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Hotel Part 4

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Hotel Part 4I throw my head back and let out a deep moan as you work your tongue in and out of my tight little cunt. I can’t help but tremble as my body responds to you like it never has before.“Oh..oh..mmm..yes!” I gasp, feeling your finger start to rub against my asshole once again. I wriggle around and buck my hips as you bring me closer and closer to orgasm – catching me off guard and making me reach down to grab you by the hair to pull you closer.“I can’t!…Stop!…oh my god!” You reach your free hand up and start to rub my clit as fast as you can. “No no no!” I scream as I throw my head back. I whimper as you slide your tongue out and get up to press your mouth against my ear.“You want me to make your slutty little pussy cum, baby?” You whisper, darting your tongue against my ear and breathing heavy – making me shudder in pleasure.“Mmm yes” I manage to say between pants.“Fucking beg me, you horny little bitch!” You growl as you start rubbing my clit again.“Please..please!” I stammer, unable to take a full breath.“Please what?” “Please make me cum, Daddy” I plead. You slide back down between my legs and let out a vicious laugh.“Maybe I should just let you suffer”“No no please! I need to cum. Fuck me with your tongue. Please! I’ve been a good girl, Daddy” I hear you suck in a breath and I know I’ve got you. Seconds later I feel you press your tuzla escort mouth firmly against my pussy as you flick your tongue against my soaking wet fuck hole making me shriek loudly.“Yes! Oh god!” I moan, closing my thighs around your head slightly. Slipping your tongue deep inside me again, you pinch my clit between your thumb and middle finger causing me to grip your wrist to try and stop you.“Fuckin’ cum, you nasty little worthless pig!” You grunt from between my thighs. Rolling my clit around, you start to tongue fuck me hard and within seconds you feel my whole body tighten up before letting out the most a****listic scream as I cum all over your mouth. I start to shake and tremble violently as you lap up my sticky juices – my hand still gripping your wrist as I whimper incoherently.“That’s it, baby” You coo as you keep licking and sucking making me writhe in pleasurable pain. You finally pull your face away and lean back to admire what you did. My eyes are closed shut & my are lips dry and slightly parted as I desperately suck in air. You notice the slight pink flush to my normally stark pale cheeks. Your eyes trail down past my big full tits that rise and fall with every labored breath – you notice one of my cute pink nipples peeking out but you resist the urge to pinch it. Finally your gaze lowers to my parted thighs sancaktepe escort – exposing my aching pussy glistening with my juices and your spit. Your cock, which is sticking straight out of your boxer briefs, twitches in response and you give it a light squeeze as you stand up. Kneeling on the bed, you manuever yourself on top of me and gently perch your cute little ass on my chest as your cock lines up inches from my mouth. I lick my dry lips and let out a deep sigh as I purposely stick my tongue out as far as I can and flick it up and down.“You’re such a little cock whore” You growl and I can’t help but giggle which drives you crazy. You shift around a bit and suddenly you’re forcing my lips apart with your thick, throbbing cock. I let you shove it in and out of my mouth a few times before I shut my mouth tightly and open my eyes. You frown at me and reach your hands down to grip my throat. “Don’t you fuckin’ defy me” My eyes widen as you tighten your hands; placing your thumbs close to the base of my throat, you lock eyes with me and press down firmly. I blink a few times and feel myself start to panic as you keep tightening your grip. I try not to show fear but the smirk on your face tells me it’s no use – you’ve got full power again and I am at your mercy. I reach up and scratch at your hands and you finally üsküdar escort let up enough for me to breathe.“Now open your pretty fuckin mouth so I can shove my cock inside” You demand but I shake my head.“You already fucked my throat, remember?” I respond between gasps. You tighten your grip a little.“So? I don’t think you are in any position to say no to me” “But I have a better idea” You shoot me a curious look.“Oh? And what’s that?” “I want to shave you” Your eyes widen as you suck in air.“Really?” I nod and shoot you my cute little squished nose look. Your cock twitches against my throat as you pull your hands away and lean back.“You don’t get to fuck me until you’re completely smoothe like me” I purr as I shove you off of me and stand up. You give my big ass a nice hard smack as I shriek and pull you off the bed – grabbing you by the shirt and pulling you into the bathroom. I waste no time yanking down your pants & boxer briefs and order you to lay down on the sparkling clean tiled floor as I pull out a razor and shaving cream from my bag.“What else you got in there?” You ask.“You’re just going to have to wait and see, baby” I purr as I get onto my knees before you and spread your legs wide. I can feel my pussy getting wet again as I gaze down at your big, full nuts. I spray the fruity smelling cream all over your balls as I use my other hand to rub it in good – you can’t help but let out little moans of pleasure as I touch you softly. I wipe my hand off on a towel and grab the razor; your eyes flick from mine to the razor and back again. I let out a throaty laugh.“Who’s got all the power now, bitch?”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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