Mar 31

High Interest Loan Ch. 03

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After loaning my boyfriend to my best friend for a week of sexual recreation in Aruba, I was now on my way to check up on my loan. To add real interest, I was being seduced by a college friend, who was gay, beautiful and relentless.

In spite of her desire to take my girl-on-girl cherry, she was being a good friend. Beth had convinced her daddy to allow us to use a company jet to take us to Aruba. She also commandeered his condo on the resort island. Now, we were making our way across the tarmac to a jet that I hoped would take me to a resolution to the complicated mess I created.

We boarded the plane to find two other passengers. Beth recognized them as executives with one of her father’s companies. She made the introductions. As a flight attendant served coffee and pastries, we settled in and talked about Aruba with the executives. They were going to conduct a review of her daddy’s call centers located on the island. Having been to Aruba several times, each of the men was familiar with the resort where Sean and Donna were staying. They grinned at each other recalling that it was a clothing optional hotel and beach.

Once airborne, Beth and I reclined in our oversized and reclining seats and dozed off. I awoke a couple hours later. Beth still slept, a blackout mask covering her eyes. The flight attendant came by with fresh coffee. The two execs were fixed on their laptops and I headed to the toilet.

The flight attendant was now fixing a tray with lunch and we had some time to chat. She was originally from the Netherlands and loved when she had the opportunity to fly to Aruba. Since this was a turnaround trip, she would not be staying on the island. She offered to be our tour guide if we returned when she had time to stay. The plane was not going back to Boston, but stopping in Miami. Beth’s father was there and they would have two days’ layover.

“I’m off to South Beach,” she said. “Got to keep my all over tan in good shape.”

I nodded and wondered if I were me or were most women comfortable going nude at the drop of a hat. When I returned to my seat, Beth was awake. I told her about my conversation with the attendant.

“Beatrice is a lot of fun. We’ve spent some time on the island. Do you think she’s attractive?”

I said I did and asked if that’s what Beth meant when she said she’s fun.

Showing a sly smile, Beth said, “Well, let’s say she is very open-minded. Especially if there is not a man around who attracts her. Yes, she’s a lot of fun.”

Beatrice brought us a tray with a light lunch of fruit salad, yogurt and a wheat roll. I looked at her clear complexion, bright blue eyes and toned figure. I bet she and Beth could have some fun.

As the attractive woman served our food my mind kept spinning. “Something to add to my worry list,” I thought. “Am I the only straight woman left in the world?” Maybe I was not as straight as I thought.

My mind was churning with erotic visions of Donna, Beth and, now, Beatrice. And, oh yeah, my boyfriend, Sean.

Before I realized it, the pilot asked us to prepare for landing. Within a few minutes we were on the ground and taxiing to the fixed base operator that serviced private aircraft. A local customs official came on board, checked our passports and wished us a happy stay.

As soon as I stepped onto the top of the stairs, I was hit with a blast of hot, dry air. The temperature in Boston that morning was around 30 and it must have been in the high 80’s here. As my clothes started to feel like a second and unwanted skin, I began to appreciate why not wearing too many clothing items made sense.

The execs had a black SUV waiting with plenty of room and offered to drop us at Beth’s condo. It only took fifteen minutes before we were waving good-bye.

Although nowhere near as spectacular as her Boston place, the Aruba condo was bright, tastefully furnished and, thankfully, had two bedrooms. It also had a spectacular view of the brilliant blue ocean.

Beth checked the kitchen and saw that it was fully stocked as she had requested. She pulled a half-bottle of champagne out of the refrigerator, uncorked it and poured two glasses. “Welcome to Aruba,” she said as we touched rims.

She pointed to my bedroom and announced we needed to get changed and hit the beach. I unpacked, put away my few things and stripped. I pulled on the new bikini bottom and tried to gauge how much of a trim I needed.

“Love the look, Alex,” said Beth from the doorway, “but I think you better wear a top, at least as we leave the building.”

By now I was not as freaked out being partially nude in front of her.

“I was trying to figure out how much I needed to groom,” I said looking at my reflection in the mirror.

Beth came and stood next to me. She was wearing a tiny pink bikini under a gauzy caftan. She pulled the caftan over her head. Looking at our reflections, I could easily see why people considered us look-alikes.

“Well, you could do what I do,” she said. Beth pulled down the front of her bikini and exposed a thin pendik escort strip of blond hair that perched above her smooth lips.

