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Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 11

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Sorry that this chapter has taken so long but I got sidetracked writing something else. The final chapter follows this and is already written. It will be posted as soon as this submission has been accepted. Votes welcome. It tells me what you like (and don’t!).


Sunday morning dawned. Harry looked out of the window as Kate rolled over towards him and grasped his erect cock. She began to lick his tool, dribbling saliva down his shaft. She licked up and down his foreskin making it even wetter. She tickled her tongue into the sensitive ridge under his knob and then swallowed his length; she didn’t deep throat him, just keeping him tantalisingly deep inside her mouth as she sucked on his length.

Harry groaned with acute pleasure at all this cock loving. Then he remembered what Kate had said to him yesterday at half time in the match.

“Darling Kate, you suck me so good! You told me to ask you when you were sucking me off this morning! Are you the love of my life?”

Kate expelled Harry’s cock with a loud ‘plop’ and looked up at him.

“Do you want me to be?” she whispered.

“I think so! Yes! I love you!”

“Then I think that I’d better suck you right off so as to seal the deal. I love you too Harry darling.”

Kate swallowed Harry’s whole shaft again as he whooped and lifted her into position so that he could lick her crack. She was wet already. He started to drink her juices as her throat muscles closed around his knob end and began to squeeze his shaft. Harry felt his balls contract; he gently sucked Kate’s clitoris into his mouth and agitated the rubbery growth with his tongue.

Kate stopped sucking and yelped into a very wet climax. Harry’s face was covered with her juice. He couldn’t swallow it all at once. He rubbed his whole face into her crotch. Harry’s balls flexed again and he shot his early morning load deep into her throat. Kate moaned some more and made more juice as she swallowed furiously. Harry turned her over and around to face him.

Harry and Kate kissed long and hard. Then Kate took his face between her hands and commenced licking her cum off him. Harry had a firm hold on both her breasts, squeezing them and rubbing them against his chest.

He pushed Kate on to her back and rolled on top of her. He spread her thighs with his knees and very easily inserted his newly re-erected cock deep into her cunt. Only then did Kate start to speak to him again.

“Ohhhh Harry darling, your cock feels so good. I meant what I said; we’ll be our number one lovers from now on! Start fucking me now with your gorgeous big tool. Fill me with spunk then we can talk about our fucking day today and then about our fucking future. Oh my God, I’m going to come again all over your cock real soon!”

Harry thought his cock had never been in a cunt so hot! He shafted slowly but firmly into Kate, feeling her cunt get hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter. This was going to be a really wet one.

His balls grew as never before and his cock grew to its biggest ever. Kate felt it and made more cum juice. Then Harry exploded inside her with more cum than she could remember feeling before. He thrust and thrust, delivering a hot spurt of semen each time.

As Harry’s ejaculations diminished Kate’s orgasm finally overtook her. She raised her body and squirted her fluids all over him. She then pulled him to her and they collapsed into a wet soggy mess, kissing and caressing. Finally they were laid alongside one another, idly running their fingers through their juices.

“Wow darling. That’s what I call a really juicy loving fuck! I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Harry. “That was a fantastic answer to my question. I won’t ever let you down you know.”

He kissed her again.

“I know you won’t,” smiled Kate. “I have no fears on that score.”

Harry got out of bed. “Coming for a shower? I need to piss as well.”

Kate looked up at him.

“Harry darling, to celebrate our new status as an ‘item’ I don’t want to get dressed this morning. Also I don’t want to shower yet. I want to smell our combined love juices for a while yet. I need to pee too so I’ll come with you right now to the bathroom!”

The lovers ran to the bathroom and into the shower cubicle. In there Kate took Harry in hand again, knelt down in front of him and told him to get on with it. Harry gazed with rapture at the magnificent body of ‘his’ Kate and relaxed into his early morning strong piss. Kate hosed her body down with the hot yellow stream, mixing this smell with her squirts and Harry’s cum.

When he was finished Harry sat down and watched as Kate’s naked snatch shot gallons of her pee all over him. She indicated that he should turn over so that she could pee down his arse crack too.

They dried each other with some old towels, taking them downstairs with them and putting them straight into the washing machine.

They had breakfast in the kitchen, toast and marmalade with coffee. They sat admiring mean that you have to change your love life. I am rather proud izmir escort that you can fuck other girls and still give me everything I want, sex wise!”

Harry thought about this rather fantastic statement.

