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Holly is taken at home

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They ended up at Holly’s house to test Brian’s wireless internet access so they didn’t have to deal with the morons at the local McDonalds or the coffee shop down the street. Holly was Brian’s boss at Willigs. It was his first real job after college and he was very happy with it. Brian was 26 and felt like things were really starting to go his way.

To celebrate his new job he bought himself a new laptop, relying on the geek at Best Buy and his roommate from college for advice on internet access. He bought the US Cellular wireless internet access plan from the local Radio Shack and signed a 2-year contract. Even though he could access the internet just fine, he wasn’t able to access Willigs’ VPN.

The techs at Willigs told him to try VPN access using something other than his US Cellular wireless to get to the internet. Holly had been at Willigs for 15 years and knew a fair amount of the tech stuff so she said she’d walk him through the troubleshooting. It was important in his job that he had VPN access so she wanted to make sure this was taken care of right away.

They left work at about 10:30 and got to Holly’s house. Brian booted up his laptop, verified he had internet access using Holly’s home wireless, entered his VPN login credentials and he was in.

“Shit,” he said. “So it’s the dang US Cellular wireless. They suckered me into a two year contract, too.”

“Did you verify you have internet access?” she asked. “I didn’t see what you brought up.”

“Yep, yep, I got a web page,” Brian said blushing. He was glad he was able to bring up his homepage so that she couldn’t see it. He was surfing porn last night and couldn’t remember if he had kept the porn site he’d been on as home page or not. He had.

“Well, give Radio Shack a call and tell them. See if they can do something. They said they’d work with you, right?”

“OK,” he said, taking out his BlackBerry.

Holly walked out into her kitchen to let him talk in semi-private. She heard him say, “Yep, I can hold for the on-call guy.”

She went back into the family den where they had the internet modem and saw him holding the BlackBerry to his ear, patiently waiting.

“They have a roaming on-call tech guy,” he told her. “Would it be possible to have him come here to make the changes? They said this happens a lot and the fix is actually pretty simple.”

“Sure,” Holly said. “Let’s get this taken care of. I’m gonna flip on the tv while we wait. Can probably catch ‘Price Is Right.’ Did they say how long it would be?”

“Only a few minutes. I guess the on-call guy was just leaving another call and was on his way.”

They went to the tv room which was adjacent to the front door. Sure enough, Drew Carey was getting kissed by some fat chic from Encino who’d just won a car on the ‘Price Is Right.’ Two minutes later the doorbell rang.

“Ah! We’re in luck,” Holly said heading toward the door. “The geek is here.”

She let him in and was greeted by Dave.

Dave was an early 40’s guy who looked a lot like Ed Harrison in his day. A good looking gentleman, about 5′-10″, 160 pounds, short cropped hair with a just a tad of gray at his temples. Dave didn’t know it but all of his daughter’s girlfriends thought he was hot.

He politely shook Holly’s hand and then looked at Brian.

“You must be Brian who can’t get into his company’s VPN,” and shook Brian’s hand as well.

“Yep. I’m hoping you can help me out.”

“Let’s take a look at what we’ve got here,” Dave said as he entered the den. He sat down at the desk, inserted the US Cellular wireless card in Brian’s laptop and brought up Internet Explorer. This time Holly didn’t miss the home page. It showed a hot blonde kneeling in front of a humongous black cock on a page advertising adult sites of all kinds.

“Oh baby, Brian!” Dave chuckled. “You are going to have to give me that URL!”

Holly didn’t say anything but he was surprised at Dave’s comments. “Uh, you better close that out before you try connecting to the VPN,” Holly said. “Someone monitoring our network activity is gonna notice that.”

She gave a glance at Brian who was looking away from her, embarrassed.

“Hey, it’s his personal laptop,” Holly thought to herself. “He can have whatever he wants on there. The young stud…”

And he was. Brian was a younger version of the male lead character on “Bones.” Attractive, tall, fit body. He had no trouble with the ladies.

Dave was busy doing his thing on Brian’s laptop, clacking away on the keyboard, mouse clicking various things.

In just a few minutes he had Brian squared away.

“Alright,” Dave said looking at Brian. “Go ahead and try the VPN again.”

He got up and stood a few feet from Holly. She gave him a good once over.

“Wow, he really is nice looking,” she thought to herself.

Brian took Dave’s place at his laptop. He brought up the VPN login window, entered his credentials and pressed Enter.

