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HANGOVEROh fuck. My head felt like a construction crew was trying excavate a tunnel right behind my eyes. I don’t know how much I had to drink last night but it was obviously too much. As my saliva started to flow I grimaced even more. ‘I don’t remember getting a cat’ I thought. It felt like my mouth was filled with sand and a cat had used it for a litter box. My bladder was starting to complain now too.I pulled my right arm from across my face where it had settled as I slept. My hand hit a damp spot and I wondered if I had pissed the bed in my drunken stupor last night. As my eyes opened I realized I was in my own bed. I shifted my legs a little and felt the tightness that comes from post sex fluids drying on my body. ‘That explains the wet spot.’ I thought. But who did I sleep with?I looked across the bed. Whoever it was was still there and just as nude as I was. I could only see her legs since the whole upper part of her body was wrapped in the top sheet from my bed. As I rose to take care of my bladder I looked at the bare legs and ass, since she was laying on her stomach. Very sexy and shapely legs. It looked like whoever they belonged to liked to keep them well toned. The right leg was laid out straight and the left was bent at the knee her left foot laying across her right calf giving me a nice view of her slit and anus. There was an obvious glob of cum clinging to her lips.My cock was getting hard standing there looking at those legs. My brain kept trying to tell me I knew whose legs those were but in my hung over haze I refused to listen. I turned to head for my bathroom and nearly stumbled as my feet got tangled in a dress lying on the floor. ‘I know that dress.’ But my mind was still too thick to think clearly.Once in the bathroom I grabbed the ibuprofen and the Tylonol and downed two of each. I went to the shower and started just the hot water. Once the steam was flowing I turned the cold water and tested with my hand until the water was the right temp. I climbed in and just stood under the spray of hot water letting it soothe me as much as it could. My eyes were closed so I never sensed the shadow as it neared the shower. I felt two arms circle my waist and two very erect nipples poked into back as a set of lips kissed the back of my neck.”Morning Dean.” Holy shit! That voice belonged to my sister Brenda. Now I knew what my brain had been screaming all morning.”Uhh. Brenda? What’s going on?””I’ll let you know everything in a bit. Now isn’t really the time for talk.” Then she said “Give me the soap so I can do your back. Then you can do mine.”I absently handed her the bar of soap and soon her hands were lathering me from my shoulders all the way to my ankles. For a few seconds she even had soaped my sack. She spun me around with her hands at my hips and as she stood up placed a none too sisterly kiss on my mouth. Her tongue was licking my lips and I just gave in and opened up for the tongue to tongue contact she was craving. She slowly broke the kiss and turned her back as she handed me the soap. I did just as she had done to me. When I got to her ass she told me to make sure I washed all my cum from her pussy. This got my head spinning out of control. What the hell happened last night?She finished washing the front of her body and the water was starting to lose it’s heat. I turned off the water and grabbed two towels from the rack. I handed Brenda one and we both dried off with me not being able to take my eyes off her sexy body.At 5’9” she was tall and lean. Her body like a runway model’s. I already told you she has great toned legs. This came from years of running and lately many nights of dancing in asyabahis yeni giriş the clubs. Her body had very little fat on it as a result. Her breasts were magnificent. I was pretty sure they were at least a 34D. The areolas about two inches across. Her nipples were still erect and stood proud of her areola about a quarter inch and seemed to be about the same in diameter. Perfect. As I keep my gaze rising I looked right into her eyes. Just like my own eyes Brenda’s eyes seemed to change depending on her mood and the clothes she was wearing. At times a very light blue that hinted at the fun behind them. Other times so dark they almost looked gray. Right now they were so light that I was mesmerized.”OK Dean knock it off.”I didn’t realize I was staring until she spoke. I noticed a big smile on her lips. She used the towel to wrap her hair and strode from the bathroom. I wrapped my towel around my waist and followed. She looked back at me and said “Just drop that towel right there and join me in the kitchen.” With that she walked right out of the bedroom. I did as she said my head still a little foggy but becoming clearer. I was remembering little details from the previous night but they were jumbled and I couldn’t make sense of them. Just one or two second flashes of drinking and dancing