“Kate darling, if you ask me to I will give all the others up. I really shall have to cut down a bit anyway. They are getting a bit too demanding! We shall have to discuss what we are going to do about them, and your horny lovers too!”

Kate sat down on Harry’s knees. He started playing with her breasts again. Her nipples stiffened and his cock started to grow.

“You’ll have to list them all darling and tell them one by one that I’m your number one now. If they still want you to fuck them you’ll have to cut them down a bit. I will see Tony Morris one more time this week and then that will be it for me. I didn’t start out to fuck the whole male population of England, you know!”

“What about trips to Crowton? Cindy and Sammy?”

“Sammy will soon have other fish to fry, if not cocks to fuck. She’s going to fuck your boss this week for a start! As for Cindy, she’s family! That means either Daddy starts to properly satisfy her or you will have to continue to do your duty, for me if not for him!”

Harry laughed and smacked Kate’s bottom. She started to lick his chest as she stroked his prick. She nibbled on his hard little nipples.

“What about Jan, or Jenny Jones? What about Josie?”

“Jan will soon find herself another regular stud; if not I’ll find one for her. Jenny you will have to deal with yourself. Josie is no problem as long as you only fuck her when Martin and I are there! How does that sound?”

“Fine,” said Harry, wriggling around so the he could lick Kate’s magnificent bum cheeks. Having reached the target he carefully felt into her cleft. “There is one other thing though.”

“What’s that darling,” sighed Kate as Harry penetrated both of her lower holes with his probing fingers. “Ohhh God, I’ll let you do anything as long as you love me like this!”

“There’s the one offs,” said Harry. “One or two offs like ‘Auntie Sue’ or girls I haven’t met yet!”

“That’s not a problem darling. Sue you will only fuck if your paths cross through business and any others will be casual. I shall want you to tell me all about any of these encounters though so that I can get all horny and randy for you!”

Kate sucked Harry into her mouth then she let him go.

“Darling, to celebrate our union I’m going to go and run a hot bath in the spare bathroom. We shall bathe together and I shall give you a first class blowjob. I hope that you will moved to reciprocate.”

“OK,” laughed Harry, “after I’ve looked up what it means.”

Kate had overdone it with the bath water! The whole room was full of steam and the water level with her alone in the bath was only six inches from the top. The only things on view when Harry went into the bathroom were her head, her nipples and her knees! His cock was already half up!

“Wow,” he said as he looked down at his new beloved. “You will have to help me pay my gas bill after heating all this water.”

“And your water bill!” giggled Kate.

Harry knelt down at the side of the bath and leaned in to kiss Kate. He dipped one arm into the hot water to find and squeeze a firm breast. In turn Kate reached outside the bath to check on Harry’s tumescence! She was satisfied with her findings.

“Come on darling, get in!” she whispered. “I want to play with your cock under water.”

“OK,” said Harry as he very carefully stepped into the bath. “Christ, that water feels bloody hot!”

He slowly sat down at the opposite end of the bath, Kate sloshing hot water on to his buttocks to acclimatise them to the temperature. When he was sitting he looked towards Kate and grinned.

“This is fun, isn’t it? We’ll have to be extra careful now, the water’s only about three inches from the top. There’s something I want to try; I’ve never had a bath with a girl before.”

“What is it you want to try darling? I’m up for anything you know!”

“This,” answered Harry.

He carefully extended one leg up between Kate’s thighs until his questing toes found her soft mound between her legs. Kate sucked in her breath! Harry thought that Kate’s cunt still felt hotter than the bath water. Without saying a word he gently positioned his big toe at the entrance to her pussy and then pushed at her aperture.

“Ohhh Harry! That feels lovely! Let me help you.”

Kate felt down into her crotch and located Harry’s foot and then his big toe. She opened her pussy with one hand, wriggling into position.

“Now push darling; push your lovely big toe into me. Ohhh yesss, that’s lovely. Wriggle it about! See if you make me come! Now, where’s your lovely cock?”

As Harry began to stimulate her clitoris Kate moved her own foot and found Harry’s cock resting against his belly. She placed her foot along his hard length and pressed it against his body. Then she began to rub her foot up and down his shaft.

“Fuckin’ alsancak escort Hell,” said Harry as his feelings began to grow.

“Fuckin’ Hell,” said Kate as her clit hardened under Harry’s toes. “I’m going to come soon!”

