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Oiled and perfumed, dark exotic eyes peering over iridescent veils, we all lay upon our pillows. Idly brushing each other’s hair, we embraced one another as sisters in our womanhood. Each woman beautiful in her own way. Round soft, sleek slender, large – powerful, and eternally graceful, every variety of woman filled the sandstone room this warm, sun burnt dusk. Soft winds heralded the coming of night, and we arranged ourselves seductively so that we might catch his eye.

The women of the harem. Some of us had fallen out of favor, some of us had not yet known our husband’s bed. We all belonged to him, but we all belonged to each other, as well. Smiling knowingly at one another, we knew there were no lonely nights. A pair of arms, or two or three, were always close at hand. Yes, we belonged to each other.

There were times, we would entertain him. Lick and suckle at each other’s bodies as he chose his favorite. Watch, as he took her in front of us. Envy her as he filled her. Her breasts shaking, her moans louder and louder in our ears, filling our blood with fire as we watch him thrusting into her with his cock. At times he beckons to us to taste the combined juices of our beloved friend and the salty fluids that pour from his body. His kisses and teasing laughs echo in our ears and roll over our skin.

I know that I am wet thinking of him, thinking of all of them. I am wet with need and wanting. A sweet voice whispers in my ear, “I can smell you.” A giggle passes over my lips as her tongue quickly flicks over my earlobe. We steal a quick kiss. If tonight I am not chosen, I know I shall not be alone.

Our attendants scurry, and their flight, like a thousand butterflies, signals his arrival. I hear his voice, deep and beautiful. His laugh is thick, slowly seductive, like the velvet night that blankets the earth outside our windows. He is beautiful, and no matter how many times my eyes fall upon him, each time I fall in love anew.

The dark curls of his hair fall, framing and contrasting against the fair, glowing skin of his face. The smile that spreads across his gorgeous, sensuous lips, is heart stopping. He is slender and tall, though graceful, with a seeming energy under his skin that reminds me of a large cat. He eyes us slowly, the look of ownership, the look of pleasure.

“My loves, you are like a garden of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.” He takes a deep breath and smiles rather cheekily, “And no other garden in the world smells as intoxicating.” I blush as I remember the words of my companion. His eyes fall upon me and catch the faint rose of my cheeks. Laughing delightedly he leans over to brush my lips with his. He lifts my hand and brushes the back against his face as he announces. “Tonight, my loves, I have a surprise for you.”

Standing, he raises his voice and calls out, “Baleath, Nurhisie! Come in gentlemen” As two incredibly striking men enter our chambers a gasp ripples through the ranks of the harem. Never had any man other than the eunuchs and our husband entered our oasis, and now here were two strangers, who were CLEARLY not eunuchs.

The first man, shorter than our husband, but slender and with the largest, most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, smilingly comments to his companion, “Maltaethir, here is a lucky man. It is a marvel to me that he can get any sleep with temptation like this at hand.” His incredibly blue eyes meet mine, and I feel his breath catch in his throat as it has caught in mine. I am flushed and afraid that my interest will be punished, looking down, I conceal my interest.

A chuckle full of masculine promise breaks the light silence in the room. “Bale, you are young. You would bed all these lovely beauties and become an old man in one night. But I agree with you, Mal is quite the connoisseur.” As I brave a glace up, I notice that the man who must be Nurhisie is also looking at me now. He is older than both Bale and my husband. His arms thicker, muscular, his hair short cropped. Nurhisie looks for all the world like he uses his body as a weapon. The word deadly comes to mind, yet there is no coarseness in his features. I am afraid I have stared too long.

Our husband’s voice seems thoughtful rather than angry and I breathe a sigh within myself. “Nurhi, Bale, you know why I have brought you here tonight. As my new generals and the men who have saved my life, I grant you your choice of my wives. Who will you bed?” Only the training that we have all received keeps us from uttering anymore than a mass gasp. We all look up and stare wildly scared and frighteningly excited at the prospect of bedding such beautiful men.