with my sister.Brenda was standing at the sink filling the coffee pot with water. I looked her legs and ass up and down a couple of times. I marveled at how gorgeous they looked like this. I had made comments over the years to Brenda about how great her legs looked. She usually gave me a big hug and said “thanks” whenever I did. She stood up on her toes to reach the coffee can sitting on top of the fridge. She didn’t have to do that, I think she did it to tease me because she knew I was looking at her long legs. Soon the coffee was brewing and she began to grab the eggs and some veggies from the fridge. Two veggie omelets done just as the coffee finished brewing.We sat at the table eating in silence just stealing little glances of one another between sips and bites. Once breakfast was over we washed up the dishes. Still not talking. The silence was beginning to drive me nuts.She topped off both coffee cups and we took them to the living room, still nude. She took two very deliberate sips of coffee before speaking. She was in control of this and relishing every second of it.”What do you remember about last night?” she asked.”I remember you calling to tell me you were coming over for the usual post break up night on the town.” Ever since we were in high school Brenda and I had always treated the other to a night on the town whenever the other had broken up with someone. Last week my girlfriend of four months, Cindy, had broken up with me. No excuse just a goodbye and have a good life ending. I was a little disappointed because I was actually starting to imagine my life with her five years down the road. I called Brenda to let her know what happened and she told me to leave everything to her.”I remember you making me change my clothes to ‘something more suitable’ and us leaving in your car. Dinner at Lou Malnatti’s. Followed by a trip to some club with pounding dance music. Then it all gets fuzzy.”She shifts on the couch to face me and places her left foot under her right thigh giving me another exquisite view of her pussy as she does. “Eyes up Dean.”I looked up and give a little smile to match the one on her lips.”When we got to the club you went right for the heavy stuff. Some single malt whiskey that hit you pretty hard. After three of them you actually got out on the dance floor with me.”I could dance but I asyabahis giriş didn’t really like to. I always felt just a little self conscious when dancing to the fast stuff. I preferred the slow stuff where I could hold a woman tight and let her lean her head on my chest listening to my heart beat while we moved.”Right after your second dance my friend Molly showed up with her boyfriend Karl. She started buying tequila shots. Karl got a little pissed when she let you take a shot from between her tits. He calmed down a little when Molly and I explained about Cindy. I don’t think he would have calmed down so much if he knew you fucked Molly just last year.” She smiled at the slightly shocked look on my face. “What did you think she wouldn’t tell me? We are best friends. When she said that it could only be a one time thing I was a little disappointed. When I asked her why, she said that it almost felt like i****t because of how close we all are. You’re the brother she never had. I was secretly wishing you two would hook up and she would become my sister-in-law.”She took another sip of coffee before continuing. My eyes once again drifted to her pussy and snapped back when she started talking again.”They stuck around for about two hours before heading out. Karl looked pissed again when they left because Molly dragged you out on the dance floor and ground her ass against your crotch for five minutes.”You got yourself a couple more single malt whiskeys and when a slow song started to play you pulled me to the dance floor. You never danced with me like that before. When they played another slow song right away we just stayed out on the floor. I looked into your eyes and for a minute the whole world was just you and me.”I could see her eyes were changing to a deeper blue as she was remembering this little moment”When the song ended you leaned and kissed me on the lips. Nothing overpowering like what we did in the shower this morning. Just a simple lip to lip kiss that was so tender and sweet my panties got soaked.” She placed a hand in front of her pussy for a few seconds. “Just remembering that kiss has me wet again.”Once again I had a shocked look on my face.”I dragged you out the door of the club and we came right here. Once we got through the door I pulled you to me and kissed you. In a heartbeat you were kissing me right back. It was the most passionate kiss ever. Our hands were roaming over each others bodies but they were just gliding from place to place without being too firm or insistent on any one spot. As we kissed I steered us toward your bedroom. I pushed you back onto your bed and turned on the radio. I did a strip tease for you and