Mar 31

Her Happy Ending

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As he ran his hands back up her sexy, shapely legs & over her ass, she let out a slight moan as he let his thumb drag & graze her moist pussy lips. His hands continued the sensual trip up her back while he leaned in to give her pussy a playful flick of the tongue. She gave a long gasp & arched her ass to drive his tongue inside her, & he was more than willing to indulge her. After a short thrust of his mouth, he lightly licked his way up to the nape of her neck, flipped her over in one smooth motion, then started making his way down.

His first stop was her wondrous breasts. They made for more than a handful as he playfully spiralled his way to her nipples; one with his fingers, the other with his tongue. Her nipples stood erect as he pinched grazing her now swollen clit & pussy lips with his beard as he started putting little kisses on her inner thighs. With her breasts now slowly heaving in anticipation, his hands pendik escort found their way back over her supple hips to roundness of her ass. He worked his hands into her cheeks so he could lift her ass as he licked his way back up her pussy & began to lightly suck on her clit.

With her thighs now resting on his shoulder blades, he paused a moment to take in the beautiful sight of her glistening pussy on full display. Complete with her clit poking out & her lips spread in invitation, it was finally too much to resist. He let his tongue circle her pussy a couple of times, then slowly licked around her clit as a finger found its way inside her. With just a few inches inside, he sensually dragged his finger back against her inner wall. The sudden tensing of her whole body encouraged him to add another finger while beginning to suck on her clit in earnest. After reaching up his free hand to give each of her nipples maltepe escort a light pinch, he brought it back down to massage the sweet spot above her left hip as his other thumb rubbed back & forth between her pussy lips.

All of this simultaneous stimulation had her breathing deep, ragged breaths while rolling her hips in an effort to grind him massaging her smooth skin not wanting him to let up for even a second. He didn’t mind the helping hand as he went from licking back to sucking on her clit. One hand still roaming her body while the other worked inside. Both adding to her pleasure.

After his free hand made it back to lightly tracing over the spot above her left hip, her toes curled tight her hands running over herself, grasping as if attempting to keep the energy from escaping. With his mouth still planted on her clit, he looked up at the ecstasy on her face & smiled at the pleasure kartal escort he was giving her. She kept grinding her hips up into him, letting him know that one wave of gratification wouldn’t be enough. He didn’t let up for a moment, & before her body could settle down, another wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her. This time her thighs tightened around his face as both of her hand came down on his head, keeping him locked in place while her legs shook with delightful abandon.

As her body finally began to relax & her grip on his head loosened, he sat up & cleaned her wetness from his face. A wide grin of satisfaction had spread across both their faces as they each caught their breath. She would tense up occasionally, since he still had a hand lazily massaging her pussy. She collected herself & started to sit up with intentions of returning the compliment, but he playfully pushed her back down. Seeing that he had something else in mind, she looked down to see his hard, thick, throbbing cock being positioned in front of her still wet pussy. Their eyes met. He began sliding the length of his cock along her slit & seductively said, “I hope you’re ready for round two.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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