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Help your WifeGuys, how would you like to receive a letter like this all about your sexy hot wife.Hello you don’t know me but I heard of you, where from I here you ask? Well from your wife actually, she talks about you often. Now how do I know your wife you ask? Well it’s a long story so sit back relax and I’ll tell you how I met your wife and a few more details which you may or may not be pleased to hear. Sorry that’s a really bad way to start off as its set your mind racing but isn’t that what life’s all about, they say imagination is far better than reality, well I’m not sure if I believe that and maybe you won’t when you’ve finished reading this, but I do believe the old saying that people are 85% water and they go stagnant unless you stir them up now and again. I met your wife by accident about six weeks ago she was in her local supermarket doing her routine shopping in her humdrum life, she looked like a lost sole, things to do, everyone counting on her to cook, clean and work as hard as she could, but with no excitement in her life she looked like so many other married woman, safe and secure in the world they have built around them but bored of the same old rat race, same thing week in week out, well I guess that life can be a little boring if you let it get that way, but it doesn’t take too much effort to put it all in apple pie order. I work as a regional sales executive, I’m in your area about three days a week, it just so happens that I was collecting some groceries when I spotted your wife, she wasn’t dressed to impress, in fact she was wearing a skirt, blouse and coat with unimpressive flat shoe when I noticed what a great body those ordinary clothes was hiding, she was wearing black tights and that’s what made me first notice her, all I could think of was “I bet those legs would look great in high heels” as I watched her she dropped a jar of coffee whilst reaching up to one of the higher shelves and it smashed spilling coffee everywhere. Being a gent I was soon by her side and helping her to pick up the pieces of glass from the floor when I cut my hand, she was so apologetic as if it was her fault, but it gave me the time to get her talking and find out a little about her, she really is lovely from a distance I had no idea she was that attractive, but up close she is so sweet, not a penthouse model, but none the less very attractive. The coffee on the floor was soon forgotten as she held a tissue around my bleeding hand, a sales assistant appeared and finished cleaning up the mess whilst I stood and chatted with your wife, it was ironic, having never met each other before here we were talking like old friends about nothing in particular and from a distance you would swear we were holding hands. Finally my hand stopped bleeding and asked her if she would join me for a coffee, she was very hesitant as she had a lot to do and needed to finish her shopping and be on her way, but eventually she agreed and we spent a very pleasant half hour in the secluded coffee shop talking about how she felt in a rut and needed something more in her life. I’m still not sure how I managed it, but she gave me her mobile phone number and I gave her mine, I promised to call her when I was in the area. The following week I’m unpacking my small travel case having just arrived, you see whilst I don’t live in the area I have a friend who owns some luxury furnished apartments and he lets me use one for three nights a week and I make sure he gets a huge discount when he buys from my employer, it’s a great arrangement and saves me a fortune, anyway, I had just arrived when the phone rings, yes it was your wife, for me this is like pennies from heaven, I’ve wanted to call her but didn’t want to seem to pushy and here she is ringing me to see if my cut hand has healed. She agreed to met me after a lot of convincing the following day for lunch in a local, very posh restaurant and she can see for herself how my poor hand is coping with the injury see imposed on me. I managed to move around some of my appointments so I was free for a long lunch and arrived early, your wife arrived right on time and I must say she looked stunning a black dress with black tights or stockings and high heels, the dress fell to just above the knee and for the first time my initial though about her legs was confirmed, they are magnificent. The lunch cost a small fortune but to spend it in her company was worth every penny, she glowed like a woman who was having the time of her life, she eventually said she had to run, I never enquired or ever have, as to why she needs to be home by mid afternoon, maybe to be home for the k**s coming home from school if you have any? or maybe you work shifts I don’t know and don’t really care, but I did manage to persuade her to join me the following week for lunch again and the real trick was getting her to come to the apartment. She was thrilled at the idea, I’m not sure if that was because she was going to get to see me again or that she was going to see the inside of the posh apartments in the expensive end of town. I wonder if during those first few weeks if you noticed anything different in her behaviour, was she her normal self or did she have a spring in her step, did your love life improve, I just wonder if when she was imagining it was my cock she was sucking when at night she’d lovingly sucked your cock, or if she was ever close to calling out my name as you fucked her hard from behind and filled her full of