Mar 31

Hope, Charity , Faith Ch. 04

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* All characters in this story are of legal age. *

Things took a turn for the surreal after I hooked up with my best friend’s sister, Hope Arias. I ended up in the first floor bathroom staring at my own reflection in the mirror replaying our brief tryst over and over again with my business still hanging free for all to see. Even though I was inside that small hallway bathroom, my mind was still in the downstairs bedroom pounding her big ass from behind.

It just came out of nowhere leaving me reeling. I didn’t know what to make of things wondering if Hope secretly had the hots for me from the beginning. Now, I didn’t know how I’d be able to look her in the face after what happened. Suddenly my best friend Ricky Arias’ face popped into my head obscuring Hope.

“I messed up, shit.” I told my reflection suddenly realizing I’d forgotten my phone downstairs.

I ran back downstairs finding my phone still missing from the coffee table as the last place I’d seen it. I went to the small bedroom in the back finding that Hope tidied things up before taking a shower in this even smaller bathroom. Nothing was there either other than the lingering odor of her body wash. I noticed the sink was full of makeup containers and lipsticks signaling that Hope had taken over her mother’s former bedroom. I started walking up the stairs when the door leading to Ricky’s second floor abode opened.

“WHERE YOU AT NIGGA; WHERE-THE-FUCK-ARE YOU?!!” My heart leapt into my throat at the sight of Ricky storming down the stairs to meet me, wholly enraged.

“Out of my way Jaleel.” He all but shoved me to the side descending down the stairs banging on his older sister’s door. Hope cracked the door to her bedroom peering out at her brother, amused.


“YOU SAID YOU WASN’T GONNA MESS WITH US ANY MORE!! WHY’D YOU LOG IN, HOPE?!!” Apparently Hope found the time to log into her console to mess up another gaming experience for her little brother.

“I said nothing of the sort; I said-I was talking to Jaleel.” She waved a finger in his face smiling. I doubted he wanted to have another go at wrestling with her. Ricky almost never won any peer contest with his older sibling.

“Hey man, can you talk to her some more before all of my online friends quit?”

“Uhm, sure.” I shrugged as he pushed past me slamming the door to his second floor abode. Online gaming was my best friend’s way of detoxing after the rigors of high school life and Hope’s sudden appearance disrupted that in tragic fashion.


“Yeah, Hope?” She was wearing makeup which added to her attractiveness. My cock surged in my pants at the sound of her voice. I would’ve walked down the stairs to her bedroom door, but she held a hand up stopping me in my tracks.

“Chemical reaction remember that and oh, I have your phone. I’m gonna hold onto it for a minute so you won’t be tempted to look at that clip of the Kimberly person’s flat ass.”

“Shouldn’t that be my decision?”

“I’m your sexual advocate, trust me.”

“Oh does that mean I’m gonna get some more sex?” I grinned showing every tooth in my head.

“GO UPSTAIRS!!” One of her flip flops hit me in the chest as the bedroom door slammed.

I stared after her for a few moments kind of hoping she’d open the door and invite me inside. It seemed as if our brief hookup was nothing more than a quick dalliance meant to be sexual methadone. Fate accepted, I returned upstairs to find Hope shredding her brother online once more. Ricky spiked his controller going over to a spot on the floor theoretically over her bedroom stomping as hard as he could until Hope yelled back.

“TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE AND YOU CAN PLAY YOUR GAME!!” She yelled back as her online avatar shredded more of his team members. Some player with the weird moniker “Stretch” managed to hang with her for a few seconds before eating dirt.

“OKAAAAY, JUST STOP IT!!” Hope’s avatar lost the power of movement onscreen at that precise second allowing a fortuitous player the honor of blowing her away.

Ricky held up his end of the deal leaving me alone to take out the burgeoning trash can in their kitchen. I just stared at the screen as the people in his team continued playing, content to watch.

The elder Arias turned out to be one hell of a cook whipping up a delicious repast of crab cakes, shrimp, homemade coleslaw. Hope and Ricky buried the hatchet for the duration of dinner probably more out of hunger on his part. I tried to work through the confliction experienced when I saw both siblings interacting together. There was no way I was telling him that I’d hooked up with his sister. Both of us were regular guys with minimal to no fighting experience but I didn’t doubt he might take my head off if pissed enough.

“So, did you know Jaleel’s girlfriend cheated on him, Ricky?”

