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Helper – Just Tell Her

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Double Penetration

“I’m so bored.”

“Me too.”

“What time is it?”

“Not time to go yet.”

There was a heavy sigh.

“How long?”

“Three hours. Just like it was two minutes ago.”

There was a frustrated growl.

“Oh hush, you can last three hours.”

The woman who was now groaning was draped over the counter of the city’s third-favorite used book store. Her straight brown hair was spread out over the counter like a fraying blanket. Her light hazel eyes that matched her hair where half-shut in a fighting attempt to not fall asleep. Her conversation partner was reading a book behind her, leaning back in her chair. She shook her bangs out of her eyes, and turned a page; blue eyes zigzagging over the page.

“What are you reading Lilly?”

“If you turn your head a bit, you can read the binding for yourself Jess.”

“Or, and I’m just throwing ideas out here, you could tell me the name of whatever vampire-romance novel you’re reading so I can stay in this comfy position!”

Lilly laughed. “Does your sloth know no bounds?” she said with a residual chuckle.

Jess smiled. “No, he’s always getting in my stuff! I tell him to stay out of my room, and he barges in any way!” Lilly was bent over with laughter, and Jess had picked up her head to look at her friend.

“She’s so pretty when she lau- No! Bad train of thought! Stop that!” Jess quickly shook her head to clear her head of those kinds of thoughts. “They aren’t going away as easily anymore.”

Lilly managed to form a sentence through her laughter. “That’s why I keep saying you should move in with me! I keep all my marsupials on the deck.”

Jess laughed, mostly because she thought it was hilarious, but partly to conceal the feeling in her stomach at the idea of living with her best friend.

“If only I could trust myself enough, I would.” Jess mentally sighed with her morose remark, but her practiced façade didn’t flicker.

The bell on the door dinged, and the first customer of the day walked in. The two girls laughed for a couple seconds longer, but tried to suppress their remaining mirth and take on a somewhat business-like manner.

“Hi there!” Lilly, as always, was quicker to reign in her emotions and was able to greet the man who walked in first.

“Hahaha, yea, hi!” Jess energetically followed.

The man smiled kindly. He was wearing a dark green jacket covered in pockets and long jeans. The only thing that kept him from looking like a serial killer was his face. He looked like the poster for The Great Dads Alliance: he had a close-shaved beard, and brown eyes that were as dark as a fine lager. His smile made them both feel a bit calmer; almost reassured that they were ok, even though this wasn’t a bad part of town. They both sat up a little straighter, and Jess ran her hands through her hair in a vain attempt to manage the mass of unruly brown strands.

“Am I interrupting something?” The customer’s smile never left his face as he joked with the giggling girls. He looked them over, and Lily could almost swear he smiled wider when his eyes jumped from Jess to her.

What is that about? She asked herself silently

“Naw, just two bored girls joking around. Can we help you find something?” Jess stood up, and moved to walk around behind the counter.

The customer raised a hand. “No thanks, I should be able to find what I need on my own.” He turned around and started browsing through the various romance books.

“Looking for a specific book?” Lilly asked.

“Not right now.” He almost completely turned to the counter, and said, “If I need any help I’m be sure to ask.”

Jess smiled. “Hey, that’s our line!”

The customer fully turned at this remark. He looked at Jess, then at Lilly, then just shook his head, smiled, and turned back to the shelves. The two girls looked at each other nervously. Lilly subconsciously moved closer to Jess. They weren’t in a bad part of town, true, but upper-middle class people are just as capable of robbing two lone, apparently defenseless girls in a non-traffic heavy part of town. Jess was a black belt in at least one type of martial art: she never said all that she knew because “Ya gotta keep em guessing!” Lilly smiled a small smile at the thought of her friend.

The customer’s cell phone rang, playing a series of atonal beeps, and he answered it.

“Hey there. I just got here. No, not yet, you impatient imp. Yea yea, did you need something? Not particularly, I do have a plan though. In a manner of speaking. No, but I enjoy your company. OK, see you here. You too.”

A few seconds later, the bell above the dinged, and in walked the most beautiful woman that Jess or Lilly had ever seen. She was perfectly formed: her beautiful face lead to her kissable neck that lead to breasts that were bigger than a handful but small enough to handle, and down a waist that didn’t make her seem too thick nor too tin, and down legs that could launch navies, Mersin Escort armies, and the air force. She walked with a confidence that only added to her natural beauty, her every step bringing focus to each of her best features (i.e. all of them) through the course of the simple step.

