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How I became bisexual (Part 2)

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How I became bisexual (Part 2)How I became a bisexual guy (Part 2). My story. For those who read my previous true story (titled: How I became bisexual), that event happened on a Friday. This part of my bisexual experience is what transpired during the rest of the weekend and it remains to this very day, probably the single most sexually life changing event in my life. It’s now Saturday, in the early morning hours. My best guess, it’s about 6 am. The sun has not yet come up but it’s close. As I start to get up, I realize that I smell like baby oil and I am wearing a layer of cum that has dried to my skin and hair. I begin to freak out a little bit. Instantly, I remembered that I had sex with my best friend Jerry. Speaking of which, I have no idea of where he is. As I go over the events of the previous evening in my head, I begin to panic a bit. Should I call my parents? I would have to lie and say that I was feeling extremely ill or something. Ultimately, I decided against it and just came to the realization that I would have to face Jerry for the remainder of the weekend.I made my way to his bathroom to take a shower and noticed a bottle of baby oil. I jumped in the bathtub and took a long hot shower. I felt dirty and I must have scrubbed myself three times over. I collected my thoughts and wondered what I was going to say when I saw Jerry. Should I just act like it never happened? Should I down play and minimize the whole event? How do I act around him from this point forward? These were just a few of the thoughts that were racing through my head. Eventually, I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a large towel. I only had two sets of clothes that I brought over. The first set was pretty much soiled so I only had one outfit to change into. For the time being, I decided to stay warm and comfy and wrapped up in the large towel. I opened the bathroom door and made my way back into the living room. The sun was now shining bright and I could see how messy we left the living room. There were pillows and cushions laying on the floor as well as our clothes. I saw some beer cans laying around, our empty cups of vodka and orange juice along with several nude magazines and porn movies s**ttered about.A totally random thought entered my head. I’ll just clean up and maybe Jerry won’t even remember what happened. I quickly cleaned up our mess and even took the trash out to his garage. I straightened up the cushions and pillows and decided to just crash back on his couch. I remember laying there as I heard a door open and the sound of footsteps. It was Jerry. He had made his way to the bathroom and I heard him start up his shower. I began going through some possible scenarios of what to say or how to act when our paths would eventually cross. My heart started racing and I felt a bit clammy. I was sooooo nervous! I heard the shower being turned off and moments later, I heard the bathroom door open. Jerry walked right by me as he went into the kitchen. I’m not even sure he looked at me. It was an awkward feeling. Jerry poured himself a bowl of cereal and returned to the living room. He sat down on his dad’s recliner and just ate his bowl of cereal. He didn’t say a word.Finally, I decided that I couldn’t take anymore silence as I looked in his direction and cleared my throat. That got Jerry’s attention as he looked over at me and said, “you want some cereal?” Baffled, I replied back that I was not hungry. Jerry said OK as he got up and went back to the kitchen. As he returned, Jerry walked back into the living room and asked me, “hey, do you remember anything about last night?” Thinking to myself, DO I REMEMBER? OMG, UHHHHHH YES! However, I calmly replied that I vaguely remembered a few things. Jerry asked, “what do you remember” as I said, your penis. Jerry looked at me with puzzled look. He asked if I remembered anything else but I didn’t say anything. I just shook my head yes. Probably unsatisfied with my reply, Jerry just looked at me and mumbled “…anddddd.” I broke the ice and got it off my chest. Softly spoken in a low voice, I told him I remembered jacking him off, I remembered his cock in my mouth and remembered him fucking me. I felt my heart rate go up and I was very uncomfortable talking to him. It seemed completely taboo.Jerry replied, “did you like it?” This was THE million dollar question. Did I like it? Did I like having sex with another guy? Did I like the fact that my best friend sexually took advantage of me? Hmmmmmmmm, I pondered for a moment and decided to reserve my answer. I asked the