A knowing smile curls izmir escort the corner of Mal’s mouth. “Or have you already made your choices?” I do not dare to hope that I shall bed one of these three men. The men who make my blood like fire in my veins. The heat within my body creeps across my skin in a slow, glowing blush. Both men make a pretense of walking around the room, looking over each one of my beautiful companions. Finally, the look at one another as the meet beside Mal.

They quietly speak so that none but their ears may hear. The thick rolling laughter of Mal’s voice shakes the air in a burst of wild joy. Walking before me he kneels and takes my hands. “Beauty of beauties.” He kisses the palms of my hands and I am wild with the feel of his kiss. I stare into his eyes and see a burning desire that almost frightens me.

“ Yes, my husband?” My voice is soft and breathy, I am almost dizzy with the wild rushing of my blood.

“My jewel, it was my intent to have you tonight. But I have promised these men that they would have whom so ever they chose. Will you honor my promise?” His hand is in my hair, gentle and loving in a way that makes my heart shake within me. I can only nod and look curiously out at who else was chosen. “No my love,” Mal whispers softly to me. “Tonight there shall be only you. They have both chosen you, as have I.” He looks at me intently and watches as my eyes widen. He places a soft, gentle kiss on my forehead. “Do you still wish to honor my promise?”

I stammer amazed that this fate should be mine, “I will do as my husband wishes of me.”

“Does my wife wish it for herself?” He holds my hand and I am so amazed that I can only nod. With that silent acquiescence, he scoops me up into his arms and carries me away with both Nurhi and Bale in tow. Looking back at my earlier companion she smiles at me with a little wave and a good luck sign that makes me stifle a giggle threatening to burst forth.

Mal kisses my forehead and holds me closer, “My jewel, tonight you shall glow as you have never glowed before.”

The smell of cool, arid night weaves its way through carved columns, billowing diaphanous cloth hangings like phantom shades dancing in moonlight. The mirror-like soapstone floor, reflects the flickering, undulating lamp light. I can hear the cloth that moves about Mal’s legs as he carries me away. We are not going to his chambers.

I nuzzle my head against his chest and hear his heart beat strong and steady. The warm pulse rhythmically dances beneath his slightly perfumed skin. His strong arms hold me, and I can hear Bale and Nuhri speaking softly to Mal as I grow increasingly intoxicated by the smell of him.

I look over Mal’s shoulder and into Bale’s striking eyes. The smile and merry twinkle of midnight eyes hold something of a predatory gaze as he looks upon me. I feel a shiver run from my toes all the way into my abdomen. The smell of my desire and wetness must be reaching Mal’s nose. He is holding me tighter and I can hear his breath deepen and increase.

Suddenly both Bale and Nurhi move from my vision. I hear fabric and feel the darkness of night wash over me. We are in the gardens, I recognize the soapstone floor strewn with pillows, upon which our husband entertains important guests. Laying me down upon a large velvet pillow, Mal lowers his head and kisses me as if to drink me in. His fig-sweetened breath flows out through lusty sighs.

Nurhi has plucked a plumeria flower from a nearby tree and bends down beside me to tuck it behind my ear. He kneels to the other side of me, waiting for Mal’s permission.

Nurhi loosens my hair and pulls on it slightly, arching my throat to his luscious lips, and tongue upon my skin. His teeth nip at my flesh as his hands roam the cloth of my veiled skirt. As he lifts my leg to part my knees I run my fingers through is hair.

Bale is leaning above me now, the youngest man, he must wait his turn. He kisses me and slowly unwinds the cloth that binds my breasts. The cool night air hardens my nipples to two little diamond points. Bale’s mouth covers my breast hungrily and as he sucks on it, I can feel the tingling from my head to the soles of my feet. Mal massages my other breast pinching my nipple ‘til I gasp.

“My jewel is sweet is she not?” Mal lowers his head and flicks his tongue over my hardened nipple. Bale nods at Mal with his mouth still suckling at my flesh. I gasp as I feel the night air between my thighs, Nurhi has spread my legs wide and propped them each on a pillow.

“She is so pink and delicate.” Nurhi’s fingers trace my hairless lips alsancak escort and I moan, moving my hips in enticing circles. His lustful eyes peer down at my moist pussy as he lowers his head and takes a deep breath. His voice stammers and I hear him swallowing as if to stay the water in his mouth. “She is the most intoxicating flower I have ever met.” With a silent nod from Mal, Nurhi’s tongue laps up the flood of passion that leaks from me.

