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Subject: Helping My Step-Son – Chapter 33 Helping My Step-Son Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of us: fty/donate.html Disclaimer: This story is fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is pure coincidence. This story depicts acts of physical intimacy between male adults and adolescents, some of whom are related to one another. If this content is distasteful to you or illegal for you to consume, please stop reading now. Chapter 33 As we drove to the rally, Jeremy couldn’t contain his excitement about seeing the newsman, Luis Montavo, in person again. He squeezed my leg, encouraging me to drive as quickly as possible. I placed my hand on his and brought it to my lips. I kissed his knuckles and said, “You are so amazing, Jer.” My son smiled at me as he pulled my hand to his lips and kissed my knuckles in return. “I’d think you were amazing if you drove a little faster.” I laughed and squeezed his warm hand. If Beth had been that excited about running into the newsman, I would have been hot with jealousy. But with Jeremy, there was no hint of that ugly emotion. I was excited for my son. I looked forward to seeing the huge smile on his face when he saw the man of his jack-off fantasies. And if the handsome man returned Jer’s interest, I would be right there, encouraging them to hook up. And if they asked me to join, I’d gladly accept the invitation. Of course, I had no reason to believe that Luis even liked men. But it was nice to fantasize about sharing my beautiful son with him. My phone buzzed. It was a text from Beth. ‘Are you guys on your way?’ I handed the phone to Jeremy. “Will you answer this for me? Tell her we’re almost there.” As Jeremy texted with his mother, I thougth about how each of us had our own distinct reasons for going to the rally. Beth was going as a form of penance. After the news had broken about the minister’s arrest, she gossiped with several of her friends about the man. When she found out that a corrupt cop might have falsely accused him, she was overcome with guilt. Going to the rally to support the minister was her way of apologizing to the man for all the bad things she had said about him. Jeremy was going for a few reasons. He felt bad for the minster and wanted to support him. When the police arrested the two of them, Officer Pfeiffer gave Jeremy preferential treatment because of their friendship. Jeremy felt guilty about that and had been on a mission to help Minister Bryce ever since. He also wanted to go to the rally out of curiosity. He planned to become a human rights lawyer someday and participating in a rally would be a good experience for him in preparation for that career. His final reason was that Luis Montavo was there. Jeremy wanted the opportunity to be near the sexy newsman. My reason was simple. I had no interest in the rally itself. I simply wanted to protect my son. Jeremy, Minister Bryce and I were the only people at the rally who knew of my son’s involvement in the minister’s situation. Despite that, I felt strongly that my son was putting himself at risk by being there. Would the event cause Jeremy to get emotional in a way that would be difficult to explain? Would Jeremy be overwhelmed and potentially say something he shouldn’t? How would Minister Bryce react to seeing Jeremy? Did the man hold any resentment against my son? If so, would that come out in some negative way toward Jeremy? There were so many things that could go wrong for my young son. I needed to be with him to protect him. Jeremy ‘s excitement waned after we parked and began heading to our meeting spot in front of City Hall. Right next to the government building was the police station. As we walked by it, Jeremy stopped talking and simply stared at it. I placed my hand on his shoulder, hoping to provide him some comfort. I could only imagine how painful it was for him to see that place. That was where Officer Lambry had taken him after apprehending him in the park. That was where Officer Pfeiffer had interrogated him after abandoning him in the men’s room. That was where I had retrieved him after receiving the call from the police that fateful afternoon. Jeremy asked, “Do you think they’ll make me go back in there? You know… if they interview me again. Will it have to be in there?” I was about to say something to ease his mind, but we heard his mother’s voice before I could do so. “Hey, guys. I can’t believe you made it here before us.” My wife gave Jer and me a kiss. Our son squirmed away from her and wiped his face dry. “Ewww, Mom!” He looked around, as if to see who had witnessed his mother showing him affection in public. Karen was right behind my wife. I greeted her with a nod. “Hey, Karen. Is Mark here?” Her husband was a handsome man. I had been looking forward to seeing him. She shook her head. “No, he wasn’t interested in going to the church. He stayed home with the kids.” I nodded and thought, ‘What a lucky man. I wish I could have stayed home with my kid.’ I glanced at Jeremy and thought, ‘Oh yeah. A couple more hours alone with my boy would have been very nice.’ Jer noticed me looking at him. He flashed a smile. He was so fucking handsome. My cock chubbed. We crossed the street and entered the park. People of all backgrounds were gathering in front of the stage. Many of the them were dressed nicely and appeared to know each other. I suspected that they were members of the minister’s church. The rest of the people were dressed casually. It was a hot summer day. If you hadn’t gone to church that morning, you had no reason to dress up for the rally. Jer tugged my shirt. I looked his way and he gestured toward the edge of the crowd on the right. There he was. Luis Montavo. He was with his camera man and a few other people from their news station. He was wearing a green short-sleeve button-down shirt along with cargo shorts and tennis shoes. I looked first at his handsome face then down at his crotch. At the park on the 4th of July, he had been wearing tight denim pants which had shown off his impressive bulge. Unfortunately, his shorts were much looser, so they didn’t highlight his crotch like his denim pants had. I felt a rush of lust anyway. The man was sexy as hell with his big brown eyes, his salt and pepper hair and his strong jaw with a cleft chin. I could understand why my son was so attracted to him. I nodded at Jeremy, trying not to be too obvious. But Beth saw where we were looking. She said, “Well look at that! He’s that newsman. What’s his name?” Jeremy replied, “Luis Montavo.” Beth said, “Yeah, that’s it. Why in