your cum. So again I rearrange my appointment and keep as much of the day free for myself as possible, I give the apartment a quick spring clean and set about getting a lunch suitable for a queen, comprising of the best steak and a desert of strawberries and cream all washed down with some vintage red wine. The seduction scene was set and as if on queue the intercom buzzed and she’s on her way up in the lift to me. She spent the first three quarters of an hour inspecting the apartment, I have to say it is very luxurious and with five huge bedrooms it’s like a palace in the sky. She’s obviously dressed to impress, she was wearing a red wrap around dress with black stockings and red strappy high heels, I must say the minute she walked through the door I got a hard on and I don’t think it subsided for at least ten minutes, its not easy giving a guided tour of the place when your cocks trying to make its way out of your pants, I think she noticed as I saw her peaking at my crotch and she blushed a little, that was until I showed her the master bedroom when she went bright red, you see it has a round bed with a huge flat screen TV on the wall and everything is operated by remote control, from opening and closing the curtains to running the bath and operating the lights. But what made her blush was that I’d left a porn mag by the side of the bed and it showed a photo of a white girl getting fucked by a black guy with a huge cock. I apologised but she just giggled and said not to worry. We ate lunch on the sun terrace and she seemed to enjoy herself immensely, again I’m not sure if it was my company or the fact that it was all being prepared for her and all she had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy herself. Do you ever do anything like this for her, do you spoil her and make her feel special, I bet you don’t do you? She took her time enjoying the food and I must confess to having got another hard on when she seductively slipped the food from her fork between those luscious lips, all I could think of was slipping my cock between her lips and pumping at her face until filled her mouth with my cum. So with the meal finished and nearly two bottles of the good vintage wine drank we end up in the living room for coffee. I sat next to her on the leather sofa and listen to the nylon swish as she crosses her legs repeatedly in a nervous way, she rambles on about nothing in particular as if trying to keep her mind off the inevitable, but she stopped talking in a split second when she feels my hand on her leg, I rub my hand slowly up her stocking covered shin over her knee and to her thigh, she turns her head to me, but before she can say another word I kiss her and that’s all it takes, its as if the flood gates have been opened and she all over me like a woman possessed. In no time we are French kissing and I have the cord to her wrap around dress open and what a delight she is, black lace bra and panty set with suspender belt and as I had hoped, stockings. My hand moved from her thigh and slipped gently into her panties and I cup her soft pubic hair, my fingers snaked downwards and her legs automatically open and give me free access for the first time to those sweet pussy lips. She sucked hard on my tongue as I slipped a finger between her wet pussy lips closely followed by another and then another. With three fingers fucking her hard and fast I was amazed how quickly she reached an orgasm, I don’t know if she’s like it with you, but my god when she cums she gets so wet, its as if she’s on a high that she never wants to stop. I couldn’t resist that moment and in a heart beat I released my hard cock and positioned it between her sweet pussy lips, she looks into my eyes as she felt inch after inch of my cock slip into her until she has all eight inches and my balls met her ass cheeks. Her eyes seem to glaze over and she mumbled through pursed lips,” Fuck me for gods sake I need you so much”. With the excitement of this being first base with a new woman I didn’t take too long before by balls were at boiling point and as luck would have it I erupted the entire contents of my balls into her womb just as she reaches her second orgasm, as always the gentleman, wouldn’t have liked to have blown my tubes without her getting her rocks off too. I lay over her my cock still pulsing inside her from the excitement and we kissed a long slow passionate kiss, I could feel my cock starting to shrink, but she looked like she’s just getting started and wanted more. I pull away from her and slide down her body so that my face is between her stocking clad thighs and her pink wide open pussy was just starting to show signs of releasing some of my cum. In a moment of what I can only describe as madness, I get this huge desire to kiss her sweet cunt and before my brain can tell me not too, I bury my face into her pussy, my lips meet her sweet tasting cunt and the hot salty taste of my own cum. Your wife was screamed in delight and caught hold of the back of my head and pulled me harder into her, for a moment I found it difficult to breath as my nose was squashed by her hard citreous. She rode my face like I was the saddle on a horse and when I slipped a finger into her ass she screamed so load I though she may have been in pain, but how wrong I was, never have I had a woman that can achieve so many orgasms in such a short period of time and what surprised me the most was that her enjoyment was having a renowned effect on me, my cock was getting harder and harder by the second. She