Mar 31


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Adriana Chechik

Today is going to be a good day. I am house-sitting for my friends for the week and taking care of their dogs. While the dogs can be pretty annoying at least it’s a place where I can get away, since I still live with my parents. What makes it even better is before they left my friend pulled me to the side and said feel free to bring your girl over, I know you have trouble getting alone time. Like I said, today is going to be a good day.

I had a long day planned for Heather and I to spend together. I came over to my friend’s place early to let the dogs out and get the place ready for the day’s events. I laid out some blankets on the couch and left my digital camera within arms reach. The only things that Heather knew about for today was that she should be shaved and take her birth control pill. I was going to take care of the rest.

Heather got here about noon and we decided to get some food, I figured we would need our energy for later. While we ate lunch Heather kept trying to get me to spill some of the details of the day.

“Are we going to have sex today?” Heather asked. I simply nodded.

“Are we going to have crazy sex?” Again I just nodded.

“Can you tell me what we are going to do?” I shook my head no and then said we should get going. On the way out the car I walk behind her and gave her a pat on the butt. For the short drive back to the house I reach over and rub her crotch through her pants. I swear that I felt the heat through her jeans.

When we get back to the house I lead her in and down into the basement. We sit down on the couch and start to make out. As our tongues mingled my hands were busy exploring all of the curves that I already knew so well. Her small tight ass and perky B-cups always get me so hot. While we kissed both of us were busy slowly stripping each other. We broke our kisses only to take off our shirts.

When Heather let her bra fall off of her tits her nipples were already rock hard. I take them both between my thumb and forefinger and give them a good pinch, and the result is a soft moan from Heather.

Now that we are both naked I reach my hand down and feel her pussy. Just as I thought in the car, she is as hot as I have ever felt her. Heather’s pussy lips are nice and plump, and already moist from her juices. I take a finger and slide it between her juicy outer lips and feel for her entrance. When my fingers move over her hole they slide right in with no resistance, she is so wet.

I take my finger and offer it to Heather for a taste. She takes my finger into her mouth and sucks on it seductively. We both agree that she tastes pretty good.

I pull Heather onto my lap and kiss her deeply as I position the head of my cock at the opening of her moist love tunnel. When Heather felt that I was positioned she lowered her weight down onto my, slowly sliding my throbbing package into her deeply.

As a side note here I have to say the birth control pill probably goes down as one of the greatest inventions ever. To be able to have sex with such passion and not have a piece of latex stifling some of the feeling while pendik escort still being protected is an amazing thing.

When Heather settles herself at the base of my penis I simply enjoy the feeling of being held so tightly in such a warm and moist place. I think that Heather and I are perfect for each other. She loves the feeling of my filling her up, while I love how tight she feels around me.

Heather is on her knees as she slowly starts to rock her hips around. In this position I really can’t do any of the thrusting so I let Heather enjoy the ride, and since my hands are free they get to roam around. My hands reach behind her back and caress each of her cheeks.

Heather is still rolling her hips around, giving me the best lap-dance ever. While my hands are occupied with Heather’s rear her breasts are going without any attention right in front of my face. That simply can’t be allowed to proceed so I move my head and capture her right nipple in my mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, suck on my nipples. That feels so good,” Heather moaned as I gave a hard suck to her nipple. It is now nice and hard, somewhat resembling a pencil eraser. I pull my mouth off and switch to the other nipple and give it the same treatment.

I take Heather’s head in my hand and bring her in for a kiss as I lay us down onto the couch. She is now kneeling astride of me, my cock still buried in her pussy, but now I have some leverage to do some thrusting. With Heather on her knees I start to push my hips up into her, gaining momentum as I go.

I reach my right hand behind her and give her ass a hard slap. The sound of the crack of skin on skin hasn’t faded when Heather moans with approval “Fuck yeah Kevin. Spank my ass. I love it when you get rough with me.”

That is all the encouragement that I need. I can feel that I am getting close to cumming so I start to really jackhammer into her from below. Every few seconds I give her ass a good spank, alternating sides.

“Oh my God, fuck me hard. Spank my ass. I’m getting close to cumming, don’t stop fucking me.”

“Your pussy feels so good Heather. I’m going to cum any minute now. I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum.”

“Don’t cum yet. I’m so close….keep fucking me and cum with me. I want to cum with you!”

Hearing how close she is I reach down and start to rub her clit hoping to bring her to her climax faster because I don’t know how much longer I will be able to last. I can already feel my balls starting to tighten up in preparation for my impending orgasm. I keep going trying to bring Heather over the edge but I can’t help it.

My cock expands as the first pulse of cum shoots deep into Heather’s pussy. She feels the change in my size and cries out “Noooo!!! I’m so close to cumming you can’t blow your load now.”

“Oh God” is all that I can manage to say as I spurt more cum into her juicy pussy. When I feel the last bit of cum dribble into her waiting pussy I sink back onto the couch winded and exhausted.