covered your head with my panties when I was finished. I made sure the damp crotch was right over your nose as I began to strip you.”I unbuttoned your shirt and tossed it aside once I slid it off your arms. You reached for my panties but I pulled your arms back down. I slid your t shirt off next. My pussy began to tingle when I saw your abs and pecs. I forgot how much you workout and it’s been a while since I saw you with your shirt off. My hands started to shake a little when I went for your belt. It took me a couple of tries before I got it undone. I went right for the button and got that undone in the first go. The zipper opened on its own. Your cock was so hard it forced the issue. I slid your pants off and as I came back up I could see your cock sticking out through the fly of your boxers.”I could smell Brenda’s pussy juices. She took the towel from her hair and placed it under her on the couch. My cock was an iron rod standing straight up as she described this. asyabahis güvenilirmi Combined with her sweet and musky scent I wasn’t sure if I could last until the end of the tale.”I wanted to take it into my mouth right then but I also wanted to see you completely naked too. I had to struggle a little to get your boxers off, but they were soon on the floor right along with all your other clothes. I finally let you take my panties from your face and I kissed you on the mouth one more time before moving my lips slowly down your body. Chin, neck, collar bones, pecs, nipples, belly button and finally the head of your cock all received my kisses. Your dick was throbbing from the attention I gave you. I was almost afraid to finish what I wanted to do. Afraid because I thought you would cum right away.”When I slid you into my mouth I heard you moan and I tasted your precum as it oozed out of the tip. I waited a few seconds before I began to suck and bob on it. I wanted to do this all with just my mouth and I kept my hands on the tops of your thighs. You sat there with a look of total bliss on your face the entire time. When you told me you were getting close to cumming I shifted my right hand to your balls and lightly squeezed until I felt them lift. I held my mouth still and could feel the cum as it rose toward its exit point. When the first blast hit I began to suck harder and harder. When you finally finished I swallowed it all down the went to lick those few last drops that oozed out as you shrank.”You lifted my chin with one finger and I slowly stood up. You moved farther onto the bed and when I moved to join you you pulled me on top of you. You literally lifted me into the air and spun me around. When your mouth found my pussy the juices were already flowing. The inside of my thighs were slick to my knees. You did everything right. Licking my outer lips, then moving to my clit which was fully erect and out before you got there. Your fingers entered me at the right time and I came so hard I coated your whole upper body with my cum.”I rolled over and laid on top of you and kissed you so hard I thought our mouths would fuse together permanently. While we were kissing I felt your dick poke my thigh. I reached down and placed you right at the opening of my pussy. I sat straight up and took you inside me all in one move. It felt so wonderful I wanted to just sit there all night and not move. Your hands found my nipples and soon you were tracing designs around and across them with your fingers. You sat up and sucked my right nipple and I began to grind my hips slowly in time to each tug from your mouth. I kept the pace when you moved to my left and started to go faster each time you switched nipples. I was totally in love with everything I was feeling. I laid down and slid my tongue into your mouth as a mini orgasm hit me. “I forced myself to climb off your delicious fuck stick and got to my hands and knees. You didn’t wait for me to beg. You were right there and you buried that steel love shaft to the hilt in one push. I instantly came again. You continued to pound my pussy sending me over the edge time and again. I could feel a big buildup coming. It felt like every nerve in my body was firing off all at once. You started pumping harder and I couldn’t hold back another second. I came so hard I almost fell flat on the bed. The only thing keeping me up were your hands on my hips. Then you started shooting your cum inside me and I blacked out. The next thing I remember is hearing the shower turn on this morning.”My cock was bouncing in my lap after hearing this whole story. I looked at Brenda’s pussy and her juices were flowing like a small stream. I looked into her eyes and she smiled dreamily as I moved closer. I placed a delicate kiss on her lips that I held for just a few heartbeats. I stood and lifted her into my arms.”Lets go repeat that so I can remember it just as vividly as you do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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