Mar 31

Him Ch. 02

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They stepped out of the alley and back on to the sidewalk. Her arm linked with his, holding it tightly. He flagged down a cab, and they hopped inside. She gave the driver her address and off they went. His fingers were entwined with hers, as she rested her head on his shoulder. They didn’t say a word during the entire ride back to her place.

The warmth of their powerful orgasm still flowing through their bodies. But they both knew that their night wasn’t over yet. She kept her arousal up by subtly squeezing her thighs together. She knew this was rubbing off on her new found lover, as she could see his bulge starting to grow in his pants.

She smiled to herself and squeezed his hand tightly. He mimicked her hand squeeze and kissed the top of her head. Before they knew it, the cab pulled up at her building. He paid the driver, and they quickly got out and entered the building. He followed her closely, his eyes glued to her ass and hips as they swung hypnotically to and fro. They waited quietly for the elevator doors to open, then stepped inside.

The moment the doors shut, she found herself with her back pushed up against the elevator wall and his lips mashed against hers. She opened her mouth wide and accepted his tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tightly. She could feel him grinding his bulge into her, and she responded in kind. But all too quickly the elevator arrived at their floor. They composed themselves and walked down the hall to her door. She pulled the keys out of her purse. Her hands trembling with anticipation, she fumbled to get the door open.

She managed to unlock the door, and they were inside in a blink of an eye. He shut and locked door behind them. She turned and faced him. He slowly started towards her. As he moved forward he started peeling off his shirt. She started backing up, unbuttoning her blouse, and dropping it on the floor along with his shirt. She quickly removed her bra, and started to unzip her skirt. He was busy unbuttoning his pants, and kicking off his shoes. She let her skirt drop to the floor, and pulled off her boots. He dropped his boxer briefs, and his huge cock sprung free. Her eyes were instantly drawn to it, and she unconsciously licked her lips. She got her boots off as he approached her.

“Get on your knees, Kaiya.”

She dropped, and looked up into Graeme’s eyes. Her gaze communicated her lust, desire, and willingness to do anything he asked. He moved closer to her, placing his cock less than an inch away from her quivering lips. Her eyes locked on the bulging, purple cockhead. She noted some precum leaking out. Her mouth opened slightly, and she licked her lips again. Graeme noted her reaction.

“You want something, don’t you, Kaiya?” He asked.

Her eyes never left his pulsing cock. “Yes, Graeme.” She whispered.

“What is it that you want?”

“I want your cock.”

“What do you want to do with my cock? Do you want to suck it?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want to suck your cock.”

“Say ‘Please Graeme, let me suck your cock.'”

“Please Graeme, let me suck your cock.”

He smiled, and gently placed his hand at the back of her head. “Ok, Kaiya. You can suck my cock.”

His approval sent shivers down her spine. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and used the tip to lift the precum off his cock. She got her first taste of him as she brought her tongue back into her mouth. She savored his sweet and salty flavor for a moment before her tongue snaked out over his cockhead. She slowly circled his head with her tongue, covering every inch with her saliva. She then slid her tongue down the underside of his long shaft, slowly tracing the vein right down to the base bursa escort of his cock.

As she reached the bottom, she gently lifted his cock with her hand, and then started licking her way back up, using broad tongue strokes, slicking up his cock. She reached his cockhead again, and slowly opened her mouth. He saw her mouth open, and gently pushed her head towards his throbbing cock. He was desperate to feel her warm mouth around his shaft, but he didn’t want to let her know it.

Kaiya felt the pressure at the back of her head. Her clit throbbed and her cunt pulsed as Graeme gently forced her towards his cock.

“God I can’t wait to swallow his cock!” she thought to herself.

His cockhead crossed her lips and entered her hot mouth. They both moaned in pleasure. The vibrations of her moan traveled down his shaft and into his balls like lightning. Her cunt convulsed as her oral fixation was being fed. She sucked on his cockhead gently, bringing the remaining precum into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his head sending waves of pleasure through his body. She sucked and swirled for what seemed like hours to him, before she started to take more of his cock deeper into her mouth.