question right back at him. I asked Jerry if he liked it. Without much hesitation, Jerry replied, “I sort of liked it a lot.” I thought to myself, A LOT? Really? He liked having sex with me a lot? That made me curious. What did he like about it? So I asked him, what did he really like about having sex with me? That’s when he blurted out that it wasn’t the first time he has thought about me sexually. Staying the night over at Jerry’s house was a common thing growing up. I had probably stayed the night 30+ times over the past 3-4 years. Jerry said that sometimes, at night when everyone was asleep, he would reach over and “accidently” brush his hand up against my crotch while I slept. Jerry further explained that one time, he even felt me get hard from the contact which he said it drove him crazy.I asked Jerry what he meant by crazy as he replied, “horny.” He went on to tell me that most of the time, after I had left his house, he would go into his bathroom and jack off, thinking about it. That all led up to this point. Jerry asked if I remembered about a month earlier, when I stayed the night over and played a new video game that he had gotten. I said I did remember but I was unsure what specific event he was trying to elude to. Jerry filled in the blanks and told me that it was THAT night when he saw me asleep, he tried to initiate a brief sexual encounter with me. He said he reached over and gently placed my hand on top of his dick. Jerry said that made him hard but I was completely unaware that my hand was resting on his cock. So, Jerry said he tried to wake me up by shifting a little bit in the bed and making some discrete noises. He said that didn’t work so he pulled down his shorts as my hand was now resting directly on his bare cock. Again, no response. Finally, he said he used his index finger and smeared a good amount of pre-cum on my lips. Apparently, I never woke up and Jerry said he just abandoned the idea. I never knew that happened. I’m sure I looked a little stunned as Jerry said that’s why he decided to go-for-broke since he and I were the only one’s in the house for the whole weekend.Abruptly, the conversation stopped. I don’t know why but neither of us said a word. After roughly 10 minutes of silence, I got up and went to his room to play a video game. My thoughts were clouded. For me, Friday was the very time that I had ever encountered a sexual event with another guy. For Jerry, canlı bahis there were many “events” that led up to this point. It kind of made me mad to be honest. But on the other hand, if Jerry had never said anything about it, I would never have known. I could feel the inner turmoil brewing inside me and decided to completely avoid Jerry for the rest of my stay. A few times, Jerry would walk into his bedroom and ask if I was OK. Each time, I sternly told him yes. By this point, I was sort of pissed off and I knew Jerry could tell.It was now about 7 o’clock in the evening. I had managed to avoid Jerry all day. I was still upset and didn’t even eat when he ordered a pizza. Defeated, Jerry walked back into his room where I was watching TV and apologized. It was a very heart felt apology. He said he was sorry that he did all of those things to me and he said he understood if I never wanted to be friends again. That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. We had been best friends for years and years. Though thick and thin, he and I remained friends even though I did not hang in the same crowd as him at school. Even though I was not among the elite rich k**s in school, I was still one of the cooler guys and had plenty of other friends. Jerry was sort of in the geek / nerdy crowd. He was in several honor classes and in the high school band. So, our friendship had endured regardless of our high school social status. I sort of felt bad. All of those years of friendship that he put up with my arrogant attitude, my wise ass comments and my better-than-thou mentality. All Jerry wanted was to be friends.I crumbled. I had a mix of emotions stirring in me and it started coming out. I told Jerry that I was sorry for being mean to him and sorry for all of those years that I treated him like crap. I apologized for bragging about getting some pussy and making him feel totally inferior. We had a moment and it was nice getting everything out in the open. I think both of us got a little teary eyed. I asked Jerry if it was OK for me to give him a hug. Jokingly he said, “I’ll be sure not to brush my wiener up against you.” We both laughed! We b*o hugged for a long minute or two. I was at ease with everything. But, having Jerry that close to me stirred my emotions even more. I started questioning myself of what I was feeling. Sifting