Hope cut the silence as we sat around the coffee table eating while his game was paused. I coughed profusely caught unaware of the coming question while I was drinking a tumbler of cola. Hope patted me on the back bursa escort as Ricky shot me a look.

“Man, you cried on my sister’s shoulder?”

“I ain’t cry on shit; she walked in on me in the laundry room.” I stopped short of finishing my story worried I might spill more than asked.

“She sent him a nasty ass video; I saw it.” Hope added stirring the pot.

“Because you snatched the phone out my hand.”

“What kind of nasty video; can I see it Jaleel?”

“You like big, black cock little brother?” Ricky did a doubletake looking between our faces as I glared at Hope who intentionally left out the video clip of Kimberly’s butt.

“What the fuh?” Hope clapped a hand over his mouth as I explained.

“She sent me a video of that motherfucking Jay Stello’s junk.; she was jerking him off. Don’t even start with me about that shit.”

“Still wanna see it, little brother?” Hope giggled.

“Fuck you.” She openly laughed at both of us gathering up the plates and cups like a dutiful host. Ricky waited until she was gone before questioning me further.

“Your girl really send you some sick shit like that man? Cause if she did, that’s foul as fuck, especially after all that bullshit they pulled on you today. What, she think you gay or something? Think you wanna be looking at Jay Stello fucking dick, huh?”

“Don’t remind me.”

“If he wasn’t who he was, I’d tell you to fuck him up proper. But I don’t wanna see you in the ICU, brother. Jay kinda big and well, you’re not. Besides what’s up with that shit, sending you dick pics, kinda foul eh?”

“She sent a clip of her ass getting slapped by that motherfucking Jay Stello; guess I was supposed to get all excited and click on the other one to get that dick shit.” Ricky perked up hearing about Kim’s ass clip.

“Hey man?”

“Your sister took my phone; said it was for my own good.”

“Man fuck, she’s always been a buzz kill. I can’t never have no happiness cause she always messing it up. I don’t even know why she popped up; that college is three hours away. Now she all up in my back pocket and everything.” There was no way I was telling Hope’s tragic story. I didn’t know how Ricky would react to his sister’s problems.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get the phone back.”

“Text me that shit.”


“It’s the least you could do for a brother in need; I always watch out for you.” My brow furrowed at his explanation.

“You wanna look at my girlfriend’s ass?”

“Jaleel, she wasn’t your woman, it was just your turn. I know how much that’s gotta sting, but you have to look at reality. She’s fucking power tripping even after you caught her in the act of fucking that nigga, Jay Stello.”

“Motherfucking Jay Stello.” I corrected.

“Why do you keep saying that; I been noticing that since the shit went down?”

“I don’t know, it just kind of sticks.” I shrugged as both of us sat there pondering my explanation.

Ricky Arias was not to be denied. Both of us got this weird feeling simultaneously staring over towards his front door finding Hope watching us. She was leaning in from the outside stairwell, just her head visible. Ricky hunched his shoulders making this exaggerated gesture towards his sister.

“I got a few toll house cookies in the microwave; you guys want some dessert?”

“Sure Hope, why not?” He responded with blatant sarcasm. She popped out of the door running downstairs enthusiastically as we resumed our conversation.

“You wanna look at my girlfriend’s ass, Ricky?”

“I always look at your girlfriend’s ass; I’ve looked at it since it was a sweet, ripe looking apple waiting to be plucked, through the next two years as constant exercise tightened it up into a power butt and hell, even now when she’s found just the right kind of balance in our senior year. Kimberly Bivens is rocking a mini-donk, Jaleel.”

“Maybe I should’ve been watching you too, huh?”

“Come on man; I’d never have a chance of sniffing the panties. We’re borderline nerds and both of us need to stay on the right side of that line otherwise it’s gonna be a rerun of our freshman year.”

“Damn, she’s already madder than she was earlier today. Kim called me while I was in the laundry room still wanting me to apologize.”

“Did you do it?”

“Come on Ricky; you know me.”

“Can I still look at her ass on your phone?” Ricky Arias had no shame and stumbled epically when talking to female students at our high school.

“Sure, if you can get my phone back from your sister.”

“HOPE BRING ME JALEEL PHONE WHEN YOU COME UP HERE!!” My ears were ringing from the sudden shouting. I doubted she even heard him when a bumping sound followed moment later. It sounded like she was using a broom to tap the ceiling downstairs.

“If you get a girlfriend, I’m gonna look at her ass.” I warned.

