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Her Idea

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My heart raced and I struggled to manage short, shallow breaths. I glanced up at my girlfriend, who whispered “do it” in between moans as her pussy rose up and down on my cock and her big natural tits swayed side to side.

I had been fantasizing about this for years, but thought that’s all it would ever be — a fantasy. No way would she be into it, I told myself. There is now way I can tell her I want to do something like this. I spent years jerking off to the thought of experimenting, and now it was happening. And I was petrified.

My hand shook from nerves, which made the cock pointing at my face shake up and down. It glistened with wetness from my girlfriend’s pussy, and it was so close I could smell her scent on it. That scent always made me rock hard. When she wasn’t looking I loved to sniff my fingers after touching her, and always volunteered to do laundry so I could take long whiffs of her gym shorts and panties.

Now I was smelling her off the tip of another guys cock, the first one I had every touched other than my own. It was thick, and harder than I thought a dick could every get. We – this tall muscular stranger we had just met and I – had both been fucking my girlfriend for what seemed like all night, and I was hoping they had forgotten what else we talked about. Maybe he’ll be happy just fucking her, or maybe she’ll want us to both cum in her mouth.

That hope was dashed when she came hard for the third time that night, and stopped to switch positions. He had been fucking her doggy style, smashing his hips against her thick, round ass, as I laid in front of her very much enjoying the tongue bath she gave my sack. She collapsed forward after a loud orgasm, but after a few moments crawled forward and slipped my cock into her. Her pussy was sopping wet, and wide open. This guy’s dick was impressive.

She started to ride me, her face intense like a woman possessed as she squeezed her tits hard and pounded her ass down on me over and over again. She reached back and grabbed our new friend’s cock, pulling him forward so he kneeled next to us.

I was still on my back, and this guy’s piece was between me and my girlfriend. She kept her fingers wrapped around it as she ground her hips into mine.

My stomach tightened when she slowed her pace, and looked down at me. Her grin told me what was happening next. She took my hand and pulled it up to his shaft. I felt like I was watching a porno. That couldn’t be my hand, this was all fantasy, right?

I avoided eye contact with the guy, it was weird enough watching him fuck my girlfriend, but now this was getting intense. Of course we had all agreed to this over email, but a drunken conversation is much different than where I was now- on my back with my hands on a dick that had made my girlfriend cum multiple times.

This is probably a good time to tell you how we did end up here.

As mentioned, I had fantasized about this. By this, I mean sharing my girlfriend and also playing with a cock. I would watch group porn, jerk off and that was it. I never thought it would happen, but I loved the idea of watching my sexy girlfriend get pounded. She had a thick ass and thighs with a skinny waist, and huge tits. She was what you would call very fuckable.

We had never done anything like this, not even close. She was good in bed, we just hadn’t tried a lot of things. How does one say- I want to watch someone fuck you? That doesn’t come up in normal conversation, so it’s a good thing I left my email open and she found what she found…

As for the other part of the fantasy, wanting to play with a cock, I could see a chance of that actually happening. I had joined Manhunt and checked out Craigslist, but most guys just seemed too weird, too risky or were fake. I found myself checking out cock while watching porn, fantasizing about sucking it, visit one of those sites and waste an hour, then just jerk off. That was the usual cycle, and I was OK with that. It was probably better I didn’t act on the craving.

I found one guy, a total stud top, who seemed pretty normal, though, and we started to chat. He sent me his email, and we reached out every so often. It was usual stuff you find from those meet up sites- ‘hey I’d love to meet up, but can’t, etc.” “yeah my wife is home, sorry not today” (he was married)

We swapped cock pics, and I sent him pics of my girlfriend. I sent him a few I got of her getting out of the shower, and one of her on the bed after I we fucked and she fell asleep. I also gave him a close up of her pussy with my cum leaking out of it.

He saw that and wrote- “Oh god what I sweet pussy, I would love to fuck her too.”

I got busy for a few days and didn’t respond, so he asked if mentioning fucking my girlfriend went too far. At first I thought that was funny- he had been saying for weeks how we wanted me to suck his cock and fuck my ass, and he was now worried about going too far?