I am trained for pleasing and do not hold back my desire or enjoyment. My hips thrust up and grind into Nurhi’s hungry mouth. Mal laughs delightedly as Nurhi grasps me around my hips and pulls me to his face. He drinks me in and I moan and thrust against his face needing to feel his pleasure. His tongue teases my swollen clit and works slow deep moans from my mouth. Mal kisses my neck and massages my breast, sending me into ecstasy over and over again. Nurhi’s mouth groans upon me and I am lost.

Bale watches with hunger as his fingers massage my belly and breasts. Looking at Nurhi, he too asks for permission. Nurhi moves to one side and they both flick their tongues over my swollen clit. They kiss each other as Mal and I watch, sharing the taste of my pussy on each other’s lips. I can feel them groaning, their hands on me, on each other…They fight each other for the chance to taste the honey dripping from my hole. They lick at each other’s chins like starving men. Someone plunges a finger into me and I scream into the night.

I turn to Mal and he is by my side. I reach out to him, I need to feel his pleasure. Mal, parting his robes, comes toward me on his knees. His hard cock bobs in the air as he crawls toward my mouth. Painting my lips with the head of his cock, I try to lick it. He pulls his cock away and laughs. “Do you want my cock my beauty? Do you want to taste it? Feel it hitting the back of your throat?” Mal slaps his cock against my lips, “Say it, love. Tell me what you want.” He is holding my hands, keeping me from reaching out. I squirm beneath them all as I plead with my husband to give me what I need.

“Please,” I gasp as I feel a stiffened tongue push into me, it seems that Bale has found my little asshole and is working his tongue into it in soft penetrating strokes. I speak through panting groans “Please, fuck – my – mouth.” Mal smiles and straddles my head. His powerful thighs are on either side of my head and he slowly dips just the head of his cock into my waiting mouth.

I lick and suck at him using my lips tongue and teeth to bring the low moans from him that rock my body with pleasure. I whimper with him inside me. I whimper for more, but Mal does not release my hands. He fucks past my lips in slow delicious strokes that tickle the back of my throat. I suck and work my tongue in circles as I do so. I swallow him all the way down until I feel the hair of his navel tickle my nose. Moaning with delight, my greedy mouth swallows around him.

To my chagrin, he pulls away from my mouth. “Be not dismayed, love. I have something even better for you.” He stands and calls out, “Bale, Nurhi. Let me taste my wife upon your tongues.” Obediently, both men obey my husband and kiss him deeply. I watch their tongues, and their muscular limbs embrace each other. Mal’s eyes are closed and his strong features speak of desire. As he takes a last lick from both mouths, he knees before me and kisses my soft pussy lips, pulling them apart to peer at my spread hole. He massages idly at my clit as he allows both men to disrobe.

Bale and Nurhi strip slowly as both Mal and I watch. Bale is slender but toned, his cock is long and elegantly curved. It matches his body and is hard as rock. He strokes it for me and knees beside my head. Nurhi, too, strips and his body is much more than I had expected. His muscular frame is broad and golden. His cock, is shorter, though much thicker than Bale’s. My eyes widen in wonder as I notice that it has a small tattoo upon it’s head. It is a bird of prey. He also kneels by my side. Both men offer up their cocks to me and delightedly I lick at both heads as I stroke them.

Mal makes a sound as if clearing his throat. Apparently Nurhi and Bale have gotten caught up in the moment and have done something that was not in the plan. They both look a bit bashful about it, though their cocks are still in my mouth. Mal laughs and calls them to him so that they may whisper without my hearing their words. When they return to me, Mal lays beside me upon his back. Lifting me, I squeal in delight as his cock spreads me and sinks up into me.

I feel his cock deep in me and there is nothing else. buca escort He pulls me into a kiss as his hips thrust upward, rocking me, making me cry out. I grind my hips down into him and move my slick pussy up and down his thick manhood. Mal is groaning and holding my breasts as I work up and down his glorious member. His mouth clamps down upon my breast just after commanding a quick, “now.”