“I kind of got a thing going on with Stretch, this online sort of skype thing. Well, we haven’t face timed and she lives in some town called Maplewood. So, I kind of working towards the bursa escort bayan whole sexting thing.”

“Fool, you probably talking to a man.”

“No, I can hear her on the headset; Stretch is definitely a woman.”

“It’s probably some smelly fat guy who talks like Michael Jackson; you seen that old episode of the Simpsons, right?”

“Fuck you Jaleel.” I started laughing hard earning a punch to the bicep as he picked up his controller.

“Here you go, boys.”

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING?!!” Hope returned with a vengeance carrying a tray stacked with, big fluffy cookies and two tumblers full of homemade smoothies. She was carrying an additional one for herself.

“You don’t like Walter Payton, fuck you.”

Ms. Arias in her brief absence, had doffed her juvenile night dress and flip flops, now wearing a cotton Bears t-shirt and some navy blue, retro track shorts that functioned as little more than panties on her expansive hips. Those shorts were riding really high on those hips. I was glad I was sitting on the floor with my legs under the coffee table. I was sporting serious wood. My endowment was seriously pulsing causing a near tenting in my crotch as she set the tray and drinks down on the coffee table. Those tight shorts rode high on the curve of her hip as she bent over placing a tumbler before me.

“Those my gym shorts, aren’t they?” Ricky yelled.

“EH, WHAT?!!” I grimaced as Hope chortled.

“From when you were a sophomore; come on drink up. I made these smoothies myself. Be careful with the cookies, they’re still hot from the microwave. Mind if I play a game or two with you guys?”

Instead of waiting for an answer, Hope walked around the far end of the coffee table sitting on my far side away from her brother. She squatted down sitting on the back of her calves with the controller in her hands, before regarding me.

“Eat up, Jaleel.”

This vantage point allowed me an unimpeded view of Hope’s overly large derriere. Her declared measurements kept running through my mind as I stared at the huge, inverted heart that was her butt. Both halves of those enormous cheeks bulged out in decadent fashion as the material of those gym shorts disappeared into the crack of her butt. I was so aroused that it almost felt as if I were on the verge of climaxing. It was honestly embarrassing as I watched her playing a fighting game, devastating her online opponent. The unseen guy or girl immediately logged after being humiliated.


“Yeah Hope?”

“Eat.” I chuckled nervously glancing over finding Ricky staring with a raised brow. It was the suspicious look of a sibling suspecting something as I thought my way out of things. Both of us took deep sips from our respective tumblers.

“Where’s my phone Hope?”

“You wanna call that girl, huh?” She didn’t look at me as she continued beating the piss out of anyone who digitally stepped up.

“No, I wanna show your brother my girlfriend’s ass, in that clip.” I was honest.

“You don’t have a girlfriend, Jaleel.” I facepalmed realizing my verbal misstep as Hope glanced in my direction still surgically taking apart her online foe.

“You can’t hold his phone!” Ricky blurted out, frustrated.

“Jerk off to internet porn like you always do, perv. Jaleel, at least you got some pussy, my little bro here, got a platinum V-Card.” I looked over finding a brewing storm in my best friend’s face. Hope shared her brother’s propensity for speaking her mind with no filter. This was evident when he got up walking out of the second floor living room, slamming his own bedroom door.

“That was wrong, you should apologize.”

“Eventually, I heard what that little shit stain said about me.”

“Still wrong.”

Hope was playing alone at this point finding no challengers online. She paused the game setting down the controller to hand me a cookie. She actually fed it to me making sure I took a few bites before giving me a drink of her homemade smoothie holding the cup. Hope set the tumbler down leaning over finding her brother’s cup empty.

“Don’t get it twisted I love my little brother with all my heart Jaleel; but he acts way too feminine to get some pussy, especially at that high school you guys attend. Mom always coddled him and look at him now. I was surprised she wanted me to move in with her when stepdad bounced. Now, I can see why she wanted me instead of him.”

“That’s cold.”

“That’s our own brand of feme-mind speak; shit that’s unique in our family circle. I’m not saying it’s right, just how we grew up. Ricky’s a brat, but he’s my brat, okay?”

“Sure, it’s your family.”

Hope got up walking over to retrieve a small glass container from the entertainment center holding the television and some family photos. She fished something out of it that I couldn’t see, walking over sliding it under his door. The twenty year old rapped briefly at the door and stood there waiting. That door opened enough allowing her to slip inside followed by muffled talking. I couldn’t escort bursa help but follow the meaty, loose jiggle and sway of her butt as she walked across the room to Ricky’s bedroom door.