finally kaçak iddaa reached the top of her enjoyment and released my head, she lay back and looked exhausted, but I had another surprise for her, my cock was once again rock hard and as she lay with her eyes closed trying to recover I pushed my cock into her wide open pussy really hard and filled her once again to the hilt, her eyes sprang open and her face showed her shock at my renewed assault on her sweet cunt. It took me a long time to pound her pussy until I had built up enough steam to encourage my balls to release another drop of cum and your wife seemed very grateful of this, as she screamed her way to another three orgasms before my balls tensed and I screamed myself to an almost dry climax. “Lick me again” she called and once again my face was between her legs licking the last contents of my balls from her very red pussy lips. When we finally calmed down and I’d made her another coffee we talked, it was wonderful the way she lay back on the sofa drinking her coffee, her stocking covered legs still wide open and her red pussy lips looking at me the whole time. She was grateful for the sex and had really enjoyed the time she had spent with me, but now she was feeling a little ashamed that she had betrayed you, it was hard to try and come to terms with what she was trying to say when this sexy slut of yours was lying back on the sofa, her dress wide open, her sexy legs wide open and her pussy lips wide open from having been rammed fully of my cock. She finished her coffee and finally closed those wonderful legs and tied her wrap dress; she kissed me on the cheek and in a moment was out of the door and on her way. Where she goes and how does she get there I’m not sure, possibly home to you or even to collect the k**s if you have any? In fact the more I think about her the more I realise how little I actually know about her, does she drive, catch a bus or take a taxi I have no idea, she just appears like a dream and makes we wonderfully happy and satisfied, I hope she does the same for you. Well she left in such a rush I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see her again, but I always will be able to recall that wonderful first encounter, not that I have a photographic memory or anything, its just that the apartment has all the latest mod cons and whilst I was making her coffee I switched the surveillance system on and set it in auto record mode, this not only focuses itself but records any movements in any room in the place on DVD, well that night I spent a memorable couple of hours drinking a bottle of wine and slowly wanking off as I watched your wife and me fucking our brains out of the big TV in the master bedroom. She really does look good on film, I’ll have to get this copied for you, you’d be proud of the way she gives herself to me unashamedly. I think the thing I like most about your wife is her legs, I’ve watched the DVD over and over and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of legs in stockings and high heels look as good as hers. The following day I’m out doing my business and I must say with a spring in my step, when my mobile phone rings, it was her, she apologised for running out and needs to see me around lunch time at the apartment, why lunchtime I’m not sure, does she work? Or do you keep her in a manner that she has become accustomed too. Anyway I manage to shift around my appointments and get to the apartment and wait for her. I buzz her in on the intercom and as she walked through the apartment door she bursts into tears. She tells me how much she loves you and would never leave you, but yesterday had been so exciting for her. She had felt like a caged wild a****l and I had helped her fell released from the confines of her cage and feel wicked and alive and wonderful all at the same time. She doesn’t love me she needed me like a d**g that she can’t let go of and that how it’s been ever since. I’d like to say that when I’d dried the tears from her eyes and I kissed her and told her that I would always be their for her that we made love, but we didn’t, we fucked and fucked and fucked until my cock was sore. I was happy that I was going back home the following day as my cock was red raw from having fucked your wife until I couldn’t fuck anymore and my balls were bone dry from having emptied load after load after load into her hot wet sweet pussy. The following week was almost an exact repeat, at lunchtime every day, we’d met at the apartment and fuck each other senseless, it was wonderful, she was getting the excitement she needed and I was getting as much of your wife’s pussy as I could ever want, the only problem was that I was supposed to be working and I was losing clients while I had the time of my life between your wife’s legs but I was still making a good living and was determined to not to miss a single minute of her ass bouncing up and down on my rigid cock. The answer was so easy I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, I rescheduled my lunchtime appointments to the evenings, I took Clients to dinner instead of lunch and got to eat your wife’s pussy every lunchtime and the company bought me dinner every night, things just couldn’t be better. One lunchtime your wife was kneeling in the master bedroom naked with me up behind her feeding my fat cock into her pussy, she was bouncing hard against my cock and her breasts were swinging in rhythm to the pounding of my cock as it split her pussy lips, when she leant on the remote control of the TV. My heart missed a beat as the scene of