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Handsome Ch. 32

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Chapter 32
Auditioning the Twins

I sat on the bench as the University of Miami throttled us, 49 – 25, leaving us with a record of 1 – 4. That left us to face Florida, (who would finish the season ranked 3rd in the AP poll) Auburn (the preseason # 1 in all the polls) and Alabama, who were ranked 6th when we met, only to swoon after we played them to finish out of the top 25 for the first time in years.

I grabbed a bite to eat with Sigourney after the game, and then headed over to “our rented” house to meet the Siemens twins, Julie and Jane.

Of course, I had already “met” the twins, but this was to be our official interview. As I had told Sigourney about them, she insisted on being there for the interview. I didn’t have to guess why.

To my surprise, Dan DeLeon was waiting for us. It was evident from his hardon that he fully intended to get laid by one or both of them.

Shortly after Sigourney and I got there Vinnie Pascal, our soundman this evening (he was also our 3rd cameraman.) arrived. He was followed almost immediately by Bird and his girlfriend, Katya, a raven-haired Russian immigrant with a great body, who although uninvited, wanted to audition for us as well.

When the Siemens twins rang the doorbell, Sigourney greeted them. Both Jane and Julie wore identical long coats. In fact, everything about them was identical from their hairstyles, cut short, and worn mostly to one side, to their long, and conical earrings, and shoes, which I had seen previously on a few strippers in town.

They were 5″ see-through plastic pumps. But when they removed their coats they were completely nude and that caught everyone off guard.

“My, God!” Katya gasped.

“Holy shit!” Vinnie whispered.

“You never said…” Sigourney said, holding up a hand in disbelief.

Bird: “This is gonna be good!”

Jane: “You guys like?” Both twins turned around as models might in displaying a stunning gown. Only with them, it was their respective bodies that were stunning. Each twin had different body tattoos running from their backs and across their breasts.

I would learn that they had had them painted on that afternoon, but at the moment it appeared that they had been tattooed by a very talented artist, as indeed they had, but by one who specialized in painting bodies for events like Mardi Gras.

Jane’s was a sea serpent, whose tail criss-crossed her buttocks and ended up breathing fire on her breasts. Julie’s was a moray eel emerging from her ass, only to entwine her torso then disappear into her shaven snatch.

“Should I start shooting?” Bird said. He was the only one present that seemed to have control of himself at that moment. I nodded assent. I would have been crazy not to.

I took a deep breath and said, “Great entrance, girls, absolutely unforgettable.”

“Thank you, Aubrey,” they sang out in unison.

“Have a seat on the couch, please.”

“Thank you, Aubrey,” they chimed again.

“All right, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to interview the two of you. I think it will help matters if you answer my questions separately, and not together. After we get through the preliminaries, we can discuss some ideas we’ve put together for a scene or two that have been, or are being written for the two of you.”

“We’re gonna have our own movie?” June asked.

“Not your very own movie, no. But you will be the stars, at least that’s the way it looks at the moment. But please remember, things can change in a heartbeat in this business.

“Now, did you bring adequate proof of your ages?”

They had, both held up copies of their birth certificates. Bird carefully zoomed in on each, and after we also recorded copies of their driver’s licenses we had an acceptable verification for our records.

“Jane, what sexual acts won’t you perform?”

Jane: “Um, I don’t know of any.”

Julie: “You don’t like big dogs, Jane. Maybe you should mention that.”

Jane: “You don’t use dogs in your movies do you?”

Me: “No, we hadn’t planned on it. The public is a little squirmish about bestiality.”

Julie: “I don’t mind them though … I mean if that’s a…”

Me: “That’s good to know, Julie, but we’re not going there.”

Me: “Jane, anything else?”

Jane: “Um, no. I do everything, I guess.”

Julie: “Me too.”

Sigourney: “You both do girl – girl?”

Julie: “Sure we do. We do each other too.”

Dan” “You both take it up the ass?”

Jane: “Of course. In fact, Julie wears a butt plug most days, so I can dil her back there.”

Dan: “Excuse me? Did you say “dil her?”

Jane: “Sure, you know I stick a dildo up her butt. Of course I take the butt plug out first,” (she laughed unnaturally hard) “I couldn’t get both of them in there.”

Julie: “She’s tried to though! I remember once…”

While this discussion was taking place, Vinnie was setting up a second camera, which I would appreciate much more after the audition was over. We could have used eight cameras for all the angles and positions the twins went izmir escort through, and although we never released the audition to the public, I have viewed it many times over the years, for it is a remarkable piece of film, virtually impossible to duplicate.