She turned to the girls and smiled a hello. Jess managed a wave, and Lilly struggled out a squeak. The woman just giggled, and walked… strode… bounced… made her way over to where the man was. Neither woman could accurately describe the method in which she moved herself to one place or another, and neither woman could say that they were looking anywhere other than her perfectly sized ass.

Both girls managed one thought each.

“Her eyes don’t compare to Lilly’s.” thought Jess.

“Jess’ hair is so much better than hers.” thought Lilly.

The man looked over the bookcase at them, like he had heard their thoughts on a loudspeaker. He didn’t say anything, but he smiled a wide smile. The woman grabbed his arm and pressed her body against him. They spoke in hushed tones, so the two girls couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Jess was able to squeak out an “Oh my god.”

“I know! She is gorgeous!” Lilly fiercely whispered to her friend

But she’s not as beautiful as you.

The man’s head shot up above the shelves like it was on a loaded spring. He rubbed his eyes, grabbed a book, and headed to the counter. The woman was still hanging on the man’s arm.

“Just this.”

Jess stood up, and looked at the title of the book.

Just Tell Her

Jess blinked. She could have sworn a woman’s voice had said the title in her head as she read it. She blinked again. Completely on autopilot, she scanned the book and took the man’s money.

“Keep the change.” He smiled, the woman smiled, and they left. Jess put the change in a small jar underneath the register.

Lilly looked at Jess. “Hey, you ok? You look all shaken up.”

Jess shook her head. “Hmm? Oh, yea, I’m ok. I’m gonna go get a glass of water from the back.” She started walking away.

Lilly sat down on the stool, and looked at Jess, her eyes full of concern. “Ok.” The door to the back room closed, and she whispered quietly, and just a bit sadly, “Come back soon.”


Outside the store, the man and woman walked down the street.

“That was an amazing idea!” She bounced up and down, never letting go of the man’s arm. A man walking on the other side of the street passed out.

“Yea, it was one of my more unique ones. But jeez, did you hear them?”

The woman took on an obviously fake pout. “Yea I heard them! If they keep thinking like that I don’t know if I can forgive them!”

The man looked at the woman with a slight smirk. “But you totally will.”

The pout lasted for about the same amount of time as an ice cube does in a microwave. Her face blossomed into a smile. “Yea, I always do.” She squeezed the man’s arm. “Oh, how do you know me so well, Helper?”

The man called Helper smiled. “I think you know the answer to that one Quinn.”

They shared a quick peck on the lips. A woman walking behind them swooned.

They walked in silence for several seconds.

“You do realize that they would have gotten together without your addition, right?”

“Yes, but I’m impatient.”

“Just making sure.”


Inside the break room, Jess leaned on the counter. She was almost visibly shaking. She stared into the sink, desperately trying to ignore the sentence repeating in her head.

Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her

She shook her head, but the voice just took on a new inflection. It sounded like it was trying to convince her.

Just TELL Her! Just Tell Her! Just TELL HER!

The voice was never loud enough to hurt, but it was insistent. She filled a disposable cup with tap water, and hurriedly shot it back. It didn’t appease the voice.

Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Just Tell Her. Oh, Just Tell Her!

Jess took several deep breaths. “I can’t! I don’t want to hurt our friendship!”

Just Tell Her!

“If I do it will destroy the one good thing I have in my life! She’ll never want to talk to me again!”

C’mon, Just Tell Her!

“No! End of discussion, voice in my head!”

Jess slowly drank a second glass of water.


Just Tell Her.

Lilly sighed, and closed her book. “Look you, I know every voice in my head and you are not one of them! Please leave me alone and let me enjoy my book!” Lilly didn’t actually have voices in her head, but she hoped that it would banish the voice that had invaded her thoughts.

Just Tell Her.


Just Tell Her And I Will Go Away.

“I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about voice in my head.”

Just Tell Her.

Lilly shook her head. Her hands started to shiver. “Like they do when she’s… No!”

Oh, Just Tell Escort Mersin Her! The voice sounded a bit frustrated.

“Ha! Am I annoying you with my stubbornness?”

Yes. Just Tell Her.