“Wow, I don’t think I want to go that far,” I said. I thought I was speaking calmly while my mind was screaming that I was staring at a naked pussy. Truth be told, I was admiring a naked pussy.

“Well, we could just shape it up a bit. What do you think you’d prefer, a rectangle or a small triangle?”

“I’d prefer not even talking about this whole thing. And, what the hell do you mean, ‘we’?”

“Have you ever used a razor down there?”

“Not really,” I admitted.

“So, I don’t think you want to go track down the love of your life with a pussy that’s cut and bleeding.”

“So, you’re just willing to volunteer to help?”

“Sure, what are friends for?”

I scoffed and said, “I think you just want to get your hands on my pussy.”

“Hey, every job must come with some benefits.” She smiled and said she’d be back in a minute with the proper tools.

I knew I was flirting with danger. In reality, I was flat out flirting. But, she did make a point about not wanting to do damage. I pulled down my bottoms and waited in the room without a stitch of clothing.

Beth reappeared and stopped short. She eyed me from head to toe. “I couldn’t interest you in spending a delightful, long afternoon in bed, could I?”

“Just do your job, bitch,” I joked.

Laughing she told me to sit on the bed as she went into the attached bathroom. She returned with a towel. Following her directions I lifted my butt and she placed the towel on the bed beneath me. She ran her hands through my patch and asked what I decided.

“I think a small triangle will be fine. And, I don’t think you need to touch anything down there except the little bit you’re going to trim.”

“You mean I can’t touch you here?” she said as her finger ran up my slit and pressed against my clit. Involuntarily, I jerked and let out a long moan as pleasure lit up my nerve endings.

“Fuck, Beth. Please don’t do that.”

“Okay,” she said. “Just remember if I hurt anything, I will happily kiss it and make it better.”

I knew I was wet and that last statement only made things worse.

Beth leaned in close and gently pulled the edges of my curls out and snipped them with a scissors. She worked her away around the three sides of my bush. She moved aside so I could see my reflection in the wall mirror.

“How’s that for shape?”

“Will everything be hidden in my bottom?”

“Pretty sure. If not, I’ll trim some more. Now, I’ll shave the rest and, honestly, Alex, I need to do along the sides and bottom. Otherwise, it’s going to look weird.”

I sighed and agreed. Beth spread some shaving cream along the edges of my bush and quickly pulled the razor to take care of the remaining short hairs. I again checked the mirror and was startled at how it made a difference. I thought it looked sexy.

“Please lay back and spread your legs, Alex.” She giggled and said, “I wish I had a dime for every time I said that to a hot woman.”

“Beth!” I cried.

“Just kidding. Chill, Alex. This is fun.”

“For you, maybe,” I said as I eased myself back on the bed. Slowly I let my knees fall and my thighs opened up.

Beth was silent and I did not feel her touching me. “Is everything all right?” I asked.

“Alex, you are incredibly beautiful. I was just caught up in looking at you.”

“Well, showtime’s over. Let’s finish up.”

I heard the can hissing and then felt the cool foam being spread on my thighs and onto my lips. I took in a breath as a woman’s fingers touched my sex. Beth quickly trimmed the hair from both thighs. Her touch was now on my lips as she pulled one tight to smooth out the skin. The razor glided over it. I held my breath as she repeated the action on my other lip. I knew I was seriously damp and was sure that Beth could see it.

“Can you lift your legs so I can do the last part?”

I gripped my thighs and pulled my legs back. I felt more exposed than I did at my annual physical. Beth spread the foam around the bottom of my vagina and all the way down to my asshole. She deftly used the razor and wiped me dry.

“All done, Alex,” she said. “Let me just wipe the excess off in front.” Before I could say a word, I felt a towel rubbing me clean. She finished by spreading my lips with one hand and running the towel the length of my slit with the other. As much as I wanted to hide my arousal, I groaned as I felt her touch.

“One kiss, Alex?”

“God, Beth. I don’t know. You know I never had a woman do that.”

Beth stroked my thigh. “This will probably be the only time I’ll have an opportunity. Just one and then we move on.”

I looked at her blue eyes staring up from my newly groomed pussy. I should have just closed my legs. I should have gotten up and dressed. I should have just said no. But, I felt her breathing on my exposed and sensitive lips.

“Well, just one. A quick one.”