I wrote back- “no haha, just busy. Actually, ataköy escort that is kind of a fantasy of mine.” I went on to describe how great it would be to see his big dick slamming in and out of her. Stuff like that his hot to write, but again just fantasy. I would never happen.

After I wrote that, I closed my laptop. I thought I had also logged out my email.

I came home later that night, and my girlfriend was sitting by my laptop. “If I had known you were taking a picture, I would have posed.”

“Huh?” I asked, genuinely confused. She touched a key and the screen popped open. My jaw dropped. “Uh, I,..” I stammered.

“So you want to watch someone fuck me?” She asked.

“Uh..” I couldn’t form a word.

“Well, his cock looks pretty nice, at least you picked someone interesting”

Oh fuck, I thought, she had scrolled through the other messages. “I can explain..”

“Ok, go ahead.”

“Uh…” I was useless.

She laughed, then stood up. She lifted her shirt above her head and reached for my hand. “It’s OK to have fantasies, I have some too…” she said. She pulled me into the bedroom, and we had the best sex we had ever had.

The actual conversation was a little longer than that, but I figured I would be brief here to get back to the action…

A few weeks later we stumbled into our apartment after leaving a friend’s wedding. She got very frisky when drunk, like she became an entirely different person. The first time we tried anal was after a bachelorette party. She stormed in the door, woke me up and threw a bottle of lube on the bed. She grabbed my cock and said, “Take this and put it in my ass,” in a tone that said it was to be done, and done hard. In the morning she was usually embarrassed, but those nights were fantastic.

Tonight she had played with my cock on the way home, and even leaned over and put it in her mouth. The uber driver saw it, which made her even hornier.

It was going to be one of those nights.

She went to the bathroom and called me in. Her panties were around her ankles, and her dress was pulled up to her chest. “Email your friend,” she said as she started to pee.

“My friend?” I asked.

“Don’t play stupid. The one with the big dick,” she slurred. The stream of pee trickled out and she stopped, then let her knees fall apart. She slide her hands down between her thighs and started rubbing.

My cock pressed against my pants, but I was hoping she wasn’t serious.

“Email him, unless you’re all talk,” she laughed. She stopped rubbing and plunged two fingers into herself, and the sopping sound of a soaked pussy being fingered echoed through the bathroom.

“Well, I don’t know if he is serious about it, and his wife is always home.”

“Well, ask, or your dick isn’t leaving your pants tonight.”

I called her bluff. I pulled out my phone, and opened my email. I told him I was home, and that my girlfriend wanted to try what we talked about. Why not? The chances of him event opening it were pretty slim.

With her free hand my girlfriend reached out and grabbed my belt. She pulled me closer and unzipped my fly. My cock sprung out, and she dove onto it.

My eyes rolled back as she blew me, I was so in heaven I almost missed the “ding” signaling I received an email.

I looked down, and gasped. It was him. She took her mouth off my dick just long enough to ask- “what did he write?”

“He wrote his wife is away and he is free, but he doesn’t believe me that you are here and into it.” I was shocked, months of emailing and he was never free, but tonight he was.

She again pulled her mouth off my dick, and acted offended, “doesn’t believe I’m into it? Does he think only you guys have dirty fantasies? Ask him to Facetime you,” she demanded, then filled her mouth again.

“Uh, OK.” I did so, and almost immediately received an incoming Facetime.

I accepted, which was awkward. Keep in mind we had only emailed, and sent body pics. This is the first time we had seen or heard each other.

“What’s up?” he asked. “We finally going to do this.”

“Well…” I was struggling to talk as my girlfriend took every inch of dick into her mouth, and my head filled her throat. “We are here, and interested.”

“Really? A lot of guys talk about this but never follow through. “Why should I believe you?”

I heard a muffled laugh, and my girlfriend mumbled “show him” without taking my dick out of her mouth.

I turned the camera around, and she tilted her head up and curled the corner of her mouth up in a smile.

I heard him whistle as he watched my girlfriend- sitting on a toilet with her panties around her ankles and dress up around her tits- sucking my cock.

“Give me the address, and I’m there,” he said.

Before I could respond, my girlfriend took my dick out and gave the information, then went dropped down and started sucking avcılar escort my sack.

