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House of Debauchery Part 2

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House of Debauchery Part 2Alternate Title – Frist Anal Creampie of My Motherhi1@hotmail.com===================================================My mother and I were in the living room watching TV. WE heard Gina come out of service room followed by the sound of a closing door. She came to the living room and sat on the couch next to me. As we kissed lightly, she raised her hips to lean towards me. I saw mom staring at her ass. When she noticed me looking at her, she quickly turned her face away but it was too late. Gina had seen her ogling her ass too and she smile and put her hand on the side of her ass and pulled her cheek apart, opening her anus. Thick white sperms of her last john flowed out of her well fucked rectum and she scooped a little in her index finger and licked it. As mom watched, we kissed again and Gian rolled her tongue in my mouth clearly pushing the cum into my mouth .Gina then broke and kiss and looked at my mother and said, “You liked that Carol?”I laughed but mom was not amused. “That’s disgusting! You let a man have sex with you there and then you both took it in mouth. That’s disgusting Gina””Sex with you there..” Gina mimicked my mother and said loudly, “I let him fuck my ass Carol. God! Why can’t you grow up a little. Now say it, the man fucked my asshole.” Mom looked away for a moment and then mumbled , “Yes. that’s what I said. He fucked your ass.””And? What’s wrong with that?” Gina asked mom rather loudly.”Do you know your son likes to have anal sex every day, especially after it has been lubricated by other men?” Mom knew she couldn’t win the argument. She turned towards TV once again but both Gina and I noticed her long nipples getting hard under the sheer tube top that was several sizes too small and exposed most of her tits and showed almost half her aereols. She had just a thong on and most of it had disappeared between her cunt and ass .”What do you say Darling?” Gina now asked me. “Do you think your mother needs to learn more about life? I mean look at the cunt. She is 45 already works as whore and still doesn’t know what the fuck is anal.” “That is pathetic” I agreed .Mom still pretending to watch TV and that led to one of Gina’s now frequent outburst .”LOOK AT ME CUNT!” She yelled at my mother. “YOU THINK YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME? YOU FUCKING SLUT” Mom turned towards us. I switched the TV off .”Dave” Gina commanded me “Get me the butt plug. I think i need to teach your mother how to live in our house.” Our house? Wasn’t this mom’s house and we were living in it? But we had come a long way since Gina moved in with us. Mom had been working as a prostitute from almost 6 months now and even though she made more money than Gina, it was Gina who arranged most of her clients and managed the money. Gina kept most of money herself and gave me a handsome allowance to pay for tuition, groceries and time out with my buddies .My mom got a few hundred dollars which she had to spend on condoms, massage oil, creams, ümraniye escort makeup, dildos and lube. She was allowed to spend the rest on clothes and accessories but only under Gina’s guidance and Gina made mom buy clothes that were fit for the street whores . Stockings, fishnets, big belts, leather boots, pumps and micro minis, sheer bikins and backless (and sometimes ass-less) dresses .Gina had also started abusing my mother, first verbally and then physically. I once returned her yelling at mom while holding her by her hair. Apparently mom had refused to service a client who asked her to wear a cat mask, a slave collar and a tail with a butt plug. Gina was mad at mom but stopped when she saw me looking .”Honey” she explained later when we were alone, “your mother is becoming such a handful. She is losing clients, good clients. She didn’t serve Mr Welsh because he asked her to bark like a bitch .C’mon! For 500 bucks i would have fucked a dog!!” “I understand darling.” I replied. “Mom has some hangups and she is new to the business.” “I know honey. I will go easy on her” Gina reassured me .Next day I saw my mom on all fours on the floor. Gina had my belt and she was whipping her ass as she yelled “YOU FUCKING CUNT! How dare you turn away Mr Welsh again?” Swoosh! Whip. The belt landed on my mother’s delicate naked bottom leaving a red welt .”I invited him and you said no! You STUPID SLUT.” “I am so sorry!” My mother sobbed. She looked up and saw me in the door .Gina saw me too and then kicked my mother’s ass with her pointed toe .I didn’t turn away and my mother lowered her head as she sobbed harder .”Carol. Dave and I are together on this. You need to work hard and from here on, I don’t want to hear another excuse why you won’t give our best clients the best time of their lives.” Gina said calmly. “Am I clear?” Mom looked up at me again and then nodded her head .”SPEAK UP YOU DUMB BITCH” Gina kicked my mother’s soft ass again sending big ripples of fat from her lower hips to her thick thighs and flesh filled belly.”Yes Gina” mom replied ” I will fuck every single client you bring me Gina” She wasn’t sobbing anymore. She knew Gina controlled her life and for some reason she seemed to be content with that .That evening Gina had to step out to buy some new lingerie but she had arranged for one of her more generous clients to stop by and see my mother .Mr Wynn was a rich doctor with peculiar taste. He made it clear he wanted to fuck mom while I watched and helped. For almost an hour as Mr Wynn fucked my mother’s ass and made her lick his balls and cock, he continued to have the conversation with me -“How old are you son? What do you do? How long has your mother being whoring?” Finally as he handed the money to me, he invited us to his house – “My wife will love to meet a fine young man like you and your mother can do her famous cabaret while you two fuck.” After the man left, i came back to the service room to kadıköy escort find mom on her back, her legs still up in the air. Fresh white cum was spewing