Mar 31

Hot Day

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It’s a blazing hot sunny day. We’ve been lying on the lawn in the sun, picnicking on fruit and cold white wine. You were wearing a white cotton top and a short skirt. As the wine and sun has had their effect, we are both feeling warm, lazy and gently buzzing. I’ve been stroking your breasts through the thin top, and feeling your nipples harden under my finger tips. As you lay on your side facing me, I started to stroke the tops of your legs under the short skirt, not quite going all the way up, but close enough for you to move your legs against my hand and for me to feel the heat of you. Your face, neck and the top of your chest started to flush, and you ran your fingers softly over my cock, hard inside my trousers.

Now we are lying on the big bed. The windows are wide open and the sun is streaming in across us. I’ve unbuttoned your top and taken it off, your skirt is on the floor and you are lying back with your eyes closed, just in your thin, white silky pants. I’m naked and I can feel the heat of the sun on my back as I lean over you and take your nipple into my mouth. I run pendik escort the tip of my tongue over it and round it, moving out in circles to cover the lovely swell of your breast. Back to the nipple, I suck it between my lips and nibble it gently. I suck as much of your breast into my mouth as I can, and then use my tongue harder on the nipple deep in my mouth. I lean further over and start on your other nipple. As I do, I can feel the first one hard and rubbing in the hairs on my chest.

I move down over your stomach, kissing and licking all the way until I arrive at your panties. You open your legs wider and at the same time I can feel one of your hands stroking the back of my neck and the other gently holding my hard cock. I can feel the heat coming from between your legs and I blow gently all around, over your tummy, over your mound and down across the tops of your legs. I start licking and kissing the soft flesh on the inside of your thighs, caressing them with my lips – up one leg and down the other, just brushing across your mound but not really touching it. By now you are escort pendik wriggling against me and starting to moan a little. Your pants are soaking wet and I can see the dark hairs and pink flesh showing through. I start to lick you through your pants, up and down the puffy flesh now pushing the fabric out, and down in the join with each thigh. As you open your legs wider and wider I can push my tongue further into the flesh and start to feel your clit at the top of the folds. I can tell you are desperate for me to pull your pants to the side and push my tongue inside you, but I wait, licking and sucking, and using my fingers to rub the lips against each other, trapping your clit in between them. You are pushing down now with your hand on my neck, and you are using your finger tips and the palm of your hand on my cock. It is getting harder and harder, twitching and jerking.

At last I pull your pants out of the way and now I can see you, full, wet and glistening in the sunshine. I run my tongue between the inner and outer lips, first one side then the other. I can taste you in my mouth pendik escort bayan and smell the sweetness of your juice. Then I move down the crack from your clit to your hole, suddenly pushing my tongue deep into you, causing you to gasp and writhe. Then back out and up to your clit where I start rubbing it harder with the tip of my tongue, then softer with the flat of it. I use my fingers of one hand to pull back the folds from around your clit so I can see it hard, red and wet. Further down I can see your hole wide open, wet and sticky with love juice. With my other hand I push two fingers deep inside you. Now I push down with my mouth and my tongue starts to work hard on your clit. Flicking it, rubbing it back and forward and sucking it in deep. I can hear you moaning and gasping and you are pushing yourself up to my mouth and hard up onto my fingers. Harder and harder I lick you, until I can feel you starting to tense. Your back arches up. “Oh God that’s gorgeous” you moan. Your thighs squeeze together. You buck up and down under my tongue and your hands are desperately gripping my head and my cock. Suddenly I can feel your legs twitching and your stomach rippling. Your head goes back and you cry out, Your legs grip me tighter and tighter as you squeeze one last time and come in a huge gasping orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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