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Hitch-hiker Stud

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When I was in my twenties, hitching a ride was a common thing to see because a lot of people didn’t have a vehicle. Nowadays it seems pretty rare to see someone with their thumb out. And there is (and always was) an element of risk when picking up a stranger – you can never be sure they aren’t psychos. I hadn’t given anyone a ride for years, and would usually be wary of it nowadays.

This particular afternoon on a cold winter’s day, I had just left Bateman’s Bay in southern New South Wales and was on my way south to a farm where I would stay for a week in one of the several cabins they had on the property.

I spotted the hitch-hiker just out of town, standing on a strip of road that had a nice wide section where a vehicle could safely pull over – smart thinking on his part. Given that it was getting late in the day and it was pretty chilly already, I figured I would do the right thing, and stopped the car.

I pressed the button to roll down the passenger-side window and as he approached the vehicle I called out “Where ya heading to?”

He answered “as far south as you’re going, if that’s ok” and I said I would be stopping a bit south of Narooma. He was happy enough with getting as far as Narooma so I told him to toss his pack in the back seat and jump in.

He looked about 50, lean and trim, with a close-cropped beard and a buzz-cut that showed a bit of grey hair. Not bad looking on the whole. As he buckled up he told me his name was Jed and I responded that my name was Denis. He thanked me for stopping to pick him up, saying he had been trying for a lift at that spot for over an hour.

I asked where he was going to stay tonight in Narooma and he asked if I knew any really cheap places to stay as he was a bit tight for cash. I had no idea about accommodation there, and I thought what the hell, I’ll do the decent thing.

So I said to him, “look mate, if you need a bed for the night you’re welcome to the spare room in my cabin, and I’m cooking pizza for dinner so I can feed us both. No strings, no catch, you just need to decide by the time we get to Narooma.”

“Yeah, I’d really appreciate that. I haven’t eaten all day so a pizza sounds like bloody heaven right now. Thank you mate.”

We continued talking easily as we passed through Narooma, and about izmir escort 15 minutes later we were pulling up beside the cabin I had rented. The key was in the door, like the owners had told me it would be, and I told Jed to take his pack inside to the 2nd bedroom while I hauled my gear inside.

He returned a moment later and helped me carry the esky, the box of food, and the box of wine into the cabin. I threw my suitcase onto the double bed in the main bedroom, and said I would get started on the pizza. I flicked the oven on, grabbed what I needed and asked Jed if he would unpack the rest of the food into the fridge and the cupboard.

He had that done soon and I asked him if he was a wine drinker. He said he liked a red wine but didn’t drink a lot, so I invited him to open one of the bottles we’d brought inside and asked him to pour us both a glass-full. We clinked our glasses together and I said “here’s to a good meal” and I returned to topping the pizza base.

Jed was quiet as he sipped on his wine but after I slid the pizza into the oven and we were standing in the kitchen together he asked me “Denis, its none of my business, but I was wondering, are you into guys?”

I replied that I was 100% into guys, especially mature blokes who kept fit and looked after themselves. He asked “do I measure up to that standard, then?” and I replied that he certainly did. He put his glass down and told me he thought I was pretty good looking, and asked if I liked to kiss?

I didn’t need any further provocation; I put my glass down on the bench-top, stepped forward and curled my hand round his neck as I pressed my lips to his. He kissed back greedily, pulling me close to him, and I could feel the hard bulge in his jeans pressing against my crotch. We continued kissing each other, sliding our tongues into each other’s mouth and groaning with desire.

I pulled the zip of his jeans down, and opened them to reveal his briefs, Bending down, I begin to kiss his cock through the cotton briefs, and soon he hauled his briefs down a bit and slipped out his fat uncut cock. I knelt and began to suck him, and soon started deep-throating him. Jed warned me he wouldn’t last long if I kept that up and I muttered “I want your load mate” and slid down on his weapon alsancak escort repeatedly till he let out a groan and my mouth filled with sweet spunk. I swallowed all I could but there was still cum dribbling out of my mouth and down my chin when he hauled me up to face him, and kissed me again.