“Me too!” gasped Harry as some bath water slopped over the side of the bath. Neither of them noticed.

Kate suddenly lifted her body and howled into her climax. More water was lost.

“Ohhhhh my Goooood!! That’s fantastic! I love it! I love it! I love it! I’m coming soooo harrrrd!”

Although Kate had stopped rubbing Harry’s cock with her foot at the onset of her orgasm she hadn’t lost contact with it. Now she did as Harry stood before her, grabbed his cock and squirted his spunk at her face. He was totally accurate and covered her with his strong streams of cream. Still more water was spilled from the bath.

Kate dropped back into the water. Harry dropped to his knees before her, inserting his cock between her breasts. Kate grabbed hold of it and lifted his knob to her mouth. Harry felt into her crack; he could distinguish between the hot bath water and her hot cum juice. Her juice was stickier!

Kate used his knob end to gather the spunk on her face, sucking it in and swallowing it with great relish. Harry groaned and began to grow again.

Finally he stood and pulled Kate to her feet, pulling the plug to the waste as he did so. A gurgling noise of running water began. The lovers kissed, still standing in the bath. Kate’s breasts were squashed hard to Harry’s chest and his cock was nestling between her thighs. Suddenly he felt hot and wet again.

Kate was taking a pee! Harry relaxed and thought wet thoughts. As his piss started he pulled back slightly. Kate grabbed his cock and pointed it skywards to shoot him over her belly and cunt.

Harry kept on kissing Kate. God, he did love this girl so much!

Kate returned all of Harry’s kisses twofold. She loved him with all her heart and the sex was stupendous too!

They decided to skip lunch, promising themselves a nice dinner out later. Kate insisted that she was going to pay tonight, notwithstanding Harry’s big rise.

They were at the ‘Black Bull’ in good time to meet Martin and Josie. No one mentioned anything about people pissing in the wrong toilets yesterday and they were served without comment.

Being in the pub reminded them of yesterday’s adventures. They had dressed for a repeat. Kate was flaunting her gorgeous breasts in a tight pink top to match her skin. Her hard teats refused to soften and stuck through the thin woolly material. Today, in view of the heat, she was wearing a very thin light red skirt. It came almost halfway down to her knees. She was, of course, wearing no panties.

Harry and then Kate succumbed to hunger when they saw the sandwiches and ordered one each.

They tentatively began to talk about their future together. They agreed that they couldn’t practically live together yet; there were too many questions and not enough answers. However, they would need to cut down their expenses soon, like having two mortgages, two sets of bills, two different locations etc., etc.

In the middle of their tete a tete Martin and Josie arrived. They all kissed one another, chattering furiously. They too ordered sandwiches.

Martin was dressed in a white tee shirt with biscuit coloured slacks. Josie was naked! Well, Harry thought she was at first. She was all in brown to match her skin. Her skirt was above mid thigh and her top; well, her top had to be seen to be believed.

Josie’s brown top was halter necked; a thin strap fastened around her neck and didn’t thicken much by the time it reached her breasts. The top became just wide enough to safely cover her nipples as her big tits thrust against the thin cotton material. The halter terminated at her waist by being attached to two large buttons on the waistband of the skirt. Her back was totally bare as Harry discovered when he pulled her to him to kiss her.

Martin laughed at Harry gazing at Josie’s big brown bombers.

“Isn’t she fantastic?” he said. “I’m almost embarrassed to look at her in public then she tells me off for not staring at her tits. So you look all you like Harry mate!”

“Of course,” said Josie, deliberately pushing her chest out at Harry. His eyes were glued to her tits. “I put this on to be looked at so I want you to stare. It keeps my nips hard!”

The sandwiches arrived so things went a little quieter as they ate. First of all Kate told them about their new status, kissing Harry and groping his cock as she did so.

Martin and Josie offered congratulations.

“Ahm so sorry Kate,” said Josie. “Ah didn’t realise. Flashing my titties at Harry like that! I won’t do it again!”

“You damn well will,” retorted Kate. “It keeps my Harry hard just looking at such beautiful breasts and anyway, under our new regime you are one of the girls Harry is allowed to fuck! Just as Martin is allowed to fuck me; if he wants to, of course!”

Kate thrust her tits towards buca escort Martin and he grinned, staring at them as they undulated sexily under her top.