through my thoughts, I realized a question from earlier that Jerry had asked me. He asked me if “I liked it.” Internally, I just answered his question. Yes, I did like it. I lowered my head from the side of his shoulder as our hug evolved into an embrace. I was resting my head on Jerry’s chest. I started feeling strong sexual urges and they were pretty unbearable. I felt Jerry’s hand lightly rubbing up and down my back as he comforted me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him in even tighter. It was obvious that we were feeling the same urges. This time, I decided to make the first move.I asked Jerry if he remembered the question from earlier, “if I liked it.” Jerry nodded yes. I told him I liked it a lot. I liked it so much that I want to do it again. That was all it took. Jerry immediately unzipped his blue jeans and whispered for me to take off my clothes. We broke free from our embrace as we undressed in front of each other. I was the first one to get naked. I sat on Jerry’s bed and admired Jerry’s somewhat frail thinner physique. Jerry commented on my penis and asked me if I had ever fantasized about another guys dick before. Sadly, I replied that I had never really given it a thought. Jerry said that he fantasized often about it but didn’t want to be labeled as a “fag” or “gay” or anything else like that. I knew Jerry liked girls but he was just a bit on the nerdy side. Jerry was finally down to his last piece of clothing.. his underwear. He slid them off and I could now clearly see the immense heft of his semi hard cock. It was clearly monstrous, almost abnormal looking. It was truly magnificent to look at.Jerry playfully swung his meat around from side to side. It made a rather distinct slapping sound each time it slapped the sides of this torso. I smiled and said mine couldn’t do that. Jerry asked me to stand up and he positioned himself right in front of me. He asked if he could compare our cocks, side by side. I knew he was much bigger but I knew he was probably just trying to find a way to initiate contact. I stood up and he grabbed his dick and began lightly tapping our cocks together. Even fully erect, my dick was no match to his. Completely soft, his cock would still be bigger than mine. We stood face to face, dick to dick. Jerry went on the offensive. We stared each other in the eyes as Jerry started calling me cute little names. He would say something like, “sexy” and I would reply, “big guy.” It was like playing cat and mouse. He was toying with me and I liked it. He said, “soft lips” and I said “donkey dick.” He smiled and in a sexy voice he replied, “tiny little dick-boi.” I didn’t know what else to say in that moment so keeping eye contact, I slowly leaned over and gently kissed him on the lips. I let one of my hands wonder down to his already throbbing manhood. It was very warm to the touch and the sheer weight of it in my hand was incredibly arousing.I began massaging his tool, back and forth and my other hand wondered down. Using both hands, I was now slowly masturbating my friends dick. I guided it up against my dick head, causing the pre-cum on our cocks to mix together. He made me feel empowered and in charge but I knew it was quite the opposite. I knew my role and knew he was much more sexually dominant than me. It never once crossed my mind that I would be the “top” and he would be the “bottom.” I submitted to him. I whispered to Jerry and asked if he liked me handling his big dick. Jerry replied yes and asked me to have a seat back on his bed. As I did, Jerry walked out of the room momentarily and returned with a couple towels and the baby oil. Without any booze in me, I didn’t know if I would be relaxed enough for what was coming. As it turned out, I didn’t need any alcohol. Jerry did everything perfect and made me feel so comfortable. We laid on his bed, laying on our sides facing each other. We started kissing again and Jerry started grinding his meat up against my leg. I grabbed his ass and pulled him more against me. I told him that I wanted it and Jerry said not to worry.. he was going to give me ALL of it.He started pressing on the top of my head as I started the journey of sliding down towards his cock. I was going to try to suck it as best as I could. I ran out of bed as my legs dangled off. Jerry then pushed me over from my side and onto my back. He scooted himself up and mounted my chest. His balls were now pressing against my chin and lips as he started jacking himself off. Each pump of his cock caused his ball sack to jingle and slap my face. I started jacking myself off as well while he was doing that. As I looked up, it bahis siteleri was quite a view of my best friend dominantly