the world would he be here?” I turned to her and saw the desire in her eyes. I nearly broke out in laughter. My wife and I were attracted to the same man. How much stranger could things become? I shrugged. “Maybe the story is a bigger deal than we realized?” Jeremy said, “I’ll be right back. I think I see a friend from school.” He headed in the opposite direction of the newsman. For a moment, I thought he really was looking for a schoolmate. But then I remembered that Jeremy had used the same excuse a few weeks prior when we were at the beach with Brett and Lindsay. On that day, my son had told us he was going to find friends. In reality, he had taken the long way around to the men’s room to search for cock. I was certain my son was doing something similar. Sure enough, a few moments later, I saw Jer standing near Luis and his crew. In a flash, I remembered the night Jeremy had shared with me his fantasy about Luis. We had acted out that fantasy together inside Jeremy’s room. I had played the role of the hung newsman while Jeremy had played the role of his personal assistant. Under the pretext of relieving Luis’s stress, my son had sucked my cock and then had sat on it. Both of us shot huge loads as we imagined Jer getting fucked by the TV celebrity. I smiled at my son. Under different circumstances, I might have been angry at him for fibbing to his mother and me about where he was going. But I felt no anger at all. Instead, I was happy that he was getting an up-close look at his fantasy man. I also knew that he would have been honest with me if we had been alone. In fact, if we had been alone, he would have dragged me with him to stand near Luis. I chuckled. Dragged me? Hell no. I would have gone willingly. I turned back to Beth, keeping her distracted while her son ogled the sexy newsman. We moved toward the stage, ending up about three rows back. We could see the people on the stage very clearly. A local politician tapped on the microphone and introduced himself and the event. He made a quick, passionate speech about his commitment to purging the corruption from the police department. I didn’t hear much of what he was saying. He was exploiting the situation for his own political advancement. I couldn’t have been less interested. While the man was speaking, Jer returned. As he walked up to us, he gave me an “oh my god!” expression. I winked at him, knowing that he had enjoyed every second of standing near Luis Montavo and his news crew. He stopped in front of his mother and me. He slowly moved backward until he was nearly touching each of us. His mother placed her hand on his shoulder. Jer grabbed my left hand. At first, I was nervous, thinking that the people around us could see our intimate hand-holding. But the crowd was packed closely, and our hands were hidden between our legs. I smiled. It felt good–natural–to hold my son’s hand. Touching his skin made me remember the cum that was in my stomach and in his ass. It thrilled me to think that we were surrounded by people, none of whom knew we had made love just an hour before. To everyone around us, we appeared to be a typical father and son duo. They would have been scandalized to know that we both had emptied our balls inside one another’s body before coming to the rally for the minister. We listened to a couple more people make speeches. They were well-rehearsed and very effective at riling up the crowd. People cheered, clapped, chanted, and booed at all the right times. I was bored shitless by the speeches. I found myself looking toward the news crew several times. I was having a difficult time controlling my building desire for Luis. I had hoped to catch his eye, but of course, the handsome newsman’s focus was completely on the people on stage. Minister Bryce stood and approached the microphone. The crowd broke out in a round of applause. Jer squeezed my hand. The minister began speaking. Within seconds, it was clear that the man was an excellent orator. His slight southern accent, mixed with his soothing deep voice, made it a pleasure to listen to him. His words quickly drew me in, making me want to hear everything he had to say. Despite my normal aversion to anyone pushing their religious beliefs on me, I listened intently to him. He seemed to be speaking from the heart, making everything he said sound completely sincere. At a couple points during his speech, I got distracted. As I watched the minister’s lips move, I pictured them wrapped around Jer’s cock, hungrily sucking on my son’s long, adolescent shaft. I also pictured him lying on the floor while Jer rode his preacher cock. My own cock began to harden as I imagined the dark-haired man with the handsome face apologizing to my son while he emptied his balls inside his young bubble butt. I pressed my hand against Jer’s ass. He glanced back at me and smiled. Minister Bryce spoke for several minutes about the good things the police of our town had done through the years. He encouraged the crowd to acknowledge that most of the cops were doing a great job of keeping our town safe. We should not judge them by the actions of a few corrupt peers. Then he looked our way and he faltered. He appeared to lose his train of thought as he stumbled over his words. I suspected I knew what was going on. If I was right, Jeremy’s presence was making the minister nervous. Over the next several minutes, he stumbled over his words each time he looked our way. I was beginning to worry that other people might be making the connection. But, as I glanced around, I saw that everyone was staring intently at the minister. No one was looking toward us. Except one person: Luis Montavo. When I looked in his direction, I saw him staring directly at us. The sexy TV celebrity had noticed us. It was exhilarating to realize that we had caught his attention. And even though one side of my mind told me it was impossible, the other side wondered if Jeremy’s fantasy could come true. Could Luis’s interest in us lead to a sexual encounter? But it quickly became clear to me what really was going on. The newsman looked at us each time Minister Bryce saw Jeremy and stumbled over his words. My excitement about catching Luis’s attention changed to fear. The newsman was not only famous because of his stunning looks; he was also a good reporter. And at that very moment, I was sure his well-trained observation skills were picking up on the discomfort Jeremy’s presence was causing the minister. I had to do something to diffuse the situation. I contemplated moving Jeremy further back in the crowd, izmit escort out of Bryce’s sight. But I couldn’t. There was no way to