“He’s good, but he’s gonna take a nap so we can do whatever we want.” Hope informed me ten minutes later, closing his bedroom door behind her.

“What was that you slipped under the door?”

“Two hundred dollars; I know my brother.” The answer shed light on the minute vagaries of their relationship as siblings.

From an early age both of them really had to rely on one another because of extremely self-absorbed parental figures. Ricky true to her word was snoring loudly minutes later, probably dead asleep from the stress of high school and his sister’s online stalking. Hope and I ended up watching two movies into the evening. I was starting to doze when she switched off the television turning to me with a apprehensive look on her pretty face.

“Hey, can I ask you something; actually can I ask you a few questions?”


“Were you looking at my ass when I walked over there to give my brother his pacifier money?”


“Still thinking about what we did in the basement?” I looked away preferring not to answer, but she cupped my chin turning my face in her direction.

“Okay uhm, yeah.” I answered meekly.

“That’s wrong thinking man, seriously Jaleel. You can’t get hung up on me just because we had sex. It’s counterproductive to what you need to do. I was trying to give you a buffer so that girl wouldn’t have your nose open all the time, understand?”

“Well I thought you didn’t want me to think about her anymore; and I wasn’t expecting that to happen today anyway.”

“Nobody expects to get laid when they want it; these interactions just kind of happen. The more organic, the better an experience it becomes. When Lamar snatched me up, he screwed up my brain and I couldn’t think about anything else but his cock. Fucker had me so twisted, I was hawking his crotch in public. I didn’t realize he was toying with me until it was too late.”

“Sorry Hope; what’s that got to do with me, specifically?”

“Do you love Kimberly Bivens?”

“I-uh, guess not. No, I don’t.” I was shaky and unsure of my answer.

Kimberly Bivens had been my girlfriend of a long while. I felt like a fool sitting in front of Hope. She was lying on the couch beside me with her head in my lap, a pillow between her legs. She’d been like that throughout the second movie we’d watched. Now she was looking up into my face, putting me on the spot much like her little brother Ricky Arias.

“Do you love me?”

“Why would you ask me something like that?” Hope chortled again taking the edge off the off kilter question.

“Because I fucked you too.”

“Damn girl, stop busting my balls.” Hope sat up still smiling as she collected up the empty plate, stacking the tumblers on it as she got up to leave. I’m sure she knew that I was getting a front row seat of her big, floppy heart shaped ass.

“I want you to wash these dishes.” She half shoved the dishes into my arms wanting me to follow her downstairs. I figured she was angry at my response to her question. I was still checking Hope out as we walked down the stairs to the first floor.

A sink full of used dishes was waiting for me besides the ones I carried downstairs. Hope Arias loved cooking but hated washing dishes. I didn’t mind because I did a lot of housework normally at my mom’s assistance with occasional reinforcement by a razor strap. It was old school parenting born of southern roots, but just part of my routine growing up. I cleaned up the dishes happily wiping down the stove. It was the least I could do after she’d offered her body earlier. I got a frustrated thinking it was too quick. I really didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy her beauty for that briefest of moments.

“Oh, you didn’t have to wipe down the stove.” Hope appeared in the kitchen doorway wearing a large fluffy looking, fleece bathrobe. It was hot pink and jarring contrasting with her skin tone.

“It’s only fair after you made dinner; but I’ve just gotta say there’s something that’s been nagging me for a minute now since you first came up. I don’t want to offend you, though.”

“What is it?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but you kinda remind me of this actress from a show I used to watch.” Hope folded her arms across her chest with a knowing smirk.

“Jessica Parker Kennedy?”


“I get that a lot, but not enough to be offended. Maybe one day somebody’s gonna tell her she looks like me. Forget that noise, come with me Jaleel.” Hope took my hand leading me to her bedroom door but stopped short staring at my face, inquisitively.


“How do you feel when you see me, Jaleel?”

“Like I always do; you’re my uh, friend.”

“Even now, be honest?” Her cute little nose scrunched up as she stared a hole in my face. I felt put on the spot as she cock her head to one side, waiting.

“I keep seeing that ass of yours; keep seeing it clapping against me, Hope. It’s almost like I can feel it slapping into my junk. I know how it sounds, honestly; maybe it’s because we just did it today.” My shoulders slumped, defeated.

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