I felt her hair brush against maltepe escort my thighs. My orgasm was lying in wait, threatening to burst free at any second. Then, I felt her mouth on my pussy. I yelped. Her tongue pushed past my lips and excruciatingly slowly moved up until to it reached my clit. I was whimpering. Her lips surrounded the hard bud and as she sucked it inside her mouth, her tongue pushed down. She began sucking on my clit. I was moving my hips and making all sorts of noises. Then her finger slipped inside me and pushed against a spot that lit up my mind. I could hold back no longer.

I screamed and came. I pushed her head away as wave after wave crashed over me. As her finger left my body I wanted to grab it and push it back in, but I didn’t. Rolling on to my side, I curled up into a ball trying to still my orgasm. Beth touched my calf and then I felt her taking the towel away.

My mind was trying to reconcile what my body was still experiencing. If that wasn’t the best orgasm I ever had, it was damn near the top of the list. To feel such a release and know that it was a woman who caused it was an overpowering and totally disconcerting emotion. I felt the bed shift and then Beth snuggled up behind me. Her arms wrapped around me as she held me.

We lay together for several minutes. Finally, Beth spoke. “Time to go to, Alex. Why don’t you finish getting dressed and I’m going to call a cab to take us to Manchebo Beach.”

She kissed the back of my neck after moving aside my hair. “Thank you, Alex, it was everything I had ever dreamed and more. You are beautiful and you taste like heaven.” Beth got off the bed and left the room.

I willed myself to sit up and then to stand. I looked in the mirror. In addition to seeing the strange new shape between my legs, I wondered if I looked different. I was a woman who just had another women give her an oral sex orgasm. I shook my head and wondered what the fuck I was thinking. Turning away from my image, I pulled on my pink and purple bikini top and bottom. I checked in the mirror and was satisfied that no stray pussy hairs were showing. Turning I admired the way the bottom hugged my butt. The little bit of extra padding in the top helped give me a sweet bit of cleavage. In spite of liking how I looked I added a long cotton shirt to serve as a cover-up. I packed a straw bag with sunscreen, a bottle of water, beach towel and a few cosmetics.

Beth awaited me by the door and we rode back down to the lobby. The cab pulled up in a few minutes and she gave the driver directions. Riding along and looking at the many resorts and occasional glimpses of the beach and ocean, I began to think about what just happened. My guilt bucket was now overflowing.

Almost as if she were reading my mind, Beth reached out for my hand. I recoiled at first and then let her hold it.

“Alex, don’t go away on me. What we just did was fun. It was sexy. It was not the end of civilization.”

I looked at the driver. He had that neutral face that so many people in the service industry put on. I don’t know if he could hear us, if he were interested in listening or if he even understood much English. Taking no chances I leaned in to Beth so I could speak softly.

“Beth, we had sex. I still can’t believe it.”

“Alex, technically I had sex with you. You did nothing except allow me to enjoy a beautiful woman.”

“But, you, uh, you… Fuck it, you ate me out.”

Beth chuckled. “No I didn’t, Alex. I barely kissed you. If I ate you out, I guarantee you would still be recovering. So, think about that. Think about how much more intense a real session could be.”

My pussy was damp again. I was convinced that nothing like this would ever happen again. Still, the remembered tenderness of her lips on my sex and the resulting orgasm was enough to make me squirm with desire. I briefly wondered what it would be like to lying between Beth’s thighs and kissing the treasure waiting there.

“Not going to happen, Beth. It was a moment of weakness on my part. Sorry, but it was nothing more than that.”

“Just so you know, Alex. As I said before, it was everything I had dreamed about. If you change your mind, I’m there. And, I will not bring it up again and certainly not ever tell Donna or Sean. I leave any disclosures to you. But, do not beat yourself up about this. It was a beautiful moment in time, not a moment of weakness. Let’s leave it at that.”

She squeezed my hand and let it go. I looked at her. We could not see each other’s eyes because of our sunglasses. I wondered if she had tears in hers as I did in mine. I was appreciating the depth of Beth more and more as I got to know her better. Beyond the cool, attractive exterior was a caring and kind person. I hoped we could remain friends and not let sex get in the way.

The cab slowed and we climbed out at the covered entrance to the resort where Sean and Donna were staying. As the cab pulled away, I was overcome with a fear that I had no idea why I was standing here or what I was going to say. kartal escort Beth had urged me to think through how I would explain to Sean and Donna why I had come. I told her I had, but in reality all I did was let my desire to reconnect with Sean override any judgment.

