Mar 31

House Sitting

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It was hot, and I mean toasting! The weather channel was calling for a low of only seventy eight overnight with the humidity nearly the same. It was a horrible, awful, shitty time for the air conditioning to crap out. Normally I would fix just about anything myself, but in this case there wasn’t much I could do with a toasted compressor.

After a long talk with a good contractor, I elected to update the system to a new heat pump instead of the old electric furnace. Unfortunately that meant that the air handler portion in the attic had to be replaced as well as the outside unit, and I can’t really blame the contractor for this, he would only work in that space between five and ten in the morning.

Bottom line? I had been out of AC for three days, and he estimated almost a week yet until the new unit would be here and installed. Part of me wished that my wife was home, instead of off at military training for the next three weeks. She could at least suffer with me.

I had told one of the faculty I teach with at the university how crappy it was without the AC and how lucky he was to be heading off on a cruise with his wife to Alaska the next day. Much to my surprise he invited me to stay at his house while he was gone. “Enjoy the pool and the Jacuzzi!” He said with a slap on my back. “My wife and I certainly aren’t going to need it.”

“I really can’t put you out like that.” I said in a feeble protest.

“Come on. You’ve been over so much you know your way around. I’m sure Jan would insist as well!” He said with a grin.

“Ok. As long as I can find a way to pay you back.”

“Tell you what, you were going to check the house and take in the mail and such anyway, why don’t you go ahead and mow the lawn for me while we’re gone and we’ll call it even.” He said.

“Ok. If you insist.”

We’re leaving in late tonight anyway. Why don’t you pack your bag and come by for dinner. We can relax a bit after dinner.”

“Ok. I’ll see you around six then.”

“Great!” Dean said with a smile. “I’ll let Jan know.”

I walked out of Dean’s office feeling like I might actually survive the next few days.

It was just past six when I pulled into the drive of their house. Two large incomes make a big difference. Where I have a seventeen hundred square foot ranch home secluded back in the woods, Dean and Jan have a three thousand plus square foot two story home on a large wooded lot in an extremely upscale neighborhood. Their house is tucked back in the wooded lot so that you can only really see one neighbor, with trees on the other three sides, and a six foot privacy fence on the only open side. My wife and I had been coming over and playing cards and hanging out for a couple years now, and I had to admit to being a bit jealous of the space, and the built in Jacuzzi, and the huge pool. But then when your wife makes nearly six figures and you make three quarters of that with no kids to chew it up…

I walked up to the front door and knocked, and Jan came to open it, looking as stunning as always in a pair of micro shorts and a crop top. Jan was maybe five seven or eight, with a slender build and a very pale complexion to go with her auburn hair. I’d seen her in very skimpy bikini’s on many occasions, and her freckles extended well down her chest. I’d often wondered just how much of her easily C cup tits had freckles. Every part I had seen surely had. “Hey Mike!” she said coming out and giving me one of her huge full body hugs that she only gave me when my wife wasn’t around.

“Hey Jan.” I replied, returning the hug with one arm while my other held onto my duffel bag, and hoped that she didn’t feel the hardon growing in my pants.

“Dean told me about your air. I’m glad he was able to talk you into staying here till it’s fixed. Would have been more fun if we were home though.” She said with a chuckle as she pulled away, running a finger down the front of my already bulging pants. “Looks like my little hug got your motor running.”

“Um… Yeah. Just like it always does.” I said with a bit of a blush.

“You are so cute when you blush like that.” She said with a giggle. “Come on in. Dean is almost done grilling.”

“Thanks.” I answered as she led me into the house.

“So… You’re going to stay for a few days till they get your new stuff put in?” She asked as she went to work setting the table.

“Yeah. They said a few days to a week, depending on the weather.”

“Well, you’ll have plenty of room. Nancy is gone the whole time isn’t she?”

“Yeah. She’s still in Virginia for another two weeks.”

“Oh. Well, you can use the guest room if you want, but you’ll probably be a lot more comfortable in the master bedroom. It has TV and everything.”

“You sure you want me sleeping in your bed?”

“Ohhhh I’d love to get you sleeping in my bed, but you just won’t say yes!” she said with a sly grin. I was never quite sure if she was kidding or serious when she made comments like that, and she only made them when my wife wasn’t in earshot, making me wonder all the more.

“I think the guest room will be fine.”