Lilly smiled. “I can be stubborn all day. Just ask Jess.” Lilly blinked, and her face fell. She recognized how that sounded. It sounded like something a significant other would say.

She could swear that she felt smugness when the voice said You Should Tell Her That.

“Oh shush you!”

You Realize That I Can Talk Non-stop, All Day, Without Breath, Because I Don’t Have Lungs, Right?

Lilly rubbed her temples. “I wish Jess was here.”

Just Tell Her That.

“Then you’ll leave?”


Lilly sighed.


You Really Should Just Tell Her.

“You Really Should Just SHUT UP! I’m Not Telling Lilly Anything!”

What Makes You Assume I Am Referring To Lilly?

Jess held her breath. “I… Because…”

Jess could swear that the voice was smiling. Because?

“You’re in my head, what can YOU find!”

I Can See That The Mental Torture You Inflict On Yourself Hiding These Emotions Is Truly Impressive. I Also Know That You Will Feel Significantly Better If You Say What You Are Hiding.

Jess looked into the mirror, and saw her own face. There were tears in her eyes, on the verge of falling. She was tired of hiding it. Every time she shook her head to clear her thoughts it felt like she was shutting parts of herself off to reality. Every time she repressed her real feelings from herself, a small part of her died. She was tired of it. “Um… Really? You… You think so?” Jess tried to exhale slowly. It came out as a shuddering rush.

Believe Me.

“Said the voice in my head. Right.”

Jess took a deep breath. It came out better, but still shaky.

Jess cleared her throat. “Hiii…III… I loo…”

We have all the time in the world.


You Should Just Tell Her.

“Can you please leave me alone?”

If You Tell Her.

Jess put her head in her hands. “Tell her what? That she’s my best friend? That I’m glad we’ve been friends since as long as I can remember? That I never want her to… leave… my… sight…”

Go on.

“I don’t need to.”

Your Feelings For Her Are Under Such Tight Control They Are Almost Masochistic.


In No Way Is That Contusive For Your Mental Health.

“There are therapists for a reason. And in any case, we are friends and nothing more. She isn’t… like that. And neither am I! It… It would ruin our friendship!”

There Is One Thing I Can Say That Will Dismantle Any Argument You Have, Including The Flimsy Ones You Have Just Presented. They did sound rather weak, even to Lilly.

“Oh Yea? Bring it on, nothing you can say will convince me to tell her anything.”

The voice told Lilly the thoughts that she would not let herself think.

Lilly’s book hit the floor. The bookstore was completely silent except for Lilly’s breathing as she consciously registered what she had just been told. She hugged herself in her chair.


Just tell her that. Both women heard this at the same time.

They felt the voice leave their heads. Jess looked in the mirror and nodded to herself. She wiped the half-fallen tears out from underneath her eyes and took a final drink of water to steady her nerves. Her imagination flared with the picture of what the best case scenario could bring. The worst case scenario never even occurred to her. It was, literally, unthinkable.

Lilly picked up her book and gripped it in confirmation of what she was about to tell her best friend. She smiled as the repressed feeling washed over her again. She wasn’t even really reading the words on the page; they were just black marks on a white space in her field of vision. All of her mental faculties were cycling from the different ways she could tell her to her reactions from those ways.

Jess stepped out of the break room. Lilly looked up at her friend like she was seeing her for the first time. Lilly smiled at her, and blushed a little. Jess smiled back.

“God she’s beautiful” they thought at the same time.

Jess sat down on her stool, and rested her elbows on the counter. She was too distracted by her own thoughts to notice where Lilly’s eyes went. Jess shifted several times, but couldn’t find a comfortable position. She sat up, and turned to face Lilly.

There was silence as they built up their nerves. Jess cleared her throat. Lilly swallowed. There was silence.

Without any warning, the voice came back to both of them for one last piece of friendly advice.


“I’ve never been happy without you!” blurted Lilly.

“I love you!” burst out of Jess’ mouth at the same time.

They stared at each other. Neither woman could even think.

After several seconds of silence, Jess spoke first.

“Um… Do you remember, Mersin Bayan Escort in sixth grade, when we spent the weekend at the beach? When we talked and played games and spent all that time together? And when we went to sleep in that tent, we shared a sleeping bag? That’s…” She swallowed. “That’s when I knew that I never wanted to be with anyone but you.” Jess looked down, blushing red. Lilly smiled. “She’s so cute.”