I resumed the interview, asking Julie to tell us something about her and her sister.

Julie: “We’re very religious.”

Me: Sounding incredulous. “You ARE?”

Julie: “Oh, sure! We spend most of our free time at our church, Saint (Which shall remain unnamed, as the church itself is probably innocent of the allegations the twins related to us.

Both of them went on at length about a newly arrived young priest whose body they both coveted.

Me: Have either of you fucked him?”

Both Twins: “No … not yet, but we will!”

I turned to Sigourney and asked her to make a note for Ursula about adding a scene in a church and seducing a priest, if it was not too controversial.

A sudden inspiration hit me and I offered a hand to Julie and helped her to her feet then ushered her to the armchair across from the couch. Then I sat down next to Jane.

“Tell me about where you grew up, Jane,” I said.

Everyone else played their roles to perfection. Sigourney had Katya move further away from us. The two cameramen positioned themselves accordingly so that they caught us from a front and side position, and with a slight adjustment, Vinnie could (and did) catch glimpses of Julie sitting across from us to record her reactions to her sister and my actions.

Jane spoke about growing up in Arizona. Her voice dropped a bit in volume, and I asked her to repeat herself. She grinned impishly, and spoke again, but I still couldn’t hear her and said so.

At this point, she gracefully got up and sat on my lap. (Remember, both girls were nude.) Putting her big eyes and bigger mouth close to mine, she whispered, “It was when we got to high school, we discovered that what we really liked about life was sex.” And she kissed me.

Boy, could she kiss. Jane’s mouth was so wide, wet, and soft as it melt into mine. She teased my tongue with hers. I felt the pressure of her breasts against my chest as we kissed; I was tremendously aroused, just from the feel of her mouth on mine. Then she pushed me down on the couch, and paused for an awkward before scissoring my thigh with her legs. She grunted once, and then began humping my leg while deepening the kiss.

I let out a little groan of frustration, and only then did Jane break off the kiss, and smiled very broadly into my eyes. “Let’s get it on!” she growled, and in one fluid motion she released my thigh and swung a leg over my shoulder so that her pussy was inches from my mouth.

I heard Sigourney and Bird’s girlfriend Katya gasp in surprise. Julie was laughing lewdly. I remained stunned for a moment, but the fragrance and heat emanating from her shaven furnace proved irresistible to me, and I went to work with my tongue.

“He IS talented, Julie!” she chirped seconds later.

My hands searched out her hips, brought her closer and tighter so that I could seal my mouth upon her. I began to suck hard and found her juices as sweet as any I’d ever tasted. Almost delirious with lust, I laved my tongue up and down her slit, and then sent it deep inside her. When I felt her orgasm approaching, I took her entire vulva into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around her clit. Jane began to laugh; it had a low guttural sound that turned into a sort of howl of ecstasy as I made her cum and lapped away at the juices that kept gushing from her cunt.

There was a glazed look in her eyes when I pulled away from her pussy and looked up at her. A new voice cooed next to my ear as Julie said, “May I play too?”

Julie grinned wickedly when Jane replied, “Sure, why not?”

Julie’s nipples were fully erect and with everyone in the room’s eyes were on them, she began pinching them.

I heard Sigourney moan, and knew we would enjoin the twins to come to bed with us that night. But the present called for me to perform now, and I did, feeding one breast to her sister and taking the other for myself, and sucking voraciously on it.

Julie’s right hand crept between her legs and began fingering herself, parting her labia to give everyone a view of her red hot pussy.

I heard a slurping sound in back of me and holding Julie’s breast in my hand, turned my head to see what had caused the sound. It was Katya, Bird’s girlfriend, kneeling between his legs and sucking his cock while he filming the twins and me. I recall thinking that he was the quintessential cameraman. But how he kept the camera steady (a later review of his work showed that he did.) while Katya slobbered over his dick was simply amazing.

“C’mon, Bree, eat me too,” Julia moaned.

“If you eat your sister I will,” I croaked.

“No problemo!” she laughed and moments later, I was on my back on the coach with Julie turned away from me sitting on my face. Jane climbed onto the couch and stood with her alsancak escort pussy inches from Julie’s mouth. Julie reached around and cupped her sister’s ass, bringing tight against her mouth. And we three had dinner ala coucho.

