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Heather!Part 1This narrative is a letter from a close friend who asked me to publish it for her. I cannot authenticate the story but I have never known her to deliberately give me false information. I shall call her Debra for the purpose of identification. She is 39 yrs old and has a daughter of 17, Lena who is studying at a college near to the family home.A few days ago, Lena went away with another girl on her course, Francine Renshawe, to study their subject within the industry. She asked me to pick her up on the Friday evening about 4.00pm from this Francine’s home. I had the address and had telephoned Mrs. Renshawe to ask her directions which were freely given. I explained to Mrs. Renshawe that I would wait in my car by her drive, as I knew that on Fridays the menfolk usually finished in the office quite early. My husband was usually home by 4.30 on Friday, but this particular weekend he had to attend some symposium or suchlike.Mrs. Renshawe would not hear of it and told me just to continue on up their drive. Apparently there was no Mr. Renshawe, well not in residence anyway!I arrived earlier than I expected, parked the car in the drive and rang the doorbell. There was no answer so after trying again I wondered, as it was such a glorious day and me being early, if Mrs. Renshawe was perhaps in the garden. I walked around the side of the house and found myself looking at quite a large garden. I heard a woman’s voice, “No you are a naughty boy and mummy is cross, mummy has a guest coming and you must behave.” I walked across the grass, there being no discernable path, towards the area from which I thought the voice came thinking that perhaps Francine had a much younger brother.There was a woman about my own age sitting on a lounger with her back to me, I was about to speak when I saw that it was not a c***d to whom she was speaking but a dog. I was surprised that the dog had neither heard nor sensed my approach but I realised that there was a slight breeze blowing towards me, the reason I had heard the voice so clearly and part of the reason the dog had not sensed me. I literally stopped in my tracks. It was a male dog and his maleness was very evident. A very large red cock was protruding from his furry sheath and what held me back was the fact that a female hand was gently massaging it. I was not sure if I was appalled but I was mesmerized. I know that I should have turned away or made my presence known. “You be a good boy,” she said, “and mummy will give you a present but you are to stay out here until you can behave.”What I had seen of the woman, her back view, had led me to believe that she was dressed but in fact she was only wearing a blouse. As she stood I could see that she was naked from the waist down. Still facing away from me I watched her spread her legs and bend at the knees. Immediately the dog put his head between her legs and it was obvious that he was licking her cunt. I felt myself immediately moisten; I knew my panties were already damp. I knew that I was fortunate to be standing on grass so I retraced my steps to the front of the house. I sat in the car for a few minutes to compose myself and then noticing that it was almost 4.00pm got out and rang the bell.The door opened and there she was dressed in a light wrap around skirt and the same blouse she had been wearing in the garden. One glance told me that she was braless.Taller than me she was an elegant woman; a light makeup highlighted her natural features.”Hello, You must be Lena’s mother, please come in. I believe you are Debra, and you must call me Heather. Come in and sit down. I am afraid the girls are lordbahis güvenilirmi going to be a little later than planned. The Managing Director has taken them out for the afternoon as apparently both girls have done very well, it was a surprise and Francine suggested to Lena that she let you arrive here at 4.00 as apparently your husband is away for the weekend and I am alone in any case.”I was rather surprised at the assumption made by this woman’s daughter and indeed Lena that I might need company but there was no point in driving home just to return in a couple of hours.I realised that Heather was asking me a question.She smiled and repeated, “Can I get you a drink, Gin and Tonic, Vodka, anything and by the way Lena said if you did have a couple of drinks not to worry she would drive home as the outing was not a drinking session with this MD”I had to smile and asked for a gin and tonic with plenty of ice. Heather opened a drinks cabinet for the gin and I was quite surprised to see that the matching cupboard below was in fact a refrigerator for the ice and the tonics. As she bent over I found myself wondering if she had put on panties as well as the skirt. My unasked question was answered immediately. Heather closed the door of the fridge with her hip at the same time