pumping himself right over my face. It turned me on so much. I started moaning and Jerry asked if I liked that. I said yes and Jerry said he now had a lot of pre-cum on his dick head that needed to be sucked off. In almost a push up position, Jerry lowered his dick into my eagerly awaiting mouth. Take this fucking dick, I heard Jerry whisper, take it all. There it was. The moment I had waited for. I was sucking his monster cock again. I sucked and sucked and sucked. After just a few minutes, things were getting sloppy. A mixture of my saliva and his pre-cum was flowing out of the corners of my mouth. Sometimes he would push too much of his dick in my mouth that I would gag and gasp for a breath of air, but I never stopped sucking him.I never wanted this moment to end. I was completely at his mercy and wanted him to know that. No more cat and mouse games. This was a very hot moment and I just went with it. Sometimes, Jerry would stopping pumping his dick in and out of my mouth so I could catch my breath. I took advantage of it each time he did so. I’d look up and tell him that I loved the way he fucked my face. I remember Jerry bracing himself with one hand on his headboard and with his other hand, he squeezed firmly against the base of his cock and slowly worked it upwards, milking loads of pre-cum into my mouth. It tasted wonderful. I couldn’t stand it. I was getting so turned on but I didn’t want to cum yet. I would jack myself off furiously and then completely stop, edging myself to the point of no return. I ate more of his pre-cum that day, in that one session, than I have ever experienced with any other guy, easily by far.I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off so I told Jerry that he has almost made me cum a few times. I relayed to him that I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out. After 15 to 20 minutes or so of giving him head, Jerry upped his game a notch. He got very verbal and much more aggressive. It seemed to me that play time was over and it was time to get down to some real business. Right off the bat, Jerry said I had better be ready for it because he was now going to fuck me. I was still laying on my back as Jerry lowered himself on top of me. Jerry had the bottle of baby oil. He squirted a little bit on my cock and then a little bit in his hand. He began massaging my dick and would occasionally squirt additional amounts of oil as needed. He kissed my neck slowly and nibbled on my ear lobes. At times, I would let out a sigh of pleasure and a moan of appreciation. I was 100% relaxed and everything felt right. I opened my eyes to see Jerry jerking my dick slowly back and forth while he stroked his big cock. I heard the oil being squired again and it sounded like a lot.I felt Jerry’s fingers begin to wonder. Quickly, one of his fingers found its mark. He slowly slid it inside of me, working back and forth. He released his grip from slowly masturbating me as I assumed control and picked up where he left off. As I started slowly masturbating myself, Jerry said I looked so damn sexy. My legs were spread open as I raised my knees up. My feet were planted on Jerry’s bed but I was now in the position to get fucked, if Jerry chose to mount me. Two fingers were now moving back and forth inside me which quickly became three. I started to mark my breathing and doing my best to adapt to the extra fingers. I closed my eyes and concentrated on staying relaxed as I felt more lube being applied. Although I couldn’t really see what was going on down there, I do know that Jerry tried to get a forth finger inside me. It wasn’t working. I could feel the pressure and I would start to tighten up. Each time, I would sigh a little bit which prompted Jerry to softly talk me through it.That’s right baby, he replied. Open up and relax. Right then, I felt his warm tongue lapping the edges of my ass, getting closer and closer until he was rimming me. It kind of tickled but it was very much a turn on. A few minutes of it, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I asked Jerry to fuck me. He threw my legs over his shoulders and leaned forward until his cock head was pressed firmly against my hole. Here I was, completely sober this time and begging for dick. My thoughts raced and I recalled from watching one of the porno scenes from the day earlier, a hung black guy that was ordered by his mistress to fuck a white guy while she watches. That scene kept popping in my head. My dick was hard, resting in my hand and I was in the same position as the white guy in the porno. I just went with it. I blurted out for Jerry to please fuck me like that hung black guy fucked that white guy. Even though Jerry was a white