Beth took a few steps toward the lobby. Sensing I was not with her she turned and saw me stuck in place.

“You coming, Alex?”

“Maybe we should go home.”

Beth blew out a long breath. “Alex, we just flew I don’t know how many fucking thousands of miles to be here. You are not going to run away now. Let’s go find Donna and Sean.”

“What will I say?”

“Shit, this is a hell of a time to think of that. Maybe you should have worked on that flying down here. No matter, we’re here and we are going in. I suggest you try to gather whatever thoughts you have. I think we can start off with saying ‘hello.’ After that, you’re on your own.”

“You made me come here,” I whined. “You have to do more than say I’m on my own.”

“Alex, I did not make you come,” she said and then laughed. “Well, I did but only in the bedroom.”

“Beth, this is not the time to make jokes. I am totally freaking out.”

“Alex, take a deep breath. You are going to be with the two people who love you the most. It will be fine.”

“And, if it isn’t?” I pushed.

“You’ll just have to stay with me. I have ways to make you feel really, really good.”

If Beth was trying to make me feel at ease, she was failing in a grand fashion.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the lobby. “Come on, let’s get it over with.”

At the desk, she asked them to ring the room. There was no answer. The clerk said that they usually were at the beach at this time of day.

“You know their schedule?” I asked.

“Ah, Miss Donna is easy to keep track of,” he said with a smile. “I suggest you go out that door and ask any of the attendants. The boys will be able to tell you where Miss Donna is.”

As we walked toward the door, I said, “What’s with this ‘Miss Donna’ crap?”

Beth smiled and said she’d bet it was island talk for big tits.

At the beginning of the sandy beach, we saw a number of cabanas and over-sized umbrellas scattered along the shore. A young man approached us and inquired if we needed help. Beth asked him if Miss Donna were here. His face lit up and told us she was. He offered to take us there, but Beth told him to point the way. He indicated an umbrella about 100 feet away. Beth handed him a folded bill and we made our way towards the umbrella.

My stomach was doing flips and tosses as we drew nearer. We passed other guests. I noticed that most women were topless. I wondered what we would find at Donna’s umbrella.

I could see that only one person was under the umbrella as a single pair of feet was in view from the angle of our approach. We continued and gradually a tanned set of female legs appeared, followed by a tiny bikini bottom. Finally we were staring at Donna’s tanned, naked breasts. She had a straw hat pulled down over her eyes and her slow breathing indicated she may be sleeping. Although Donna often was nude at our old apartment, at this instant I thought her breasts were the most exotic pieces of flesh I had ever seen.

Large and obviously exposed long enough to the sun to leave an all-over bronze color, her breasts rested on her chest like two milk chocolate pillows. Donna’s breasts were all natural and I marveled at how they kept their shape as she lay there. I know my breasts practically disappear when I lay on my back.

Without speaking, we walked until we were standing over her. Beth turned to me and mouthed, “Wow.” I nodded. Seeing a bucket full of ice cradling a tall bottle of water, Beth grabbed it by the neck.

I made a motion as if to say, “What are you doing?” She grinned and lowered the chilled glass bottle until it made contact with sun-darkened nipple.

Donna jumped up and screamed, “What the fuck?!”

Her hat fell off as she clasped her hand on the chilled boob. She next looked up. Her face was a mixture of confusion and delight.

“What…How…Holy crap, what are you guys doing here?”

She stood and after a microsecond of hesitation, wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me hard and moved back to look at my face. Shaking her head, she pulled me to her again. Her warm, bare breasts seemed to be burning a brand into my nearly naked flesh. Pulling back one more time, she smiled and kissed me. Her lips were warm, soft and so sexy.

She broke and turned to Beth.

“I bet you had something to do with this,” Donna said.

“Who? Me?” Beth answered, feigning innocence.

“Yeah, you, bitch. Come here.” Beth stepped forward and they embraced. I could see Beth’s hand slip down to lightly touch Donna’s bottom, which swayed in response. Beth moved away and then kissed Donna on the lips. Donna giggled and slapped Beth’s ass.

“You are such a tramp, Hughes.”

“Takes one…” she replied. They both laughed.

“So, what the fuck are you guys doing here?”

Beth just looked at me.

Even if I had a well-rehearsed explanation, it would have fled my mind at this moment. Looking at a half-naked Donna and thinking about what she and Sean must have been doing, I was at a total loss.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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