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Her 1st One Night Stand

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Her 1st One Night StandHello Everyone. I love to hear stories from a womans past. Drives me wild! My friend sends me TRUE stories from time to time. Here is one i recieved today. I copied & paste right from the email. ENJOYSo me and BFF left work one Saturday and decided to go get a drink at this bar called on Harrison Ave. We met one of our GF’s in there so the three of us sat at a table at the end of the bar. There were these two older guys sitting literally at the bar in front of our table. The bar was no where near crowded it was 5:30 on a Saturday we may have been the only ones in there. So that being the case they could clearly hear our conversations and the tall light skinned dude kept glancing back at us until he finally turned all the way around and introduced himself to us “Tony” was his name and his very much older VERY handsome for a old dude friend’s name was “Comfort” They ended up buying us drinks and sitting there talking to us for a good two hours. Eventually I had to go to the bathroom. So I get up and I have to walk past them he turns around and sees my ass and he grabbed my arm and was like “DAMN GIRL” So I’m like “I gotta go to the bathroom” mind you I was completely fucking trashed we been drinking for a good 3 hrs at that point so he’s like “Can I come with you?” I was like sure you can wipe my ass. This guy gets up. I was like O_O I wasn’t serious. He’s like well I was and proceeds to follow me to the bathroom. So my BFF see’s this and she’s like homeboy you not about to go in the bathroom with her. So he sat back down. I did what I had to do came out he grabs me again and whispers in my ear “You should let me fuck you.” I laughed…He turns my face and makes me look him straight in esenyurt escort the eye and said “I’m dead ass serious you sexy as hell with ya thick ass.” This is during the time I was living with my girlfriend and only having sex with her I was dyyyyyying for some dick so as much as I was like “this nigga trippin” I really started to entertain the thought. I was like now I could have her (my GF) meet us and we can go to his house but then some selfish shit kicked in and I was like nah if I’mma do it I’m doing it BY MYSELF! So my BFF is like I gotta get home. The other girl we met there is kicking it with the older dude so she’s not tryna leave and “Tony” didn’t want me to leave. So Sharee says “Dana I’ll take her home don’t worry about it.” I’m like bet!! So I stayed we drank some more then he says won’t you let me take you to my crib I really wanna fuck you I’m so serious I’m not crazy he was like you can call ya GF that just left and give her my# and my address I don’t mean you no harm at all but shit. So I really stood my ground like nah I can’t do that til I ended up in his truck on my way to his house which was in Overbrook Park. This guy lived with his mom but I didn’t GAF at that point I wanted what he wanted and I was focused. He had a private entrance and he stayed in the basement the shit was actually like a little apartment. So we go in he goes in the bathroom comes out pants opened dick standing at attention so if I wanted to think twice after seeing something I was dying for for months rock hard I got up off the bed and walked over to him and grabbed it I closed my eyes just feeling that shit in my hands felt like heaven. I started jerking him off while he finished avrupa yakası escort taking off his clothes.By the time he finished unbuttoning his shirt I was on my knees taking his dick in my mouth. Which caught him off guard he grabbed my face and was like let me sit down. So I got up he walked over to the bed took off his pants completely and sat on the edge. I bent over this time and just started sucking him off I was sucking his dick like my life depended on it. “He like OMG you makin me wanna say I love you.” X___X I paused like shit I was like we just met in a bar and I’m here sucking your dick. any way so I had to get my head back in the situation but I was done sucking his dick after that. I took my clothes off and laid on the bed I opened my legs and told him YOUR TURN . He was like damn just like that? So he slid between my legs and I said Just know I have a GF at home who eats my shit like a champ so don’t bullshit I need to cum before you slide your dick in there and fuck me silly. He was like Oh shit. This nigga went at it like he had a point to prove and that was exactly what I wanted. He was licking my clit so slow and applying the right amount of pressure then flicking it with his tongue so fast it was driving me crazy. I was just thinking damn she never ate my shit like this…I was fighting back the orgasm because that shit felt so damn good finally I couldn’t fight it any more. My breaths got short and my whole body stiffened I exploded and grabbed the back of his head and started grinding my pussy against his face until it was over…I let go and he slid his dick in forcefully as if to say bitch don’t think YOU anadolu yakası escort running this shit..once he got over the initial shock of being inside of me he got his rhythm together and was stroking long and deep and my god I was appreciating the fuck out of it. We were about 15 min in and I hear the door open at the top of the steps and his mom is like “Tony you down there?!?” He was like YES MOM AND I HAVE COMPANY!” I’m laying under this nigga dick in my pussy balls deep and his momma is calling him. I was trying SO HARD not to laugh. So she closed the door and he proceeded to stroke. He stopped slid behind me on his side grabbed my right leg and held it up in the air and slid his dick back into my pussy. He was a big dude much taller than me. He wrapped his left arm under my neck and grabbed my neck with his left hand, his right arm had my right leg pulled back into my dam shoulder and he was fucking the shit outta me and choking me at the same time. He said “You think that shit is funny? Huh?” and just went ham on my ass. He held me like that until he wanted to change positions I was lowkey scared but loving that shit. So he let me go told me to get on my knees and did he got behind me pushed my head down into the bed and slid his dick back in from the back I pulled forward a lil bit but he grabbed my hips and slammed his dick in harder he pushed me down as low as I could go while still on my knees and pounded the fuck outta my pussy I was damn near begging him to stop when he finally pulled out and I just felt hot cum shoot up my back and land on my neck. “You want something to drink?” he said as he came out the bathroom with a hot rag and wiped his cum off my back. I was like nah I really need to get home. So I got dressed he threw some shit on and took me home and I just thanked God my GF wasn’t home because I would have wanted to been like BITCH LET ME TELL YOU…LMAO!!! I had given him my # at the bar but I didn’t remember until he called my phone the next day like I hope I can see you again…we ended up fucking for a year. THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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