our first meeting burst into life on the huge wall hung television, she scream as she saw her stocking clad legs held wide open and my cock filling her with cum on the screen. She slowed to a stop, which was very frustrating as I had been close to cuming, she looked behind at me and I could tell that she wasn’t happy that I’d recorded our fucking, she pushed me away from her and I sat on the edge of the bed, she watched the TV for a while longer, it was the scene of me licking her recently filled pussy. Then she asked me, how could I betray her in this way. I didn’t confess that I had every encounter recorded on DVD and the only reason that this one was in the machine that I had watched it in bed the night before and had jacked off watching it before I’d gone to sleep. I explained that it was awful of me, but I had forgot to switch the security system off when I had arrived and that it had been recorded by mistake, but after I had watched it I was so turned on by it that I had jacked off almost every night watching the same scenes over and over again. I explained how I was a big fan of stockings and high heels and that she had only wore them once since our first encounter and that whilst I loved fucking her, I just got an extra kick from her dressing slutty. Well if I must say so myself the jacking off part whilst true was the thing that saved me, she loved the idea of me sitting in bed all alone wanking off as I watched her naked ass on the screen. She crawled across the floor towards me and told me to watch the screen as she took care of me and with that her little hand circled around my fat cock and started to jack me off. Dreams are made of moments like these, your watching a hot porn film as the leading lady jacks you off, but things were about to get a whole lot better as she dipped her head and took the head of my cock in her mouth. In all the times we had fucked this was the first time she has sucked my cock and it was wonderful, her sweet mouth slipped up and down my hard cock and she licked it like it was a lollypop. She asked me if watching her on the screen was turning me on and I answered her by filling her sweet mouth with my cum and like a true pro she swallow the lot. We talked for some time after that and I confessed that I’m no different to any other bloke, you’re probably the same yourself, you love to see a sexy woman in stockings and heels or dressed as a nurse, a maid or a policewoman, I don’t know why, it must be conditioning from all those porn mags we read when were younger. Our fun was over for the day and she had to leave but as she was leaving she kissed me hard on the mouth and told me to get my camera ready, for tomorrow was going to be my treat and with that she off home on her way back to you. My mind was racing all night; I was wondering what tomorrow had in store for me, I watched my growing collection of security DVD’s, my new favourite being the scene of your wife sucking my cock and me filling her mouth with my cum as I watched me fuck her on the screen, wow I must have watched it a hundred times and it still gives me a hard on. I was back at the apartment well before lunch time trying to work out how my new Sony digital camera works, the batteries were charged and I’d bought two spare memory cards, I hoped to god I heard her right when she told me to get my camera ready as I’d j forked out over 500 bucks for this baby. A few test shots and I’d got the hang of it, I deleted them so as not to waste any memory and the intercom buzzed, your wife was a little early, not like her but I’m not complaining. I opened the door and she leans forward and kisses my cheek, she’s wearing a full length overcoat, so it’s difficult to tell what she’s wearing underneath, she sends me off to the bedroom and tells me to strip off. Seconds later I’m alone in the master bedroom, sporting a camera in one hand and a very hard cock in the other. I heard her approaching as her high heels click as she walks across the wooded floor and then I caught sight of her as she peaks around the edge of the doorway, she poked one leg into the room to show off her six inch high heels and her leg which is covered in black nylon, she slowly made her way into the room and my cock grew another inch. She was wearing a black sheer teddy with inbuilt garter belt, the teddy was so sheer I could see her nipples through it, she wanders over to the bed and I see for the first time that she is wearing fully fashioned seamed stockings and the seams run in a perfect straight line down her legs to the Cuban heel and her very high heels. “Well baby, do you want to put that camera of yours to good use”. She was like a professional model and we spent almost two hours with me taking photo after photo of her posing in just about every position, with her tits out, her pussy lips open and best of all she had brought a vibrator with her and I got a load of shots of her teasing her clit and fucking her cute little pussy with her new toy. She told me that she had been to an Anne Summers store that morning and bought the outfit and toy for the days fun and that she had felt really naughty having tried the teddy on in the shop and then put her own clothes in a carrier bag and walked around the shops with her coat concealing her teddy, knowing that at any time a gust of wind would show everyone that she was almost naked beneath her coat. She was kneeling on the edge of the bed and I’d just used up the last of the memory on the second kaçak bahis card having taken close to two hundred and