaned forward and slipped his double covered mushroom head into my mouth. For the second time, my eyes closed as a deep horny moan escaped my lips, sending pleasure to pa’s verga. The lil boy in me was in bliss as I just suckled, nursing on his head over and over. My sensitive nipples were driving me insane as I enjoyed the moment. It felt so warm…thick..manly..so heavy…and intoxicating. The forbidden never felt so good as I barely noticed pa’s cock throbbed in my mouth. With much gusto, I kept my suction on his head as best as I could as my right hand abandoned my nipple and grabbed onto his shaft. To my utter surprise, I heard pa groan loudly as his cock started to pulse in my mouth, filling the tip of the rubber with his thick, heavy virile load of mex daddy leche. Just getting pleasure must have been too much for him, as it almost seemed his cock wouldn’t stop throbbing and letting cum out. I gagged a bit as the cum filled tip of the rubber slid into my throat, so I moved back and was turned on to see the tip of the rubber flop down and fling some of my spit. I instantly reached for my vergita as I felt I was about to explode, but stopped when I noticed him start to pull back. My mind barely took a snap shot of his cum filled rubber as it disappeared into the shadows. A bit confused, I stayed still and silent waiting to hear anything from him. I could barely breath as I was able to figure out a bit that he was getting himself dressed. And without a word, I heard him briskly walk to my door, opened it and slammed it shut behind him. I was sorely disappointed as I sat there in barely lit room, trying to figure out what to do now. Fuck, I wanted cum…I got to feel chuck once again..and more so, I sucked pa!!! Instantly, I remembered the rubber filled with chucks cum. Man, was I glad to have it. Quickly, I crawled onto my bed with sore legs and knees, and tried my best to ignore the pain. I layed myself back and picked up his rubber. I slipped the tip into my mouth as I worked myself up into a frenzy. I replayed all the scenes I can remember, and the fucking luck I had tonight after countless months, even years, without feeling anything sexual or pleasure. Seconds, later, I felt my cum start to make its way out, so I bit down as hard as I could on the rubber, and started to suck out the slightly chilly cum. The wonderful bitter, sweet n salty flavor flooded my mouth as I drained the rubber eagerly and swallowed every drop of mex leche in it. Feeling the load coat my tongue and throat was more then enough to make me explode, soaking my hand in my watery yet sticky load. “Uuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhh” came out so deep and loud from me as I jerked and convulsed on the bed, my hand and vergita covered in pent up cum. After a good 40 seconds of cumming and bliss, my body finally just let go and relaxed into the bed. With heavy eyes, I just breathed and enjoyed the afterglow. I was grateful to finally find and have some satisfaction..and as much as I wanted to think, I just couldn’t, as my whole being slipped quietly into sleep mode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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