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Harmony Saga Cont 2

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Harmony Saga Cont 2I recommend you read the first 3 parts to understand this relationship: So a few weeks after our last hot sexual interlude I received word through the g**** vine that Harmony was pregnant, either by me or her husband Matt is to this day still unknown, Harmony want to believe it is from our last encounter together. Fast forward 15 years, I had lost contact with harmony over the intervening years, and I had all but put our relationship into my memory archives which I droped into on some of those lonely nights. Any way I was retired from military service, and had moved to a small town with my wife and we were getting on with life in retirement, I made friends with a cabinet maker and helped him do installs and loose end jobs, Now here comes the most interesting part, through our conversations of our families one day he mentioned his eldest daughter and her husband and k**s were moving out of Alaska to our town bakırköy escort to be closer to the “Grand Parents” Matt had a job with a large nation wide trucking outfit that was home based in our area. Harmony’s dad said “It is going to be great to have Harmony and the k**s so close” Harmony? I told hm I knew a Harmony when I was stationed in Alaska and her hubbies name was Matt, Oh by the way is one of the k**s about 15? He said yes. Wow I thought, this cant be true. Sure enough I was asked i I could help them move into their new house, I went over and low and behold there was beautiful Harmony.She almost dropped the box she was carrying when she saw me. We said HI and Matt came in and acknowledged my presence and said in a low voice Thanks for helping out” . About a week later Harmony called and asked if I could help her move some boxs as Matt was out on the road, her dad was out on a job, beşiktaş escort her mom ad taken her grandma to the doctor. I arrived and the first thing she did was leap into my arms and give me a big wet kiss, Wow what a sight, she was dressed in a pair of short shorts that crowded her pussy in a sweet camel toe which led me to believe she has no panties on, Her top was a loos fitting sleeveless button down and she had no bra to hold her magnificent tits in check, We broke our kiss and she said I am sorry but we need to hurry this time, The k**s are due home from school soon and she needs me bad. We were in the garage and she stripped here shorts and opened her blouse to afford me access to her charms, She un did my pants and slide them along with my shorts off and took my ever hardening cock into her mouth and suckled me to full growth, then she sat on the work bench opened her leggs to show beylikdüzü escort me her wet pussy and said “Come On I need you deep inside me now” I stood between her open thighs and rammed my cock balls deep into her hot tight pussy, she was so pent up with passion she came as I stroked in her a second time, her fluids pouring out and down my ball sack, I slammed inside her hard and fast quickly bring myself to a climatic state, I had the mind to ask if I should pull out before I shot my load, She said “No I want your cum inside me” I shot my load deep in her womb and we came down off our climatic fever , I slowly slid out of her cum filled pussy and he hugged and kissed, I ask her about the possibility of her getting pregnant, she said not to worry after winston their third c***d was born she and Matt decided it was best she get “Fixed” . She got off the bench and we talked about our passion with one another, She said she wanted to renew our relationship and meet whenever the cards were dealt in our favor. So we started another hot sexual relationship again after 15 years the sex was even better as she had lost many of her inhibitions over the past. I will relate more of our brief but whirlwind affair………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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