Mar 31

Holiday Loving Ch. 05

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Holiday Loving – Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Ch. 05

Mandy is employed to blackmail two businessmen

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This chapter 5 of this series. It makes more sense to read chapters 1 to 4 first, but this is not essential.


“Now for something a little different,” announced Gloria after she returned from a trip to the city. It was the day after my weekend boat cruise and she had been quite mysterious when she left, dressed up in her corporate attire which I know she hated.

“Hmmm, different in what way?” I asked, watching her strip off her tight shoes, stockings, corporate skirt and the blouse which revealed almost too much of her cleavage.

“Well, how would you like to accompany a top business executive on a trip to New York to assist in his bid for a multi-billion dollar contract?”

“But I don’t know anything about business nor do I even know what sector the contract is in. How can I possibly assist in anything? I’d just sit there looking stupid.”

“For you to look stupid they would need to be blind! Of course you’ll be able to assist; by seducing the chairman of the selection committee. He is well known as a lady’s man but married about five years ago. He strayed once after his marriage and his wife laid it on the line: if he ever strayed again she would divorce him, take their two children and bankrupt him. Hell hath no fury, etc. So he’s toed the line from then on, or at least nobody’s found out that he hasn’t.”

“Ah, so you want me to seduce him and then blackmail him; give the contract to the company I’m with or the world will find out about his indiscretion. But it’ll just be my word against his. How would you prove it?”

“You’ll be staying in a hotel and both your room and his room will have a tiny videocamera installed. The company has already bribed someone at the hotel and they have booked three adjacent rooms. You’ll have one at the end, he’ll have the other end room and the center room will have a technician recording the evidence from whichever room is used. Then we simply blackmail him.”

“But won’t he see the camera?”

“No, the latest cameras are so small that it would take a microscopic examination to see them. Besides, he’ll have other things to look at; you’ll see to that. The chief negotiator for the company will be visiting us later this week so I’d like you to be here for that please. The meeting is next week, Monday and Tuesday, so you have Monday night only. They will be deciding on Tuesday so he must know he’s been caught before then. It’s quite a tight schedule.”

“So you mean I’ll have to confront him and show him the evidence?”

“Oh no, once he’s with you in your room or his, then we’ve got him. Our negotiators will simply arrange a private meeting, complete with viewing of the evidence, and it’ll be all over.”

“So what’s in it for us? I’m guessing we get paid quite handsomely.”

“Oh yes, we’ve arranged a very good deal. We get $10,000 and you get $1000 for your part. Not too bad for a night’s work.”

I thought for a few seconds. Ten k for a deal worth billions? That seemed a pittance. Percentage-wise I couldn’t even work it out it was too small but it was way less than 0.01 percent.

“That’s not a good income on a percentage basis at all. I want at least ten k and I see no reason why you couldn’t get 100 k. This negotiator for the company, is he married?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Well,” I replied, thinking quickly to make up a plot as I went along, “If he’s married, what would his wife think if she found he’d been with another woman?”

“She wouldn’t be at all pleased, especially if it was made public. She is a staunch church member and is involved in a great many charities. A real socialite. If word got out that he’d strayed in his marriage there would be hell to pay. Why do you ask?”

I ignored the question and continued with my thoughts. “So my role will be crucial to the whole process. If I fail to attract the chairman to my room and obtain incriminating evidence, the deal will go to someone else?”

“Not certainly, but possibly. There are four contenders and our client doesn’t believe his company has the best chance. Why?”

Gloria was looking puzzled, but I ignored that and continued.

“So if my part is so crucial, would it not be a good idea for the chairman of the company with whom we’re dealing to try before he buys?”

“What, you’re suggesting that he fucks you to see if you’re suitable for the job? Really? He’ll know that when he meets you; he certainly bursa escort doesn’t need to know the details.”

“But what if he did,” I persisted, “What if I took him to my room and we made mad passionate love so he knows what the selection panel chairman will be receiving?”

“Well, I guess you could, but you’d have to be very discreet so that his wife had no inkling of his involvement with you. One word in the wrong places and the game would be over and he would most certainly not be happy.”

