Mar 31

Her Way

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You watch as she hovers her cunt over your face, her fingers spreading her pussy lips. You have such a strong urge to push your fingers inside her hole, but she told you not too and you promised to obey.. Refraining from stroking your cock is difficult enough, but these are her rules and you gave your word…

You can almost taste her cuntcream as she lowers her cunt closer to your mouth. Fuck, you wonder why you agreed to this, to do only what she desires when all you want to do is ram your hard cock inside her. She told you to anticipate not knowing, enjoy the experience. If only she knew what you craved. Would she surrender herself to you?

At last, her sultry voice heightens your senses, she tells you to lick your lips, if only she would squat down a little lower, you would be able to reach her juicy cunt with the tip of your tongue. As you are wetting your lips her middle finger traces around her clit, coating it with her cream. She lifts her finger and smears your lips, will her teasing never end? Finally she pushes her finger into your mouth and at last, escort ataşehir you can taste her. When you have sucked her finger clean, she takes it out of your mouth and pushes down onto your face, telling you she wants you to fuck her with your tongue. You can feel her hot sticky cream covering your tongue as you probe between the kips of her pussy. You feel you are back in control and you tease her clit with your teeth, gently pulling it, stretching it out.. But she starts to move her body back and forth, she knows what she wants from you and she is going to get it, whatever it takes. She rocks her body back and forth in slow motion, your tongue glides over her clit then between the lips of her soaking fanny. You know in your mind she will ride you until she cums, will she allow you to satisfy your own sexual urges once she gets what she wants?

She leans her body forward and you feel her breasts touching your torso, if she would just move her body a little more you are sure you could push your throbbing dick between her tits.. Her breath is hot as kadıköy escort it lingers over your cock, you ache to feel her lips wrapped around it..

Finally, you feel her tongue, wet and hot, on the tip of your cock. She takes her time and explores every ridge, she circles the rim of your dick before opening her mouth and closing her lips around the head.. She moves her cunt faster now, pushing down a little more, forcing your tongue as deep as it can go, inside her. Would she object if you pushed your cock further into her mouth? It is her game afterall, but fuck, it would feel so good.

Pushing your hips up you wait for her reaction.. She opens her mouth and you think its all over, but then you feel her lips close half way down your shaft and she begins to suck it hard. This is all the encouragement you need, will she let you take over now?

You move your hands to her ass cheeks and pull them apart. She is still riding your face, even your chin is soaking wet. You ease your finger between her cuntlips, getting it wet from top to bottom. maltepe escort bayan Then you slide it back up to her asshole and circle her entrance round and round, you do this over and over again until you know she is relaxed enough to allow your finger to fuck her tight hole.

As you push your finger inside her, she sucks even harder on your cock, her moans are muffled but you can tell she is close. You feel her fingers reach to your balls, she caresses them slowly, pushing them up as she moves her lips down your shaft, pulling them down gently as her mouth reaches the head of your cock once again. She builds up a rhythm and you can feel your balls tighten. She moves her cunt even faster and you can feel her juices really starting to flow over your tongue. You both feel your orgasm building and you thrust your cock up, forcing her to take you deeper into her mouth. As your thick white cum sprays down her throat she stops her movements so that your tongue is directly on her clit.. You flick it fast until her body begins to shake, pleasure coursing through every part of you both…

She moves her body and rests beside you, kissing you breathlessly and licking her cum from your lips.. She tickles the insides of your thighs with her fingers and whispers in your ear, telling you when you get hard again, her body is yours to control…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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