Mar 31

His Beautiful Canvas

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Marlee woke up and realized that the bed next to her was empty. Where had Jack gone off to this morning? Especially after the night of carnal delights they had shared. He hadn’t been joking when he said that they would both be sore but satisfied by the end of the weekend. He could at least have the decency to pretend to be too tired to be up and at ’em. ‘Obviously she needed to work him a little harder next time.’She thought, chuckling to herself.

Gingerly she stretched her tired body and was surprised when she met resistance. She looked up and realized that Jack had tied her hands to the bed posts with two Christmas ties that he had never much cared for. Her feet were bound as well, with only enough length to pull her knees up at a 45° angle. Marlee tugged experimentally at her restraints and realized she wasn’t going anywhere until he wanted her to. If he came in all clad in leather with a cat-o-nines in hand she was in a world of hurt.

“Jackson McGrath, what in the Hell is going on?!” Marlee asked loudly, hoping he was in the general vicinity and would come in and explain why she was bound to the bed.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” She heard from somewhere behind her. “Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

Marlee craned her head and arched off the bed, trying to see him, but he stood just beyond her line of vision. “If the wrong side of the bed includes being tied to it, then yes…I guess I did.” She replied dryly, dropping her bottom back onto the bed and attempting to look unperturbed. “Speaking of which, why is it that I woke up this morning and found myself in this predicament?”

“Because what I have planned for you requires that you stay in one place.” Jack replied mysteriously.

What was that supposed to mean? “What you have planned fore me doesn’t include 127 Latvian midgets, does it?” She asked, subtly testing the ties on her feet and finding them equally secured.

“Hmmmm…not a bad idea. Let me go make a few calls.” His deep chuckle receding down the hall was the only indication that she was alone in the room again.

“Crap.” Marlee muttered, annoyed at Jack for tying her to the bed, annoyed at Jack for leaving her alone, annoyed that the entire situation had her turned on much more than she would have liked. And God help her if Jack managed to produce 127 midgets of any heritage.

She heard cabinets opening and closing in the kitchen and she wondered what exactly he was looking for. It was a good thing they didn’t have any spring-closing clothes pins in the house. Marlee didn’t much care for the idea of having even one clamped on any part of her anatomy. Mercifully Jack was far too squeamish to even consider any sort of blood letting. Still, there were a variety of other interesting kitchen utensils that could come into play.

Hundreds of possible scenarios raced through her brain as Marlee laid there waiting for Jack’s return. What could he be planning? Hot wax? Oil? Whipped cream? Sex toys? Honey dust? Another man? Another woman? A dog? Making her watch him with another woman? Or another man? Or, heaven’s forbid, that poor dog?

Marlee tugged restlessly at her restraints again. ‘What the hell was he still doing out there?’ “Jack?” She called again, more of a panicked edge to her voice than she would have liked.

“Are you ready for me, My Beautiful Canvas?”

Her head whipped around to where his voice had come from and he stood there, beautifully naked except for an old maroon beret of hers perched almost comically atop of his head. Jack had a tray in his hand, but from this angle she couldn’t quite make out what was on it. The wicked glint in his sea-green eyes told her that it was far from coincidence that that was the case, too.

“Ready for what?” Marlee asked curiously, intrigued now that the game seemed to finally be afoot.

Jack put the tray out of sight on the floor and sat down on the edge of the bed. Leisurely he trailed his hand up her arm, over her stiff nipple and back down her torso, pausing just above her pubic mound. “Do you trust me, Marlee?” His voice was as soft and seductive as the brush of his fingers against her skin.

“Why is it people always ask that question before the do something they know you won’t like?” Marlee returned with a breathy little laugh.

“And if I promise you’ll enjoy it?” His fingers slid between the lips of her trimmed pussy, smiling ever so slightly at the telltale wetness there.

Oh what the hell…Jack had never broken a promise to her yet. If he said she was going to enjoy this who was she to argue? Marlee arched up into him in silent consent and was rewarded with a slow, rasping caress over her swollen clit. bursa escort Whatever ‘it’ was, he’d damned well better start soon.