explain to Beth why I suddenly had to step away with my step-son. I considered stepping forward, blocking the newsman’s view of Jeremy. But I knew that wouldn’t accomplish anything. The minister would still see my handsome son and still stumble over his words. Luis didn’t need to see Jeremy to know that he was the one who was affecting Bryce. There was nothing I could do until the speeches were over. Bryce began to speak about viewing the whole situation as a test of his faith. No man of God can imagine having to endure the pain of being accused of such vile behavior. The acts of which he was accused were abhorrent to God. A quick stumble as he glanced at Jeremy after having said that. Jeremy’s body tensed up as he squeezed my hand more strongly. Minister Bryce’s words were painful to hear. I understood he needed to say them to convince the crowd of his innocence. But it didn’t make them any easier to hear. And then the response of the crowd–judgmental jeers and homophobic remarks–made it nearly unbearable. I felt like a spotlight was shining on Jeremy and me. I was tempted to let go of my son’s hand and to put a little distance between us. But that temptation passed quickly. Despite my discomfort, I would not let Minister Bryce’s judgmental words negatively affect me or my boy. I squeezed Jer’s hand just as strongly. I needed him to know that I was with him. Luckily for us, the minister’s speech ended a few moments later. He asked everyone to hold hands as he led us in prayer. I nearly laughed at the fact that Jeremy and I already had been holding hands, but for a very different reason. We bowed our heads and listened to the minister pray. After he said, “Amen,” the crowed broke out in spontaneous singing of the hymn “How Great Thou Art.” Beth, Jeremy and I didn’t know the words, so we simply hummed along. When the song was over, Minister Bryce thanked everyone for their support. The crowd began to applaud and the minister scanned the crowd from left to right, nodding at random people. When his gaze reached Jeremy and me, he looked into each of our eyes for a few moments, then continued on. He stepped back and took his seat next to his wife and children. I looked toward Luis. He still was looking our way. The politician who had kicked off the event stepped up to the microphone and gave the closing remarks. He then said that we could form a line to meet the minister and give him words of encouragement before leaving. It was going to be like a reception line at the end of a wedding. To my surprise, Beth and Karen wanted to meet the man. I tried to dissuade them, feeling an urgency to get away as quickly as possible. But they insisted. Beth said, “He speaks so beautifully. I want to meet him and tell him we’ve started going to his church.” Jer glanced back at me as he walked away with his mother. I suspected that he was asking me to save him. He was about to shake hands with the minister while acting like they had never met before. And his mother would be right next to him, excited about meeting the man she was beginning to admire. I said, “Beth, let Jer stay behind with me.” My wife shook her head. “Don’t be silly, Clint. Come on. We’ll all meet him.” She held on tight to Jeremy, making it impossible for our son to stay behind. Defeated, I joined them. I needed to be near my son, providing him the protection and emotional support he needed. As we stood in line, I kept my eye on Luis. He and his crew moved closer to the stage, stopping at a respectful distance from the minister. After people shook Bryce’s hand, they had to pass by the news crew. Luis interviewed a few of them. But even when he was listening to them, he kept his eyes on Jeremy. My heart was beating hard when we reached the minister. I watched Jeremy and Bryce do their best to act like perfect strangers. As they awkwardly shook hands, I stupidly glanced over at Luis. He got a self-satisfied grin on his face and I admonished myself for having looked at him at just the wrong moment. He clearly suspected something was up with my son and the minister. My nervous glance had only served to confirm that. Minister Bryce shook Beth’s hand and smiled as she told him about her interest in his church. He graciously said he looked forward to seeing her there upon his return. Then, as he shook my hand, he said, “Thank you for all your support.” We locked eyes for a moment. I knew he understood who I was and that he was thanking me for much more than just attending his rally. He was thanking me for helping him and Jeremy with Officer Pfeiffer. If they had followed through with their plan to blackmail the cop, we very likely would have been meeting under different circumstances. I had convinced Jeremy to forget the blackmail scheme and to let me talk to our policeman buddy. It had worked out well for everyone. I nodded. “Good luck.” As we stepped toward Luis, the newsman addressed Beth, “Do you have time for a few questions?” He glanced at Jeremy and at me. Beth turned to me and grinned, then said, “Sure, of course I do.” My heart quickened. I wanted to cry out, ‘No! Get away from us!’ But Beth had no reason to fear the famous newsman’s questions. She had no idea how close she was to the minister’s situation. Luis asked Beth, “How do you know the minister? Are you a member of his church?” Beth shook her head. “Oh no. I just started going to his church this morning. This is the first time I’ve ever met him.” Luis nodded, then turned to Jeremy. “How about you, young man? How do you know him?” I looked at my son. He was blushing as he stared at the newsman. I hoped he wasn’t allowing his lust for Luis to cloud his judgment. The reporter hadn’t asked him “if” he knew Minister Bryce. He had asked “how” he knew him. It was as if he wasn’t allowing Jeremy to deny he knew the accused sex offender. Jeremy didn’t answer the newsman. He just stared at him. I wasn’t sure if he was unable to speak because of his lust for the man or because he didn’t know how to answer the question safely. Beth placed a hand on Jer’s shoulder and said, “Don’t let the camera make you nervous, Honey.” She gave Jer a few more seconds to respond, then said, “We don’t know the minister. We all just met him.” The newsman smirked. He asked, “Why did you come here today?” Beth opened her mouth to answer, but Jeremy interrupted her. “To protest police corruption, sir. We can’t feel safe if our police are inventing crimes and fabricating evidence.” I was surprised that Jeremy suddenly felt comfortable enough to speak. Perhaps it was his mother’s comforting touch. Or maybe he had practiced the response. It had felt a little