It goes without saying that I was dying to taste her after having sampled her sister and wasted no time at all in devouring her cunt.

Off in the distance I heard what had to be Bird getting off. (I later learned that he came all over Katya’s face. “An incredible load,” Sigourney would say as she compared my ejaculate of the moment with that of Bird’s during the twins audition.)

Julie had to be the more sexually talented of the sisters, since she bought Jane to a shuddering climax that caused Jane to topple off the couch and land (unharmed, thank goodness) on the carpeted flooring.

I pulled Julie’s cunt against my mouth with renewed urgency, but after a few seconds, she began slithering down my body and grabbed my dick stuck it in her mouth and tried to swallow it. And we began a furious 69 with the cameras rolling.

There is something about the 69 position that is especially heavenly, especially when you can feel from the way a woman is sucking you that she badly, badly wants you to come in her mouth, and you are hoping that she will come in yours.

That’s just the way it felt with Julie, and I just surrendered to the beautiful taste and texture of her pussy, sucking it for all I was worth, as the pressure of my orgasm built until I erupted. I heard Julie moaning happily as she swallowed my load, and then yanked me from her mouth to yell, “Take it! I’m there, baby!” and came all over my face.

As we uncoiled ourselves from each other, I heard and then saw Jane sitting on the floor leaning back against the couch frigging herself to another climax.

“Cum for us, Janie!” Julie chirped. Jane looked at us through heavily lidded eyes and smiled ecstatically. She threw her head back and came, then leaned forward breathlessly and plunged the fingers of one hand, then the other, into my mouth. What could I do? I cleaned them off for her while her sister cheered.

Jane withdrew her fingers from my mouth, and then joined Julie and me on the couch, so that we were all snuggled up with myself comfortably in the middle, content for the moment, but hardly satiated. The others had discreetly left us alone. Eventually Julie said, “Well … who tastes the best?”

“Trick question,” I said. “Actually, you both have a similar taste and to pick one over the other would not be fair.

“Now we should be getting dressed.”

“We’re not going to let you off the hook so easy,” Jane said, “Here, try me.” Whereupon she leaned back and rubbed her right hand in a circular motion over her puffy, rose-colored labia, after which she dipped her fingers generously inside and then offered them to my lips.

“Mmmm … that is good,” I gasped, after thoroughly sucking them clean.

“Let me try,” she said with a wicked grin, and dipped her fingers inside her love furnace, after which she sucked them dry with ostentatious gusto. “Damn, I’m good,” she said.

“Now me,” Julie chirped, “Compare mine with Jane’s.” She closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly worked two fingers of her right hand in and out, while massaging her clit with her left thumb. She opened her eyes and smiled at Jane and me, saying, “Don’t rush me.” Finally she brought her right hand, glistening with nectar, to my lips, and I greedily sucked her fingers.

“It’s too close to call,” I said.

“Let me see for myself,” said Jane with a lascivious chuckle, and leaned across me to place a hand on Julie’s cunt. She sent her middle finger in and out while her sister moaned appreciatively. During this, her generous breasts brushed against my chest. I felt my cock begin to stir.

“Ooooh,” cooed Julie, “Keep that up. I want to taste my best for you.”

Suddenly there was a soft sound of someone’s throat clearing. We looked up to see Sigourney standing there with three unopened bottles of beer.

“After all that tasting, you probably need a beer to wash it down,” she said, and began handing them to each of us.

The twins accepted the beer, but before drinking, Julie demanded that we both taste her. We did, and made polite and complementary remarks about the tanginess and unusual flavoring of her juices.

But diplomatically, I declined to favor one’s flavor over the other.

“Bastard!” Julie whined, then took a swig of her beer and belched. Jane laughed and followed suite, although her burp was more lady-like.

Sigourney noted that I had arisen and cupped my balls with one hand while squeezing me tight with the other. “He adores it when I jerk him off,” she said with all the aplomb she could muster under the circumstances.

The twins burst out laughing.

“I want to shave him,” Julie said.

“Not on your life,” said I, meaning it.

“Oh, c’mon, don’t be a baby,” Jane said, throwing her two cents in.

Sigourney laughed delightedly, and I buca escort detected a certain wicked lewdness in there someplace.

More in self-defense than anything else, I dressed and shooed the twins into getting back into their clothes, and then led them out of the house/studio and into their car. I kissed them both and told them I was positive they’d nailed roles in our first feature.