guy, he started “acting” black. Not really sure how to describe it. I guess he lowered his voice, starting talking with a lot of slang and playfully started calling me his bitch, his ho, and “I better be ready to get fucked by this big ol’ dick.”Moment of truth. His first push against my hole. My nerdy best friend just pushed his massive dick head into my ass in one slow thrust. I groaned in both pain and pleasure. Shhhhhhhh, Jerry whispered. You’re gonna take all of this dick, you hear me. This is what you wanted and now you’ve got it. So, just lay there like a little slut while I fuck you. OMG! That turned me on. I liked being “used” like a sex toy. With each small thrust, inch by inch, eventually Jerry’s entire cock was just about inside. I did not dare to move as it was so painful if I adjusted. Instead, I just focused on relaxing to his thickness. Once Jerry was fully inside me, he stopped moving his hips slowly back and forth and was allowing me to adjust to his girth, occasionally giving me a small push to keep his dick hard. It was working. One small push here. One small push there. Although it wasn’t going in and out, it was a step in the right direction. Jerry ordered me to grab my little dick and stroke it. I let out a moan and Jerry replied, “now who’s the nerdy one and who’s the cool guy.” He asked me if I now felt inferior to him with my small dick compared to his. I truly did and oddly, I liked it that way. Behind closed doors, my friend was a stud! He was a freak on a whole other level! My feet were both in the air, still slung over his shoulders as Jerry said he was going hammer my hole soon. He told me to close my eyes and fantasize that he was that big black guy and I was that younger white guy in the porn video. I briefly looked down to see that enormously fat cock of his fucking me. I was fixated on that. I closed my eyes and started dreaming of being fucked by a huge black cock. Each minute passed and each minute, Jerry’s pace increased. Roughly 10 minutes later, Jerry was full on fucking me like a man fucks a woman.You like this dick, don’t you bitch? Jerry said he didn’t know yet, where he was going to cum. He kept teasing me with options. I’m gonna güvenilir bahis cum in your mouth and you’re going to eat my load. Jerry was getting very verbal and I knew it was a matter of time before he would reach his climax. I had been so close to cumming so many times, I was at the edge and wouldn’t last much longer. Do you want me to shoot my wad in your ass? Do you? Do you want this huge dick filling your ass up with cum? I lost it. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I was so turned on by his talking. I started groaning loudly. I was pumping on my own dick while being fucked. I didn’t know what Jerry was doing but he was hitting something in me, causing me to become hyper sensitive which resulted in the most explosive orgasm I have ever had. I blasted out in pleasure, Jerry.. Jerry.. Jerry.. Go on baby, Jerry replied. Shoot it. Jerry then grabbed my ankles, moved my legs off of his shoulders and had my legs fully spread apart while he continued to fuck me. My knees were locked out and I looked like I was starring in a real porn movie. I had the perfect view. I could see the colossal size of his cock, pumping in and out of me like he was fucking a woman’s pussy.. just pumping away. My ass was now numb from the constant slamming of Jerry’s dick inside me and from the overbearing pain threshold. Each pump looked like it was painful for Jerry because his balls were slamming against my ass really hard. However, it didn’t appear to phase Jerry one bit. I shot my load hard. I mean really hard and far. It was a lot of cum and even the first blast that shot out, partially landed over my head and a trail of it landed on my cheek and upper lip. It was the biggest release I had ever had. I think the sight of it caused Jerry to temporarily loose it. I felt his legs tremble and then a small thrust forward. His cock head was engorged and humongous. It had swollen up so much. Jerry said he came a little bit but was able to hold it back mostly.He told me that I had some cum on my lip and cheek and told me to use my finger and lick it off. I did as I was told. He asked me if I liked the taste of cum as I bashfully smiled and nodded yes. Jerry stated fucking me again as I watched my semi limp dick being tossed around from side to side like a wet noodle each time Jerry power thrusted his cock in me. Jerry said, “you thought you were going to get some pussy this weekend and instead, you ended up being my little bitch.” How does that make you feel? I said it made me feel like I want… like I NEED your cock all the time now. I told Jerry that