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Heating mechanic

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Heating mechanicOften I have the same fantasy when I have something delivered, when a repair has to be done in my apartment or when I order a pizza. He (always a he) comes in, does what he has to do, I offer him something to drink and then I sit on my knees in no time between his legs. His (always very big cock) deep down my throat. This time no different. I had made an appointment for an annual service on my boiler. ‘It will be the last address on Friday afternoon, says the friendly lady of the installation company. ‘Our mechanic will be with you this Friday at around 16.00 hr. I can live with that, I thought. I always make appointments for the first job of the day or the last. I do not feel like waiting for hours if the schedule doesn’t go as expected. After the appointment, my fantasy started to hit me again.On Friday I work half a day. I get through the afternoon with a newspaper and a pot of tea. I dream away with a mechanic. The doorbell roughly gets me out of my fantasy. I am already at an advanced stage with the dreamed technician. I displace the thought that it will really happen. Usually they are straight men who would never be at the top of my list. Through the intercom I ask, as if I don’t already know, who there is. After all, I just had his huge dick in my mouth. ‘I am to check your boiler,’ I hear with a genuine Antillean accent. I tell him I am on the third floor, the very last apartment. Moments later my front doorbell rings. I peek through the spy. Bingo. My imagination stands in front of my door. A big black man in a blue overall. I open my front door with a hospitable gesture. He holds out a big hand with a smile. ‘Lisandro, I am here to check your boiler. If nothing is wrong, I will be gone again within half an hour’. I show him the heating room and retire to the living room. Upon arrival, I also checked him from top to bottom. I have never had a mechanic or delivery person of the caliber of Lisandro. Friendly, personable and sarıyer escort fully answering my fantasies. But his wide plunger gives nothing away from what I have seen in my dream.After half an hour he calls from the corridor that he is almost ready. ‘Just refill.’ I walk to him and ask if he wants something to drink. ‘Tea, coffee, something else, with or without alcohol,’ I do not offer him without ulterior motives. ‘Because you are my last job, I want something with alcohol. A glass of white wine? ”Lisandro looks at me questioningly. ‘A white wine will be fine. Certain g**** varieties or regions in mind, ‘ I add, trying to be funny. ‘Pinot Grigio is great.’ White wine already surprised me for a mechanic, but with his preference even more. My prejudices about heating mechanics are being lied to on the spot by this beautiful god.A minute later he enters the room. He stands hesitantly in the doorway. ‘Come in,’ invitingly beating on the seat next to me. I give him his glass and toast on the preservation of the boiler. ‘Nothing wrong with that, it can last for years.’ He insures me. ‘You have beautiful books on the table there. May I?’. He takes a thick photo book from Robert Mapplethorpe. I have a nice collection of albums from world-famous photographers, Mapplethorpe is pretty outspoken. ‘I know his photos, but I have never seen this book. I also photograph in my spare time. I often go to exhibitions and galleries,’ he says without taking his eyes off the photo album. This comment also surprises me. In the meantime, Lisandro skillfully pushes aside all my prejudices about mechanics. He admires photos, criticizes others and says with his uncompromising smile that he will never reach this level. ‘Keep going,’ I assure him. ‘But to really judge that, you should show me some of your work sometime.’In the meantime, he has arrived dangerously close to the middle section of the photo esenyurt escort album. Mapplethorpe has become famous for its nude photos of men with huge cocks. But also with photos of sadomasochistic scenes. ‘Woow, this is intense. Do you like this sir,’ while he looks at me. ‘Uhh, no,’ I stammer and then add a lie that I mainly admire the photographer for their style and compositions. ‘And stop calling me Sir. My name is Ron. Lisandro closes the book and puts it on the table. He looks at me again. A new smile appears on his face. ‘Okay Ron, what dó you like? Meanwhile, he rubs me down my leg. I can see in his overall that Mapplethorpe could certainly have used him as a model. The bulge at the height of his cross leaves nothing to be imagined. ‘I think you enjoy the men photos more. Not the subject, but the style and the compositions, I suppose,’ Lisandro whispers, opening his overall. He pulls his work clothes over his shoulders. The pile of fabric lies on its ankles in a smooth motion. His tight white shorts do not hide anything. His dick lies to the right and is big and fat. I crawl on my knees and pull the elastic forward without hesitation. The smell of a days fresh sweat comes to me. Lisandro falls on his back and I take his cock in my mouth. He must be horny for a while. I lick the bitter-sweat precum of his purple glans. I squeeze my arm and it hurts. I am awake, I am not dreaming, I am not fantasizing. When I look up, I see closed eyes. I lick down his fat dick; 8 inches? His balls are at least as big as plums. I suck them in one by one. But my journey is not over yet. While I take his cock in my mouth again I take off his sneakers. With a smooth movement I roll his overalls and shorts over his feet. Lisandro is lying completely naked in front of me on the couch. Again I lick myself down his well shaped body. With only one goal. With my hands in his knees, I push his legs up. My tongue slides between avrupa yakası escort his buttock. As I push his legs further apart, my destination reveals itself. I take a deep breath and dive in. My tongue finds his opening. I curl my tongue like I am going to whistle and put the tip in his ass. ‘Deeper Ron, please deeper,’ he moans. He pulls his knees further back. Without stopping rimming, I unbutton my pants and free my hard cock.Lisandro drops his legs beside me. He looks at me, leans forward and kisses me passionate. In the meantime, his hand slides down my stomach. He grabs my dick falls to his knees and takes it in his mouth. All the way down his throat in one smooth motion. He moves his head up and down. Completely out and immediately back in his throat. I soon feel that I am coming this way soon. With his mouth still around my dick, I get up and let myself fall on the couch. My mechanic gives me a questioning look. However he quickly understands what the intention is as I pull my pants off my ass. I lift my legs and Lisandro does the rest. He pushes my legs far back and plows his tongue through my butt. His firm tongue finds my man cunt. He fucks me with it as if it is a small cock. I have never been so arroused. When I am open and wet, he pulls me towards him. He spits on his cock. He pushes him in. I scream. The stabbing pain only lasts a few seconds. I am quickly used to its size. If he notices that, he pushes his rod all the way in. He fucks me with long strokes. He looks at me deeply and brings his mouth to mine. Our tongues are fighting over who can enter whom. I have not imagined it this horny yet. Lisandro grabs my hips. Goes straight with his upper body and rams his big heavy cock in and out of me. He no longer has eyes for me. He fucks like the world is falling apart. In the meantime, I jerk myself with long strokes. I feel my orgasm close. I can see on his face that he is close also. With a loud shout, he pushes his big black cock deep into me. I feel his dick pulse. There seems to be no end to his cumming. Then I spray my warm sperm far over my chest. Lisandro falls down on me panting. He is still in me. He lifts his sweaty head and looks at me seriously. “Are you all right Sir. It is all about style and composition. Next time I will bring my photos.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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