Mar 31

Hot for Teacher Ch. 01

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My term paper was late. I was standing at the door of my Professor’s office, sweating. My term paper was late and I didn’t have enough time to finish the one I started several weeks ago. It wasn’t that good to begin with but that was besides the point. The point was that I was sweating because not only could I fail my hot professor’s class but I sweating for what I was about to try in order to pass my hot professor’s class.

“C’mon girl, get your ass in there and just get this over with. The worst he can say is No.”

Aaand turn you in to the Dean and you get kicked out of school, I thought to myself. Nevermind, I have to try this. I put one foot in front of the other and grabbed the professors office doorknob and turned. I pushed the door open and peeked my head inside.

“Professor?” I asked.

“Yes, who is it?” He replied.

“It’s Anna. May I speak with you a minute?”

“Oh,” he said and he looked up from his desk to smile at me, “yes, please come in.”

This man’s smile could make any woman weak at the knees and mine felt completely like jelly at this very moment. I’m not even sure how I was able to walk the rest of the way into the office and sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

“What can I help you with, Anna?” He asked.

God this man was gorgeous. His dark hair was short, but you could tell he hadn’t had a haircut in a while since it had grew out a bit to sit just above his ears. It was so dark it was almost black in color except for the strands of hair that had turned white around his ears. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. It was like looking at the sky on a bright summer day. Watching him in class he always had a boyish looking face since he was always clean shaven when classes started but now, he had a five o’clock shadow and a bit of stubble. It made his jaw look more masculine and I bursa escort caught myself wondering what that stubble would feel like as it brushed against my inner thighs.

I snapped back to reality, hoping that I wasn’t blushing. “I wanted to make you aware that I may not have my term paper finished before classes start tomorrow.”

“well, I’m sorry to hear that Anna.” He said as he took off his glasses. “You know that paper is worth a third of your overall grade. You need it to pass my class. I do hope that you at least try to finish it before classes start tomorrow. you will get a zero if you turn in nothing.”

“I know.” I said as I put my head down. “That is why I was wondering if I can an extension or if you offer any kind of extra credit in case I am unable to finish it and I receive a negative score for only turning in what I have.”

“I don’t give extensions and I wont be able to figure out what kind of extra credit I will be willing to offer until after I grade everyone’s work. Including yours.” He was very stern in his response. It looked like I was going to have to resort to the only option I had left. I got up front my seat and started to walk toward the back of the desk where the Professor was sitting. He turned his chair toward me and leaned back looking at me with surprise and curiosity. The curiosity caught me off guard. I thought he would try to kick me out of his office at this point.

I stood firm and raised my hands to unbutton my shirt. I was wearing little red plaid skirt, a white button up blouse, black stockings and black heels. I had very little makeup on and my hair was curled and placed in a high ponytail. The literal representation of a ‘naughty school girl.’ He never said a word as I unbuttoned my blouse to expose my red lace bra underneath.

I pulled the blouse out from my skirt and let it drop to the floor. His bursa escort bayan eyes looked in awe at my breasts. They were all but spilling out from my bra. Usually I wouldn’t mind a man staring at my breasts, I would be a little more than delighted at the fact normally but Professor Fraser wasn’t just any man, he was my English Literature Professor.

I was determined to leave, at the very least, a good impression. I’d been fantasizing about this man every since the first day of class and a part of me what him to fantasize about me too. Another hopeful accomplishment if all goes according to plan tonight. He was going think of me night after night for a very long time. I bit my lip as I watched the Professor study me for a brief moment before sliding my hands under my skirt to take on off my red lace panties. He watched in amazement as I slid the material down my slender legs and onto the floor.

I stepped out of them and then picked them up. Holding one end of the red material on the tip of my index finger, I walked closer towards the Professor. I placed my hand on one of the arms of the leather chair and leaned forward just enough so my breasts were right at eye level. I noticed my Professor hold his breath as I teasingly dangled the lace in front of him.

He took a deep breath through his nose and I smiled. He could most certainly smell my arousal that had left its mark on my panties and he licked his lips. “If you would consider giving me just a few more days, then I’ll let you keep them.” I said in a husky voice. He looked at me and smiled. “Very well, I’ll consider it.” He said as he took my panties, opened up his desk drawer and placed them inside. Once he closed the desk drawer, he looked back at me and stood up from his chair. “Is that all you needed, my dear? Or is there something else?” He said huskily.

He never tore his gaze from escort bursa mine, in fact, he even leaned closer to me. I bit my lip as I noticed how close his lips were to mine. My mind raced with so many thoughts as I looked down at his lips. All I wanted to do was kiss him and touch him. The thought of me bent over his desk as he thrusts his hard cock into my pussy crept into my mind. My pussy pulsated and I could feel the wetness starting to drip down my thigh. His question wasn’t a rejection, but a tease and I wagered he wanted to see if I would actually ask for it.

My stubbornness and competitiveness came forth and shouted “NO! I should make him beg for me, not the other way around. He wont appreciate it if you cave so easily.” Despite my pussy’s protests I took one step back from him. “No, Professor Fraser. I think that will be all for today.” I said. He looked a bit surprised at my reaction but nodded at me regardless. “Well then. I would like to see you in my office after classes have ended for the day tomorrow. We will discuss further whether I will give you the few more days you asked for or not. In the meantime, I expect that term paper to be handed in during class tomorrow, regardless whether its finished or not. You are a good student and I would hate to have to give you a such a low grade that would ultimately end with you dropping my class.”

“Thank you, Professor Fraser.” I said as I nodded in agreement. He smiled at me once more and said, “Alright then. See you tomorrow.” I walked from behind the desk towards the door. I opened the door and motioned to leave but then the Professor stopped me by saying, “Oh, and one more thing!”

I looked up at him and I could feel my face begin to turn a little red. He had sat back down in his chair, leaned back and crossed his legs. His hands were folded in his lap and he had a grin on his face when he said, “I’d like to wear another skirt tomorrow when you come to see me. But no panties underneath.” I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and I knew I was full on blushing but I nodded and finally walked through the door.

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