I loved the taste of his dick and the feeling of his hot load being shot into my mouth. I could tell Jerry was proud of his manhood. He told me to remember that the next time I’m eating some pussy. He told me to remember the feeling of not being able to flick my tongue on a clit and instead, the feeling of my tongue being used as a slide to cradle his cock. Jerry asked me to hand him a towel. I reached up over my head and blindly felt for one. I retrieved it but it was a wet towel and in doing so, I had managed to move too far upwards as Jerry’s dick slid out of me. No pain whatsoever. Seizing the opportunity, Jerry rolled me over onto my stomach and asked me to get into the doggy style position at the edge of his bed. Jerry stood at the foot of his bed with my ass facing him. Inch by inch, he slowly slid it back in. I looked underneath me and I could see his balls were swaying back and forth, as they were now slapping against my balls. Jerry fucked me in this position for only a few minutes and said, “you have a big cock in your ass. Don’t you wish you also had a big one in your mouth?” I did wish it. I was totally getting off thinking about others using me as a sex object. I really wanted to be a slut. A whore. A sex slave. I told Jerry to fuck me until he came. Damn, he can fuck. He was wearing me out. Jerry again started to tremble as I handed him the towel. Jerry said he was going to cum. I felt him slide out of me and I watched in amazement as Jerry proudly cleaned off his fully hardened tool. About 45 seconds to a minute go by and I began to wonder if he shot his load inside me. Jerry didn’t appear to be going soft. Once he was satisfied with his cleaning job, he ordered me to sit on the corner of his bed. I eagerly got into position. With two hands on his rod, I stroked him off with his penis resting in my mouth. I think if I had a third hand, he would still have had some dick meat left over. I began slurping and sticking my tongue out to help better my chances of keeping my airway open. Suck it bitch. Suck this dick. Don’t be shy, eat this cock! I loved being told what to do. I really liked seeing how much pleasure he was in. Now THAT felt empowering. Jerry told me to remove my hands as he started pumping himself briskly into my mouth. I cupped his ball sack and Jerry started thrusting more and more into my mouth. I was gagging much less today. I felt his balls beginning to tighten and Jerry announced that he was going to cum. I was at the perfect angle. My mouth was wide open, my tongue was out and my throat was relaxed. By this point, Jerry was doing ALL of the work and I started to taste the first remnants of excessive pre-cum. It was very fluid like and salty. I was so turned on that I was already hard again and pumping the hell out of myself. Eat it baby. Eat it. Any second now, I knew it was going to explode in my mouth. I was desperately trying to make up for lost time. I wanted to time it perfectly that when Jerry shot his load, I would be able to shoot mine. It almost happened, but not quite. There was roughly a 30 second difference and here’s why. Jerry started to cum. I pulled my mouth off of his dick as I spoke to encourage him to shoot his load in my mouth. The first shot blasted out just over the left side of my lips but then Jerry’s hands went on the backside of my head. Jerry got completely aggressive when he was coming. He thrust himself forward and I guess I was still at the right angle because his dick plunged to the back of my throat. I had NEVER had THAT much of his cock in my mouth. My eyes began to water and my gag reflex slowly started kicking in. I probably had all 10″ of his dick in my mouth while he pumped his cum down my throat. He held me in that position as I gasped for air. Eventually I pulled away. I could not breathe. His manhood dangled there in front of me, covered in my saliva mixed with his milky white semen that was coated all around his giant sized tool. It took me a few seconds to recover from that but I was still hard and within seconds, I asked him if I could cum on his cock. Jerry sat down on the bed as I stood up and perched myself just a few inches from his slobber coated dripping piece of dick meat. I shot my load again. Without wasting any time, I lowered myself onto my knees and sucked his cock until is was clean. What a night. Jerry and I took a shower together and we touched each other but we were both pretty tired. We knew his parents would be home in the morning. We decided to call it a night. It was late into the evening but it wasn’t even 10 pm yet. Want to take a guess what happened in the early morning hours on Sunday? ..LOL!

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