rehearsed–a little too perfect of a response for a 16-year-old boy. Luis raised an eyebrow and asked, “So you believe the minister is innocent of the charges brought against him?” Jer glanced back at me, then said to the man who had been the focus of hundreds of his jack-off sessions, “I honestly don’t know, sir. But that’s not what we’re here for. This is about corrupt policemen.” Luis asked, “How old are you, young man?” Jer puffed up his chest as he said, “Sixteen, sir.” Luis smiled at my son. He looked up at me and said, “You’ve got a young activist on your hands, don’t you?” For a moment, I got lost in that smile and those big brown eyes. The man had always looked handsome on TV. But now that we were inches from him, I could see that he was even better looking in real life. His full lips, his light brown skin, his masculine face with crow’s feet forming at the edges of his eyes. And those eyes. Holy fuck! Those big brown eyes. Had he not chosen a career as a reporter, he would have done quite well as a model. I placed a hand on Jeremy’s other shoulder and gave it an affectionate squeeze. “He’s going to be a lawyer.” Beth wrapped her arm around my young lover’s waist and added, “Yes, we’re quite proud of him.” Luis nodded at each of us. He opened his mouth to ask another question, but one of his crew members interrupted him. She whispered in his ear and he looked toward the police station. “OK, let’s head over there quickly.” He turned back to us and said, “I’m sorry to cut this short, but we have to run.” We remained in place, watching the TV celebrity and his crew head over to the police station. Beth said, “Oh my god! Can you believe he talked to us?” Karen stepped up and said, “And he seemed quite impressed with Jeremy.” She asked my son, “How did you know how to give such great answers? If he had been interviewing me, I would have been tongue-tied.” Jer said, “I don’t know. I guess I just thought a lot about it before coming here.” Karen smiled at Jer, then said to Beth, “Isn’t Luis dreamy? I can’t wait to post these pictures.” She began showing my wife the pictures she had taken during the interview. As I waited for the women to finish discussing the pictures, I glanced occasionally toward Luis and his crew. Although they were across the street, I could see him looking our way. It would have been nice to believe he was looking at us out of sexual interest. But I was sure his interest was purely investigative. Karen said, “Do you think they will show you two on TV tonight? Wouldn’t that be fun?” Without even realizing I had made the decision, I found myself saying, “I’ll be right back.” I rushed across the street to where Luis and his crew were. The woman who had whispered in his ear looked up as I approached. I said to her, “Mr. Montavo just interviewed my son. How can I make sure you don’t show it on television?” She said, “Your wife consented to the interview, didn’t she?” I nodded and said forcefully, “But she didn’t give permission to interview our underage son!” The woman raised her hands. “OK. No need to get upset. We’ll edit your son out. I promise you.” She wrote something on a clipboard. “There. ‘Ditch footage of underage boy.’ It’s too bad though. He was impressive.” Luis looked back at me as I thanked the woman and walked away. I realized I might have made him even more suspicious of Jeremy by demanding they remove the footage of him. But it was a risk I was willing to take. I was thinking about Jeremy’s potential follow-up interview with the police. If they saw Jeremy on TV talking about the minister’s case, it surely would have influenced the questions they asked him. Questions like: “If you never interacted with the minister in the bathroom at the park, why were you at his rally? What connection do you and the man have?” No, I couldn’t risk the police becoming suspicious of my son. When I returned to our group, Beth asked me, “What was that about?” I shrugged. “I was just asking them when the footage would air. I wanted to make sure to be home to see it. They told me to just watch the early evening news. If it aired at all, it would be then.” Beth raised her hand for a high-five with Jeremy. “Did you hear that? We might be on TV. I can’t wait!” I sighed. I would never tell Beth the truth, but I would tell Jeremy. He needed to understand how dangerous it was for him to speak to anyone about the case, especially a TV reporter. During the ride home, Beth spoke nearly non-stop. She told us everything about her experience that morning at Minister Bryce’s church. It surprised me to hear how much she had enjoyed herself. According to her, the church grounds were beautiful, as was the sanctuary inside. The people were very warm and friendly. The message the temporary minister gave was inspiring. She already was making plans to go back the following week. Then she started talking about Minister Bryce. His speech at the rally had really moved her. She was emotional as she explained how passionate and sincere his words had seemed as he talked about our need to forgive those who have wronged us, no matter how evil their intentions were. She got choked up a few times as she tried to contain her overwhelming emotions. I listened to my wife with intense curiosity. I had seen her get that emotional only on a few occasions. I hadn’t expected the church and rally experiences to affect her so strongly. I grasped her hand, attempting to comfort her as she processed those strong emotions. The minister’s words had affected me too, but in a very different way. I could relate to him. Just like me, he was a married man who was dealing with homosexual desires. Just like me, he needed to keep those desires hidden. Just like me, he found them difficult to ignore. And just like me, he enjoyed sex in public places, especially when it involved my son and his incredible bubble butt. But our reactions to our situations were very different. The minister appeared to react with self-hatred, whereas I had reacted initially with fear and eventually with acceptance. Bryce was listening to his religion, which told him homosexual acts were sinful. I was listening to my brother, my son, and my heart. They all said that there was nothing wrong with men enjoying men. The minister’s support system was telling him to hate his “sinful” nature. My support system was encouraging me to embrace whatever life threw at me. I felt bad for the minister. I also felt a little uncomfortable yahya kaptan escort with my wife’s intense reaction to him. He deserved pity, not adoration. Too bad I couldn’t explain that to my wife. Once we were home, Jer ran to the living room