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Hot Twilight Ch. 02

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In the taxi back to her home, Darla looked at Adreana’s business card again. She flashed back to the morning, and recalled how beautiful and sexy she appeared, yet Darla was afraid to call her. She had been hurt so badly with Dominique she was relationship-shy and thought she had to be very cautious making any serious commitments again. The taxi dropped her off right at the newsstand again where she had met Adreana earlier. The old geezer was still there listening to the ball game on his rickety old radio when Darla thrust a dollar bill in his face and asked for a bottle of water from his small fridge. The old man didn’t recognize her and as he handed her the bottle he knocked the cigar box that held the loose change, knocking over the two quarters she had set up earlier in the day.

Suddenly a large metallic sound similar to a man hole cover being dragged back over its hole and dropped in permeated Darla’s mind. The extreme loudness of the sound, and its high pitched screech made her stumble backwards completely losing her balance. Darla fell back towards the pavement but just as she was about to hit, Adreana grabbed her and caught her fall. The older woman lowered her carefully to the pavement as she noticed Darla had lost consciousness.

Adreana was still wearing her short dress also but knelt on the pavement and stroked Darla’s brown hair away from her closed eyes. Adreana’s low cut blouse, her nice tits totally visible to Darla, if she ever opened her eyes again. The beautiful healer opened the bottle of water that Darla had dropped and put some of the cool water on Darla’s warm temples. Darla opened her eyes to see Adreana ministering to her and telling her not to move, that it would be okay. Darla could not believe how gorgeous this woman was and how she had appeared out of nowhere to catch her fall. A small crowd of passersby güvenilir bahis stopped and looked on as Adreana asked one of them to call an ambulance.

“No..No I am not hurt I just fainted.” Darla pleaded.

“I’ll be fine, just need a bit of food in me,” Darla exclaimed to Adreana as she tried to get up.

“Are you sure honey,” Adreana asked her in a soothing tone.

“Absolutely, I’ll be fine, help me up please,” Darla asked her new friend.

The muscular middle aged woman gladly helped the younger woman to her feet and helped her gather her possessions. As Darla regained her composure she acknowledged Adreana and went up to her and threw her arms around her and kissed her passionately.

While she had been unconscious, Dominique had spoken to her. She fainted because she had seen her so clearly when the quarters fell over that it was as if she had seen a ghost.

In reality, her former lover Dominique had been around her for months, like a guiding angel, and wanted to let Darla know it was all right for her to fall in love with this new woman. Dominique pleaded for Darla’s forgiveness in the dream and Darla granted it. She knew instinctively that only forgiveness can make one truly happy in life. Holding grudges, being judgmental and being nasty only made someone a bitch and that is not a way to love. As she forgave Dominique for taking her life, the image of her faded to white a light brighter than the sun. That’s when she awoke in Adreana’s arms.

Adreana kissed Darla and caressed her hair, holding her close to her warm body.

“I have to take you upstairs now and give you a hot bath and a long massage,” The attractive healer said to her.

“And a good meal too,” Darla added. They both smiled at each other, and knew this was the real beginning of a long relationship.

Inside Adreana’ türkçe bahis s opulent apartment a few minutes later, the two women had finished dining and began kissing passionately on the large couch in her living room.

“Oh Darla, I’m so attracted to you dear, let me see your beautiful body already!” Adreana said, as she undid Darla’s belt and pulled off her mini skirt.

“Only if you let me suck your lovely pussy first, my love,” Darla demanded as she slid out of her skirt and showed her firm body to Adreana.

The older woman disrobed quickly to that request and Darla dove down on her knees and spread Adreana’s thighs apart. The older woman had a slight amount of pubic hair, neatly trimmed, with a thick labia which Darla parted with the soft fingers and began to lick ever so slowly.

Darla stroked her muscular legs and thighs with her right hand while she used her left to delve into the woman’s sex.

“Uhnghh, Oh, dear, YES, lick my hot pussy dear, suck me good!” Adreana said.

Darla knew how to arouse this beautiful woman and wanted to take her sweet time. Because inside her soul, she knew this woman was so kind, so right, and so sensuous it all just seemed right for a change. Darla licked and stimulated Adreana’s wet mound with her left index finger. She finger fucked her slowly and gained momentum as she went deeper and faster. The older woman’s love juices oozed around Darla’s fingers and she instinctively lapped those juices into her mouth.

“Ohh, YES Darla fuck me with your lovely fingers, fuck me hard!”

Darla could feel Adreana’s lovely body tense as her orgasm approached. The luscious casting agent slipped her hand around Adreana’s ass cheek and inserted her other index finger into her anus. The older woman leaned against her living room wall and her knees buckled. Her body trembled as sensations güvenilir bahis siteleri of extreme pleasure streamed through her mind.

“Ummmmghhh, Oh fuck me, Oh fuck me dear, fuck me hard, harder!” Adreana cried, as Darla stroked her thick clitoris with her sharp tongue.

Darla darted her experienced tongue from the tip of her warm clit to the inner walls of her pussy in swirling motions. The healer’s love fluids poured out of her sex and flowed easily into Darla’s mouth, she swallowed them quickly, and wanted more and more.

“OoooooOOOOOOHHHHHAAAAHH,” Adreana screamed, as her body vibrated heavily with another gushing orgasm, this time it was special. She looked down and took in the view of this goddess lapping up her juices while she gave her a good anal fuck with her free hand. It was almost too much to ask for.

Later that night the two lovers fucked each other with Adreana’s favorite strap on cock and the older woman proved herself to be a potent lover for the younger woman.

In the morning they both slept entwined and very much in love with each other’s bodies. A new relationship was born out of lust for each other and yet love would grow from there to become stronger every time they were together.

Darla had made peace with her past and the pain of her former lover’s death was released by her forgiveness which opened her heart for love once again, which would last forever. It was a true miracle.

The new day brought new crowds of workers and tourists past the old man in the newsstand downstairs. That same man in the baggy grey suit stepped out from behind the magazines on display, still smoking a cigarette and said,

“Submitted for your approval, one Darla Hammond, a casting director with a preference for women, who realized that when you toss that coin in the box, you might get more than you expected, in The Twilight Zone.”

This story is based upon the teleplay “A Penny For Your Thoughts,” written by George Clayton Johnson, and aired on The Twilight Zone on 2/3/61.

The End


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