fifty photo’s of your wife either naked or fucking herself with her new toy, when I just couldn’t take it any more and had to release my aching balls. She had the vibrator on maximum speed deep in her cunt and I walked up behind her and started to rub the wet pre-cum covered head of my cock against her tight ass hole, she gently pushed back against me and bit by bit I watched as her asshole opened around the head of my cock until it enveloped my cock head and her tight ass started to slowly bit by bit swallow my cock until she was bouncing back and fro. I don’t know if you have ever fucked your wife’s ass but she was in heaven. She scream and screamed as she came over and over again, all the time humping her ass onto my ridged cock, with the excitement of the photo session and the pleasure your wife was getting from having my cock deep in her ass, I wasn’t able to last long and was soon flooding her ass with my hot cum. Since that day the camera play and ass fucking has become a regular part of our lunchtime sessions, she leaves her sexy outfits here, I suppose that is to stop you finding them and wondering what the hell she’s up to and yes I did say outfits, I have bought her a sexy nurse outfit, a French maids outfit and even a very sex PVC outfit complete with thigh high spike heeled boots, which she loves to wear in bed for me. In addition to the outfits I have bought her a variety of vibrators and dildo’s. She loves the first vibrator she bought herself the most as she likes to hold its head onto her citreous as she says its faster than the others and gives her much better vibrations. For a while she would only play with one toy at a time, then she progressed to using the vibrator on her clit whilst feeding a big black rubber dildo into her pussy and fucking herself. I have some really good security footage of her doing this that’s recorded onto DVD and I must say I have shot my load a number of times watching it over and over again. But the best has to be about two weeks ago, I bought her some anal toys and it was an absolute joy to watch her with the vibrator on her clit, a butt plug up her tight ass hole as she fucked her cute pussy with her favourite black dildo, again I had almost filled the digital camera before I took the dildo off her and replaced the void in her pussy with my rock hard cock. I fucked her for as long as I could before I emptied my balls into her, then I slipped my cock out and replaced the black dildo back into her pussy. I have some really good close up photo’s of that black dildo being rammed into her hot cunt and its covered with my cum, it didn’t take too much of that kind of entertainment before my cock was hard again and ready for more, so I slipped the butt plug from her ass and fucked her ass for all I was worth whilst she carried on fucking her pussy with her dildo. This time it took me a lot longer to cum and she screamed her way through three orgasms before I filled her ass with my cum, it never got the chance to drip from her ass as no sooner did I pull my softening cock from her ass I pushed the butt plug back into her and she carried on for another ten minutes before she climaxed one final time and was two tired and sore to carry on. She’s now got into the habit of tending to my passions and every day when she arrives she lets herself in, yes I’ve given her a key to the apartment and she goes straight to the master bedroom and dresses for my pleasure, sometimes as the nurse, the French maid or the PVC basque boot wearing dominatrix. But no matter what she wears, she always has on either black fully-fashioned seamed stockings or fishnet stockings and I must say she has the most wonderful legs that are displayed to the maximum by the high-heeled shoes that she has collected over the weeks. Lunchtime one day, I was sitting in the apartment in the lounge watching the TV when your wife arrived and instead of rushing straight into the bedroom and changing into her sexy clothes she came up behind me, I could she her reflection behind me in the screen of the TV. I don’t think she was too impressed that I was watching a new porno DVD that I had bought that morning, she asked me why I needed to watch that with all the things we had been up too, I explained that like all men I just can’t get enough when it comes to sex and I enjoy watching porno. She sat next to me and was silent for sometime, the scene on the television was of a young white girl being spit roast by two well hung black studs, the scene finished with the girls face and ass being covered in a downpour of cum as the two black guys shot there loads all over her. Finally she spoke and said that she had often wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a black guy with a very big cock. I never replied, but I unzipped by trousers fished out my very hard cock and pulled her face down to it, I never had to ask her to do anything, she knew exactly what I wanted and as I leaned back and enjoyed the rest of the film of other white girls getting fucked by well hung black guys, she sucked on my cock, but I could tell by the way she held her head she was not only sucking my cock but watching the movie as well. When she got me to boiling point I filled her sweet mouth with cum and she swallowed every drop. I sat her upright, slide off the sofa and in no time had her dress and knickers off and had my face buried between those great legs and licked her pussy as she watched the film in almost silence apart from the occasional moans as she orgasmed. All the time I had my