“Yep!” Brian said. “Looks like I’m in! Cool! Man, thanks Dave.”

“Hey, no problem. Don’t forget though, you gotta give me that home page address poker oyna you’re using. That looks like a good one!”

Brian chuckled along with Dave but was too embarrassed to take his gaze off his laptop screen.

“Get out of your VPN and go back to that page,” Dave asked him. “Let me write that down.”

Thinking it would be easier to simply comply and get it done with, Brian navigated to his home page and let Dave jot down the address.

“Holly, have you ever seen something like that?” Dave said looking at her and smiling. “Is that your home page, too?”

She was a good sport and laughed. “Uh, no. Mine is slightly different.”

“Well, that’s certainly a site you’ve gotta check out,” Dave said laughing.

Brian was closing up his laptop and getting ready to go back to the office. “OK, I’m ready to go,” he said.

Brian walked out of the den followed by Holly and then Dave. Dave made sure he was last so he could check out Holly. He liked that the legs under he black knee-length skirt were bare and tan. She had on a business-like white button-down shirt that mostly hid whatever rack she had. For a 39-year old with two kids, Holly had a very, very nice body. She was 5′-5″, 120lbs, short wavy/curly brown hair, pretty face, nice athletic body and a decent sized chest that, unfortunately, she didn’t take any steps to show off.

“Damn nice legs & ass,” Dave thought to himself. “I wonder if this kid has nailed that yet.”

Going out the door Dave took out his own BlackBerry and held up to his ear. Then he looked at it.

“God dang it,” he said. “I wish they’d get me a new one. Dead again. Excuse me, I hate to bother you but can I use your phone?”

“Sure. I’ll take you back in the house to use the land line,” Holly said. “I left my phone at work.” Brian was already sitting in the SUV waiting. “Brian, I’ll be right back out.”

Holly led Dave back into the house and walked him back into the den. The den consisted of the desk with the pc, monitor, modem and printer. The room also had a tv, nice couch and a single chair. Music posters & UW football posters lined the walls.

Holly didn’t pay much attention to Dave’s phone call. He was calling back to Radio Shack to get instructions on where to go next. He sat on the edge of the desk while talking and checked out Holly. Dave smiled at her, making sure she knew he appreciated what he saw.

She noticed him checking her out. It didn’t make her uncomfortable but she thought it was kind of brash for him to do that, especially in a business situation. He was acting like they were in a bar during Happy Hour. Still, she was impressed with his casualness and she thought he was very easy on the eye.

He ended his call and then said, “So, Holly, what do you do at Willigs?”

“I work in Purchasing.”

“Man, it’s nice to see that Willigs let’s their nice looking ladies dress to show it.” He walked over to where she was standing by the couch. “You are hot.”

“Well, thanks,” she said back to him.

“Interested?” he asked, putting his right hand on her left shoulder.

“Christ! This guy is ballsy as hell!” she thought to herself.

“Uh, I’m not sure what you’re asking about,” Holly said, “but don’t we all have some place to be?”

“I was just told I have nothing to get to right now and I can go to lunch, maybe a long one.” He was still standing right next to her.

“Well, isn’t that nice for you?” Holly didn’t move either. “What do you do for lunch?”

Obviously, neither one of them remembered Brian waiting outside. Holly thought a little harmless flirting would be OK. She really did find him handsome.

“Rarely do I do the same thing two days in a row. Just depends on the day, what’s going on.” He decided to be a little bolder and began rubbing her shoulder.

“And what about today?” she asked, continuing her flirting and not minding the hand on her shoulder much.

“Oh, I’m hungry,” he said.

“What do you have to eat?” asked Holly with a coy smile.

“I think I have what I want right here,” and he lightly yanked her head back by the hair and moved his mouth to her throat.

“Oh, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa!” Holly protested moving her hands to his shoulders, pushing him away. Or at least tried to.

He planted his mouth on her neck and tongued it briefly before she pushed him back.

“C’mon now, you flirt,” Dave said as he pushed back against her hands on his shoulders, walking her backwards. “Why be that way?”

“Brian’s waiting outside! I have to go!”

Holly’s back was now up against the wall right next to the couch, her hands on his shoulders, his hands on her hips.

“I think mister Brian would totally understand,” Dave said.

Dave moved his hands from her hips up to the sides of her stomach, noticing how toned she was. “Holly spends some time in the gym,” he thought.