Slowly, inch by agonizing inch, Kaiya took Graeme’s rock hard cock deep into her mouth, and down her throat. Her tongue slipping and sliding all over his length. She savored the familiar flavor of her own juices from their furious fuck in the alley not to long ago. Her nose finally touched the shaved area at the base of his cock. She had all 8.5 inches of his cock in her mouth and throat. Her cunt was on fire, and her juices were dripping down her leg. She had to slip a few fingers inside her hole to give herself some relief. Her mind was racing, and so were her fingers. She looked up at her lover. He was looking right at her, looking deep into her soul. She could see the lust in his eyes, and could feel the pure sexual energy this man radiated.

She moaned again and sent shivers through out his muscled body, and began to bob her head up and down his cock. Slowly up, and slowly down. His entire length moving in and out of her mouth. Their eyes never parted gaze, as he guided her motions with his hand. Her fingers dipping in and out of her hot, dripping cunt, spreading her juices over her lips and around her throbbing clit. Each stroke of his shaft and her clit sent jolts of ecstasy through every nerve of her body.

Seeing her twitch in pleasure, and feeling the warmth of her mouth around his cock caused the pressure to build in his balls. He forced her to increase her pace, and she happily obliged. She increased her suction, and quickened her strokes. Her head bobbed faster and faster, while her fingers circled her clit faster and faster. She couldn’t help moaning into his cock. The combined sensations he felt through his cock were incredible.

“Mmmmm, yeaaaaa. Just like that little girl. Suck that big cock.”

His words struck her clit like a lightning bolt. She came that very instant. Her whole body tensed, her fingers squeezed her clit, and she screamed in bliss. The cock in her mouth shook and reverberated with her orgasm. His balls tightened, and he cried out. He drove his hips forward, forcing his cock deep down her throat. His hands gripped her head, as his own orgasm took over. His cock twitched and shuddered in her mouth, then exploded. It shot spurt after spurt of hot cum down her throat.

She was hit with another orgasm as the first jet of cum hit the back of her throat. She greedily drank his seed down. Spurt after spurt, gulp after gulp, she drank his cum. Together they rode wave after wave of orgasmic energy until she drained his cock. She slowly withdrew his still hard shaft from her mouth, bursa escort bayan being sure to suck the last little bit of cum from the tip.

“Mmmmm, he tastes as good as he looks.” She thought.

Despite his shaking knees from the intense orgasm he just experienced, Graeme lifted Kaiya to her feet. He planted his lips squarely on hers in a passionate kiss. She opened her mouth and slipped her tongue in. He could taste himself in her mouth, but it certainly didn’t bother him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tightly. She returned the embrace, as their tongues dueled. She suddenly felt weightless. He had scooped her up in his powerful arms, and began to carry her to the bedroom.

He laid her down gently, and slowly kissed his way down her throat, covering every inch of her skin with kisses. He slowly worked his way down across the top of her chest, and down to her right breast. He kissed a slow, spiraling circle in towards her erect nipple.

Kaiya was writhing beneath Graeme’s touch. Her mind was overloaded with pleasure, and her nerves were on fire. She caressed his back, and stroked his hair as he kissed his way over her nipple. He sucked the pink point into his mouth, and she gasped. She pulled his head into her breast as he drew his teeth across her tit. He isolated her erect nipple between his teeth and gently increased the pressure. She mewed at the sensation. He began to quickly flick his tongue tip across her nipple, back and forth. Kaiya began to gasp and moan, her fingers clenched Graeme’s hair. He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth, then slowly pulled away until it popped out of his mouth. Kaiya sighed at the loss of stimulation, but was quickly anticipating another round as Graeme kissed his way over to her other breast.

He began his thorough method of kissing her breast in a slow spiral in towards her nipple. She began pushing her breast up towards him, eagerly awaiting his mouth. He smiled inwardly at her action and decided not to prolong her agony. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, and clenched it between his teeth. She shuddered at the pressure, as he began to work her nipple with his tongue tip. He bit her tit a little harder then sucked it deep into his mouth. She gasped as he slowly let her nipple slip from between his teeth until it popped out into the open.

Graeme looked up into Kaiya’s eyes.Tthey were glazed over in sheer bliss as she moaned silently. He smiled and started kissing his way down between her breasts, and down her stomach. He slipped his tongue in her navel, and dragged his tongue from her navel, right down to the top of her cunt. He pulled his head back and admired the view. He inhaled deeply. He became dizzy with desire as her scent filled his lungs. He kissed around her swollen, bright pink cunt. He noted the stream of juice flowing out from between her folds. She knew he was teasing her, but she was going to have none of it, she shifted her body, trying to place her hot sex in front of his mouth. Graeme grinned but removed the smile from his face. SMACK! His hand came down on her cunt. Kaiya cried out in pure pleasure.