Jack leaned over her and gave her a deep, bone-melting kiss that quelled any lingering concerns she might still have. “You won’t be sorry.” He assured her before turning away to retrieve whatever it was that was on the tray, his body ‘conveniently’ blocking her view.

“It’s COLD!” Marlee yelped when the first cold glob plopped against her torso.

“Don’t squirm.” Jack scolded before dropping another cold blob on her thigh.

“What in the hell IS that???” Marlee demanded, struggling against her bonds to pull herself up enough to see what he was doing.

“Paint.” He explained very matter-of-factly as he slowly ran his fingers from the paint on her torso on down over her hip and to her thigh.

“You’re going to paint me?” She asked in disbelief.

Intent on his work, Jack leaned over to the tray again and selected a different color. “Finger paint, to be precise.” He corrected before making a green line across her other thigh.

Marlee’s breath caught in her throat as he this time trailed up her inner thigh, across her mound and up to her navel. She was torn somewhere between ‘damn that feels good’ and ‘I hope this washes out of my sheets.’ The next swirl was red and ran along her jaw line and in a slow, sensuous circle to the sensitive base of her neck. ‘To hell with the sheets’ she decided, cocking her head to the side and giving her artist more canvas to work with.

His fingers worked slowly over her body, leisurely exploring every curve, every crevice, every freckle under the guise of ‘artiste.’ Swirling strokes of blue around a small mole on her left hip sent thrills down her spine. Short brushes of green over her appendix scar left Marlee breathless. Smears of red around her navel sent her into gales of laughter.

Jack’s hand eventually slid up her inner thigh, his yellow-tinted finger sliding deliberately along her pussy lips. “Tsk tsk tsk. This will never do.”

“What—” Marlee had to shake off the erotic haze fogging her brain. “—will never do?”

“You’re far too wet.” Softly Jack slid the back of his knuckle over her clit. “All of this moisture will make my paint run.”

A small gasp escaped Marlee when he repeated the caress. “You keep that up buddy and you’re going to get a lot more than ‘moisture.’”

He winked and gave her aching nub one last stroke before removing his hand from her pussy and venturing down her thigh to a safer bit of canvas. Of course, ‘safer’ was a relative term the way his touch was spreading through her body like wildfire, but at least Jack had moved away from the danger zone for now.

She’d swear Jack repainted a few areas just to torture her, but finally, after what seemed like hours, he stood back and pronounced his masterpiece “Perfect.”

Marlee wiggled her nose, trying to itch at the drying paint surrounding it. “So, what do we do now? Are you planning on hanging me over the fireplace?”

Jack considered her question for a long moment. “No. You’re more of a sculpture that should be appreciated at eye level.”

“Alrighty then.” Marlee arched her eyebrow doubtfully, the paint tightening the skin on her forehead. “So, do I get to see this work of art of yours?”

“Sure. Of course.” She had hoped that Jack would untie her so she could look for herself, but instead he disappeared into the bathroom and returned a moment later with her makeup mirror. “What do you think?”

Marlee tilted her head to the side to get a view of her torso in the small circular mirror that he held over her. “I think I’d get a better view if you’d untie me and let me look at the full-length mirror in the bathroom.”

Jack readjusted the mirror. “Better?”

She sighed, “I look like a lumpy Picasso.” Experimentally she tugged at the bindings on her hands again and found them annoyingly secure. “Uh, why am I still tied up here?”

“Because we’re not done yet.” He set the mirror and the beret on the bedside table and sat down next to her again.

His nearness set her nerve endings on edge. “But you said I was done.”

Jack leaned over her, closely inspecting the paint along the underside of her breast. “No. I said you look perfect.”

Marlee could feel the warmth of his breath and felt the paint crackle as her nipple stiffened tautly. “Then what’s left?”

“Did I mention that this paint is also edible?” He asked almost conversationally, his multi-colored fingers cupping the underside of her breast and lifting it up to his mouth. His tongue trailed slowly over the areola and swirled leisurely around the nipple before taking bursa escort bayan it into his mouth and thoroughly cleaning the fleshy mound.