“Well, then,” I continued smiling as the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place, “What if we did that and we had a camera in my room while we were fucking each other’s brains out and we showed him the video. Do you think he would then pay you $100k and me $10k?”

A slow smile crept across Gloria’s face. “You little schemer! Blackmail the blackmailers! What an awesome idea. What can he do? Pay up and we’ll shut up, or his world will collapse around his ears. And he can’t do anything about us blackmailing him because we can record our conversation to prove that he was planning to blackmail the chairman of the selection committee. It sounds pretty much fool proof to me.”

“I thought as much and hoped you’d like it. So we need to set up a video recording system for my room and for this room where we’ll be holding our meeting. I suggest that we discuss payments after he tries the merchandise; he’ll probably be far more amenable to our demands then and will have seen a replay in living color right here. Of course, we don’t give him the recording until after we’ve been paid.”

“You seem to be a natural for this type of thing. Anyway, I’ll get the installers to fit the cameras tomorrow. We’re meeting with the company chairman on Thursday so maybe we can have a dry run with the recording gear tomorrow night and can make any adjustments on Wednesday. Good thinking. I can’t wait to see what Stan thinks of this. It could open up into a whole new line of work for us all.”


“Ooohhh, honey, that’s sooo nice,”I cooed as Stan gently massaged my back, ass and thighs. “I had such a workout last weekend; I ended up quite sore. Your gentle hands really get to the right spots.”

“Pleased you like it. I know Gloria loves a massage. Just lie quietly and I’ll massage away all your aches and pains. Last weekend must have been quite an ordeal, keeping five randy guys satisfied.”

I thought back to the weekend. I’d achieved a few firsts: first time anal, first time with two men in me at once, first time oral to orgasm, first time fully plugged, as they called it. Would I do it again? Absolutely. It was wonderful, but it did take a toll on my body. My poor vagina was still sore this morning when I rubbed the healing cream over my pussy.

“Yes, but it was wonderful. I learnt a lot, tried new things; I almost feel like I’ve graduated as a prostitute now and that nothing anyone desires will be a problem.”

“That’s great. Does that mean you’ve forgiven us for luring you into this way of life without either your permission or knowledge?”

“Well, getting there. It’ll take a few thousand more massages and lovemaking sessions, but I’m sure I’ll get there someday,” I chuckled in reply, “Ooohhh, yes, just like that,” I added as he massaged just the right place.

Once he’d finished my back I rolled over and he began massaging my front, which is, of course more interesting and sensual. It also meant I could see his hard cock waving in the air, a dribble of precum gathering at the opening. I reached out and collected the drip on my finger, licking it off with my tongue.

“You taste nice, sweetheart,” I told him.

“Thank you. You won’t taste like you right now because of the creams you’ve been using, but I’m sure in a few days you will. Hopefully by Thursday, if the chairman’s a pussy licker. That was an amazing idea you came up with. I’m pleased you’re on our side.”

“Yes, it just seemed to develop. Harder on my breasts, honey; yes, that’s sooo good. It sends electric shocks straight to my clit.”

I spread my legs apart further as a hint that I wanted some attention between my legs but Stan ignored that area and worked across my abdomen then down my thighs. I covered my tits with my hands and began slowly squeezing and twisting my nipples to gain more arousal. I could feel my juices running between my legs and then felt Stan scoop them up with his fingers and begin to slowly and very gently rub my pussy lips, which had suffered over the weekend, then run his fingers through my trench and over my clit. I closed my eyes as the sensations washed through me, wanting to be pushed hard to cum, yet hoping that he’d take his time and coax me along the orgasm trail.

After a short time I felt the bed move then Stan moved my knees apart further as he knelt between them. I still had my eyes closed and was surprised when I felt the bed move again and two hands gently move mine off my breasts. I opened my eyes to find myself looking up at Gloria as she bursa escort bayan knelt each side of my head. She took over the massage of my breasts, her thumbs and fingers tweaking my nipples, pulling them away from my chest, elongating them as they hardened and engorged.