“I kinda remember that.” Lilly put her hand on Jess’ shoulder before she could say or do anything. “But what I remember more is every time we’ve worked together, or every football game we’ve been to, or all those sleepovers we’ve had.” Lilly sighed. “I remember that those times are the happiest I’ve ever been.” She smiled at Jess.

Jess couldn’t hold back anymore. She moved as quick as her martial arts training would allow; in several quick movements, Jess shot off of her stool, grabbed Lilly behind her neck, and kissed her fiercely on the lips. Lilly gave a short “MEEP!” of surprise, but quickly lost her higher functions as she melted into the kiss. The kiss was relatively calm, but for each second the kiss went on, a measure of the calm was taken away. What started as a gentle kiss eventually turned into a passionate embrace; both women’s hands were taking in the other’s body as fast as they could.

Lilly was the one to pull away from the lip-lock. She rested her forehead on Jess’. Both women were panting.

“How long till we close?” Jess managed to pant out.

“Fuck it. We close now. My place. Now.” Lilly’s eyes were full of barely controlled passion.

“Yes ma’am”

Usually it took half an hour to close the store. Today it took a little over ten minutes. The drive to Lilly’s apartment wasn’t exactly “unsafe”: most NASCAR drivers are very comfortable at those speeds, but they do prefer to be holding both hands on the wheel, not one in their girlfriend’s hand. No cops were ever aware that Lilly was breaking a vast majority of the traffic laws, and no cameras snapped their pictures at Lilly’s car. All of these facts were completely lost on the two soon-to-be-lovers. The feel of their hands in each other’s was only fueling their passion for one another.

They arrived at Lilly’s condo, parking with the utmost care, and calmly walked inside.

Well, the phrases “skidded to a halt” and “ran inside as fast as they could” are closer to reality.

Lilly was the first through the door. Jess wasn’t far behind, but the gap was enough for Lilly to spin around and pin her against the now closed door and resume the kiss that was so rudely interrupted by their journey home. Jess’ arms wrapped around Lilly’s waist as Lilly’s body molded into Jess’. Their second kiss started with a slow, smoldering passion that quickly burned brighter and brighter until Jess’ hands could not stay in one place; they were caressing every part of Lilly that they could reach. Lilly pulled Jess away from the door, grabbed the neckline of Jess’ top, and pulled as hard as she could. The loud ripping did not hamper the lover’s kiss; it only increased in its ferocity. Jess responded in kind, the buttons on Lilly’s shirt making her task easier. Never breaking the kiss and responding to an unseen signal, they each reached behind the other and quickly unsnapped the other’s bra, hurriedly pulling it away from each other, and replacing the lost article of clothing with their bodies. When their nipples first touched, it was almost like they were magnets to each other; they never left contact. Lilly kissed down Jess’ neck, to the gasps and moans of her recipient.

Before Lilly could bite and suck on the two tasty-looking tips, Jess pulled Lilly up to look her in the eyes.

“Bedroom. NOW.”

Jess emphasized her statement by picking Lilly up behind her knees and shoulders, and carrying her into the bedroom.


***The Next Morning***


Jess was slowly brought into consciousness with the most amazing sensation coming from her pussy. She writhed on the bed, both in stretching and enjoying the pleasure radiating from what felt like a tongue, a very familiar tongue, lapping at her lower lips.

“Best wake up eve- Ohhhhh right there!” Jess felt the smile of her pleasurer, and felt the added enthusiasm of the tongue that so quickly learned her sweetest spots. Even though they both caused their shares of climaxes, and she was a little sore from the fun they had, the tongue still felt the kiss of an angel. Given, it was on her pussy, but that just made it all the better.

After Lilly brought on one more orgasm, they lied on their sides, Jess’ arms around Lilly.

“I could not be happier.”

Lilly smiled. “I was thinking the same thing.” Jess held her closer.

They just enjoyed the feel of each other for several minutes.

Lilly shifted around in Jess’ grasp. “I think we need to go get something to eat.”

Jess smirked. “I think that I’ll have-“

“Shush you, I meant real food. Like, going-out-to-eat food.”

Jess’ smile never flickered. “Well, I never knew you were an exhibitionist, but I can go with that.”

Lilly’s laughter only died when she was silenced with a kiss.

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