Jack then licked his way up over her breastbone, her neck and her chin before covering her mouth with his. She could taste chocolate, banana, strawberry and something else she couldn’t quite put a name to. But the explosion of flavors in her mouth when his tongue slid against hers unleashed a coil desire deep into her core.

“You taste incredible.” He murmured against her mouth, his tongue now lapping across to her cheek and nibbling a path down to her other breast. Marlee arched her chest up to meet his mouth, moaning loudly when he sucked on the rigid nipple.

“Oh fuck Jack,” she pulled frantically at the ties holding her in place, wanting to take a more active part in his feasting. “Come on. You’ve got to untie me.”

Jack looked up at her, his goatee streaked with paint from traveling over her body. “Not yet.” He shook his head and moved down to her torso. “I don’t want to have to chase my breakfast around.”

“And they say women are teases.” Marlee muttered, attempting to reposition her body to get his tongue where she really needed it to be.

“But you are.” One last dip into her belly button and he did indeed move further south, but well past her aching snatch and down to her feet. “Look how you tease me with your luscious body.” Jack had always had a thing for her feet and now took his time licking and sucking and, in general, making her squirm. “It’s all I can do to not dive in to your sweet little cunny and fuck you into next week.”

“Oh hunney, please don’t hold back.” Marlee gasped as his tongue smoothed up her calf. “You should feel free to fuck me as long and as hard as you need to.”

Torturously he inched his way up her thigh, pausing just short of where she needed him to be. “You know what they say,” His fingered hovered just above her clit.

Touch me. Touch me. Touch me. Touch me. Touch me. Marlee strained against her bonds but couldn’t quit reach his illusive digit. “What?” She finally demanded in exasperation.

“Good things come to those who wait.” He retraced his path back down her leg and started the process all over again on her other calf.

“So help me God Jackson, when I finally get out of these damned ties I’m going to make you pay.” She hissed through clenched teeth.

He chuckled and licked a small, leisurely circle over her kneecap. “That’s as good an argument as any to keep you tied up for a while.”

Marlee wanted to scream out her frustration, but was afraid it would only slow down his ministrations. And if he slowed down anymore she was quite certain she’d die. She would rather die than be brought that close to orgasm again only to be left achingly unsatisfied.

Finally finally FINALLY Jack returned to the top of her thighs and started a thorough clean up of her pubic mound and the area where her thighs met her pelvis. Actually, she was inclined to say overly thorough as Jack laved seemingly every square millimeter of her skin, working ever closer but never actually touching anything that would relieve the burning ache inside of her. Marlee had no idea that he could be so cruel.

“That was delicious.” Jack sat back and licked contentedly at his fingers. “I’m positively stuffed.”

“WHAT?!?!” Marlee jerked furiously at the ties around her wrists.

“I couldn’t eat another bite.” His smile was absolutely sinful. “But, I really could go for something to drink.”

Marlee relaxed back into her pillows, a grin spreading on her face. Okay. Maybe she would let him live after all. “Oh hun, no need to go for a drink. I’m sure I’ve got something that’ll whet your whistle.”

“Oh really?” Jack repositioned himself so that he was between her legs.

“Yes, really.” She responded dryly.

His hands slid under her ass, tilting her upwards slightly. “But I am very thirsty.”

“Conveniently I am very wet.” Marlee flexed her thighs even further apart.

Gently he pushed aside her outer lips and stared at her glistening pink pussy. “I’ll say.” Jack blew a gentle breath over her clit. “You’ve all but ruined my paint job here.”

Her breath caught in her throat. “Maybe you should have cleaned it up sooner.”

“And miss out on licking every other inch of you?” His finger slid along the inner lip, smearing through her sticky juices. “Not a chance.”

“Then maybe you should stop talking and lick the few crucial inches that you seem to have forgotten about.” Marlee said through clenched teeth.

“Nonononononononono.” He leaned in close enough for her to feel his heat but still not touching. escort bursa “Never forgotten, Baby. Just saving the best for last.” Jack wasted no more time talking about it and flicked his tongue out, sampling her sweet juices.