I look up to see a look of disappointment on Heather’s face. She was so close to cumming. I wonder if there is a escort pendik female equivalent to blue ball. If there is then Heather will no doubt have it.

Heather lowers her body completely onto mine, my cock still deflating inside her sloppy pussy. We both take a minute to catch our breaths. I am the first to speak “Don’t worry Heather; we have all day and night to repeat this. Today is will be a fantasy day for us. The rest of the things I have planned for you will make up for me leaving you hanging.”

“I know you are going to take care of me today, if you don’t you wont be getting any action for a long time.”

I offer up a solution to Heather “when you get me hard again I will pick up where I left off.”

A smile came over Heather’s face. She gave me a peck on the cheek before she sat up a little bit. My dick, now completely soft, pops out of her pussy with an audible plop. She is a mess down there. She slides down the couch and takes me into her mouth, taking care to lick up any of the blobs of cum that have found their way out of her pussy already. “I love the taste of your cum mixed with my juices,” she says as she performs CPR on my limp tool.

Heather keeps at it for a few minutes but it is clear that I am going to need a little longer than that to get back into shape to make love to her like she wants. She looks up at me with her lips wrapped around my dick and I say to her “sorry I don’t think he’s going to be ready for a while. Why don’t you come back up here by me.”

Heather crawled back up my body and we kissed. She looked me in the eyes and asked “you said that this would be a fantasy day right?”

A little nervously I replied “yeah, any fantasies we have we can act out.”

This brought a smile to her face. “Good,” she says as she kissed me again. With that she crawled further up my body until her knees were straddling my face. Then it dawned on me what she wants me to do. We had talked about me going down on her after we had sex many times before. This always seemed to be one thing that one of us brought up anytime we talked about fantasies, but until now I had always been gun-shy about going down on her after I just filled her up with cum and she never really took charge to make me.

Now I know most guys would turn up their noses to the very idea of going down on a cum filled pussy, but I see it as a very erotic way of becoming that much more in tune with your partner. The very idea of me eating out the creampie drives Heather wild. She tells me that anytime we are talking about doing this online its like her pussy turns into a faucet. Plus she likes to point out that I always ask her to swallow when she gives me head, so if I want her to do that I should be willing to taste it myself. Alas, I digress.

Back to where I left off. I am lying on my back and I have Heather straddling my head with her pussy hanging over my lips. I can see a small pearl of cum starting to work its way out.

Tentatively I start to kiss her inner thighs, tasting the residual of her pussy juices that had run all over. After I kept kissing around the lips of her pussy pendik escort bayan but not going for the prize Heather reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled my lips to the center of her pussy. The taboo was now broken as I tasted the drop of cum dripping out of her pussy.

I have gone down on Heather many times and there was a distinctly different taste this time. It wasn’t altogether a bad taste, just a little saltier.

Heather probably thought that I would back away and end our little fantasy encounter because she kept her hand on the back of my head, holding my lips to her creamy pussy. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick along her slit. The taste of my cum was ever-present as I licked the outside of her lips. After they were cleaned up I only had one place left.

I place the tip of my tongue into Heather’s slit and start to push it up into her pussy. I was rewarded with a big blob of my own cum dripping out and into my open mouth. By now I was used to the taste so I took it in stride. I start to eat Heather out like I normally would and she is loving every second of it. My tongue is working its way deeper into the warm folds of her vagina. As I go I get more and more of my cum dripping out of her pussy and into my mouth. Some of it misses and lands on my chin.

Heather is really getting into the whole scene. She looks down at me and tells me how hot it is for her to watch me eating her out after we just had sex. “This feels so good baby. I am so turned on right now. I think we are going to have to do this everytime you cum in my pussy.”

Again she ground her hips down onto my face, pushing my tongue deeply into her. I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotten most of my cum out of her because now the familiar taste of her pussy has returned. I focus on Heather’s clit. I wrap my lips around the little bud and start to suck on it. While keeping up some pressure on it I start to flick my tongue around it inside of my mouth. No longer is Heather using words, she is worked up to the point where I only get mono-syllabic expressions.

Heather is worked up into a frenzy now. I am practically getting suffocated as she grinds her pussy down onto my face. She is getting very close to her orgasm now and right before she does I slide my hand down her butt. I moisten my index finger with all the juices that have dripped down her crack. As I feel her orgasm begin to rise I slide my finger into her tight ass in one quick motion.

The result is exactly what I hoped for. Heather explodes into her orgasm, the finger pushing her completely over the edge. My face is flooded with juices coming out of her pussy. She has never been much of a squirter but this time is certainly an exception. Heather is still grinding against my face. Her body is spasming around me. I can feel her clenching her ass tightly around my finger.

Finally with a sigh Heather’s body goes limp and falls down onto me. She is exhausted. With her lying next to me I pull her in close and wrap a blanket around us. It is time for some rest before things get heated up again.

Before she falls asleep Heather kisses me on the cheek and says “that was the best orgasm of my life. We are definitely doing that again.” And with that she falls asleep against me.

I can’t wait to wake up and carry out the rest of my plan for the day.

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