Then Stan lifted my hips and Gloria slid two pillows under my ass, raising my pussy higher to provide easier access for his hard cock. Gloria shuffled downwards so that her pussy was over my mouth, my nose between the globes of her ass. I got the idea and tentatively reached my tongue upwards, licking her pussy lips and sliding it between them to taste her arousal. As I did this I also felt Stan wriggle further upwards and place the end of his cock at my entrance. They both leant forward and embraced each other, kissing lovingly as Stan thrust into me and I licked, sucked and tasted Gloria’s flowing pussy.

The positions were less than ideal; our bodies just are not made for three-way sex it seems, but I certainly felt myself becoming very aroused, Stan seemed to be enjoying himself making love to two women and Gloria was moving her hips back and forth, effectively fucking my mouth as I tried to suck her clit into my mouth and avoid drowning in her copious flow of girl juices. Stan changed position slightly and was able to go deeper and press more firmly against my clit with each forward thrust. I found I lost myself in the whole sensuous situation, the arousal in my pussy, my breasts and my mouth combining to push me rapidly towards orgasm. I sucked harder, Stan thrust harder, Gloria twisted my nipples to provide painful pleasure and after a very short time my whole world caved in as my orgasm hit me.

My body shuddered, twisted, writhed and felt like it exploded. From somewhere I felt my vagina pulsing, gripping and releasing Stan’s cock as he thrust deeply inside and held it there. I felt his hot cum flood my tunnel at the same time as Gloria released a large dose of juices which had me swallowing furiously to prevent myself drowning. Gloria and Stan held together above me as slowly came back to some form of normality. Then they released each other, parted and dismounted, allowing me to move freely once again. They lay alongside me and gently caressed my body as we recovered from our exertions.

“The camera will be fitted here tomorrow, ready to record the activity on Thursday evening,” said Gloria at length.

“So I’ll be a porn star then?” I asked with a grin, “Does that mean I’ll get porn star rates?”

“Huh, you’re wanting to be paid big money to have fun with sexy men? Just be happy with the arrangements as they are,” replied Gloria.

We chatted for a while then we all arose to have lunch and continue with our afternoon. I had little to do so adjourned to the deck to work on my tan.

The following day Gloria and Stan had a business meeting in town when a young technician arrived to set up the camera in my bedroom, connecting it to a recording machine in the hallway cupboard. I watched with interest as he inserted the tiny camera into the base of the light fitting in the center of the ceiling, fitting the Bluetooth transmitter into the actual base of the fitting. I lay on the bed and noticed the only thing that was visible was a tiny dot that could easily be mistaken for fly dirt. He then fitted the receiver into the top of the hall cupboard, standing on a low step ladder to do so. It was a hot day; I’d been sunbathing naked on the deck but had put on a wrap to come inside when I heard him working. He was wearing shorts and I went to see what he was doing. It was difficult to see into the upper part of the cupboard so I wriggled my way beside the ladder to look upwards. Right alongside my face was his leg at the same level as the lower edge of his shorts. I had a clear view straight up between his thigh and his shorts and could tell immediately he was not wearing any underwear.

The sight of his almost visible cock inside his pants would make any nympho hot immediately; I was no exception. I made out that I lost my balance and gripped hold of his thigh, moving my hands upwards as I pretended to fall. He grabbed the door frame to prevent himself falling and looked down at me, noticing that my wrap had chosen that time to come loose so he had a clear view right down my naked front side. For a split second we stayed like that, then we both let go and I quickly pulled my wrap around myself, pretending to be embarrassed.

“Hi,” he said, “That was an interesting way to meet. I’m Hugo.”

I told him my name and apologized for nearly knocking him off his ladder, then we got talking and he asked why I was having a camera installed in my bedroom. I told him I was paranoid about people coming into my room at night and at least with this one I could check the next day to make sure nobody had been there. He looked at me in a disbelieving way.

“Oh, Ok, it’s so I can make movies of my boyfriend and me making love,” I told him.

He seemed to believe that more than my other story. I watched as escort bursa he connected it all up then asked me to go into the room so he could check that everything was pointing in the right direction and was set up correctly. I walked into the room moved around a bit, then he asked me to lie on the bed so he could check the camera angle was fine. I did, then as I lay on my back on the middle of the bed I called out to him.