“Oh no. I insist. tuzla escort Please use my bed. It’s really a lot more comfy.” She said as she put the last of the silverware on the table.

“I don’t suppose it’s going to do any good to argue.”

“If you do I’ll just lock the guest room door so you have to use my bed. Come on, give a girl a thrill!” she said with one of her common school girl giggles.

“Ok. If you really insist!” I said.

“Good. Now that that’s settled, why don’t you take Dean a fresh beer!” she said handing me a pair of cold bottles of beer.

“You know I don’t drink.” I said holding one back out for her.

“are you going to be a spoil sport? Drink it! I know you have one on special occasions, just call this a special occasion.”

“Yes Jan.” I said in submission. One thing I had learned in my years with them, there was simply no arguing with Jan when she had her mind made up.

“Hey Dean!” I said as I walked out the patio door to the back patio. It was a pretty sweet layout. The upstairs master bedroom had a set of French doors all along the one wall that opened out onto a deck, which served as a roof over a portion of the patio. The covered portion had lights and ceiling type fans, as well as a number of comfortable chairs and such, and oh yes, the in ground Jacuzzi. Once you stepped out from under the covering, you were in the large back yard. There as a winding coypond/stream with a little water fall on one end, and a build in pool that was almost as big as my three car garage, with a diving board on one end. All around the pool was a fieldstone patio almost six feet wide before it got out into the grass that was as thick as any gulf green. I walked out to the grill on one side of the patio where Dean was busy.

“Here. Jan sent one of these out for you.”

“Made you take one too huh?” he asked with a smile.

“Pretty much.” I said taking a sip.

“You know her… No point in arguing.”

“Yep.” I said as he turned the steaks one more time.

“Well, all you need to do is make yourself at home. The only people that should be around at all is the pool girl. She should be here every couple days in the morning. Usually gone after an hour or so.

“Pool girl?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Yeah. Not that I don’t trust Jan, but hell, can you imagine her with a pool boy around here? I mean he’s never get the damn pool clean!” he said with a laugh.

“And she can trust you with a pool girl?” I teased back.

“Well, so far it hasn’t been a problem.” He answered with a grin.

“I don’t know about you.” I said as he took the steaks off the grill and put them on a plate. “I mean next thing you’re going to tell me is to go have some fun with the pool girl while you’re gone. Hell Jan has all but forced me to sleep in your guys bed.”

“Not a bad idea. She’s a good looking gal. Just make sure to wash the sheets if you get them messy.” He joked back.

“Yeah right.” I answered as I followed him into the house.

Dinner was excellent, baked beans, steaks, salad and once my beer was gone, lemonade. After dinner they scurried about getting their final packing done while I relaxed out on the patio, enjoying the gentle, but still warm breeze.

After dinner I sat outside and let Jan and Dean finish their packing. It was warm, but there was a gentle breeze that made it comfortable as the sun sunk behind the trees.

“So how would you like to go for a quick swim?” Jan asked as she came out of the house behind me.

“I’m afraid I didn’t pack a suit!” I said as she walked up behind me, slowly walking past me. “damn” I mumbled as I saw her in the fading light. She was wearing a suit that was almost non-existent. The suit consisted of a small patch of blue cloth between her legs that may have covered her pussy lips, but none of her cleanly shaven mound, and was held in place by two strings that ran up her front across her perky tits. Her nipples seemed to be covered with two wide spots in the strings. Any questions I had about how far her freckles went, were gone.

“I’ll take that as a compliment, but you know, we’re all adults here, we really don’t need any suits if we don’t want them.” She said playing with the string going over her right shoulder, allowing her right nipple, pink and extremely hard, to pop out around the side. “oops.” She said with a grin as she moved the material over her nipple again.

“Well, you don’t hardly have one on to start with. I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.” I said, stalling, as my dick grew bigger and I became much more uncomfortable.

“So what do you say?” she asked as she stepped toward me and pulled my hands to stand me up. “Going to come take a dip in me I mean with me?” she whispered.

“And you don’t think Dean is going to mind?” I asked nervously.

“Trust me. He’s watching and he doesn’t mind as long as he’s allowed to watch.” She said pushing my shirt up, sensing correctly that her body was winning the argument for her.

“Well, it is a bit warm.” I answered as she unfastened my shorts and let them slide to the ground.

