Oca 06

His Imaginings Ch. 02

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Respecting her idiosyncrasies he knocked on the bedroom door saying “you nearly done darling?” She responded with a laugh, “Well, perfection usually takes time, but yes, nearly done.”

“Great, I’ll wait in the lounge.”

“K, honey.”

God it felt like he was on a first date! Perhaps they should do this more often, it was good for the both of them. His cock was already making a mess of the cut of his trousers. With them being so tight it was very evident too. He tried sitting down but felt that he was breaking his erection in two, so walked up and down trying to think of something else other than his wife.

He heard the “click, click” of stilettos on the hard wooden floor outside their bedroom and turned to face his wife as she entered the room. She walked into the lounge smiling and with a flourish of spinning dress said, “Will I do? I’m not too overdressed am I?”

“I…” Sean whistled, “Wow you look great.” He appraised his wife; the hunger in his eyes was apparent to her and made her smile all the more deeply. She wore a summer dress that was buttoned down the front and had that peasant girl lacy effect at the hem. A wide belt accentuated her small flat stomach, wide hips and bust showing off the hour-glass shape of her body to perfection.

The hem of the dress was just above the knee, buttons ran from the bottom to the top at the front. He felt perhaps one or two too many buttons where fastened at the chest, though in compensation, Natasha had left quite a few undone on the skirt portion of the dress which gave him enticing glimpses of leg when she twirled. Her legs were covered in silk, which he really hoped would be stockings and not tights. Her stilettos were a cream colour that blended well with the overall tone of her legs and looked like they were extensions rather than shoes. Their six inch heels elongated her legs further and shaped them to perfection; all in all she looked fabulous as always and was currently living up to his expectations.

“You will definitely do, yes!” Sean said, trying desperately to make and keep eye contact but failing miserably. “Er hum,” Natasha said, “when you’ve quite finished eyeing the goods, shall we go?”

“I think we better had, hadn’t we…?”

Grabbing coats and keys, he opened the front door and ushered her through. Quickly he moved to the car door and did likewise, waving her into the seat with a flourish. His ulterior motive however didn’t quite pay off, he was greeted by an expanse of shapely, silky white thigh as his wife graciously slid into their little sports car, but not enough to reveal whether she was wearing stockings or not. In fact it almost suggested to him that she wasn’t. As she smiled at him in thanks, he was wearing a frown. “Are you ok?” she said as if reading his thoughts again.

“Sure thing!” Sean responded, nipping round to the driver’s side and slipping in to the seat.

He started the engine, buckled in and sped off. The drive went quickly; they chatted easily, about nothing in particular, content in their own company. Before long Sean drew up into the parking area of the “Moody Mare” restaurant and stopped the car; slipping his seat belt quickly so that he could again open the door for Natasha. She was just touching up her lipstick so he waited for her to finish before offering his hand. Again he was treated to a lovely enticing glimpse of pale thigh, and again he was denied the answer to his question.

He often found that bedava bahis Natasha would confound in this way, whether she did it intentionally was another matter. Either way seeing her legs part and the skirt fall open as far as the first secured button immediately had his motor running. A she stood, he pressed her up against the car, squeezing her in his strong arms and kissing her passionately. Natasha responded with a low moan and ground her hips into him, the warmth of her body and the pressure causing his cock to throb in its excitement. “Ohh,” she said as she pulled away from the kiss, unable to stop herself looking down at the bulge in his trousers. She was biting the corner of her mouth. He smiled at her and said, “Come on, we had better get something to eat, some food that is!”

He had booked a specific table that he knew from previous visits was a little more secluded and away from the bulk of other diners. At the same time the tabled allowed them to sit side by side rather than facing each other, this he felt was more intimate too. He wanted his wife all to himself tonight, and was not willing to share. He waited at the table until she had slipped her lovely curvy bum into the seat before he then sat down. “My, we are being the gentleman tonight.” Natasha said in appreciation. “Thank you for noticing, though I would like to think that I am always the gentleman.” Sean responded. Natasha smiled, “Me-thinks he’s after something?”

“Well I…” Sean responded taking the bate and being more that a little taken aback by her openness, when she said, “Good, so am I!” All Sean could do was smile. He knew if he spoke his voice would crack and he would let her know just how aroused he was. Suddenly he had lost all appetite for food. “Now then,” Natasha said picking up the menu, “What shall I have to eat, nothing too heavy I think,” she smiled knowing that he was watching her.

As she pondered on the menu he looked at his wife in more detail. She was a real piece of class. She always knew the right clothes to wear for any occasion and seemed to have his measure completely in regards to what lingerie he preferred her to wear. Her dark shoulder-length hair fell onto her shoulders in loose curls and glistened with health and vitality. She had coloured it an autumn red some time ago and he could still see this tint in the low lighting of the restaurant. Her deep blue eyes had blue eyeliner and a heavy lid of long black lashes. She had subtly applied make up to her eyelids with complimenting shades and had a small amount of blusher on her cheeks. Natasha certainly knew how to look good.

He continued his appraisal taking in the smell of “Opium” his favourite perfume as he looked at the silhouette of her breast. He smiled as he easily made out the slight bump on the upturn of the breast which could only be an erect nipple. Moving down to her stomach he applauded at how she sat with a straight back, legs together but not crossed and then his heart skipped a beat. Her dress had parted, by her design or by luck he didn’t know and had fallen either side of her lithe legs at about mid-thigh. Just where the first secured button held the dress together he thought he could finally see what he wanted to see, the filigreed white lacy top of a stocking.

