Mar 31

Hottest Blind Date Ever!

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“You must come and meet him; I’d really like your opinion. Please babes, please!” And that is how Diana had managed to drag me to a meet and drink with her boyfriend. They had been seeing each other for about three months and so far, I had successfully avoided hanging out with the two of them. I had nothing against the man; I was just not used to having to share Diana’s attention.

No, Diana and I weren’t friends like that. I just preferred to able to be girls and talk about everything. A third party would mess that mix up. Plus I highly suspected he had something to do with her alcohol tolerance which of late had become almost non existent. She didn’t go out much, and when she did, it was for a glass or two of wine. So sad for someone who once had the dubious title as “Hollow Leg of Campus”.

As I walked into the quiet bar I noticed the lighting. It was great. I made a mental note to try that at my house. The pink and orange lights facing the blue ceiling did wonders for the ambience. I liked it. I knew this was his choice, not hers. She’s more of an all out pub kind of girl. She doesn’t do social rinks, she drinks. Or at least, she used to.

I saw her small hands wave briefly at me and I walked towards her. Nice seats, all low, with low tables as well. I deliberately avoided making any sort of eye contact with the man seated beside her, his arm around her shoulders.

“Hey D, how you doing.” I said planting a light peck on both her cheeks.

“Since when are you so proper?”

“Since you dragged me to meet your boyfriend.” I answered back smartly and turned my full attention to him.

The breath literally went out of me. Thank god for the scarf I was wearing over my skimpy top. It made the action much less noticeable.

Green eyes, so piercing it was two seconds away from creepy.

Devil dark hair.

Great open smile.

Twinkle in the eyes.

And finally, legs that he seemed to have folded in about seven places before he could fit into the sitting space.

“Hi, I’m Danny. You’re right on time for some shots — tequila or vodka?”

“Jazz, though I am sure you know way more about me than I think.” I said with a narrowed eyed glance at Diana. D lifted her hands in mock perplexion. She’d been talking about me. He wouldn’t know my shots of choice otherwise.

“I’m really not staying that long, I’ll pass.”

“Jazz!” D exclaimed complete with a pout.

“I had other plans. I came by to say hi and dash off. I will have a glass of wine though. Let me grill Danny here.” I said with my most dazzling smile.

I had no other plans but Danny was sorta creeping me out, his gaze was still to fucking penetrative. Also, I hate being at the disadvantage and in this situation, I was the one being judged, not Danny. He had a lot more information on me than I did on him. Not fair. I felt it only fair that we meet later after I Google him.

“White?” he asked

I lifted an eyebrow and nodded my assent. Either this dude was very retentive or I needed a conversation with a rather loud mouthed Diana.

When D stood up to go to the bathroom, I realized she was drunk or at least very nearly so. I smiled. I may just decide to stay, I thought to myself. Shaking that thought off, I avoided Danny’s pendik escort gaze and sipped at my wine.

“I thought you were meant to be grilling me.” He said and made me turn. Italian accented English. How hot can one man be seriously? This was almost overkill. Now all he had to do was be a rock band member and I’d officially keel over.

“I don’t see why though, I am sure D knows exactly why she’s with you. Unless you’ll reveal to me where you’ve buried the bodies, she won’t really care what I think anyway.”

He chuckled and took a sip of his drink. Clear. I wondered what it was.

“So, why didn’t you bring your boyfriend?” He asked subjecting her to that piercing gaze again. It made me her squirm.

“It’s unbelievable that D would tell you about my choices of drinks and somehow forget to tell you that I just came out of a really bad fling. Enough said.” I said and took a huge swig of my wine. Very unladylike. It splattered a little. It was also definitely now finished. My cue to leave. Where the fuck was D? I looked towards the bathroom and saw her at a table talking to her sister. D’s sister doesn’t like me much. I grimaced and wanted to evaporate. Danny was still staring at me as well.

“Tell D I’m off. I’m really sorry about the rush but I really had other plans.” I quickly quipped to Danny, looking at his full on for the first time. I positively shivered.

“You’re lying but that’s ok. I hope you have more time for me next time we meet though, this was about D wanting us to bond, and so we should.”

He stood up, ignored my gaping mouth and kissed my cheeks. He smelt good. And I knew exactly what cologne he was wearing. L’eau D’Issey. Her favorite cologne in the world. I use it.


A very rude text from a very drunk D, and I was hesitant about answering the door. It is not above her to come seek me out to explain my sudden departure. Goodness, one night with me and she was back to being her great campus self. I loved it!

I did open the door anyway. It wasn’t D.

“Hello Jasmine.” Danny told me and sort of shoved me aside. He got into my house and then pushed the door closed with me against it. Hovering dangerously above my face, he subjected my confused self to another one of his looks. I made a mental note to ask D how she dealt with him doing the deep laden look every time he looked at something.

“I’ve been thinking about how great your bra looked tonight. I find myself getting hard just thinking of looking at you naked. Your nipples hard, begging for my touch, your pussy wet, ready for my cock and the rest of you wriggling, dying to get your hand on me.”

He didn’t give me time to react to that.

He just grabbed me and started to kiss me in the gentlest way ever. I wasn’t corpora ting. I stood still while he toyed with my lips in the gentlest, nicest way. I was thinking about D. When he started to run his hands up and down my body, I lost all thoughts of D. He knew when I gave up the struggle and kissed me harder even.

Pinning my hands on the door, he nudged my legs apart and fit himself there. I could feel the hardness of his dick against my stomach. He lifted me up and still kept me pinned against the door, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I had to put escort pendik my hands around his neck to stay in place even though he was holding up pretty well on his own.