and set the DVR to record the news for the rest of the day. He was excited about potentially seeing himself on TV and wanted to have a recording of it to keep. His excitement was making my heart ache. It wasn’t until Beth went upstairs to change out of her church clothes that I was able to have a few minutes alone with Jeremy. I pulled him into the kitchen to tell him about my conversation with Luis Montavo’s crew. Jeremy, apparently thinking I was pulling him aside for intimacy, wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. I sighed, enjoying his touch, but needing to hurry up and break the news to him. I placed my hands on his biceps and pulled him out of the embrace. I took a deep breath and said, “Jer, I need to tell you something.” Not yet realizing how serious I was being, my son placed his hands on my crotch and started squeezing my cock. I grabbed his wrist and said, “Jer. When I went to the news crew, I was asking them not to put your interview on the air.” Jer’s body tensed. “What? Why?” I responded, “It would have been too risky, Jer. At this point, the police don’t suspect you of anything. But if they see you on TV being interviewed at the rally, they might wonder if you really do know Minister Bryce.” Jer stared at me with his mouth agape and his eyes open wide. “But Mom told them we didn’t know him.” He took a step back from me, clenched his jaw and said, “I can’t believe you did that!” I reached for him, but he turned and started walking away. I said, “Jer, please don’t be angry. I did it to protect you.” He stepped further away. I said, “Jer! Please, come back here.” He stopped and turned to look at me. But he didn’t move. Trying to find the balance between stern father and caring lover, I didn’t insist that he obey me and come back to me. He was listening. That was what mattered most at that moment. I said, “l know you were excited about being on TV. But you have to be careful. Very careful. This thing isn’t over yet. They haven’t dropped the charges against Bryce. And you haven’t been interviewed yet.” Jer’s eyes reddened. He said, “You’re worrying about nothing. You always expect the worst. It’s just a short interview on TV! I can’t believe you did that. You ruined it for me!” He rushed out of the kitchen and ran upstairs. I heard his door slam shut a few moments later. I stood in shocked silence. I had known he wouldn’t be happy about what I had done. But I hadn’t expected such an intense reaction. I considered going up to his room to continue the discussion, but I decided to let him cool off. Plus, his mother might notice something was going on and there was no way I could explain it to her. Beth came downstairs and asked, “Is Jeremy upset about something? I heard him slam his door.” I shrugged. “No clue. You know how teenagers get sometimes.” The rest of the day was filled with tension. Jeremy didn’t come out of his room until his mother called him down to watch the evening news. When Luis came on for his report on the rally, Beth became excited. “Here it comes. I hope they show us.” Jer didn’t respond. He simply watched the TV, sulking. The fact that Luis Montavo, his fantasy man, was on TV didn’t appear to be enough to cheer him up. When the segment ended, Beth said, “Well that’s disappointing.” She turned to Jeremy and said, “We were so close to being on TV. But, they didn’t show any of the people he interviewed. It’s probably because they didn’t give him much time.” Jer nodded but didn’t say anything. Beth glanced at me then back at her son. “Don’t be upset about it, Sweetie. When you’re a lawyer, you’ll probably get interviewed by TV men so often that you’ll get sick of it.” She continued to say things along those lines, but he continued to sulk. We ate dinner soon thereafter. I tried to catch Jeremy’s eye, but he made a concerted effort not to look directly at me. He went upstairs to his room immediately after he finished eating. As Beth and I lay on the couch, winding down for the day, my wife said to me, “Something is really bothering Jeremy. I don’t think it’s the TV thing. Could you talk to him? You know, father to son?” I was dying to speak with my young lover. But I knew I was the last person in the world he wanted to talk to at that moment. I shrugged and caressed her arm. “Maybe tomorrow.” A little while later, we headed up to bed. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn’t. It didn’t feel right to go to sleep with tension between Jer and me. I had promised myself never to hurt him again after the week-long torture I put him through after his mother’s biking accident. I couldn’t stand the idea of him lying in his bed in emotional pain because of me. I rolled out of bed and walked to the door. Beth stirred and asked, “You OK?” I said, “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m going to talk to Jeremy. Go back to sleep.” It was dark, so I couldn’t see her face. But I could hear her smile as she said, “Thanks, Honey.” I closed the door to the master bedroom and walked to Jer’s. I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. I opened the door and slipped inside. “Jer, are you up?” He rolled over in his bed but said nothing. I sighed and shut the door. My first inclination was to join him on the bed. But I decided it would be better to sit in his desk chair. He appeared to be angry with me still and his body language seemed to say that he didn’t want me near him. I sat on his chair backwards, resting my arms on the back of it. I said, “I’m sorry, Jer. I hurt you and I feel horrible about that.” Jer turned to face me. I switched his desk light on. My son was looking up at me with his captivating grey eyes. But they were more blood-shot than grey at that moment. He was silent for a few moments, then said, “Clint, I…” He looked down at his pillow. I winced. He had called me Clint, not Dad. I was speechless for several seconds as I tried to understand why he had called me that. Eventually, I said, “I remember getting mad at my dad a lot when I was a teenager. I think it’s normal for fathers and sons to argue.” Jer wiped his runny nose on his pillow. I continued, “I think it must be much worse for us.” He stared at his pillow. “Why?” I was dying to touch him. But I couldn’t do so until we had gotten past his anger. “Because I’m not just a protective father; I’m also a protective lover. That’s a double whammy for you, I suppose.” Jer looked up at me. “But… Clint…” When I realized he wasn’t going to finish his thought, I asked, “Why are you calling me by my name?” Jeremy’s eyes filled with tears. “I don’t know… I just assumed that… I don’t know… that when I said