“I tuzla escort bayan can tell.” She said as she knelt down in front of me, pulling my underwear down as she went, my hard dick springing out and nearly slapping her in the face. “Very hot.” She whispered as she engulfed my hard dick with her mouth while she untied my boots.

She helped me remove my shoes and socks and the remains of my shorts and underwear before she stood up. She took my hands and placed them on her shoulders. “your turn.” She whispered as she removed her hands from mine.

Against my better judgment, I slipped the little strings off her shoulders, allowing the almost nothing suit to slide to the ground while she grasped my rigid member and stroked it.

“I hope this doesn’t mess up our friendship.” I said quietly as she pulled me along by my dick out to the pool.

“Oh trust me. I’ve been wanting to do this for two years. I just had to wait for a chance to do it.”

“Why, have you wanted to I mean.”

“Oh trust me. Ever since I saw you wet in your swim suit that first time I’ve wanted to feel your dick inside me.” She said as she pulled me back to the pool. She walked down the steps, still using my dick as a handle. She stopped when she was waist deep in the water and I was still standing on the stairs. She turned to face me and leaned forward, her face now at my dick level. “yum” she said just before I watched my hard dick disappear into her mouth. She continued to push down my shaft until her creamy nose reached my pubic hair and then pulled back. “Oh god that’s big.” She panted as she knelt down in front of me, squeezing her tits against my legs. I watched as she once again pressed her face down my shaft, making me groan in pleasure.

“Much better.” She said as she licked and slurped my dick. “You taste damn good. Would you like to taste me?”

“Hell yes.” I said, much more turned on than I could remember in a long time.

She stood up and stepped back to the edge of the pool and leaned back, lifting her cute ass up on the edge. “How’s this?” she asked as she leaned back and spread her legs high in the air.

“Oh god… perfect.” I muttered as I moved in between her legs and knelt down. I gently licked up between her sopping wet pussy, her tangy wetness quickly replacing the taste of pool water.

“Oh you do that so well. Remind me when we have lots of time to let you lick me all the way off!” she said panting slightly while I licked up her slit and across her clit time after time.

“You don’t want me to?” I asked as I pulled my pussy juice covered face from between her legs.

“Oh no. Right now I want that dick in me.” She said as she sat back up. She dropped into the water and then climbed the stairs, pulling me by the hand. She pulled me back to one of the lounge chairs by the pool and lay down on her back, lifting and spreading her legs. “Now how about stuffing that fat dick into my hot cunt!” she said huskily.

“You really want it?” I asked as I straddled the chair and moved my dick closer to her wet pussy.

“Oh yes. Please! Stuff me full!” she begged.

I rubbed the head of my dick around her pussy and then gently pushed into her, allowing her tight little hole to expand around me.

“Oh fuck yes. Even better than I imagined!” she groaned as I sunk into her.

I pulled out slowly and then started back in, easy and slow, enjoying how tight her pussy was around my dick.

“Oh don’t tease me! Fuck me hard. I want to feel your dick pumping into me and your balls slapping my bare ass!” In response I slid in hard, making her whole body shake slightly. “Oh yes… Like that!” she practically begged as I stared to bang into her with abandon.

“Oh god. I’m going to cum!” I grunted.

“Good! Give it to me! I want to feel your cum pumping into my hot cunt. Fill my wet tunnel with your cum!” she coaxed as she moved one hand to her clit and began stroking it feverishly.

My body jerked hard, driving my dick hard into her pussy as the first gush of my cum shot deep into her pussy. “OH YES!” she screamed as her body shook, her orgasm triggered by both her flying fingers and my squirting dick. Again and again my body jerked as I pumped shot after shot of hot cum into her, finally reducing to a gentle twitch as she too came down from her climax. She lowered her legs and pulled my ass with her heels, trying to keep my dick in her as long as possible. “OH god that was fantastic. Remind me some time to let you squirt that hot cum all over my body. Would you like that? To see your dick spurting cum all over my freckled titties?”

“Oh god. Are you trying to get me turned on again?” I asked as I tried to catch my breath.

“Ohhhh that is a fun idea. But Dean said I had time for only one.”

“Speaking of Dean, are you sure he isn’t going to mind me screwing you?” I asked looking around.

“Nope. I’m sure he enjoyed it as much as I did.” She replied.

I had no idea of where he was watching from, but I was getting uncomfortable with the thought and withdrew my shrinking rod from her pussy, uncorking a small flood.