“I will eat you, when I’m ready to. Understand, little girl?”

She nodded, her cunt throbbing after the sudden assault. He resumed his slow licking and kissing. His tongue licking the stream of juice flowing from her cunt.

“God she tastes amazing. I could do this all day.” Graeme thought to himself.

He slowly started to part her lips with his tongue, her juices collecting on his tongue as he probed her sex. Kaiya endured minute after tortuous minute as Graeme’s tongue teasingly probed her cunt. She ran her hands through his hair, trying to urge him deeper into her sex. Her arousal driving her insane escort bursa with lust.

“The minute his tongue touches my clit, I’m going to explode!” she thought.

And she did just that. Graeme had parted her lips with his fingers and pressed his tongue hard against her throbbing, swollen clit.

Kaiya screamed. “GRAEMMMMMME!!”

She ground her cunt against his face, her hands pulling his head into her sex as a powerful orgasm wreaked sexual havoc through out her body. Graeme flicked his tongue tip across her clit, sending crashing waves of sexual energy through her over-sensitive clit. Her juices flowed out of her convulsing cunt, and dripped down his chin. Graeme pulled back after a few minutes, in order to allow her a short recovery period. Her whole body was twitching, her skin had a sheen of sweat. Her nipples were rock hard, and she was breathing like she had just finished a marathon.

But he wasn’t finished. He shoved two fingers deep inside her. Kaiya’s back arched instantly as another orgasm took her. Graeme dove down on her clit and began licking and sucking away. He pumped his two fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt, being sure to hit her g-spot with each thrust. He sucked her clit hard into his mouth, and flicked his tongue tip across it as fast as he could. Each pass of his tongue caused Kaiya’s orgasm to intensify. Her nerves were on fire, her body acting of its own volition, and she could barely see straight. All she could feel was the pure rapture that he was causing.

“GOOOOD!! YESSSS! FUUUUCK! GRAEMMMMMME!” she screamed. And he heard every word.

Her orgasm was rubbing off on him, his cock was throbbing. He desperately wanted to be inside her again. He sucked her clit hard one more time, then pulled away. Kaiya collapsed, breathing hard, and sweating like crazy. She turned her head towards him,

“Fuck me Graeme. Please. I need you inside me.”

Graeme smiled, and got on his knees. “Get on all fours, Kaiya. Present your cunt to me. Now.” He growled at her.

Her dazed look, turned to pure animalistic lust. And she saw it in his eyes too. She rolled over, and got on all fours, and looked back at him. He moved forward. Graeme’s cock was aching. His eyes were locked on her bright red cunt, swollen with arousal. Her juices dripping from it. He positioned his cock at her opening, and grabbed her hips. He slammed his cock in hard!

“AHHHHHHHHH GOD!!” They both cried out together.

Kaiya’s cunt gripped his cock like a vice as another powerful orgasm shook her body. Then he started to thrust inside her. Her orgasm ended, but instantly another one began to build, and build quickly. Graeme pumped his rock hard cock in and out of her tight cunt. Despite cumming a short while ago, he was ready to explode again. He dug his fingers into her hips as he pulled himself deeper into her cunt with each thrust. Instinct had taken over in the two lovers, and he fucked his mate hard, moving towards his orgasm quickly.

Graeme grabbed Kaiya’s black mane, and pulled her head back. Her cunt tightened its grip around his cock with this simple move.

He leaned in, and placed his mouth by her ear, “I’m gonna cum, Kaiya. I’m gonna cum deep inside you.”

“Cum inside me, Graeme, please.” She responded.

Graeme thrust hard twice more, “AHHHHHHH KAIYA!!!!!”


They climaxed in unison. The most intense orgasm either of them had ever experienced. Graeme shot a massive stream of white hot cum deep into Kaiya’s cunt. Each pulse his cock made, intensified her own orgasm. For what seemed like an eternity, they rode their orgasm together until they finally collapsed together on her bed. Their sweating bodies molded together. He kissed her neck, and shoulder as he held her close to him. Her hands sought his out, and she entwined her fingers with his as tears once again streamed down her face. They both closed their eyes, and drifted off to sleep, happy and content.

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