those things earlier, I ruined… us.” I shook my head. “Jer, relationships aren’t always easy. Couples argue with each other from time to time. It’s how we recover from those arguments that counts.” Tears ran down his cheeks as he asked, “Is that what we are? A couple?” I smiled. “Yeah. We are a couple. An unconventional one, but still a couple.” His voice cracked as he asked, “Are you my boyfriend?” Multiple times over the past several weeks, I had suggested to Jeremy that he find a boyfriend, a guy with whom he could have a real relationship. But this time, I chose not to say that. He knew I didn’t want to hold him back from finding a life partner. I didn’t have to say it yet another time. And the truth was, I liked what we were doing. You could call us boyfriends, lovers, sweethearts, beaus, fuck buddies, or partners. We were all those things and more. Why not enjoy it for a little while? Jeremy had the rest of his life to find the perfect husband. Couldn’t I allow myself to enjoy at least this one summer with him? I nodded. “Yep, I’m your boyfriend. I’d give you my class ring, if I had one.” He laughed. “Jeez, Dad. You’re so old. No one gives class rings anymore. This isn’t the 50’s!” I reached down and squeezed his foot. “Hey! I wasn’t alive in the 50s! I’m not that old!” We laughed as we stared into each other’s eyes. I asked, “We OK?” Jer nodded. “Yeah. I’m really sorry for the things I said. I don’t think I was really mad at you. I was mad at everything. I had a chance of being on TV and it was ruined because of this whole thing with the police. Is it always going to be this way? Am I always going to have to worry about it?” I caressed his foot. “Not always. Just a little while longer. We have to wait for the charges to be dropped against the minister. Then they’ll begin to forget about the whole thing.” Jer looked back down at his pillow. I asked, “What was it like for you at the rally today?” Jer shrugged, not responding. I said, “The minister said some very hurtful things about homosexuality and promiscuity. I felt uncomfortable listening to him. I mean, I knew why he had to say those things. But there was a part of me that felt directly attacked by him.” Jer closed his eyes and pressed his head against his pillow. “Me, too. At one point, I felt like I should have let go of your hand and gotten on my knees to ask for forgiveness.” He sniffled. “But you kept me from doing that. Your hand… holding mine… it was strong… and I told myself that there can’t be anything wrong with who I am, if I have someone who loves me like you do.” I caressed his foot as I replied, “Baby, don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for who you are. You are perfect just the way you are.” I was about to step out of the chair and join him on the bed. But at that moment, the door to the master bedroom opened. I let go of my son’s foot and waited. Beth knocked on the door. “You guys alright?” I winked at Jer. “Yeah, come in.” Beth opened the door. She looked at me sitting in the chair then at Jeremy lying on the bed with his bloodshot eyes. I said, “We’re just having a father/son chat, Honey. It’s all good.” She walked over to Jeremy, squeezed his cheek and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I love you, Honey.” My young lover pushed his Mom’s hand away, wiped his head and said, “Mom!” I chuckled. Whenever I kissed my boy, he went wild with sexual excitement. Whenever his mother kissed him, he went wild with embarrassment. Beth turned toward me with a smile. She winked and said, “Don’t keep your father up too late tonight. He has to work in the morning.” I got up and followed my wife to the door. I turned to Jer and said, “I’ll be right back.” We stepped into the hall and shut the door. Beth whispered, “Is he OK? What’s going on?” I ran a hand through my hair, trying to figure out the right thing to say. “Teenage boy stuff. Hormones making him over-react to not being on TV. Angry at the world. I’m doing my best to help him through it.” Beth placed a finger on my forehead and pushed back a stray hair. She smiled and said, “Thank you for being the father that Jeremy needs.” She pressed her leg against mine, “And the husband I need.” Rubbing my leg suggestively, she added, “When you finish with Jer, I’ll be waiting for you.” She gave me a kiss then walked back to the bedroom. I stood in the hallway for a few moments in shock. It seemed so wrong for my relationship with Jeremy to make my wife horny for me. She was seeing me as this great father for her son. She had no idea that what she really was seeing was her son and me having a romantic relationship right under her nose. I stepped back into our son’s room. Jeremy slid over in the bed, making room for me to lie down next to him. I couldn’t join him on the bed. If I were to lie next to him, I wouldn’t be able to control my desire for him. Despite my need to hold him, to kiss him, to be inside him, I had to deny myself this time. My wife was in the other room waiting to have sex with me. If I were to get off with Jer, I wouldn’t be able to get hard again with her. I couldn’t give her any reason to start wondering about what was going on with me and her son. I nearly chuckled at my own thoughts. A few weeks prior, I would have been excited by my wife’s sexual advances. But now I was treating sex with my wife as a chore, something I was required to do, something that kept me from doing what I really wanted to do–make love to my incredible son. As I looked at his smiling face, I steeled my resolve. If I wanted to continue building my relationship with Jeremy, I had to be careful. I approached the bed and said, “Come here.” Jer rolled out of bed and stood. He placed his hands on my chest and looked up at me. Without even thinking, I placed my hands on his butt cheeks and gently squeezed them. Jer sighed and grinned at me. He lowered one of his hands and slipped it inside my boxers. He squeezed my chubbing shaft and said, “I want you so bad, Dad.” I reluctantly let go of his butt cheeks and placed my hands on his shoulders. I was attempting to put some space between us before I lost all willpower. “I want you, too. God, how I want you!” I took a deep breath. “But we can’t. Your mom’s waiting for me.” Jer stroked my hardening cock–that fucking cock that refused to listen to my brain–and said, “Aww… come on, Dad. Just let gebze escort me suck you off real quick. Five more minutes. She won’t notice.” He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my thickening cock through the fly of my boxers. A wave of lust coursed through my body as I said, “No, Jer. That’s what she’s