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“…and then Lucas got sick so we decided to keep him home from school.”

“Tyler had something last weekend, too. It was probably something they caught from that little snot-nosed kid they played with at the park.”

“That’s what I thought because Lacey didn’t get sick until she caught it from Lucas.”

“Neither did Tyson or Tyra. I guess it’s good…”

Mitch rolled his eyes as he walked passed his wife and sister-in-law and heard a portion of their conversation. Even though they were all good friends and lived close enough to see each other nearly every day, sometimes he couldn’t believe the things the women talked about. They never seemed to recognize how nice it was to not play parents and just enjoy adult company. Granted, it often had to be on a limited scale as their kids were usually with them, but that didn’t stop him from putting the children out of his mind when he talked to his brother, Miles.

Hearing the wet, barefoot slap of his brother’s approach, Miles quickly glanced over to Mitch from where he sat at the edge of the pool keeping an eye on the group of children playing, specifically his four year-old son and three year-old nephew. He reached out for the beer that was offered to him and took it gratefully.

“How’re they doing?” Mitch asked as he squatted down next to his brother.

“They’re fine right now,” Miles responded after taking a swig from his bottle. He didn’t meet his brother’s eyes and remained focused on the boys. “But Tyler looks like he wants to do something. He keeps looking over at me to see if I’m watching.”

Mitch chuckled. “That kid’s sneaky.”

“Just like his dad,” Miles said, teasing his brother.

“Speaking of which –” Mitch lowered his voice and gave his brother’s shoulder a squeeze. “Wanna let the girls watch the kids for a minute?”

Miles kept his face neutral but asked with more than a little surprise in his tone, “Now?”

“Why not? Everyone’s occupied and I’d like to spend some time alone with my baby brother since he canceled on me last week.”

“You’re crazy.” Despite his words, Miles got to his feet and followed his brother as they moved toward their wives.

Mitch leaned down to give his wife a quick kiss. “I’m going to take Miles in so he can take a look at that shelf in our bedroom.”

“Thank you,” she said with exaggerated relief. To Miles she said, “I’ve been asking him to have you look at that thing for weeks.”

Miles stood upright from where he had kneeled next to his wife to kiss her. “I know. I was actually supposed to come by last week but had to cancel.”

“I’m just thankful there’s someone in the family who knows how to use a hammer,” Mitch’s wife teased.

As he and Mitch moved toward the house, Miles advised, “Keep an eye on Tyler. He’s up to something.” They heard their wives’ acknowledgement as they entered the house.

“How in the hell does she still think you can’t do stuff around here?” Miles asked his brother. At thirty-one, Mitch was five years older than Miles. From an early age, Miles had looked up to his oldest brother and emulated him in most things. Along with a brother who was two years older than Miles, the three brothers were close, but Miles and Mitch had a special bond. “You taught me most of what I know.”

Mitch shrugged as they climbed the stairs. “I fix things without telling her then leave the easy, noticeable stuff for you. It’s simple, but it works.”

They continued to the master bedroom in companionable silence. As they walked, Miles admired his brother’s form.

Mitch was a muscular six feet five inches tall. Having been a football player in high school, he maintained his bulky body with regular visits to the gym. Unlike in his youth, he had let his light brown hair grow out and the thick, wavy locks now reached the middle of his back. On his full, rounded face was a short, pug nose resting above thick, full lips and a full, neatly trimmed auburn beard. His light güvenilir bahis brown eyes were always filled with mirth and good-natured mischief, being the type of outgoing person who could talk to anyone.

Two inches shorter than his brother, Miles had a leaner, but no less fit, body that hadn’t changed much since his years on the high school’s basketball team. He kept his slightly darker hair at a medium length and parted on the side. His clean shaven face held the same shapes as Mitch’s making them noticeable as brothers, though his eyes were a darker brown.

Once inside the room, Mitch walked over to one of the widows that overlooked the pool in the backyard. He felt Miles’s body press against his back as they peeked through the closed blinds. “Looks like they’re all suitably occupied.”

Miles remained close to his brother as Mitch turned around. He didn’t resist when Mitch grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was possessive and dominating. When his lips weren’t being bitten, his mouth was filled with his brother’s probing tongue. His hands moved around to Mitch’s ass and he pulled their crotches together and began to gently hump his brother. When he was allowed to come up for air he said, “Fuck man. Miss me that much?”

“Maybe.” Mitch continued to pepper Miles’s lips with kisses as his hands roamed his brother’s tight back. “You got a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” Miles loosened the drawstring on Mitch’s swim shorts then stuck his hand inside. He wrapped his hand around the hardening piece of flesh and began to give it slow, short strokes. “I missed you, too.”