It made their day. I went back inside and found Sigourney standing there waiting. “Everyone’s cleared out. We have the place to ourselves. Wanna fuck?”

“You always have such good ideas,” I said, and began to strip. Sigourney stepped closer and helped me, seizing the bottom hem of my shirt and raising it while I put my arms up straight to assist her. As she brought it up over my face she stopped momentarily, so that my arms were trapped in the shirt above my head, and leaned in to kiss me, slowly and sensuously. She broke away, allowing me to take the shirt off, and then kissed me again, with a look of dreamy excitement in her eyes. She stepped closer to me, and I felt my cock spring to life, brushing against her thighs. She felt it, too. Her mouth opened wider and her kiss became more passionate.

I was completely aroused now. I fell to my knees in front of her and began to unbutton the buttons that went up the front of her dress. She stepped closer to me, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She was slender, but looked strong and athletic. I got the dress unbuttoned to the point where I could see her panties, a turquoise colored cotton bikini. She parted her legs a bit, and put her hands tentatively on my head, playing with my hair. I began to nuzzle her thighs, where the pubic hair should have been, but wasn’t and then began to teasingly run the very tip of my tongue along the growing wet spot on the crotch of her panties.

She began to grip my hair a little tighter, but I continued to tease her, until she moaned, pulled away, and struggled out of the panties. Then she stepped toward me again, bunching her dress around her waist with her hands, and thrust herself toward me, knees spread and slightly bent, a pose that was involuntarily and urgently lewd.

“How many pussies can you eat in one day?” she asked with a bawdy flounce of her hip.

“At least one more,” I gasped, for her pussy was displayed in all its glory, with glistening pussy juice spilling out along the line where her engorged labia lips met. I put my hands on her ass and began drawing my tongue gently along her crack, savoring the enticing sweetness. She bent her legs more, exposing her folds to my mouth as much as she could, and I could no longer restrain myself from plunging my tongue slowly into the depths of her cunt.

I began to lavish the highest praise on her pussy when suddenly I became aware of the padding of feet around us. A second later I felt a pair of breasts against my back, and a hand confidently seizing my cock from behind me, a cock that was rock hard and aching for attention.

For an instant I tore myself away from Sigourney’s cunt, and saw another pair of hands, behind Sigourney, removing her dress and bra. I could only guess who these hands belonged to; but then Jane’s head appeared, leaning over my hip to somewhat awkwardly take my cock in her mouth, and I knew then that it must be Julie’s fingers that were now pinching Sigourney’s nipples.

I thought to myself, this is so hot, and then I abandoned myself to the ecstatic thrill of sucking Sigourney’s cunt for all I was worth.

Sigourney took the twins arrival in stride, partially ignoring them to grind her pussy fiercely against my tongue while her fingers had a formidable grip on my hair. I was surprised at how quickly she reached her climax, until I opened my eyes and saw her kissing Jane while Julie had her tongue up Sigourney’s ass.

I looked Sigourney in the eyes. They were smoldering with lust. I waited until Jane’s kiss ended then kissed Sigourney myself then wrested her away from Julie’s hungry mouth and lifted her off the ground.

Instinctively, she swung her legs to the outside of mine, and locked her calves behind my knees. With a triumphant growl, I lowered her pussy onto my cock. It slid in perfectly, and she gave me an involuntary squeeze with her cunt muscles that almost made me cum right then. I held back and began to move her up and down, feeling her clit and vulva drag deliciously along the top of my cock.

Julie and Jane clung to us as well, with Jane caressing my ass and Julie’s fingers busy on Sigourney’s nipples. Then Julie began lifting Sigourney’s breasts to my mouth, encouraging me to suck them. Sigourney was moaning up a storm. Then Jane was whispering in my ear, “I want to eat Julie’s pussy. Tell me to eat her pussy.”

It was distracting, but being outnumbered, I complied, almost yelling, “Jane, I want you to eat Julie’s pussy!”

As she moved to obey, I felt Sigourney’s thighs generate a tremendous pressure on me as she hissed, “Cum in me … NOW!”

Almost instantly I was spewing my load deep into her spasming pussy.

A minute later I was separated from Sigourney although I had her face cradled in my hands as I kissed her repeatedly, telling her that I loved her. Meanwhile, Julie, still being munched by her sister, maneuvered her way so that she was between Sigourney’s legs and began to lick and suck my sperm out of her dripping cunt.

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