Mar 31

Heather’s Bucket List Ch. 04

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Heather was on a sexual high that kept her body constantly revving. Throughout the chilly, Chicago autumn and winter, she continued to meet with Don almost weekly. Many times fulfilling her every fantasy…

At Halloween she had dressed up in a very slutty nurse outfit complete with white thigh highs that ended just below the white skirt. She convinced her friends to trick or treated at Don’s door. She enjoyed seeing his eyes (and something else!) bulge and his wife’s disapproving eyes. Soon after, he had sent her a text message telling her how hot she looked. Their next meeting involved a doctor/nurse role play. She had a question about giving a physical.

“Why don’t I show you how?” The kind doctor offered.

The nurse smiled gratefully. “Thanks… I’m still new at this.”

The doctor moved her over to the table and sat her down. “The important thing is to make the patient feel comfortable.”


His hands moved up and down her arms. “You have to watch their reactions.” His hands moved to her legs and rubbed her thighs; automatically, she opened them slightly. “You pay attention to body language to see what they like.” His hand moved up her inner thigh, just below the hem of her skirt.

Nurse Becker smiled. “Doctor, what if someone comes in?”

His hands moved up her legs, bunching up her skirt and revealing her bare thighs. “Shh… just relax. This is a private room.”

Opening the front of her uniform, he listened to her heart while his fingers twisted and tweaked her nipples. He gently pushed her back and checked her breasts. Cupping each one, his finger moved around manipulating each one til he finished at the nipples.

“Hmm… you have an elevated heart rate. Now let’s check your temperature.”

His finger moved into her pussy.

“You seem a bit warm.” His finger moved in and out of her slowly. He grinned at her. “Check that. You feel just right.”

Don undid his green pants with his other hand and then rubbed his cock all over her white stockings. He slowly worked his way up one leg and then the other as he continued to finger her. Heather panted with desire and was wet, wild, and wanting. He pulled her to the edge of the table and pushed in. It wasn’t long before they both came.

But this time, Heather wasn’t ready to stop playing.

She took the initiative and rolled him over on his back. Gently, she moved her hips back and forth being careful not to let his softening cock out of her pussy. She kissed him. Nibbled on his neck. Licked his nipples. All the while, she continued her gyrations.

Slowly, she felt him harden. And with it, she began to move up and down. Slowly, she enjoyed the entirety of his shaft before slamming down. Over and over, she repeated this motion… up slow, down fast. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her hips so he could dictate the pace. She loved the look for pure lust on his face as he fucked her until he came again.

The week before Thanksgiving, Heather snuck Don into her family’s condo. Giggling, she led him to her parents’ bedroom, sat him down on the bed and began to give him a slow, wet bj. She took her time, going carefully up and down each side of his shaft with her tongue… exploring every vein and curve.

Then ataşehir escort she moved down and took one ball and the other in her mouth. Each one rolling around with her tongue and then tugging it gently before releasing it with a soft pop. The taboo nature of where she was giving him head made her really wet.

By the time she dragged him into her own room, she wanted… no, she needed to get fucked hard! Heather grabbed the white railings of her day bed and wiggled her butt. He slapped her ass and she shivered in pain/pleasure. He easily entered her, going all the way up to the hilt.

“Yes!” She pressed her face against the cool railing as he slapped her ass in time with his thrusts.

Each thrust pushed her a little higher towards an orgasm. Each stroke, Don hesitated before ramming back into her. Each stroke seemed to be longer, feeling every inch of his beautiful cock.

Suddenly, his withdrew completely.

She barely had time to turn her head in confusion when he grabbed her hips and flipped her over. She bounced on the bed and he grabbed each leg. Pulling them apart, he mercilessly rammed into her.

“Oh!” She exclaimed in surprise and pleasure.

“You like that…” Don whispered as he continued his thrusts.

“Yes… yess… more!” She grabbed at his shoulders.

“No.” Don grabbed her hands. “I want you to rub yourself as we fuck.”

Heather meekly nodded and her right hand snaked down her body. She found the nub of her clit and began to rub. Each thrust, pressed his pelvic bone against her hand, sending sparks of ecstasy through her.

She looked about her room as he put her legs on his shoulders and continued to pound into her. She remembered her first kiss was on this bed. Her first erotic dream was on this bed. The first time she touched herself…

Her hand was flying back and forth now. So close… so close… and then Heather came! She bit her left fist as she muffled her scream of pleasure.

Don must have felt her pussy squeeze because he gasped and pushed into her one last time before she felt him cum inside of her.

In January, the blizzard of 2011 made Lake Shore Drive a veritable moonscape. Vehicles were abandoned on the road, snow drifts piled high, and the lake disappeared into the gray sky. The day after, she ran into Don in the lobby.

“You aren’t going out in that are you?” He asked surprised.

Heather laughed. “Just up the street to pick up a few groceries.” She eyed his heavy jacket. “You are going out there too?”

“Well, I thought I’d walk over to Lake Shore Drive.” He grinned sheepishly. “I figure how many times does one have the opportunity to see it like that?”

“Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all my lady.” He offered her his arm and they walked out to the winter wonderland. There was no good way to get to the road itself so instead they wandered around, walking in the tracks of stranded motorists until they reached a snow hill high enough to look over the scene. There were still cars and trucks abandoned on the highway, but a couple of the lanes had been cleared though there was still no traffic besides the occasional snowplow.

Don stood surveying the amazing visage. Heather quietly gathered an armful of snow and pushed it kadıköy escort bayan down his neck.