He hung up, and I stared at my blank screen. Holy Shit.

My girlfriend let go of my cock, took a piece of toilet paper and wiped her pussy. “We should get ready for our guest,” she giggled as she kicked off her panties and flushed the toilet.”

“Don’t you think we should talk about this?” I asked.

“What’s to talk about? Let’s have fun. You want this, I want this, and I bet after my little Facetime performance, our new friend wants this.”

“I just mean, we kind of decided this pretty fast, you are OK with it?”

“If there is anything I’m not comfortable with, I’ll let you know. Besides, I read what you wrote, you’ve been thinking about this for a while. If we don’t have fun, we don’t do it again. Deal?”

“Ok,” I managed.

She giggled, and took off her dress. She turned to go to the bedroom, then glanced back at me, “and I read everything you wrote, not just the part about me.” She giggled and smacked her ass as she continued to the bedroom.

My heart sank. Oh shit. She had read about my bi-fantasies.

I stood there with my pants half down and cock out, contemplating how my life would be much different in just a few minutes when this guy arrived. I pulled my pants up, I was at least going to maintain some dignity and answer the door with clothes on.

As if prompted by my embarrassment there was a knock at the door.

In the bedroom my girlfriend squealed in joy, “Its happening! Good thing I shaved my pussy tonight!”

At least she was having fun.

Back to tonight.

“Do it,” she whispered, and I looked back at the cock just above me. “Suck a dick,” she said.

The cock twitched at her dirty talk, and slowly started to move my hand up and down. He raised his chin and moaned, which made it a little easier since he wasn’t looking at me.

I had been fantasizing about this for years, but actually doing it was a huge leap. There was no going back. I would now be a cock sucker. And would it change how she thought of me?

We all wanted this, what was holding me back?

She leaned down and started kissing the top of his cock, then leaned down further and kissed me. She did that a few more times, with each kiss she pulled his dick down a little lower and closer to me.

She wrapped her lips around his head, then took him all the way in until her chin touched my hand. I was impressed, his dick was much longer than her mouth was deep and I could see movement in her throat as his cock pushed down it.

The feeling of her pussy riding up and down and the site of her deep throating this big dick nearly put me over the edge, but I held back from cumming. I don’t know how he did, though. He had fucked her in every position, and now she was giving him one of her amazing blow jobs.

How was he holding back? I wish he would just blow a load, then I would be off the hook. Imagine that, I was hoping for a guy to cum in my girlfriend’s mouth. But that wasn’t going to happened. They both wanted me to do this.

She pulled her mouth back and looked down at me. She lowered his cock just a little more, it was maybe an inch from my face now. She kept her lips on his head, and smiled. “Kiss me,” she said.

I figured she would keep lowering his shaft until it touched my mouth, and that’s how this would happen. Then I realized what she was doing. She didn’t want to put it in my mouth, she wanted me to move up. She wanted me to take it, me to make it happen, me to move towards another man’s cock and put it in my mouth.

My hand was sliding up and down his shaft now, using her spit as lube, as I stared into her eyes. Her lips massaged his head until she pulled them off and kept her mouth at the end of his tip. “Kiss me,” she again said, this time with more demand.

I lifted my head up, and kissed her. The tip of his cock rubbed against the right side of my lips as we made out like high schoolers. She moved slightly to her left, and the dick pressed firmly against the side of my mouth. It was slimy, and as our faces moved around it left a trail of wetness across my cheek, chin and lips. I against smelled her pussy on him, but also recognized another scent. I smelled it after I jerked off, and when I kissed my girlfriend after she gave me a blow job. It was another man’s precum, and it was on me.

We continued kissing as she nudged a little closer to our new friend. His dick pressed harder against my face and mouth, the firmness of his erection not giving any ground. He pushed his hips forward a bit, and his head forced its way in between our lips. My girlfriend moved her tongue to that side, and ran it over his tip and played with his cum slit. My tongue followed, and my eyes popped open at the new texture.

My tongue was on a rigid cock, it felt so much different than my girlfriend’s mouth. We were so close beylikdüzü escort I could only see her eyes, but they smiled for her busy mouth.

