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Happiness is a cum filled wife

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Happiness is a cum filled wifeSaturday I sat in the den waiting for my wife Andrea to get ready for a date. She was meeting a guy that’s been fucking her best friend Kate. I didn’t know anything about him so when Andrea came in the den to ask me how she looked I asked her . She said his name is William. I just had to ask so I said is he white? She hesitated then said no. He’s black I said . She said yes is that a problem? I told her no, just as long as he is a good lover. She said Kate told her he has a long day cock and he fucks for hours. OK sweetheart I said then I asked about her outfit. She said Kate told her William loves white married women wearing stockings. Are those stockings I asked. She raised the Hem of her skirt to show me she was wearing brand new nude colored stockings held up with a white garter belt. She was wearing anadolu yakası escort matching white lace panties do I had to ask if the bra matched. She said yes it’s a white push up . I wanted to see but she said no you will see when I get home. I asked when that will be and she said when he gets finished fucking. I got a kiss on the cheek and she was out the door.I looked at the clock , it was just after three o clock. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I popped in one of Andrea’s homemade pornos and sat down to jerk off. We have at least a hundred hours of videos with my lovely little bride having her sext bald pussy ruined . I jerked off three times watching her and I must have dozed off. It was eleven when Andrea woke me . I sat up and she pointed at the TV, have you been jerking ataşehir escort off ? I said yes. She said well I have something for you if you want it, then she unfastened her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She then turned and started walking towards the bedroom. I jumped up and followed. In the bedroom I took her in my arms and kissed her then as I pulled her panties down I asked if she had a nice pussy full of cum. I was on my knees about to bury my face in in her crotch when she said no. I leaned back and said he didn’t cum in you? She said of course he did then she turned around and bent at the waist pushing her ass in my face. I said he fucked you in the ass? She said he fucked me everywhere but he came in my ass. I took her hips and sucked her smooth pussy lips and tongue fucked ümraniye escort her relaxed vagina then I worked my tongue into her ass. She gasp and told me how he had stretched her pussy and ass hole. I asked if she was seeing him again? She said yes. I stood up and got undressed then laid in bed with my little four inches sticking straight up. She crawled over me and sat her pussy right on it. She was so wet and loose that she went all the way to my balls in a single stroke. She sat perfectly still for a moment then I said your pussy is to loose I can’t feel you. She said OK then in a flash she had me in her ass. She said I know it’s loose too but I can tighten it. I almost immediately started pumping what I had left in my balls into her still hungry ass. I spent the next hour sucking her clit untill she had orgasm after orgasm. We both feel asleep and when we woke the next morning she was still in her garter belt and stockings. My dick got hard as soon as I saw her and asked if I could have some pussy. She said no , she had me jerk off as she told me in detail how William had promised to have some of his buddies over next time so they can hang bang her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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