tongue in her cunt and a finger in her ass I was wondering if she would really like to experience the cock of a black guy, setting it up would be easy, my friend who owns the apartment is a really athletic black guy, I wasn’t sure if he had a big cock but if the myths are true then all black guys are supposed to be well hung. I must be honest I don’t believe this myself, I think it’s a myth created by the oppressed blacks back in the days of slavery to try and make the white man believe that at least they have the edge over their white rulers in one department. If it was something that she really wanted then how after everything she had done for me could I not set it up for her. On the other hand I knew she was married when this all started and I knew every night she was in your bed, but to have to watch another man fuck her was something that I was having difficulty coming to terms with, was it jealousy or was I afraid that she would like another mans cock more than mine and spend her afternoons with somebody else. It must seam really strange to you reading this, that the man that has been spending so much time with his cock in your wife is asking you to consider his feelings about sharing your wife. I didn’t work up the courage to ask her until the following day, we where in the master bedroom, she was wearing only her fully fashioned black stockings, a pair of red strappy high heels and a garter belt, and was kneeling across the bed. The same film as the previous day was displayed on the wall hung TV, I was up behind her fucking her for all I was worth when I just came straight out and asked her. She was quiet for a moment whilst what I had said registered, then she quietly agreed, but only if she could meet him first and see if she liked him, she didn’t want to be fucked by anybody that she didn’t find attractive, no matter how big his cock was. I just wonder how that makes you feel, your wife agreeing to fuck yet another guy, does it make you feel sick and want to throw her slut ass out on the street, or have you got a hard on right now as you read about the incredible things that your wife does behind your back. Have you got a hard on, have you been jack off as you read this, I hope so, I’d like to think that after you’ve finished reading this you can’t wait for her to get home and lick her pussy which could by the time she gets to you be full of my cum, do you like the idea of fucking her when her pussy is already full of my cum? That night I asked my friend to met me for dinner, it was my treat, I’d not seen him for a while and it was good to catch up, he asked me if I’d managed to score whilst I was in town and I told him all about your wife, except about wanting to experience a black guy, he was a little shocked at first and I’m not sure that he believed me, that was until I showed him some of the photo’s I’d taken of her in various outfits and some of the more explicit ones of her playing with her pussy and the really good ones of her fucking herself with her big black dildo. He new I was telling the truth when he saw the photo’s as they had all been taken in his apartment and he was a little envious that I was getting this action on his bed. After dinner I showed him some of the DVD’s I had of the numerous sessions with your wife, it was kind of strange showing my friend films of me with my cock in your wife’s mouth, pussy and ass. He was impressed, not by my performance, but he thought your wife had a really hot body and loved the way she acted like a complete slut for me. I invited him for lunch the following day and told him to play it cool, don’t go thinking she’s a slut for everyone just because she’s like it for me. If she wants to play she’ll call the shots and we would both enjoy her, if she’s not up for it, let it go and he can have a copy of the security films to remind him of the one that got away. I phoned in sick that morning, I wanted to make sure the place was nice and clean and that we had a nice civilised lunch which may end in the bedroom depending on how your wife and my friend got on, It still seemed kinda strange setting all this up so I could share your wife with another guy, but hell that’s what she wanted and after everything we’d done together who was I not to give her everything that I could to please her. My friend arrived early and we waited in tense silence for your wife to arrive, made all the worse by the fact that she was about fifteen minutes late. We both jumped when she let herself into the apartment, I made the introductions, them left them to get to know each other whilst I put the finishing touches to lunch, we ate on the balcony, it was a lovely day and your wife seemed very relaxed, my friend always the gentleman never mentioned the photos or the films we had watched, I think if he had she would have not been too impressed and called a halt to the whole thing, we ended up in the lounge having coffee and just as I thought things were going to end up in the bedroom my friend got a call on his mobile and he had to rush off. On our own we chatted a little longer and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in bed, it was a bit of an anticlimax as I was kinda hoping to get a few photos of your wife with my friends black cock in her mouth or deep in her sweet cunt, but it gave us a chance to talk about what she wanted and if she wanted illegal bahis to go through with it at all. She agreed that she did fancy him and was getting kind of wet throughout lunch thinking about having his black face between