turning towards me to ask if she had given sufficient ice. Her skirt was caught in the door and was no longer wrapped around. I found myself staring at an obviously aroused cunt devoid of hair. The lips were engorged and even across the room I could see them glisten.Heather pulled her skirt free and glanced at me giving me a half smile. She was aware that I had seen her condition. After adding tonic at my direction she sashied across the room allowing the now disarranged skirt to open as far as mid thigh with each step. As she paused to hand me the glass she stood much closer than was strictly necessary and I detected the faint but unmistakable smell of an aroused woman. Without conscious effort my nipples reacted to the smell and hardened and even though I was wearing a bra. My nipples which, as you dear Alexis already know, are rather large, they became very obvious indeed I hadn’t had sex for some time, Edward always being busy and I found myself reacting, not only to this sensuous woman, but also to what I had seen earlier. I was by now quite wet and knew that I too was very aroused.Heather asked if she could freshen my drink, I nodded ‘yes’ and as she moved to fetch my glass her skirt, which she must have deliberately loosened still further, opened as far as her crotch and I was seeing her cunt as she walked.When she returned my glass I asked if I could use her loo’. Instead of directing me she told me that she would show me. She indicated a door just off the hall, a downstairs cloakroom. As she stood in the hall I deliberately left the door open as I lifted my skirt, lowered my panties, and sitting with my legs wide open, I had a pee.”Oh wow Debra, I think I need to take a pee too.” she said, and loosened the skirt allowing it to fall to the floor and then unfastened her blouse and allowed that to fall too. She was naked except for her shoes.I didn’t speak, but continued to sit with my legs open wide; I too unfastened my blouse and my bra. I then unfastened my skirt. Standing to let it slip to the floor, I slipped my panties off too and pushed the four items into the hall. I had not felt so horny and reckless for years. I felt myself prepared to do anything this sexual woman wanted to do. I noticed that the floor was tiled; in fact the cloakroom sported a shower. Heather came lordbahis yeni giriş and stood right in front of me. I put out my hand and cupped her cunt pushing two fingers into her very wet channel”Debra, I really need to pee, if you don’t stop I may find myself peeing onto your hand.””Then pee” I said and immediately felt first a trickle of warm liquid then a gush as she emptied her bladder. She leaned forward and kissed me her tongue probing my mouth as I fingered her spread cunt; I felt her fingers seek out my swollen clit.”God Debra, you are so horny, what has done this to you? The sight of my cunt when my skirt caught in the door?” she asked.”Partly”, I nodded, “but principally it was the sight of you wanking your dog and then have him lick your cunt.””Oh you saw, why didn’t you join us? I would not have minded and I think Bruno would have loved it. Do you fancy having him lick your cunt?” “Oh yes I think so” I retorted, “I have never tried it but the sight was exciting. I think I would love to wank him off too.”Hmm” Heather hugged me,” that might be arranged, but why do we two not enjoy each other first, I should love to make you ‘cum’ and believe me darling I could do with a good ‘cum’ too. I want to lick that delicious cunt of yours myself before I let Bruno, after all you may be so excited you will want that dog of mine to put that big cock of his up your cunt and fuck you.””Oooh” I said aghast,” You mean he fucks you, oh gawd heather I think I would have ‘cum’ on your lawn if I had seen him fucking you.””All things ‘cum’ to she who waits” she said, “or something like that, Bruno is quite capable of fucking us both.”Then I remembered that Lena and Francine would be due home in a hour or so.”Heather, What about the girls?” I asked, “They will be back soon.””Oh, he will be ready to fuck them too by that time.” she replied, and then she laughed as if at her own joke.I wondered though if she was joking!!! I wondered how I would react if I saw my own daughter getting fucked. Sad to say the thought excited me but it was the fucking not the idea of the dog…I thought!Part 2…Heather took me by the hand leading me out of the cloakroom where we each had enjoyed a golden shower. I was expecting her to take me back to her lounge but she stopped at another door. She crossed the hall and removed a key from the back of a desk drawer, then returning she unlocked the door to a room and ushered me in. We had to descend four or five steps, there being just enough light from the hall for us to see by and then she flicked a switch at the bottom of the stairs. Hidden lighting illuminated the room and what a room. There were photographs