“Are you thinking how good I am going to make you feel? I want to fill you completely and hear you ask for more, you will Jasmine, you will.” He rasped against me, ripping my night shirt apart. I am a good girl; I sleep in a night shirt but nothing else.

“I like. I approve.” He said bending down to tug at my nipples while his other hand slipped further down and run across my pussy lips. I shivered.

Without preamble, he carried me off and put me on the couch. I usually unfold it when I’m about to do a marathon TV and vodka run as I was tonight.

He put me down and sat next to me, with an odd smile on his face.

“I told you I wanted to watch you naked. Now, what was your plan for tonight?” he asked moving closer and taking me into his arms. I settled myself in there and wondered if this was going to eventually lead to actual sex.

“Let’s have a drink so you can get rid of all those questions swimming in your head. I want you mellow and relaxed when I fuck you, I want you to enjoy it as much as I am going to. Do you know what the thought of fucking you is doing to me right now?” he asked and pulled away to pin me once again with his electric gaze. I shook my head but I was wearing a lopsided smile.

He chuckled and placed my hand on his bulging cock. I run my hands up and down the length, which even through the jeans was piquing my curiosity.

The next few seconds were a blur. He unzipped his pants, spread my legs open and thrust his hard cock inside my pussy. I was very wet but he was still quite the snug fit for me. Thrusting hard and fast, he kissed me then slowed down completely. I could almost feel the veins in dick caressing the sides of my cunt.

“To be continued.” He at last breathed out and stood up to take off his clothes. I could only stare.

“I’m starting to think you are the Devil.” I whispered to him, reaching out to touch his broad chest. “Only the devil can be this hot.”

He laughed out loud and it was a good sound. It made me smile even more widely. I kept pushing thoughts of D out of my mind. Might as well be slaughtered for a sheep as well as for a lamb…..or some other such saying she told herself.

“Come here.” Danny motioned to me and sat me between his legs. I could feel his still hard dick on my back. He poured me a drink, lit a cigarette as well and handed them both to me.

“What were you watching?”


“Which one?”

“New York.”

“Pause that for a bit. Talk to me. Ask me stuff, I know you want to.”

“Ok,” I said exhaling deeply from my cigarette, “What’s with you leaving D and coming here? And where is she anyway, not very happy with me as it turns out.”

“She’s at home with her boyfriend.”

That made me whip around so fast I spilt some of my vodka on his thigh. Without thinking, I leaned down and licked it off. He moaned. It was my turn to chuckle.

“So, you’re not her boyfriend? I thought she said Danny was her boyfriend? And you are Danny, right?” I asked, puzzled frown in place.

“Yes I am but not her Danny. Her Danny is the bartender at Marrakech. pendik escort bayan The one who is like half a camel in size.” He said with a slight laugh at the end. I wished I could see his face as he talked but it would have meant having to maintain eye contact and I really wasn’t ready for him to see how much he affected me.

“I was there as your blind date. She’s trying to find you a man so you stop bitching about how much time she is not spending with you. Also hence why she was very upset when you left.”

That explanation made much more sense. I relaxed against him and took another sip of my neat vodka. It burned a little and I screwed up my face in reaction.

I felt his hands slip onto my breasts from the underside. He played with my nipples for a bit then took one hand downwards. My legs fell apart on their own volition. I wanted him to touch me again and fuck me. The foretaste from before had made me even wetter and antsy.

“Tell me what you want.” He whispered in my ear while his hand hovered near my pussy lips. I squirmed and tried to make his hands properly touch me. He stopped me. I was noticing hoe strong and economical with his movements he was. I liked it I think.

“Tell me.” He asked again, flicking my clit for a brief second and making me shake, literally.

“I want you.”

“I know that, I want to know what you want me to do to you.” He insisted, running his fingers further down and slipping them inside my cunt. Again, it was a brief teasing gesture and it had its intended effect.

“I want you to fuck me senseless.” I breathed out, taking him by surprise when I got out of his arms and knelt infront of him.

“I want you to fuck me.” I said fixing him with what I hoped was a piercing stare. Compared to his though, I must have done something more akin to doe eyes.

“I love a woman who knows what she wants.” He said simply and the next thing I knew, I was pinned on the sofa bed, with Danny inside me, fucking me slowly at first then picking up the pace. Lifting my legs to his shoulders, he penetrated me deeper and shot me another look. Only this one was slightly less controlled. I was glad.

Putting my legs back down, he came over to kiss me as he reached between us and flicked my clit. I moaned and opened my legs wider. It felt really good.

“This time, hard and fast. I’ll owe you.” He whispered in my ear, having difficulty with his own breathing and fucking me much faster and harder now.

“What makes you think I don’t like it hard and fast?” I gasped as he pounded into my cunt, almost but not quite hurting me.

“No, it was for me. I need to memories every single inch of your body, I need it.” He retorted with a toothy grin that disappeared as he thrust into me suddenly, with intent and very intense.

“I’m coning.” I said gripping his forearms which I noted I loved. They deserved some observing of their own.

“Good, because I am not capable of holding off. Your pussy is tight and I’m in dying bliss in there.”

I loved the way he pounded right before he came. Quickly, hard and shorter strokes. It was perfection. It got even more perfect as he came and drove even deeper than I thought was possible. It caused me to have a residual orgasm as well.

Lying there in the afterglow of the sex, I was nudged by Danny as he gave me a lit cigarette.

“I’m thinking even the neighbors should have one!” I quipped as I inhaled gratefully.

Danny’s laughter. Unbeatable.

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