out of her well fucked pussy .I sat beside her and gently stroked her hair. “Are you ok mom?” “Oh yeah. For the pervert that he was, he did have nice cock and balls.” Mom replied smiling .”Mom, I meant are you OK with Gina taking over the house?” I asked again.”Oh that.” my mother said with a sigh “It just happened baby and i must say i don’t mind. I have been the adult, the caretaker for so long that I was tired. Gina takes good care of you and she treats me with respect.” ” MOM!” I was aghast “She slaps you, kicks your ass and calls you bitch” “YEah but she still respects my privacy and lets me have my life. I don’t have to worry about anything and I like that” mom replied I didn’t understand what she meant .”Dave, you still don’t get it!” mom rolled her eyes. “I am a sub!! I never told anybody because i was afraid. But Gina has helped me come out and I love her for that.” “Mom!! Really?” “YEs dear. Every night after you would go to sleep, I watched the bdsm porn and masturbated, till one day Gina caught me. The woman is quite experienced. She realized what I needed and how to give it to me. That night she made me go on all fours and while she watched the porn and humiliated me, i sucked her toe.” “Oh Mom!” I was ashamed of my mother!”I was horny Dave. My cunt was wet, my nipples were hard and i was hoping your wife would slap me again and then fuck me with her strap on. It never happened. She just degraded me verbally.” “What did she say?” I asked “She established herself as the leader of the this house. She called me a bitch, a cunt, a shameless whore and not worthy of having her or you in my life. I was scared Dave. She destroyed whatever little self esteem i had.””This went on for next 3 nights and even when you fucked her she looked at me. During the day, she made me lick the sperms off her service bed. Then finally, after I begged her, she slapped me. She spanked me. She grabbed me by my hair and kicked my rear leaving big red bruises. I loved it dear. I loved being under her control.” “Mom!!”, that’s all i could manage .”I love being Gina’s bitch dear. She has already made it clear that she owns me now and the only purpose of my life will be to please her and you.” That was interesting .”Dave. Gina asked me to tell you all this today. She wanted me to be naked, well fucked, full of sperms when i talked to you.” I looked at my mother’s cum filled cunt and sighed, “Oh mother!””The Mistress also asked me to request you to bring me a man who will be the first to fuck my asshole.” my mother said. I noticed she wasn’t averting her eyes. She was rather looking into mine .”Would you do it my love? Please don’t refuse or Gina won’t talk to me for days.” “Yes mother. I will get you a man to fuck your ass.” “I love you Dave.” my mother kissed me lightly as I felt bostancı escort her large swinging tits across my chest .That day my mother entertained a man in her asshole while i waited in the next room listening to every little groan .Once the man left, mom came out and spread on the sofa. She had a mischievious smile on her face as she lifted her right foot and put it on the couch .”This is how Gina does it.” She parted her hips with her hand making her recently fucked asshole very visible. “Right?” “Yes mother.” I smiled back as fresh cum flowed out my mother’s anus .”You know Dave, it wasn’t bad. Towards the end I was enjoying the sensation.” “Gina loves it mom.” “Yes I know. I watch every time you to fuck and I have seen how wild she goes when you are in her ass.” She gasped and more cum spewed out .”C’mon Dave. It is time.” my mother said smiling .”Time for what?” I was puzzled “For you to feed.” she giggled “My tits are full of milk and there’s fresh cum in my ass and I want you to feed.” “What about Gina?” “Oh fuck the bitch.” Mom said with disdain. “Whore doesn’t know what she wants.” I bent forward and took my mother’s breast in my mouth as she ran her fingers through my hair. I suckled at her nipple and warm, sweet milk filled my mouth. In minutes i had emptied her breast. Before I could move to the other one, the door opened and Gina walked in. She had heavy slut makeup on and was wearing black fishnets, micro mini and small blouse showing her toned but not perfect belly .She looked at both of us and realized what was going on .”WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING?” she yelled at my mom .”Oh shut up bitch.” my mother snapped back at her even as she pushed the nipple in my mouth .The women argued while I sucked her breast dry. Once I was done, I felt energized and content. They were still yelling .Finally I heard a smack .”Gina slapped mom.” I thought and it didn’t please me .When I looked up I was shocked to see Gina holding her hand on her face where my mother’s strong hand had hit her. Mom’s pupils were dilated with excitement while Gina was shell shocked! “Dave” Gina yelled. “Your mother has gone crazy. Do something!”I did. I got up and caught Gina by her hair and pulled her down. I grabbed her hands while mom slapped her again and again. She then tore her blouse and ripped her fishnets. Mom then inserted a finger in my wife’s cunt .”She is ready Dave.” my mom said looking up at me.”Fuck the bitch and remind her that it is our house.” “Yes mom.” I was now completely under her spell .I stripped quickly. My cock was already hard as i positioned myself above Gina. I entered Gina’s loose cunt easily .”No Dave” mom put a hand on my shoulder. “Fuck her asshole.” “Sure mom” I pulled out and aimed my cock at my wife’s stretched anus .Once again, getting in was easy. As I fucked Gina’s asshole, my mother smiled and laid back .”Finish quickly with your slut wife dear. I can’t hold it much longer in my ass” she said after a few minutes. “Once you are done with the cunt, I want to feed you on the cum in my ass. “I continued to fuck Gina even as I knew that in a few minutes I will get to taste fresh milk from my mother’s well fucked asshole. I could smell it and I knew I will get addicted to that thick anal cream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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