“Damn, you got a nice body there, Holly,” Dave said as he firmed his group at her sides. At the same time he moved his mouth towards her mouth.

“No, you can’t do this! We have to go!”

She tried pushing canlı poker oyna harder against him but Dave took her by the wrists and held her hands above her head against the wall as he moved his body up against hers, effectively pinning her. His attempt to kiss her mouth missed as she moved her head to her right. Instead, he settled for her jaw and moved his mouth down to the side of her neck again, tonguing it.

He switched the hold on her wrists so that he had both of them pinned using just his left hand. Dave wasn’t a big guy, but he had strong hands and holding her wrists this way was easy. Holly worked out, but she was still a girl. His right hand went to her chest, mauling her left tit over her blouse.

The only resistance she could muster was moving her hips back and forth against his weight. Dave didn’t have a lot of heft to him but he still had 40 pounds on her. She was pinned pretty well against the wall. He had a hard-on and started to gyrate against her with it as his mouth worked her throat area.

“No, now you have to—” Holly called out before he interrupted.

“Oh, c’mon. You didn’t seem to mind flirting with me. Let’s just have some fun.”

With that, he grabbed her hair at the back of her head again and held her head so he could kiss her. This took Holly by surprise and she had no defense for it. His tongue found hers and he kissed her hard. Not being able to fight it, Holly let it happen. His tongue swirled against hers as his hand held her head in place by her hair.

She ceased moving her hips to fight him and he took his right hand away from the back of her head to her ass, pulling her to him as he gyrated against her. He knew if he took his mouth away from hers she would continue protesting with renewed energy. So he kept his mouth on hers. Dave’s tongue continued to swirl against hers and she seemed to return the action almost as a defense mechanism. It turned Dave on.

With his hand on her ass, he pulled Holly into his gyrating crotch. He was now fully hard and wanted more. Still pinning her wrists above her head and kissing her to keep her quiet, he moved his free hand to her blouse and unbuttoned it. It took him a full minute to get the buttons all undone and the shirt untucked from the waistband of her skirt.

He exposed a dark purple lacy kind of bra that was holding what looked like a nice pair of tits. Dave withdrew from the kiss and let go of her wrists to admire her tits.

“Dave! You have to stop this!” she said finally, pushing him at his chest. Because he was right up against her, Holly had little leverage to make much of an impact against him. He cupped her covered tits in his hands and squeezed, ignoring her protests.

“Niiiiiice, Holly,” he said to her, looking her in the eye. “Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

Fortunately for Dave it was a front-clasp bra which he easily undid despite her meager pushing against him. In the brief second he paused to admire them he saw that she did have nice tits. Not 21-year old college chic nice but Holly’s tits laid very nicely.

What turned Dave on about tits wasn’t their size. A woman didn’t have to have BIG tits to have nice tits. They just had to look good. Fake, real, big, small, it didn’t matter. They just had to LOOK good. And Holly had very sexy tits.

Immediately, he cupped her tits and squeezed them together.

“Man, what a nice rack.”

“OK, ENOUGH! You have to—”

And before she could finish he lowered his mouth to her chest and tongued her left nipple, sweeping his tongue quickly back and forth across it. He had Holly’s tits squeezed together so that her nipples were mere inches apart. He ran his tongue back & forth along each nipple enjoying the feel of them against his tongue.

While Holly continued to push against Dave’s right shoulder with her left hand, her right hand went to the back of his head.

“Brian is waiting outside. You have to stop,” she whispered.

But her hand on the back of his head said something else. She pressed his head into her, signaling him to continue.

“You don’t want me to stop,” Dave said looking up at her. “Admit it.”


Dave didn’t let her finish. He nudged Holly to the couch right next to where they were standing and moved her into a semi-reclining position, her back against the back of the couch, her feet on the floor, her ass to the very edge of the couch. He ignored her verbal protests and, while kneeling between her knees, he slid her skirt up and moved her black panties aside. He cupped his hands into the backs of her knees and lifted her legs up & out, spreading them. Vaguely noticing that she was still protesting he leaned forward and licked her upper left thigh, up towards her raised knees. Then he repeated that on her right thigh.

He looked up at Holly and found it interesting that she’d now stopped protesting and was looking at him, seeming to have a high interest in what he was doing. Her arms were spread out to her sides.