“Why you!” Don turned around and reached for her.

Heather dodged away, laughing. She tried to run, but the snow was just too deep. She fell and felt his body land on top of her.

“Naughty, naughty girl.” He held a huge snowball over her face.

“No!” She shrieked.

“Why not?”

“I’ll make it up to you.” She smirked.

“When?” He asked, slowly lowering the snowball.

Heather winked. “Right now.”

She tried to unzip his pants with mittened hands.

“Argh!” She took the mittens off and unzipped him.

“What?” Don started to reach down to stop her, but her hand was already fishing out his cock. “Oh… that’s cold!”

“I can help with that.” Heather leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth. She felt it swell as she pulled him closer. She brought up a hand to massage the base of his shaft as she sucked him to full erection. She looked up at him. “Keep watch!”

Heather barely contained a smile as she got back to work. His warm manhood sliding back and forth between her lips. She saw him glance around before looking back down at her with a huge grin on his face. Snow drifts obscured the streets, but she could hear people talking across the street, probably no more than twenty or thirty feet away. A delicious thrill ran through her.

Don grabbed her head and started to pump furiously. She opened her mouth wide and let him dictate the pace.

“I’m close…” He fucked her face faster… deeper.

“Close…” So deeper she struggled not to gag as the cockhead banged against the back of her throat.


Warm cum flooded her mouth. Eagerly, Heather swallowed, making sure nothing escaped. With a swirl of the tongue, she gave it a final kiss and he tucked his penis back in his pants.

This winter had fulfilled Heather’s erotic ideas. But it was also taking over her life. Her grades slipped as she day dreamed about what Don had done or could be planning next. A simple bus ride now made her press down against the seat to better feel the vibrations. She had even returned to the coffee shop a few times hoping to tease that young man again. She had to change the batteries in her toy twice and almost got caught using it by her parents.

She woke up that Saturday fully charged when she got Don’s text.

“Can’t meet. Wife staying home.”

Bitter disappointment filled her. She was about to text back, but held off. What good would it do? Then she remembered overhearing Don’s wife in the elevator… what was her name? Nancy! That was it. Nancy was talking to another neighbor about how they were going to be starting a family. And the neighbor winked and talked about how much fun that can be. Nancy actually blushed!

I bet they’re fucking right now, she thought.

Unconsciously, Heather’s hand moved down between her legs. She had to admit Nancy was attractive… she had the curve of hips and boobs that came with the ripening of womanhood. Something that Heather’s own body still hadn’t gotten the message about. She was still skinny to Nancy’s curves. An image of Nancy on all fours, doggy style flashed through her mind. Her finger rolled over her clit. escort maltepe She could feel the warmth begin to ignite and reached over under her bed to grab her toy.

She set the vibrate to low and began to think about Don and Nancy fucking… in the bed? On the desk? Against the windows? Heather’s pleasure began to build as a plan formed in the back of her mind.

“I want to watch you and your wife have sex.”

Don’s stunned face was priceless!

Heather was on her knees, her lips teasing up and down Don’s cock. She figured this would be the best time to spring her little surprise on him.

“H – H – Heather, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She smiled and took him deep into her mouth. Once. Twice. Three times. She let it pop out of her mouth. “You sure about that?” Her tongue extended out to twirl around the head. “I’d really appreciate it.”

Don shook his head. “Nancy would never go for it…”

“Silly…” She lifted up his cock to lick the underside from the balls up to the tip. “I figured I could hide in the closet or something.”

Indecision warred across his face. “It’d be too risky.”

Heather opened her mouth and took him deep once again. She worked silently on his cock until she felt his balls begin to tighten. She stopped and looked up at him.

“Haven’t I been good about keeping our fun a secret?” As he nodded, she began stroking him. “I don’t want to ruin a great thing for both of us.” Her hand moved faster up and down his shaft. “I just would really like to see the two of you in action.” She stopped. “Any chance you’ll change your mind?”

Don groaned in frustration, his hips thrust forward, but she released him completely.

“Well…?” Heather looked up at him and smiled impishly.

“Hmmm…” Don reached for his cock, but Heather batted his hands away and began to play with his balls. “I suppose we could come up with something, but I want two things from you first.” At her questioning look, he continued. “We’ve been doing your fantasies… which have been amazing. But I have a few ideas of my own first and then I’ll let you watch me and my wife.”

Heather smiled and gave his shaft a long lick. “I suppose that’s fair.” She let the head slide between her lips before pulling back. “Two for you and then I get to watch… live. No recordings or anything like that.”

Don looked surprised, but nodded. “Agreed.” He grabbed her hair in both hands and began thrusts in and out of her mouth. “Now I really need to bust in your mouth.”

Heather moaned agreement. She let his cock to plunge deeper and deeper into her throat. She grabbed his ass for support as his cock began knocking against the back of her throat.

The nineteen year-old had only the swelling of his cock as warning before her mouth filled with warm cum. Eagerly, she swallowed it down. It was amazing how quickly she came to love his taste. She sucked his head one last time, letting her tongue massage his slit to make sure she got everything before letting his softening cock out of her mouth.

She stood up and straightened her clothes. “Now what is your first fantasy?”

Don smiled at her and stroked her hair tenderly. “The first is typical guy fantasy. I want to be with two girls. I don’t suppose you know anyone…”

Heather smiled up at him. “I think I might have someone in mind. I don’t think we’d be able to do it for a week or so.”

Don’s smiled grew so wide, it threatened to split his face. “I suppose I can wait!”

Heather squealed as he pinched her ass.

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