His arousal grew as he tried to subtly gain a better look without attracting her attention, but he was interrupted in that quest by a slight cough and his wife saying, “Hey mister, bedava bonus are you checking me out again?” As she said this, his eyes fell upon her ruby red lips, which always appeared to be smiling and right now looked extremely kissable. “Urm, yes,” he said, “Guilty as charged.” If he couldn’t see what she was wearing he thought, perhaps he could feel? He casually and gently slipped a hand between her hard thighs, but before he could ride his hand up she clamped it tight. “Hey, that’s as far as you go! Now choose something to eat.”

“I already have,” he responded “and it’s not on the menu! It is however succulent and moist and deliciously tasty.” She smiled knowing exactly what he meant but pretending not too. He found this infuriating about his wife, she just didn’t seem to play the game the way she should. “Well, I’m going for the duck,” she said, “I love roast duck.”

The waiter took the order and left. Sean poured the wine with his left hand as his right was still clamped between Natasha’s silken thighs and whilst the waiter was there he had felt her tensing and releasing the pressure between them. He put her white wine back into the ice bucket and picked up his warmed red pouring that into his glass. Then he picked up his glass and held it towards Natasha. “Here’s to a healthy happy life and many more Birthdays to come.”

Natasha raised her glass and chinked his, then leaned in for another kiss. It was deep and passionate, her tongue forcing its way passed his lips and into his mouth to wrestle with his. She moaned quietly and pulled away saying in a very breathy voice, “Happy Birthday darling. I hope you enjoy unwrapping your presents later and better still, playing with them.” Her smile was the embodiment of wickedness and he was sure that she had meant the double entendre, but then again he could equally be reading her wrong. He seemed to do this more often than not. Rather than pursuing it, he just said, “I’m sure I will”.

“I’m just going to check on my lipstick before the food comes,” she said standing and releasing his hand at the same time. “Ok,” he said, “I’ll keep things warm for you.” She smiled over her shoulder and disappeared. He quickly put his hand into his pocket and under the cover of the table, popped out one of the blue pills from its wrapper. He broke it in half in the hopes that it would help it dissolve quicker and dropped it into her drink. He was pleased that the bubbly wine quickly reduced the pill down to nothing as he would have some explaining to do if it hadn’t. He topped up her glass just so that it moved any possible sediment. Then he popped out another pill and slipped it into his mouth, taking a gulp of wine to wash it down.

He knew from past experience that too much alcohol would have an adverse effect on the Viagra, but he was driving so would drink nothing more than this one glass anyway. What the effect would be on his wife however, was what he was most interested in. He took a quick sip of her wine just to make sure it hadn’t tainted it when Natasha returned. “Hey that’s mine, drink your own!” She laughed as she said it, then stole the glass from him and took a large gulp. He was pleased that he could not tell the difference and breathing a sigh of relief said “Just making sure it tastes ok, that’s all.”

Natasha smiled at him and pecked him on the cheek, then proceeded to wipe the lipstick mark she had left away. The second part of his plan had been conducted deneme bonusu successfully.

The waiter returned with their food and fussed about the table. As he was doing this Natasha sat back down so close to Sean that she almost landed in his lap. “Oh sorry darling,” her voice intonation saying the reverse of the words spoken, “I do hope I haven’t broken anything!” It was obvious this time what she was referring to and no doubting, but he elected not to play and instead said, “No, I’m good.”

The waiter had clattered away with the serving dishes as Natasha replied “Well I’m not so sure what I just felt is what “Good boys” have, more like naughty, naughty boys to me. I had no idea that you were that excited…about food?” She smirked at him and followed with “Let’s hope that it is as moist and succulent as you wanted, though from what I’ve just seen, there is no doubt about that.”

Sean was dumfounded. Natasha was never this overtly sexual. She would always wait for him to take the lead and innuendo was certainly not her thing. Though she would often laugh at his quips she would rarely respond with any herself. It couldn’t be the pill working as that wouldn’t be for another hour, if it did anything for a woman anyway? On that note he checked her glass and noting it was nearly empty topped it up. ‘Maybe,’ he thought to himself, ‘She was doing this just for him, because she thought it was what he wanted?’ Certainly that was a possibility. He decided to let it lie and got on with eating his food.

They chatted on through the meal and then went for a coffee rather than any heavy dessert. Both were more than aware now, that they wanted and needed each other and the food was just a distraction to the accomplishment of that. As soon as the coffee was served, Sean asked for the bill and quickly paid it. He was keen to get Natasha back home. He looked at his wife, she had an intense look in her eye but she appeared not to focus on anything as she held her coffee cup up to her lips. He noticed that her nipples were more prominent now and the pupil of her eye was large, dilated and strangely more attractive. She bit on her lip as she pondered on wherever or whatever she was thinking about. He slipped his hand back between her thighs, breaking her reverie and said, “Ready to go?”

“Sure,” she smiled.

As they got to the car, he again let her in first, this time however, he was afforded the view that he wanted, Natasha appeared a trifle distracted and had not paid as much attention to the positioning of her dress as she slipped her lithe legs into the foot-well of the car. Or was this her intention, he didn’t know? As her legs settled into the car, the wind caught her dress and flipped up one side throwing it back across her thighs revealing to him a stocking stop secured by a suspender. He loved the feel of silk on a woman’s thighs; preferred that silk to be a classy pair of stockings with embroidered tops, rather than tights. But if asked what his preference would be, then he would have to say, stockings coupled with a suspender belt or corset type apparel, either or, he didn’t mind. He just loved the way the stocking tops, and suspender straps framed the most erotic part of his wife’s body, her pussy.

Natasha was slow to capture the errant piece of material. She turned to Sean and smiled as she did it, he realised she knew exactly what she was doing and smiled back at her. She straightened out her errant dress but still left visible her stocking tops between her legs. She looked up at him as she said, “To the gallant, the spoils.” He was sure that the whole thing had been orchestrated, even the wind, to have him at the peak of arousal for the whole journey home. In that she had succeeded!

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