“Hugo, is this thing meant to look like it does?”

“What thing?”

“You’ll have to come and look.”

As I waited for him to arrive I loosened the tie of my wrap. Once he appeared at the door he asked what thing again and I told him he could only see it from where I was lying. So he came to the edge of the bed and in a quick movement I sat up and pulled him onto the bed, my wrap falling from my shoulders. It was pretty blatantly sexual, but it worked. He struggled for only a few seconds before relaxing in my arms. I bent down and kissed him.

“You wanna be a porn star?” I asked.

He grinned up at me and pulled my head down to kiss me. “Only if you’ll be my co-star,” he replied.

He wasted no time in stripping me bare, not a lengthy process, and I spent a few more seconds stripping his shorts and shirt off him, then hungrily went down on his rapidly hardening cock. He wasn’t about to take prisoners and nor was I; in less than a minute he had me on my back, lying between my legs, which were wrapped around his hips, with my pussy fully impaled on his thrusting cock. It was a hard ride and a fast one. It took him only a few minutes before my pulsating pussy milked him of his cum as we shared mutual orgasms. We lay panting together for a short time, regaining our breaths.

“Do you do this with all the tradies who come around here?”

“Well, it’s always good when tradies cum when you call,” I replied with a grin, “But I must say that your service was exceptional. Now let’s have a look at the video.”

We walked naked into the hall cupboard and stopped the recording, then replayed it, watching ourselves make love on the screen. We both found this to be very erotic, so much so that Hugo hugged me, then lifted me with his hands under my ass cheeks, pressed me to a wall and once again entered me. In this position, my clit received a lot of pressure and stimulation and it took only a few minutes before we both came once more, in time with ourselves on the screen. He lifted me off and lowered me down as we deleted the video.

“Better not leave the evidence,” he said, “I certainly wouldn’t want my wife to find it.”

“No, not a good idea,” I agreed, smiling at the thought that the next time it was used would probably be for just that purpose.

I remained naked as Hugo cleaned himself up, dressed, collected his tools and loaded his van, then came back and hugged and kissed me.

“Thanks very much for installing the camera,” I said.

“My pleasure entirely, sweetheart. Thanks for the recreational exercise.”

“You know where I live if you want an encore,” I said as he walked through the door to his van.

I returned to the deck and continued to work on my suntan until Gloria and Stan returned a half hour later. I told them about the installation and informed them that it worked well, explaining how I knew.

“Pity he couldn’t have let us see it too,” said Stan. “However, I guess it was just as well; can’t allow things like that to remain lying around. Who knows who might end up using them for something like blackmail even.”


Thursday evening arrived and Stan, Gloria and I organized the unit ready for our guest. A few minutes after 7pm Stan answered the doorbell and escorted our visitor to the living area, where I served drinks for everyone. I was introduced to Bernard, who was the chairman and chief negotiator of the company which was using nefarious means to hopefully acquire the multi-billion dollar contract. Stan and Gloria each sat in a comfortable chair while Bernard sat at one end of the sofa. Once I’d handed around drinks and placed the snacks on the table, I sat beside him on the sofa, an arrangement that Stan and Gloria had decided offered the best opportunity for me to seduce him, an action upon which our plan depended.

The conversation began at a social level then proceeded to business, during which time my part in the plan was discussed.

“Frederick is definitely into women, especially young, nubile, sexy blondes like you, my dear,” said Bernard, leaning over to place his hand on my knee. Perhaps this seduction wouldn’t be so difficult after all, I thought.

“Well, I feel sure that I’m able to seduce most red-blooded men and coax them into my bed,” I replied. I wondered if it was too soon to invite him to my bed, but decided that men usually like to feel they have made a conquest, rather than they have been seduced.

“So timing is probably everything,” continued Bernard. “It’s no good leaving it too late, or the consortium may have made up their minds; then again, if it’s too early they may not feel that they’ve had enough time to discuss the matter. So you’ll be accompanying me as my PA so will have to at least seem to know a little about the issues and our company.”

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