I explored him a little more with my tongue, then felt her start to back away. My mouth followed hers, which pressed his cock further between my lips. She rose so until she was straight up, and resumed rubbing her tits and riding my cock.

I turned towards the cock, and was now facing the body it was attached to. It was as if he didn’t exist, and it was just my girlfriend and his cock in the room. That was fine with me, it was easier not to think of this as a man, just a dick.

With a final gulp, I parted my lips enough to allow the rest of his head in, then moved my mouth along his shaft. Even though I had my hand wrapped around it, I was still surprised by how wide I had to open my mouth. I wasn’t prepared for that. My eyes watered as I stretched my jaw, and I would feel his head against the back of my mouth. And it wasn’t even halfway in.

How the hell did she take it all so easy? She must have had a lot of experience with big dicks. The irony of that thought hit me. I sometimes teaser her, playfully of course, about her, let’s say, extensive history. She was experimental, and didn’t hold back if she wanted something. She didn’t hide it, she was more than open with the fact that she had hooked up with a lot of guys, and was known for her great blow jobs in college. I guess now I can’t tease her, I thought. I’m a cock sucker too.

After sliding down his shaft as far as I could, I pulled back, licked his head, and then slid down again. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but I knew I liked that.

I tasted more precum, the thought of what is made the hair on my arm stand. But it was OK. Salty, a little slimy, but I was surprisingly OK with it. I even flicked it off with my tongue.

“Don’t forget his balls, honey,” my girlfriend said with a laugh. Her being there eased the tension a bit, and I have to admit it was pretty hot getting instructions on blowing a guy from my girlfriend. Our life was going to be a lot different now. For the better.

He moaned as I grabbed his sack, and again lowered my mouth as far as it would go. My girlfriend’s hand found the top of my head, and applied pressure. His cock pushed into my throat, and it took all I had not to gag. I massed his sack, and felt his balls moving around.

She took her hand off my head and I pulled back, then slide back down. I started a rhythm, using one hand at the base of his shaft, the other on his sack and my mouth and tongue working his dick.

My dick hardened so much I thought it might break the skin, and my girlfriend definitely noticed. She started riding harder and harder as I sucked this guy’s dick. She lowered herself so her head was next to mine and ground her hips against mine. I heard a smack as the guy’s hand landed on her perfect ass.

She reached back and grabbed his hand, then pressed it against her crack. For the first time he looked at me with a questioning look. I knew what she wanted, and nodded to him.

She pulled one of his fingers over her tight hole, and he pressed down. He slide it down to her pussy and lathered it in her juice, then pulled it back up to her ass. Again, he pressed down.

Her face was near mine and I could hear her gasp as he pushed through her sphincter, which stood no chance of protecting her taboo hole. It tried for a moment, but gave way to his strong digit.

The cock in her pussy and finger in her ass drove her crazy, and she grinded even faster.

I just kept sucking and playing with his sack, doing my job. The feel of a cock in my mouth, the smell of this guy’s crotch and the sounds of my girlfriend enjoying her asshole being worked was overwhelming. These was even better than my fantasies; I was in heaven. I was so focused on sucking this guy’s dick that I wasn’t even paying attention to my girlfriend’s pussy riding up and down my shaft.

She put her faced against mine and nibbled on my ear. I thought she was going to push my body through the floor as she slammed against me one more time and came harder than ever before. I had never made her cum four times, and the feel of both her holes being full pulsated through her body. She screamed, squirted, came and collapsed. She twitched a few more times as she struggled to recover.

I noticed his sack start to tighten, and his breathing picked up. She noticed too and pushed herself up onto her elbows. I opened my eyes and looked at her. “Don’t waste a drop,” she ordered.

I lowered my head all the way down and picked up the pace with my hand. His cock widened even more, I thought he was going to tear my cheeks. His balls went from gently pulsing to being completely pulled up against his body, like someone squatting down before preparing to leap.

His head pulsed, and I could feel a wad shoot up the bottom side of his cock and into my mouth. One pulse completely filled my mouth, but many more followed.

I struggled to keep my mouth on him as he unleashed more cum than I ever thought possible. It filled the back of my mouth and cheeks, but more came. Finally, after I lost count of how many times this guy had squirted his man juice into my face, he gave one last blast then stopped.

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