“Now,” said Kate, “we will tell you what we did yesterday and explain that we propose to do something similar today. You are, of course, very welcome to join in but it is not compulsory!”

Kate then explained what she and Harry had done the day before; she included a full explanation of the river walk, the railway station and the department store. Josie’s big brown eyes were enormous and her nipples were extremely big and hard. Martin was just silently gobsmacked!

Then Kate dropped her voice and told them what they had done in the ‘Black Bull’. Josie and Martin looked around guiltily.

“I was wearing a long coat yesterday, just the coat! Harry was like he is now, not wearing any underpants of course. It was easy; we even fucked at the match as the Fairies scored their third goal!”

Josie and Martin asked lots of questions; about the heat, did anybody see and guess what they were doing and were Harry and Kate embarrassed.

“The little sixteen-year-old shop assistant got a shock when she opened the curtain and saw Harry’s big cock ramming in and out of my pussy!”

They all laughed at this. Then Josie asked what the plans were for the afternoon. Kate looked at Harry.

“Darling?” she enquired.

“Well,” said Harry, “I thought that as it’s so nice, warm and calm we could go for a punt down the river. There are one or two semi-private places for Martin and Josie to practice and Kate and I could perhaps have a fuck in mid-stream while Martin keeps us from crashing into other punts!”

He looked at the other three. There was no need to for them to say a word. All three pairs of eyes were shining with excitement and anticipation!

“Right,” Harry continued. “We’ll meet outside. Josie, take Martin to the ‘Ladies’ and remove his underpants. Kate, come with me to the ‘Gents’. I want to piss!”

The short walk from the pub to the boat and punt station was in hot sunshine. The four friends laughed and giggled as they speculated how they might go about achieving their goal, an open-air fuck.

“Let’s just wait and see what the situation is,” said Harry. “Here we are! Look, there’s no queue for a four person punt.”

They paid and were allocated to a punt. The attendant asked if anyone had any experience of operating such a craft and Harry said that he’d been out in a two-person punt.

“You should be all right mate but just remember that this one is much heavier than the two person, even though you can put three at a pinch in the smaller one. Take it easy now and have a good trip!”

The attendant took great care and especially gave Josie and Kate every attention, especially to their magnificent chests.

He pushed the punt out into the stream. “Take care now, y’hear! Have a good trip. Be back before four fifteen.”

Harry took charge of the punt and manoeuvred into mid-stream. He turned up river.

“It’s better to get the hard work over first,” he said to Martin as he gave him the benefit of the little knowledge that he had. “If we have to come back in a hurry it’s best to be going with the current.”

The girls reclined on the front cushions, facing the boys at the rear. They soon cleared the more crowded boat basin and saw that the only other people around were the strollers on the riverbanks.

Kate and Josie were giggling together and glancing at the boys as they worked at the stern. Then they reclined quietly.

Harry and Martin didn’t notice that the prow had gone quiet for a moment or two. Then Martin turned to look at them and almost fell overboard!

Kate had lifted her little pink top to her neck and Josie had shifted her halter straps so that they framed her tits. Four naked breasts and as Martin tried to attract Harry’s attention Kate leant over and began to suckle one of Josie’s big hard nipples.

Now Harry turned and saw the view. He grinned with happiness as now Josie hefted one of Kate’s big tits and squeezed.

“Go on Mart. Go and have a suck on Kate’s teats.”

Harry looked around. No one on the banks seemed to have noticed any thing untoward. He watched as Martin pitched forward between two pairs of tits. Martin was ‘like a pig in muck’ as he nosed into the mammary area and fastened his lips on to one of Kate’s jugs.

The girls became intent on smothering Martin with tit. Harry eased his erection. He pulled down his zip although he left his cock concealed. He noticed two young girls, about ten years old, looking interestedly over from the right bank. They didn’t seem to have parents with them so Harry waved to them and they waved back.

Josie had by now got Martin’s cock out in to the open and was wanking him firmly. He was still sucking on Kate’s nipples. Both her breasts looked very wet. Josie leaned in and soon Martin’s cock was also very wet as she sucked hard on him.

Suddenly Josie said clearly to Kate. “He’s ready Kate!”

Kate rolled over and impaled herself on Martins cock, burying his head between her wet tits. Josie laid on her back beside them, tits still in full view. She grinned up at Harry on the punt pole and lifted up her skirt to reveal her naked pussy. She opened up her crack and Harry saw it fill with her juice. She began to finger herself.

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