and drawings on the wall and even at a distance I could see several if not all were erotic. The floor covered in a deep red pile carpet and two low long couches were in black. In the centre of the room was what looked like a long narrow table but it was padded and it stood on a square of thick polythene. I noted that the table was much higher at one end and pillowed at the other. My eyes strayed to a strange contraption to find in a house. It looked like a mediaeval pillory but it was padded and oddly enough the yoke was supported from the ceiling. Silk like cords were hanging from the wrist holes in the ends of the yoke and immediately below was a wooden board also with silken ties but it was obvious to me that should anyone be fastened to the foot ties there legs would be very much astride.I asked Heather why she had this ‘pillory’ although I fancied that I knew the answer. She told me not to bother about it, as really it was an lordbahis giriş aid to friends of hers. The table like contraption was the object she wanted to show me and perhaps demonstrate she said.She seated me on one of the black couches and then poured me, without asking, another gin and tonic from a similar cabinet to the one in her lounge. The lower half again providing the ice.”Well, Debra, I don’t have a skirt on this time to catch on the door and show my all.” She said laughing and indeed she didn’t but still the naughty madam crouched with her knees apart giving me a clear look at her still engorged labia and clitoris.Handing me the large drink she pointed at the table. “This darling is where my naughty boy Bruno satisfies me.””You kneel on that table?” I asked a little mystified.”Oh no, doing it ‘doggie fashion’ is ok but I can assure my way the clitoris is exercised as well. I lie on my back with my head well supported and as you see at the opposite end to the padded pillow the table is somewhat higher. This allows me to present my mound at quite a suitable height for, first of all Bruno to excite me with his tongue and then to mount me. It places my cunt at the correct angle to take Bruno’s dick and later my dear if you like I shall show you.”I noticed what looked like very small mitten to one side of the table and when I asked what they were Heather told me that Bruno’s forepaws had to be covered otherwise she, heather would get scratched as the dog fucked her.”There is no slowing down you know, once he is in he just fucks and fucks and fucks at speed until he cums and when he cums he comes gallons which is why I have the sheet on the floor.””Oh yes Heather, the very thought is making me horny, I should love to watch.” I said.I eyed the ‘pillory’ again and Heather walked over to me. “Hmm that contraption has your attention too, I can see. Well, Debra, as I told you I wanted to sample you for myself before we had Bruno in, so come on. I will demonstrate and please, don’t worry you will not be hurt I promise. I am not into pain.”With that she took my hand and led me over to the pillory. She lowered the yoke a little and invited me to put my head in, which I did. Then she fastened my wrists with the silk cord to the ends of the yoke and then instructed me to place my feet in the restraints on the floor.It was only after she had fastened me into the pillory that I realised that the yoke and the base were offset to the extent that my head and arms were forced back, not too much to be painful, but enough to lift my breasts and at the same time throw my mound forward. My ankles being fastened with my legs astride opened me very wide indeed.Heather then picked up what I took to be a whip. “Oh God no NO Heather you can’t you promised not to hurt me, please Heather PLEASE”Taking no notice of my pleas she flicked at my nipples which under the lash hardened and lengthened. I suddenly realised that I was being lashed with the gentle strokes of a silken whip. She changed direction of the strokes and was attacking my clitoris. My pleas for release from the pillory changed to pleas for her to make me ‘cum’ the feeling was indescribable. I wanted desperately to ‘cum’ and was then pleading for her to tongue me to orgasm. Instead she walked behind the couch on which I had been sitting and opened a small door I had not seen. Then she came back to me and deliberately placed two or three fingers in my cunt. She then held it to my nose and I inhaled the musky smell of my own loins. It was at that moment that I noticed that Bruno had entered the room. Heather held out her hand to him. The hand that had been between my legs. I saw him sniff it and lick it. He looked around the room as if searching for something and then he bounded over to me. Before I realised what was happening his tongue shot out between my legs and the hot rough wetness almost made me cum, I groaned with pleasure…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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