her legs, in fact she had been a little disappointed that he had to rush off the way he did. I had to go back home the next day so I promised to set something up for the following week, I was back in town Tuesday, but I wanted her all for myself after four days away, but I’d arrange for us all to get together on the Wednesday and see how things developed. I called my friend to set up our meeting and he was overjoyed. Tuesday lunchtime was a delight, your wife was dressed up as a nurse and was wearing my favourite black fully fashioned stocking with her strappy red high heels, I’d wanted to fuck her from the moment she had finished getting changed, but she insisted on teasing me. I had that weekend bought a new digital camcorder and was testing out for the first time, whilst the security footage was good, it never seemed to focus in on a close up of the action, now I was in control I could really get the good stuff on film. She spent about ten minutes teasing me, showing off those magnificent legs and giving me a flash of her pussy, then she undid the top and played with her nipples making the erect and very hard, then she got out her big black dildo and started to lick and suck it, in between sucks she would look at me through the camera and ask me if I was looking forward to watching her tomorrow sucking a real black cock, I must confess the idea did turn me on and my cock seemed to grow another inch. I wonder how you feel about your wife sucking on a black guys cock, does that turn you on a little, would you like to watch her being fucked by some big black stud, have you still got a hard on or have to cum yet? Maybe its neither, maybe you’re sick to the core and have thrown up? Your wife teased me for another half hour asking me if I liked watching her getting fucked by the big black dildo and if this turned me on how was I gonna feel when she had a real black cock filling her with hot cum, she asked me would I want to lick his cum from her soaked pussy the way I had licked my own? God she knows how to turn a guy on. I had to put down the camera and almost tear the dildo from her before I rammed my cock to the hilt up her wet cunt, she bucked and screamed as she came and in no time I was pumping her full of my hot cum. I pulled out and gave her back her dildo, which she slipped back into her cunt and carried on fucking herself through another two orgasms. I filmed her some more as the cum covered black dildo plunged between her sweet pussy lips and we finished of the afternoon session with her sucking my hard cock whilst I told her how I wanted her to perform the next day, all the time she looked into my eyes as she sucked licked and bite my cock until I eventually rewarded her by filling her mouth with my cum. I asked her to arrive early and dress up in the French maids outfit and that I wanted her to wear her black fully fashioned seamed stocking and the red strappy high heels, then she was to walk around the apartment like she was cleaning the place and that’s how the seduction would take place. Wednesday mid morning I was back at the apartment having cleared the rest of my day, your wife arrived early and went straight to the master bedroom and changed, she looked so fucking hot when she had finished dressing that I wanted to fuck her right then, she asked me to check that her seams were straight and as I ran my hand up her thigh and touched her bare pussy she pulled away and told me not to be a naughty boy and save myself for later. Exactly on time my black friend arrived and your wife wandered about the apartment saying a polite hello and pretended to dust the place, as she did she was bending over making sure we both got a good look at her wonderful legs in those high heels and seamed stockings, the dress was so short when she bent right over you could just about see the lips of her pussy. I got my new video camera ready and asked if she would mind tidying the bedroom. We followed her into the master bedroom and I set about filming her as she pretended to make the bed, she was half bending and half kneeling on the bed when my friend came up behind her and ran his hand up the back of her thigh and made straight for her exposed pussy, she stayed still as his black fingers first rubbed her sensitive clit and then he pushed first one then two fingers into her cunt and started to finger fuck her, his free hand reached around her front and started to feel her tits through the satin material of her maids outfit, this was soon pulled down and it was a wonderful sight watching your wife’s nipples rising to the touch of my black friend, the contrast of his blank fingers and her milky white breasts was a wonderful sight which I caught on video. Without a word spoken your wife pulled herself up from the bed turned and they kissed. I was enjoying this but still not sure if I was making a terrible mistake. She broke away from his kiss and her hands found his belt and trousers, which were soon around his knees. As she knelt before him she pulled down his boxers shorts and his fat hardening black cock sprang forward, your wife wrapped her hand around it, turned and smiled at me through the camera and took it between her sweet red lips as she sucked on his black cock it seemed to grow and grow, when it was fully hard it must have been about ten or eleven inches long. She swallowed as much as she could but this monster was two much for her, she sucked on that cock for a good five minutes before she jumped back on the bed opened her legs wide and asked to be fucked. My