Mitch let out a growl then pulled their faces back together to repeat the fierce mouth play.

After a few moments, Miles slowly sank to his knees taking Mitch’s shorts with him. Using only his lips and tongue, he guided the tip of Mitch’s cock into his mouth while his hands busied themselves with kneading his brother’s muscular ass cheeks. He focused his energy on sucking the spongy, pointed end and running his tongue under the retracting foreskin. Working his brother’s thick cock head was one of his favorite things to do. The feel of it growing and swelling in his mouth along with tasting the essence of masculinity — Mitch’s essence — trapped in the foreskin was a singular pleasure that he always felt too many people overlooked. Even under the lingering taste of chlorinated water that clung to Mitch, Miles could taste the musk and fermented flavor of his brother. It was enhanced by the small amount of dick cheese that clung to the slowly retracting foreskin and cock head. And when his mouth began to fill with the warmth of beer-induced urine, he swallowed it without hesitation. By the time the flow of Mitch’s piss subsided, he was lightly grazing his teeth across the firm flesh of the fully inflated crown. As he continued to suckle on the fully engorged end, he loosened the string on his own shorts and pushed a hand under his waistband to begin slowly working his dick.

“Shit,” Mitch hissed as he placed a broad hand on Miles’s head and began to gently thrust into his brother’s mouth. Looking down, his eyes focused on his brother’s dick extending above his waistband. “Those two inches seem to get fucking hotter every time I see them.”

Miles turned his eyes upward and smiled around the hard dick moving between his lips. He hooked the waistband of his shorts beneath his balls then removed his hand from his dick, letting it sway erratically as it throbbed and twitched. Nearly identical to the one in his mouth, his cock was a thick, fairly straight piece of uncut flesh that ended with a highly flared and pointed tip. But where Mitch had a dick that was a solid eight inches long, his was just over ten inches. The two of them had often joked that the two inches missing from Miles’s height had gone to his dick. After seeing Mitch eye him for a moment, he wasn’t surprised when Mitch pulled out then turned around.

“I türkçe bahis want those inches, bro,” Mitch said as he pushed in ass against Mile’s face.

Miles grabbed Mitch’s lightly furred ass cheeks in each hand and pulled them apart as he extended his tongue and pressed his face into his brother’s ass. The flavor of the pool had not reached Mitch’s puckered hole and he moaned tasting the funk and musk trapped in the warm skin and auburn hair surrounding it. He sucked and pressed his tongue against the opening feeling it give way easily against the pressure. Soon, the wet sounds of him tongue fucking his brother’s ass mixed with their soft moans of pleasure. When Mitch’s hips began to match his rhythm, he let his brother ride his tongue while he flicked it around, playing it against the slightly loosened muscle.

Mitch let out a deep moan. With unrestrained need he said, “You gotta give ’em to me now.”

Without hesitation, Miles stood and gripped Mitch’s hips. “I’ll give you the two at the bottom. I know they’re your favorite.” Using only the angle of his own hips to help him, he lined up his cock and pressed it to his brother’s hole. Even though he had worked Mitch’s asshole with his tongue it was still mostly dry and progress was slow as he pushed into the opening. His thick crown encountered a good amount of resistance as it tried to enter and he gradually increased the pressure against his brother. Eventually the tight ring expanded just enough to accommodate him and he popped inside with a satisfied groan. As he continued to push forward, the heat of friction steadily grew along with his arousal. Hearing Mitch groan and hiss from the discomfort of the mostly dry entry caused his dick to repeatedly flex and swell, pulsing with need. While he normally would have at least used spit to lubricate himself, he knew they both wanted and needed this primal coupling, to feel nothing but skin against skin. As he continued to push, his cock moved deeper into Mitch with skips and stutters as their flesh stuck to each other then released unexpectedly. By the time his trimmed, yet still bushy, pubic hair finally pressed against Mitch’s ass, they were both breathing heavily from the exertion.

Though it was what he wanted, Mitch grunted and whimpered wantonly as Miles pulled back and tried to find a rhythm. His hole burned from the dry entry and he could feel it sticking uncomfortably to his brother’s hard flesh. It took a good amount of time for his ring to loosen and for Miles’s cock to become lubricated enough with his ass juices to allow easier passage. By that point he was shivering with need and could barely focus. Uncertain of how long they had been gone, he peeked around the blinds again to check that everyone was still occupied downstairs. His wife happened to be looking up at the same time. He waved to her then held up a thumb while mouthing that Miles was taking care of things. Seeing her smile in response, he put the blinds back in place and let out a deep moan. “Fuck, she just saw me.”