“Ohhhh.” escort tuzla She said putting her hand over her leaking pussy as if trying to hold it in. “You just relax. I have to go dress for the trip.” She got up and practically ran into the house, leaving me to drop into the chair and try to figure out what had just happened.

I had been sitting there for a few minutes and then decided to go ahead and swim a few minutes, if nothing else to clean the smell of sex off of me. I was stroking slowly down the length of the pool when I heard Jan screaming in pleasure. I heard the constant Yes yes yes and I’m cuming! Screaming from her second floor bedroom. I guess that Dean was getting what he wanted as well. It was very confusing.

About fifteen minutes later they came down refreshed and dressed, both of them joining me on the patio, not in the least surprises that I was still naked and not making any attempt to get me to put anything on. These two had some kind of odd relationship.

“So you’re going to have a good cruise. We did that one a couple years ago and loved it.” I said to Jan

“Oh it sounds so nice. Not as nice as riding your dick, but it should still be fun.” She said with a wink. “I know we haven’t left yet, but I’m already thinking about being home and getting you to squirt all over me…yummy.” She said rubbing her tit through her blouse.

“I really don’t understand you two.” I said.

“Not much to understand.” Dean said. “I watch and then I take a turn.”

“And it doesn’t bother you to watch someone else screwing your wife?”

“It bothers some guys, but me, it just turns me on more.”

“Whatever turns you on.” I said with a shrug.

“Trust me. You can do anything you want to my wife, as long as I get to watch it. And if I can’t be here, she can record it for me!”

Now there was a bothersome thought. Being recorded, having a record of my infidelity. “I’m not sure I’d like that one getting back to my wife.”

“Oh trust me. It never would.” Jan said as a car horn sounded. “oops. Sounds like the limo is here. You have fun while we’re gone.” Jan said getting up and walking over to kiss me. Her kiss went on for several long seconds, her tongue pressing into my mouth and her hand stroking my dick back to full hardness. “Ohh it’s always good to get home from a trip, but I’m really looking forward to it this time!” She whispered after she broke the kiss.

“Take care of the place and try not to do anything I wouldn’t do!” Dean called as he headed into the house.

I lounged in on the deck and in the hot tub for a while longer before deciding to call it a night. It had been a very eventful day. I closed up the doors after picking up my clothes and headed upstairs. I walked into the guest room and then thought, what the hell, Jan clearly wanted me to sleep in her bed, so I turned the light back off and headed to the master bedroom.

The room was large to say the least, with a big soft bed against one wall, and a large dresser with a huge flat screen TV directly across from it. I guess they like to watch TV in bed. One side of the bed was the wall of glass, which was a series of French doors that opened onto the upper deck, with the opposing wall being mostly mirrored. On either side of the mirrors, were the doors to the master bathroom and a large walk-in closet. I walked into the bathroom and was shocked. It was nearly the size of one of the bedrooms in my house. It had a large tub, almost big enough for three or more people at the same time, and a large tile shower stall that you could easily squeeze half a dozen people into. The odd thing about the shower, was that like the windows to the deck, there were no curtains.

Out of curiosity I dug around in their drawers, quickly finding Jan’s underwear drawer. There was a wide array of sexy items, several of which I would practically kill to see her in. After rifling the drawers I looked into the closet. Dean had the usual stuff hanging, but more than three quarters of the closet was Jan’s. She had a wide array of items from silk robes to very sensual and sexy dresses. As I worked deeper into the nearly ten foot long closet, I found a number of other items, including a cute little schoolgirl outfit and a chamber maid outfit that was enough to get my dick hard just thinking about how she would look it.

I turned off the light and closed the door, heading for the bed. It wasn’t hard to figure out which side was Jan’s, it was the side of the bed with a vibrator sitting on the night table. I opened the drawer and found a collection of different toys and lotions. They clearly enjoyed their toys. I climbed onto the bed and turned on the TV, expecting to find a financial channel or such turned on. To my surprise I found a scene of a dark skinned Latin woman with a nicely large pair of tits, leaning back on the bed slowly stroking a large artificial dick in and out of her wet pussy. She seemed to be staring straight at me as if I were in the same room watching her. The quality was damn good, but it had the appearance of a web cam, only with a much higher frame rate that normal web cameras, and instead of a tiny three inch image, this one filled most of the plasma screen. Given my already hard dick and watching her stroking that dong in and out of her wet pussy I was soon stroking my dick in time with her.

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