Mar 31

Hannah Pt. 03

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I should probably say that my mind was racing at that point. My good friend has just given me my first orgasm by oral sex. And that friend is a virulent. A very sexy one at that. And I’d never even kissed a girl before tonight. But when she asked if it could be her turn, I didn’t feel hesitant at all. I felt amazing. I wanted to give her what she had just given me. That’s what friends are for, right?

Having never done this before, I just did the same things she had done. I pulled her down to the edge of the bed. I got on my knees. I brushed my hand between my own legs, I was still so wet. I definitely wanted at least one more orgasm myself, but I needed to focus on her right now. I began lightly kissing her thighs. She giggled a bit, I guess I was too light and it tickled. So I used more pressure. I wanted to tease her as long as she had teased me, but I also was overcome with a desire to lick her.

Maybe I didn’t really tease her that long. I remembered when I had first explored my own pussy for pleasure just a few months kartal escort before, and I wanted to explore her I that same way. I used my finger to gently open her up, I touched her clit with a finger. Maybe hers was a bit bigger than mine, I didn’t know if that made any difference. She pushed her hips forward. I put a finger inside her. It feels really nice in there. I couldn’t tell any real difference from my own.

She’s wiggling, she wants me to lick her probably. I flicked my tongue lightly over her. She moaned, encouraging me. This was interesting. Obviously not at all like a man, from my limited experience. At that point in my life I liked cock but didn’t really want to suck on it. Then I began to gently explore all of her with my lips and tongue. I had always been worried that I tasted bad, but maybe I was wrong. She tasted slightly sweet, slightly salty. Maybe the salty was sweat. But I liked it. I liked exploring her.

She was so soft, and she responded to every touch, every flick on my tongue. I began maltepe escort bayan tracing my tongue up and down, from just above her back door to just over her clit. My fingers followed behind. I’m not sure what I was doing, maybe trying to savor this moment or maybe trying to memorize her body.

I was somewhat lost in my exploration, but she was clearly enjoying it. She began talking, telling me how good it felt. She said she had never had a woman lick her either. That was interesting, I figured she had based on how assertive she was. She then began begging me to suck on her clit. She said she needed it. I’d never really heard dirty talk before either. I had always known she was more overtly sexual than me, but I still thought she was pretty innocent. I was wrong I guess.

So if she needed it, of course I’m going to. That’s the kind of good friend I am. Plus I was crazy turned on. For sure at that point in my life I’d never been more aroused, and just thinking about it now still makes me moist. I mimicked escort pendik what she had done to me, sucking on her clit lightly, and flicking over it with my tongue. It seemed to almost be flicking me back. It was really quite amazing.

I thought it might feel good to her, so I also slowly pushed one finger inside. That felt pretty good to me too, and she seemed to like it, thrusting harder into my face and hand. I put a second finger in, now it felt pretty tight, but she was so wet that it was easy. I started sucking harder, moving faster. She grabbed my head, and pulled me in harder. I wasn’t quite expecting that, but i could feel her urgency, I could see how much she wanted this.

I continued to lightly but furiously flick my tongue back and forth. Suddenly, with a loud sigh, she thrust her hips forward. She shook for a few moments, silently. She fell back down to the bed. I guess I should have stopped, because she pushed my face away, and I removed my hand as well. I stood up, I admired her naked body laying there. I can still picture it today.

After admiring her for a moment, I laid down next to her, I pulled a sheet over us, and got as close as I could. I told her thank you, but she was already asleep. I decided I would nap a little too, but there was no way this was over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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