“Good thing she didn’t see me, too,” Miles said as he increased the speed of his hips.

“I know. But that was so fucking hot.”

“What? Getting caught with your ass being fucked by your baby brother? We’d both be in some deep shit.”

“True. But it was still hot.”

Miles didn’t respond. Instead, he closed his eyes, leaned his head forward and rested it in the center of his brother’s broad back in the cleft between his shoulders. Even though Mitch’s musky scent already surrounded them, it was more potent this close to him. Miles relaxed his tight grip on Mitch’s hips and moved one hand to run over his brother’s swollen chest and to play with the dense fur he found there. Occasionally, his hand found the small clearings around the firm, pointed nipples and he took a moment to flick and pinch at them before returning to the forest of auburn hair. With his world essentially taken up by the erotic gravity of his brother, he soon güvenilir bahis siteleri felt his stored load bubbling up from his balls and made no move to stop it. “Shit, Mitch. Here it comes.”

Mitch braced one hand against the wall as Miles repeatedly slammed into him with a vengeance. He felt the heat of his brother’s release in his ass before his raw hole registered the final swelling and stiffening of Miles’s cock. Miles continued to thrust into him with diminishing force as his cock unloaded. However, even after Miles’s hips stopped moving, Mitch could still feel his brother’s steely hardness bucking and pulsing inside him. He waited a moment until he heard Miles sigh with relief behind him before removing the still hard and twitching cock from his ass and turning around. Without a word, he pushed Miles back to his knees and pushed his throbbing dick between his brother’s lips. He grabbed a handful of Miles’s hair and set up a quick pace fucking his mouth. When his brother raised his left hand and gripped his cock in the fist, Mitch moaned out loud.

While he often teased Miles about his thing for Mitch’s musky smell and taste, he knew Miles was well aware of how turned on he got from seeing and feeling his baby brother’s wedding band on his cock. The feel of the cool metal stroking against the hard heat of his dick always took his arousal to the next level. While they both acknowledged how horny the taboo was of fucking each other as brothers, Mitch liked the two of them dicking each other even more now that they were both married. It wasn’t the cheating itself that he liked, it was knowing that they were both straight men who liked dick occasionally but loved fucking each other whenever they could.

Already on the edge from having his brother’s load deep inside him, Mitch soon began to shoot into Miles’s mouth.

After quickly swallowing the first two large shots, Miles took his time savoring the remainder of Mitch’s essence as it entered his mouth. The clotted cream was highly bitter and salty with no trace of sweetness. Each time he hooked up with Mitch and swallowed his brother’s load, he was reminded of the first time he had done it. The taste had been so offensive and surprising that he had gagged and spit it out. They had nearly been caught as the sound had brought their mother into the living room where they had been watching TV while she cooked dinner and their brother had been doing homework upstairs. It had taken some time for him to get used to it and he now craved the flavor and was almost disappointed whenever Mitch shot a load up his ass.

“Fuck,” Mitch said explosively after the bulk of his orgasm passed. Blinking through his hazy vision, he looked down and smiled at Miles who was still sucking the dregs from his deflating cock. “You can stop now. You know I’ll let you have it whenever you want it.”

“I know,” Miles said with a bit of reluctance. As he got to his feet he said, “But it tastes so damn good.”

Mitch let out a deep belly laugh at the same memory of the first time Miles had sucked him off. As he gave his brother a friendly punch in the shoulder, he said, “Fucking liar.”

Miles pulled up his shorts while Mitch did the same. After making short work of the shelf, they made their way back downstairs.

“Damn,” Mitch said with a mix of satisfaction and annoyance. “You wrecked my hole. I can’t close it and I feel your jizz leaking out of me.”

“Guess you’ll just have to go for a dip,” Miles said without remorse.

Just before they turned a corner to be revealed by the glass door to the back yard, Mitch pushed Miles against the wall and took his mouth in a final, deep kiss. When he finally broke away he said, “Smug shit. If you were two inches taller, I’d kick your ass like a man.”

Miles shrugged and stepped around the corner. “That’s okay. I’ll put my two inches against yours any day.”

As they walked outside, Miles watched his brother head directly for the pool. He smiled as he grabbed a fresh beer upon seeing the wet spot in the seat of his brother’s shorts.

“Is it fixed?”

Miles turned to his sister-in-law and said, “I took care of things and Mitch is as happy and satisfied as always.”

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