My word explodes as I feel a mouth between Mal and I. Someone is licking at my pussy just where Mal thrusts into me. Both of us groan as that tongue licks and kisses and tries to push in after the hard cock pumping into my wet, tight pussy. I can hear the slick noises of his cock dipping in and out of me. It sounds as if someone is stroking their cock behind me as well. I lean forward so that they may get a better view and lick easily at my honey upon Mal’s cock. Mal’s lips bite gently into my breast as his thrusts quicken. I groan and scream, and throw my head back only to have Nurhi hold my face and kiss me. As I open my eyes, I see him stroking his cock. I lick my lips and look at it.

“Beauty,” His voice is rich and sends shivers down my spine. “You make me ache with need.” He grabs his cock to show me how hard it is and a drop of precum oozes out from the tip. I smile and open my mouth to reply, but it is cut off by the scream that cuts through me. Bale, who had been lubing his cock behind me, slipped the head into my ass and pushed up gently. I was now full both back and front as I had never been before. Mal stares into my eyes and kisses them. I show him that I am not in pain, nor am I afraid. Bale kisses my back soothingly and slowly enters me, allowing me time to get used to the feeling.

As my lovers find a rhythm, I allow myself to open and feel their cocks pushing into me, deeper, slowly speeding. Nurhi has been stroking his cock, watching, waiting. He comes to me now, his hand in my hair, and his oozing cock spreads its wetness across my lips. I lick at it and suck it into my mouth. The world around me is alive with the sounds and smells of pleasure. I am moaning, we all are. I can hear the slick sound of fucking filling the air. A cock in my ass, a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth, we are a giant ball of ecstasy.

I am riding a high of pleasure so keen that I cannot tell where my body ends and theirs begin. Bale is thrusting against my ass as Mal pushes into my pussy. Their cocks rub together against the thin wall of my vagina and multiply our pleasures a thousand fold. Nurhi, watches all of this from above, thrusting into my mouth as he grabs hold of my hair. His navel hitting my lips, his balls against my chin, as his cock buries deep into my throat, I swallow and swallow, moaning around him as I am filled completely and fucked senselessly.

I feel it now, and my hands are on Nurhi’s thighs to balance myself. Bale’s arms are holding me from behind. His lips kiss at my neck as his hands massage my breasts. He squeezes them harder as he too feels the build up. Everything is happening faster now. Nurhi’s thrusts into my mouth are harder, quicker, shaking my body down as Mal’s cock pushes my body up and Bale’s cock pushes my body forward. Their groans are louder, more erratic. Harder, faster, pleasure painfully sweet rocking us all into bliss. We are fucking, fucking so furiously that there is nothing else in the world.

I pull my mouth off of Nurhi and stroke him with my fingers. My mouth, open to sound now, fills the night. “Fuck me harder.” I beg and plead. My lovers need no urging. Their thrusts are violent now and I shake with them. I suck Nurhi back into my mouth with gusto and swallow him into me.

I feel Nurhi’s hands in my hair, pulling me forward. My hands are on his ass as the wet sucking sounds of my mouth bring him closer and closer to breaking point. He throws his head back and screams as his cock spurts into my mouth, down my throat, coating it with his salty warm cum. I swallow it greedily and scream all the way through it. His cock paints my lips with what is left and he bends down to kiss me as my body is furiously fucked by both Mal and Bale. Mal’s lips are clamped onto my nipples as Bale squeezes my breasts together. I hear them panting and groaning around me as their cocks split me open, their hard thighs push into me.

I let go completely and feel the fire rush through my blood as I cum in an explosive orgasm that shakes through my body, clenching around both cocks. I feel Bale bite into my shoulder and Mal into my breast as my clenching pussy walls milk the hot cum from their cocks. I lay exhausted upon Mal as Bale gently removes himself from me. Bale and Nurhi settle, one at either side of my body.

Each man kisses me long and lingeringly. The night’s soft sounds wrap around us as we lay upon the pillows, resting now, lounging in each other’s arms. I look up at the sky and smile. Mal knows my thoughts and cuddles me tighter against him. He says through a smile, “the night is still young.”

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