“Jesus mate, you’re a helluva cocksucker” he said and I replied that, well, he had a helluva nice cock. Then the kitchen timer went off and I quickly washed my hands and cleaned up my face with a paper towel, and took the pizza out of the oven. We tucked in and demolished the lot, and he told me the pizza was almost as good as the head-job I’d given him.

We talked about ourselves over the next hour as we knocked off the rest of the red wine, then I asked if he was ready for bed. “As long as I’m sharing it with you” he said and we headed to the bedroom.

We stripped naked and slid in between the sheets, and started kissing again. Soon we were both hard and I told him I hadn’t been penetrated for many years but that I fantasised about it and would like to try it with him. But, I said, I didn’t have any condoms with me so it would have to be bareback. Jed moaned “oh yeah buddy” and flipped the covers back and I grabbed a bottle of lube I kept for wanking. Straddling his hips I greased my ring and rubbed lube over his stiff cock before sinking back onto him and slowly taking him into my backside.

I rocked backwards and forwards while he told me how tight I was and how good it felt. After a short while he hauled me down to kiss me then wrapped his arms around my back and said he was going to roll us over without pulling out of me. We managed that manoeuvre and he then pushed my legs back and began rhythmically pumping my arse.

I was in a dream state, I had expected to spend the week wanking myself alone each night, now I was being screwed by a hot stud and it was glorious. Jed soon increased his pace and began moaning quiet curses. I encouraged him by saying shit like “I want it all stud” and “fill me with your hot fuckin’ load mate.” Soon he shot his load of spunk inside me and I pumped my cock a bit more and spilled over my belly. He slid out of me after a few minutes and we agreed a shower was in order.

Afterwards, as I lay in buca escort bed with his arm around me, I asked if he was in a hurry to hit the road again. “No hurry at all” he replied and I told him he was welcome to stay the whole week with me and I’d give his cock plenty of exercise. He kissed me gently and murmured “I’ll hold you to that promise.”

The next morning we managed to dress and eat breakfast without getting horny, then went for a walk along the nearby lake foreshore. By the time we got back a couple of hours later we were ready for a hot drink. The cabin was toasty warm and as we sat on the couch enjoying the coffee Jed rubbed his hand over his crotch and I saw he had a bulge so I told him I wanted him in my mouth.

He peeled down the jeans and his briefs as well, and I nuzzled his cock and began licking. It didn’t take long to get him rock hard, and I whispered that I wanted him to take me right here on the couch. “Strip” he ordered and I was naked in seconds. “Hands and knees: he told me, and I assumed the position. He bent down and licked my ring for a bit then spat on it and edged forward, bringing his dick to my entrance and gently sliding it into me.

I moaned that it felt so good, and he started to thrust in and out. “Talk dirty to me Jed, I love trashy sex talk” I said and he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my chest and whispered to me that I would be his bitch all week and he would fuck me and fill me whenever he wanted, and I would have his spunk dripping out of my arse all day every day.

By now I was hard and started pumping my own cock whimpering like a dog and begging Jed to dominate and use me as his bitch slave. He locked his hands on my hips and began thrusting hard, and we continued to exchange filthy talk till his breath became laboured and I knew he was about to explode inside me and fill my gut with his semen. I wanked myself harder and we shot our loads at much the same time, my cum spurting all over the rug I had on the sofa.

By the end of our week at the farm cabin I had been fucked in every conceivable position and had lost count of how many times he had filled my mouth and arse with his spunk. I had never experienced this much unbridled sex before and I wished it could go on forever. But I had to get back home.

I dropped Jed in Narooma that morning so he could hopefully get a ride through to Melbourne. We had exchanged phone numbers and I told him if he was ever in Canberra he could share my bed for as long as he wanted. It never happened, but the memory of his hard body taking me still makes me horny to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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