waiting for. I can’t…” Still holding my hardening prick, Jer looked up at me sheepishly. “Oh. Gotcha.” He squeezed my cock and licked the head. I said, “But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you out.” I tugged on his shirt. “Get naked for me.” Within seconds, my beautiful adolescent son was naked in front of me. His hard cock bobbed up and down as he waited for me to tell him what I had in mind. Lustful thoughts swirled around in my head. I wanted to get on my knees and suck my son’s cock until he fed me his almond-flavored baby batter. I wanted to turn him around and shove my tongue into his tiny pink hole. I wanted to push him onto the bed and slide my thick cock into his warm teenage ass. But I couldn’t allow myself to do any of those things. I was worried that Beth would smell her son’s personal scent on me when I joined her in bed. I wouldn’t have time for a shower, nor would I have an explanation for why I would be taking one. So I wouldn’t be able to wash the smell of sex from my body. I reached down and grabbed Jeremy’s pearly white shaft. I bent over and kissed his lips as I gently stroked him. “Let me jack you off real quick.” Jer said, “Mmmm…” as he reached for my cock. His fingers wrapped around my sensitive shaft, sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body. I got to my knees, forcing him to let go of my cock. I said, “If I let you touch me like that, I’m gonna cum.” Jer placed his hands on my arms and said, “I’m sorry, Dad.” I stared at his tasty cock, wishing I could suck it into my mouth. But I was going to be kissing my wife soon. I couldn’t risk having the taste of boy cock on my tongue. “Don’t apologize, Baby. I’m sorry I have to hold back this time.” I cupped his balls in my left hand and stroked his cock with my right. Jeremy lay back, resting his weight on his elbows. He focused his grey wolf-like eyes on me as I concentrated on giving him the best handjob I could. I let go of his balls and placed my hand on his stomach. I caressed his abs and his chest, enjoying the smooth warm skin. Jer grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. “You don’t have to do this, Dad. If you need to get to Mom, I understand.” I stood. Without letting go of his cock, I leaned over and kissed his lips. “I do need to do this, Jer. For you… and for me.” He kissed me back. We both said at the same time, “I love you.” Realizing what we had done, we both chuckled. I lowered myself to my knees again and resumed focusing on jacking him off. As my hand slid up and down his young cock, I admired every inch of it. Its long pearly white shaft that curved slightly and ended with a pink head. Its pulsing veins running the length of it. The skin that tapered away from the shaft, forming the top of his large ball sack. And his balls–those low-hanging cream factories–were heavy and full. Although my son was a teenager, the development of his cock and balls made it clear that he was just as much a man as I was. A dollop of pre-cum rolled out of my cockhead and dripped to the floor. Handling and admiring my son’s cock and balls was turning me on. After a couple minutes, Jer slid across his bed and retrieved his lube. He asked, “Can you use this? Will it be OK?” I almost said ‘no.’ I was worried that I would have to wash my hands afterward, which could have made Beth suspicious. But I couldn’t stand the idea of not pleasing Jeremy. No, I wouldn’t deny him the pleasure of jacking him off with lube. I told myself that, after I finished with him, I could go directly to the restroom and take a piss. Beth wouldn’t question me washing my hands after emptying my bladder. I said, “Of course, Baby. I want to make you feel good.” He applied the lube to my fingers then I grasped his rock-hard cock. I resumed stroking. He moaned softly then lay back on his elbows again. I took some of the excess lube into my other hand and spread it all over his balls. My hands slid smoothly up and down his shaft and around his testicles. My cock continued to leak pre-cum as my lust for my son was building. Jer lifted his legs and placed his feet on the bed. I could now see his ass crack, though his pretty little hole was covered by his low-hanging balls. I thought, ‘It would be so easy to lift his ball sack and slide my cock inside him.’ I shook my head, trying to stay focused solely on his pleasure. A few minutes passed. They were pleasurable for him, but torturous for me. My hand on his balls was so close–so fucking close–to his tight puckered hole. I had to make a conscious effort not to allow my fingers to slide down and touch it. Jer wasn’t making it easier for me either. He fucked my hand, moving his ass in the process. That made his hole slide against my knuckles multiple times. Jer said, “I wish you could fuck me, Dad. Would you be OK with putting a couple fingers inside me?” I nodded and placed my lube-slick fingers against his hole. I had avoided doing so previously because I knew the temptation would be strong to replace my fingers with my cock. As I touched his tiny hole, I closed my eyes and told myself, ‘Control, Clint. Control.’ Jer pushed his ass onto my fingers, arched his back and said, “Mmmm… yeah…” I opened my eyes and looked down at my son. I mumbled, “Such a sexy boy. My sexy boy.” Pre-cum oozed from my cock and onto the floor. I was glad that both my hands were busy, otherwise I would have been tempted to grab my cock and jack it. Jer smiled, moaned and gasped as I stroked his cock and finger-fucked his hole. He mumbled, “Fuck me, Dad. Oh yeah, fuck me.” I pushed my fingers deep inside him. I knew they weren’t as long or as thick as my cock, but I hoped that they were enough to satisfy his need to be fucked. Jer focused his gaze on my cock. He asked, “Can I suck you? For just a minute? I promise not to try to make you cum. I just want to taste your cock, to feel it inside my mouth for a minute.” I looked down at his pleading eyes. Then I looked at his full pink lips. How could I say ‘no’ to him? Such a sexy young man. I nodded. He turned around in a flash. I gasped as he wrapped his lips around my cock and swallowed it. He then pulled off it and held it in place while he ran his tongue all around the head. He lifted it up and massaged the length of my cum tube with his tongue. When he reached the head again, he gave it a nibble and a lick. He looked up at me and said, “It’s the most beautiful cock in the world.” He swallowed it again. My eyes rolled back in my head as the pleasure overwhelmed me. His words and his actions were exciting me. I almost decided to give in and flood his mouth with my ball cream. But, true to his promise, he stopped sucking when a minute had passed. He lay back on his elbows again. I sighed. “That felt great, Jer. Thanks.” I spat on my fingers, moistening the lube again. I pushed them back inside his ass. Jer took over the stroking of his cock, while I fondled his balls and fingered his hole. Several minutes passed and I began to feel anxious. We were taking too long and risking another visit from my wife. I wondered if there was any way I could push my son to an orgasm. As if sensing my growing anxiety, Jeremy said, “I’m close, but I’m having a hard time cumming. Could you…” He paused a moment, then continued. “Could you rub your dick against my hole? If it feels like you’re fucking me, I know I’ll cum.” I began to panic. I wanted nothing more than to place my cock against his hole. But if I did that, would I be able to resist slipping it inside? I shook away the concern and told myself, ‘You can do it, Clint. You have self-control.’ I placed my hands on the back of his legs and pressed them toward his chest. His pelvis lifted slightly, giving me a perfect view of his horny young hole. My heart began to beat faster as I guided my cock to his ass. My whole body tingled with sexual excitement as my cockhead touched his puckered opening. With all my willpower, I rubbed my cock over the slick hole, touching it with every inch of my shaft. Jer moaned, “Oh fuck! That’s it.” He began jacking his cock more forcefully. I performed three thrusts–three long agonizing thrusts–focusing on rubbing against his hole and not entering it. As each inch of my shaft ran across it, my own excitement increased. By the end of the third thrust, I was breathing hard and my head was spinning. Jer’s body tensed as he said, “I’m close. So close.” I started my fourth thrust. As my cockhead touched his hole, I changed the angle just slightly. Then, for the next several seconds, time slowed to a crawl. The tip of my cock forced his ass lips to spread open. The head entered his warm body. His ass lips tightened shut when my whole helmet was inside. I felt the intense pleasure of his warm tight hole rubbing against the sensitive underside of the top of my shaft. With time still moving slowly, my mind was crying out for me to stop. I needed to pull out before it as too late. But my cock refused to listen. It continued to press forward, burying itself deeper and deeper inside my son’s glove-like interior. Jer’s eyes opened wide and his ass tightened on my cock like a vise. Cum started flying out of my son’s cock. At the very same moment, with my cock buried balls-deep inside him, I felt my own life-giving fluid travel up my cum tube and shoot into my son’s perfect ass. I experienced a moment of panic, but it was overshadowed by pure bliss. The orgasm was so fucking intense. I was amazed how one thrust inside my son was all it had taken to push me over the edge. I hadn’t even been touching my cock before sliding it into him. Perhaps it was similar to Jeremy being able to cum without touching himself. Jer and I emptied our balls together. I buried my load deep inside him; he released his all over his smooth chest. We stared into one another’s eyes as we shared that experience of being completely in sync. Our bodies shuddered then we both relaxed. Time returned to normal speed and I began pulling my cock out of his hole. I looked down at my shiny shaft and thought, ‘Oh crap! What am I going to do?’ As my head popped out, a few drops of cum oozed out. I felt dizzy with lust for my boy. I wanted to push my still-hard shaft back inside him and to fuck him, really fuck him. My cock seemed to be willing. I pressed the head against his skin, gathering up the leaking cum and pushed it back inside him. Jer said, “I’m so sorry, Dad. I didn’t mean to make you do that.” I turned my gaze from his beautiful little hole to his handsome young face. I could see the concern in his eyes. I shook my head and took a step away from him. “It’s not your fault, Jer. I’m just weak around you.” I grabbed his underwear and wiped the cum and lube from my stiff cock. As the cloth rubbed against my skin, the shaft twitched. I was still very aroused. I said, “But, look how hard I still am. If I hurry, I think I can I can do this.” Jer turned around on the bed and reached for my cock. I allowed him to stroke it a couple times and to wipe away a stray drop of cum from the piss slit. I pulled him up and gave him a quick kiss. “I have to run. I love you.” Jer smiled, though his eyes still betrayed his concern. “Dad… I’m really sorry. I mean it.” I cupped his jaw with my hand. “It’s going to be OK. I’m going to stay hard as long as I remember this. What we just did is actually going to help.” He smiled, stood and followed me to the door. He asked, “Are you still coming home for lunch tomorrow?” I placed a hand on his bubble butt and said, “Absolutely.” I rubbed his sticky hole. “I’m hungry already.” We laughed and gave each other a good-night kiss. I then stepped into the hall and shut his door. When I entered the master bedroom, I saw my wife in the bed, watching TV. I smiled at her and said, “I’ll be right there. I just have to take a piss.” After emptying my bladder, I washed my hands, my cock and my mouth. My cock stayed hard the entire time as I thought of my beautiful son, his amazing ass, his captivating eyes. I joined my wife and performed like a champ. I sincerely enjoyed the intimacy with her. But, truth be told, it was thoughts of Jeremy that kept me hard. And, despite having cum only a half hour before, it was the memory of sliding my cock into my son’s perfect bubble butt that pushed me over the edge with her. Beth smiled down at me as she sensed the unusual intensity of my orgasm. She remarked, “You were real horny, weren’t you?” I laughed. “I wasn’t the only one!” We collapsed onto the bed, each of us deeply satisfied by the intense love-making session. Beth rested her head on my chest and said, “Thank you for being such a good father to Jeremy. I can see how much he looks up to you. He’s at that age when he needs a good male role model. I hope it’s not too much of a burden on you.” I said, “No burden at all, Honey. I know what it’s like to be a teenage boy. I’m happy help him. I love the little guy.” As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about my conversation with Jeremy. I had told him we were boyfriends. Boyfriends! I actually had a boyfriend. Never in my life would I have imagined saying that. But there was no denying it. Jeremy and I really were a couple. I was so fucking lucky. End of Chapter 33.

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