Dave lowered his right hand to her pussy and rubbed his middle finger over her clit, exposing it. Then he leaned internet casino down again and ran his tongue over it. He heard the soft moan Holly let out as she brought her hands to her tits, not squeezing them or anything; just covering them.

“You like that?” he asked looking back up at her.

“Mmmm hmmm,” and a nod was Holly’s reply.

“No worries about Brian now I see.”

He lowered his mouth back down and circled her clit with his tongue. He took his middle finger from his right hand and slipped it into her pussy.

She put her hand on the top of his head and whispered, “Oh yeah. Mmmmmm. Fuck me with that finger.”

Dave picked up the pace with his tongue, licking up & down in circles and he also increased the pace with his finger in her pussy. Holly was getting wetter by the second.

He glanced up at her and she was looking at him with lost eyes, squeezing her tits together, rubbing the nipples with her sexy fingers.

Still kneeling on the floor he reached down with his left hand and fumbled his way to getting his zipper down. His cock was rock hard and it needed to come out. He managed to work his pants & briefs down to his knees.

Dave didn’t have a huge cock but he was happy with what he had. 6″ and regular thickness was nothing for a white boy to be ashamed of. He jerked it and realized that was probably not the best thing to do. He hadn’t gotten off in about a month and was about 3 seconds away from cumming. Hot chics just do that to a man.

He continued his tongue work on her clit while he fucked her with his finger. She was very wet now and he loved the sight of her mauling her own nice tits.

“Mmmmm, yeah, lick that clit,” Holly whispered to him not taking her eyes off what he was doing.

“Are you close?” he asked.

“Mmmm hmmm,” was her reply.

Dave didn’t want her to cum and lose her edge so he decided it was best to change course. He got up off his knees and licked his way across her stomach and up to her chest. He cupped her tits as he had just a few minutes ago standing next to the couch. He squeezed them together and loved how they looked.

“You like having your tits mauled?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied looking up at him.

He leaned down to her and tongued her throat again and traced his tongue up to her chin and then to her mouth. Holly’s open mouth was waiting for his tongue and she kissed him hard. She pulled him to her with her hand on the back of his head, his hands still squeezing her gorgeous tits.

He pulled away from her and knelt next to her on the couch, his cock ready for her mouth.

“OK, gimme that mouth,” Dave said as he pulled her head to him.

He took the base of his incredibly hard cock in his left hand as he guided her head to him with his right. She opened her mouth and took the head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhh MAN is that nice! Show me that mouth!”

He thrust his hips and she took about half of it, swirling her tongue under it. Holly’s right hand went to his mid section to exert a little control over his movements. She knew well enough that some guys liked to fuck a willing mouth and she wasn’t ready for that. At least not yet.

“Yeah, c’mon! Suck that cock!”

He loved watching her mouth on his cock. Her cheeks dented inward as she sucked it, taking all but about two inches of him.

“Play with that pussy, Holly!”

She reached down with her left and used her middle finger on her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion.

“You like playing with your pussy?” he asked.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she replied with her mouth still on his cock, bobbing her head back & forth on it.

Out in Holly’s SUV, Brian was wondering what was going on. It had been about 15 minutes. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to go in or what. “Were they waiting on me to go in?” He wasn’t sure. He figured he’d just casually head inside and see what was going on.

Brian walked through Holly’s front room and could see the door to the den with pc was slightly ajar and he could hear a muffled voice. “He’s probably still on the phone,” Brian thought. He approached quietly so as to not interrupt the phone conversation, slowly and quietly pushed the door open and then was treated to quite an unexpected sight.

Holly was half lying back, half sitting on the couch sucking Dave’s cock with him kneeled up against her. Brian stopped dead in his tracks and simply said, “Whoa…”

Almost as though he were outside of his body, he found himself saying, “Hey, don’t stop on my account.”

Holly pulled her mouth off Dave’s cock and covered her tits with both arms. She slammed her legs shut also.

Turning to Dave, “I told you we shouldn’t be doing this!”

“Oh heck,” Dave said. “He just said we should continue. No big deal. You’re not gonna say anything to anyone, right, Brian?”

“I think it’d be best if I never said anything to anyone about this.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of his boss. From the day he started working for her he realized she was a MILF. He had simply spent so much time worrying about his new job that he never even spent time fantasizing about her. And now there she was, sucking some strange guys’ dick and trying to cover up her nice tits and cleanly shaven pussy. “Who’d a thunk it?” he thought. “I should’ve been on this from day one!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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