friend scrabbled to free himself of the rest of his clothes and with no hesitation plunged his cock into your wife’s wet wide open inviting pussy and started fucking her for all he was worth. She can be something of a screamer when she’s in the full flow of orgasm but I had never before been to the side watching, when I’ve got my cock in her I know she’s screaming but I’ve never really taken that much notice before, I’m usually concentrating on making sure she cums and I don’t shoot to soon. So it was a whole new experience to listen to her as she was well and truly fucked by that black monster between her legs. I have to admit by now I was so turned on I just wanted to join in, so I stripped off my clothes but still managed to keep the camera rolling. My chance came when they changed positions and your wife was kneeling on the bed with my friend up behind her pounding his cock into her, I went to the other side of the bed and knelt in front of her, she didn’t need explaining what I wanted and she roughly grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me to her mouth. So here she was with over nineteen inches of cock spit roasting her and she was loving every minute of it. I don’t know if you noticed that she was later home that day than usual but we went on far longer than we usually do. We bother fucked her mouth her pussy and yes even her ass, she did have a little trouble taking my friends big cock in her ass but she was well lubricated as I had already filled her ass with my cum. I came in her three time and I know my friend managed one more than me, so how does it feel knowing that your wife came home to you that day and she had seven loads of cum inside her. Well that’s how its been ever since, I have her to myself every Tuesday and Thursday and she gets us both every Wednesday, I hope your getting some in-between. Well I suppose you’ve realised that its Wednesday today and as your reading this your wife has my cock in her mouth or in her pussy, my friend seems to have taken a shine to her ass as his wife won’t let him fuck her ass, so he spends a lot of our precious time with your wife with his cock deep in her ass, although your wife has never complained, maybe she can’t say too much with my cock in the throat. Yes you’ve guessed it, when she gets home to you she’ll have been well and truly fucked and will be leaking cum from both her ass and her pussy, I suppose you have two choices, one you kick her slut ass out on the street, but you know what that means, she’ll come straight to me and I’ll have her work for me. As she’s so keen on sex she would be a real asset, maybe I could arrange for my customers to meet her, if she fancied them. It could work out really well, she could be the company whore, can you imagine how much business I could get if my customers knew that every time they placed a big order with me, they get to fuck your wife as a bonus. I could even use the video footage of her dressed up fucking herself with her favourite black dildo as her promotional video, I could give it to my special clients when I quote them for a big order. The other alternative is that she stops seeing me and she stays with you, you forgive her and she goes back to that humdrum life that I rescued her from. There is also one other choice which you could also consider, a lot depends on your reaction to this so far, if your sick to the stomach then it’s a non-starter but if your cock is still rock hard and you’ve loved every sordid minute of what your wife’s been getting up to then she could just carry on the way things are, she gets what she wants, we get what we want and your wife gets what she needs, a lot of hard cock on a regular basis, you never know we may even get to meet up and you could do the filming whilst we me and my friend take it in turns fucking every hole of the beautiful wife of yours. If you like the final choice, I’ll give you a little taster of things to come, don’t tell you wife the minute she gets home about this letter, play it cool and look in her handbag, I’ve made of copy of the highlights of all the security footage, my digital camera photo’s and even my own video camera work for you to enjoy on DVD, I’ll slip it into her handbag before she leaves without her knowing. Get her to sit with you and watch it, you may just like her to suck your cock as you watch me and my black friend fucking her on your TV screen, when she’s got you nice and hard, get her to kneel on the floor and you can fuck her from behind as you watch us doing her on the screen, just remember that when your cock slides easily into her that she’s still got a belly full of our cum in her, you may even get to like the taste of licking her well fucked pussy clean like I do. I hope you come to the right decision, it would be a shame to spoil what we’ve got and I’m sure you’ll love to participate either actively or passively. Author’s comments If anyone else somehow ends up reading this, we’d just like to let you know that if you’ve enjoyed reading this and would like us to look after your wife in a similar way, just send us your details along with a recent photo of your wife and I’m sure we’ll somehow manage to squeeze her in our (or was it squeeze it into her) busy schedule, can you imagine the excitement of sitting at home knowing that your wife has my eight inch cock in her mouth and my friends big black cock deep in her cunt and soon she’ll be on her way home to you dripping from every hole with our hot cum.

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