Mar 31

Hidden in a Dark Corner

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I waited for you in the small, dark alcove. The pounding music was quieter here, muffled. I leant back against the wall and felt the bass vibrating through me. I shut my eyes. My head was slightly fuzzy, but not from the alcohol.

“Hey.” Your voice snapped me out of my lull. “There you are.”

You strode towards me, licking your lips, as I pushed myself forward off the wall.

“No, no, no – you’re not going anywhere.”

In one swift movement, you had me pinned up against the wall, your hand tangled in my hair and your lips crushed to mine. I kissed you back, pulling you closer to me, wanting to feel your body pressed against mine. My heart was racing, my skin was on fire, my hands were shaking as I gripped your back.

You broke the kiss and ran your lips roughly over my jaw and down my neck. Your hands were roving all over my body, over my shirt and jeans. Your fingers found my swollen nipple, teasing and pinching until I was aching for more.

You nudged my feet wider apart, trapping me against the wall. I could feel how much you wanted this moment; I ran my hand down your back, over your firm arse and round to the front of your jeans. I stroked up and down your hard bulge and my pussy throbbed.

“I want this.” I said, my voice husky.

“Oh yeah?” You said, kissing me again, removing my hand from your crotch and pinning it above my head against the wall.

“Yeah.” I said, bringing my other hand to replace the one you had moved, squeezing you slightly through your jeans.

“Really?” You took my other hand and pinned that above my head as well, holding both of my wrists in one hand, while your other hand stroked all the way down my arm, over my tits and across my hips, to the button on my jeans. “How much do you want it?”

“So much.” I sighed, as you opened my jeans and slid your hand in the front. You teased your fingers downwards over my knickers and flicked pendik escort my clit, just once, then ran your fingers lower towards your goal.

“Fuck, yeah. You’re so wet.”

“Mm-hmm.” My head was foggy with need; my words weren’t forming, so I kissed you again.

You pulled my knickers aside and pushed one finger straight into me, slowly teasing my g-spot, trying to keep my mouth locked to yours.

“Oh my god!” I sighed, my head falling back against the wall as you kissed my neck again.

“You’re so ready.” You sucked and nibbled at my earlobe, then whispered, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

That was it.

I yanked my hands out of your grasp and grabbed your hair, spinning you to the wall while you were off-guard, kissing you hard. I pulled at your shirt, wanting to feel your skin, wanting to run my nails down your chest and stomach, wanting to hold your hard dick in my hands.

I bit your bottom lip and kissed any bit of skin I could find around your collar, fumbling to get your jeans open. Finally, I got my hand inside your boxers, and wrapped my fingers around your solid cock. You were every bit as ready for this as I was.

“Fuck, you’re so big.” I moaned in your ear, as I stroked you up and down, spreading down your shaft a few drops of precum that had leaked from the tip. “I want you inside me.”

You groaned and thrust your hips forward, grabbing my jeans and knickers and pushing them down to my knees. You spun me round, pushed me forward so that I was leaning against the other wall, bent forwards and ready for you.

You shoved your jeans and boxers down and you were right behind me before I knew it, lining up your hard cock with the entrance to my dripping pussy. And then you were teasing me again, even now, rubbing your cock against my clit, smearing your shaft with my juices, holding me in place with one hand flat on my back.

“Come on!” I whined, maltepe escort turning my head as far as I could to look at you, pleading. “Just fuck me!”

I felt you position your dick and I pushed back onto you as hard as I could, crying out as you filled me so completely. You moaned, taken by surprise, and pulled out of me almost completely, so slowly, then slammed back into me, making me yell out again.

“Ah fuck you’re so tight.” You said, slamming into me and starting to build a steady, strong rhythm. “You need to be quieter, though, or they’ll come looking for us.”

My eyes were watering and my fingertips and knuckles were white from trying to grip the flat wall in front of me. I was completely oblivious to the garbled noise that was coming from my mouth; you brought one hand and clasped it over my mouth as my eyes rolled back in my head. I leant back slightly and you sped up, becoming more and more urgent with your thrusts, hitting my g-spot with every movement. I was moaning into your palm, reaching back to grab your arse and pull you harder towards me.

“You like this, don’t you?” You said, pulling my head back to lean on your shoulder.

“Mmm!” was all I could say, muffled through your hand.

“You like getting fucked like this, sneaking away around corners and getting pounded hard?” You moved your hand down to my nipple, pinching and twisting it under my top.

“I love… Getting fucked… By you.” I said, breathlessly. “I… Oh god… I love it when you… Fill me up… With that giant cock!”

“Oh god, say that again.” You said, grabbing both my hips so hard I knew you’d leave bruises, and fucking me harder than I’d ever been fucked.

“I love it… When you fill me up… With your giant cock!” I said, gasping for breath, making involuntary animalistic noises. “Don’t stop fucking me, you’re going to make me come!”

“Oh shit, yeah, come kartal escort on my cock!”

You reached down and rubbed my clit furiously, making my knees tremble. I leant forward again and put both my hands flat on the wall in front of me, rocking back to meet your vicious thrusts. My head fell forward and you removed your hand from my hip, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back up.

“I’m not going to… Last much longer…” You said, moaning loudly yourself now.

It didn’t matter. I could feel my stomach tightening more and more, as if being pulled back like a rubber band. My muscles were tensing, my legs shaking, my breathing was ragged. My pussy started to convulse, my eyes squeezed shut, and then –

“Ohhhh, I’m coming!” I screamed, my body jerking and my muscles spasming wildly. “Oh god, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming!” My voice changed to a strangled, whispered wail.

“Yes!” You said, letting go of my hair, both hands returning to my hips as your thrusts became more desperate. “Oh I can feel it.”

“Come inside me!” I said, reaching back to grab and squeeze your tightened balls, my pussy still squeezing your pulsing cock.

That was it, as much as you could take. Wrapping one arm right around my middle, trapping my arm, you jerked and thrust up hard, right up into me, lifting me onto my tiptoes. You groaned and swore as your hot seed filled me. Your thrusts got slower, more erratic, until you were spent and panting, pinning me again to the wall in exhaustion.

You rested your forehead on my shoulder, breathing hard, gently squeezing my breast as you recovered enough to move.

I gave you a few more seconds and pushed back slightly, stirring you from your stupor. I turned my head to kiss you, slow and satisfied. I spun around and bent to pull my jeans back up as you did the same. We locked eyes and laughed, and you kissed me again against the wall.

“We need to stop doing this…” I said, stroking your damp hair. “It’s not good.”

“Oh, but it is. So very good.” You said, kissing my neck again.

“Come on, let’s have a drink with the friends we’ve abandoned and I might let you walk me home later.”

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