It felt like every molecule in her body rushed up to meet Jack. The man could work miracles on an ordinary day, but today she all but wept at the intense pleasure he gave her with every intimate caress. Tenderly he sucked her lips into his mouth, nipping with his teeth then laving with his tongue. He slid two fingers into her moist entrance, curling into her g-spot and pressing up into her.

“Oh Jack,” Marlee chewed on her lower lip, teetering right on the brink. “Ohmigod Jack, Please.” She didn’t care if it sounded like she was begging. Hell, she was begging…begging for that sweet release that only he could give her.

“Okay Baby,” Jack’s thumb flicked over her clit. “Cum for me now.” She felt his tongue curled around her stiff little nub and Marlee bucked up underneath him, cumming in a blinding flash. “Oh yeah, that’s it.” Jack’s hand and tongue worked in concert, never letting up, extending her orgasm to dizzying new heights.

Slowly she drifted back down like a feather, sighing as Jack cleaned her pussy with long, cat-like strokes now. She wasn’t too sure if her eyes would ever roll forward to the front of her head again, but she couldn’t think of a damned reason she ever wanted to move beyond this moment anyway. All too soon though she felt him move away and whimpered in protest. “Don’t stop…ever.”

Jack chuckled. “We still have a little more painting to do.” She felt him push two pillows under her ass, pushing her up to quite a compromising angle.

Well, that was one way to open her eyes. “Now what?” She asked reluctantly.

Jack grinned and positioned the head of his very erect cock at the entrance to her love tunnel. “Nothing to worry about. This is strictly interior.” With one smooth movement he sunk deep into her, stopping at the hilt relishing in her hot, tight depths.

Experimentally Marlee pushed her hips up into his, testing this new position. It was a little awkward having her hands and feet secured, but there was also something incredibly erotic about her confinement. “Mmmmmm, this is nice.” She purred as he pulled back and thrust deep into her again.

With every thrust Jack seemed to go deeper and she could see by the intensity on his face that he was close. “Oh fuck yeah Jack.” She moaned, helping him along with her only available tool. “That’s it Lover, give me all of your Jack Meat. Damn that feels soooooooo good.” He plowed forcefully into her and she was having a hard time focusing on what she was saying. “Damn I love the way you are f-f-fucking me so deep. The only thing that w-w-would feel better is if you let go of that big monster load inside of me.”

His fingers now dug into her hips and he pumped furiously into her. “Are you ready for me to cum now?” Jack’s eyes locked with hers.

“I want n-n-nothing more than to fill your hot jizz exploding into me.” Marlee whispered urgently.

Faster still. His balls slapping against her ass. “You’ll cum with me?”

Marlee hoped like hell she could hold out that long. “No way in the world you’re going to stop me.”

Jack groaned and surged into her one last time and she could almost feel his hot seed splash against the walls of her pussy. His name ripped out of her as she convulsed around his cock, squeezing every last drop out of him. Afterwards he seemed in no hurry to move out of her tunnel, content instead to lavish whispered endearments and tender kisses over her body. And this course of action suited Marlee just fine.

Finally he reached up over her and deftly untied her bonds. “Jack Meat?” He repeated with a tired laugh, dropping onto the pillow next to her.

“I thought calling you Little Dutch Boy at that point might’ve ruined the moment.” She teased, referring to the paint brand. Marlee reached down and freed her feet as well. No way was she about to leave herself half tied-up for his amusement.

Jack laughed deeply and pulled her into his arms. “I don’t think anything could’ve ruined that moment, Baby.” He assured her, brushing at some paint along her cheekbone. “But I do think now would be a good time for a proper shower.”

“Oooohhhh yes.” She agreed, thinking how delightful the hot water would feel on her sore but satisfied body. “You know, you’d better hope I don’t decide to get even.” Marlee remarked casually as she eased out of bed.

“Why is that?” He inquired, pushing himself up into a sitting position.

“Because you sleep on your stomach.” She responded with a wicked laugh before dashing off to the bathroom.

“Marlee!” Jack called after her. “Marlee Honey, you know I—” But the rest of his statement was drowned out when turned on the shower. Oh she was going to have fun with this one.

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