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How I caught my girlfriend cheating on me…and lo

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How I caught my girlfriend cheating on me…and loThis is a true storySo my girlfriend, Sarah, and I had been together for nearly a year and, man, I was crazy about this girl. You’d be mad not to be. She’s 5’9″, slim but curvy, pale but smooth, with big green eyes, full ruby red lips and a fiery shock of full, wavy ginger hair that would drive any hot blooded man wild, and I suppose that’s the point…she drives every man wild.One weekend, we were watching a gig at a venue we’d had to drive to, we had a few drinks so there was no driving home. We decided to write it off and just have a good time. Maybe find a hotel nearby.Halfway through the gig, her ex boyfriend turned up and stayed some distance away but I could see them exchanging glances and shy smiles. There was clearly some spark still there between them.On her way back from the bathroom she bumped into him at the bar and they began chatting…I wasnt far away but I could see that they were flirting. He had his hand in the small of her back and she was playing with her long, ginger locks and smiling as they laughed together. I began to feel really jealous so I went over to break them up. She said he’d offered to let us stay at his parents place for the night which was just round the corner. The deal was we’re had to sleep in the living room though as his parents were asleep upstairs and we had to be quiet. I was reluctant at first but then he started buying in round of shots and I thought “what the hell?” After the band had finished we had another drink before we headed back to his parents and got comfortable on the living room sofas as the drinks kept flowing.Sarah sat on the opposite sofa to me, with her ex. And she kept flirting outrageously with him in front of me, touching his arms and thighs and playing with her luscious ginger hair, letting her hand fall down to her partially exposed breasts. I made some snarky comment and she moved closer to me on my sofa and I felt a little better. After much talking and drinking into the night I must have passed out around 1 am in her arms.I awoke around 4am, fully clothed, on the sofa alone. Tired, I rubbed my heavy eyes which I could not yet open. I could just make our some strange wet smacking sound…and occasional very soft moans….I wasn’t aware yet of what was going on but I liked the sound of it… My dick began to get hard…I continued to listen to the faintest of sounds.”Mmmmfff…..shlllp…”Light rustling of fabrics”Shllp…shllp shllp….mmmmf….mmmf”I sarıyer escort cautiously opened one eye without moving or making to much sound. And in the dim morning half light I could just make out the silhouette of my girlfriend, knelt down on the floor at the other sofa, with her dress hitched up to her waist and hanging off both shoulders. Her supple pale breasts hung heavy in her black bra as she sucked greedily on her ex’s erect cock. With her left hand she slowly pumped on his shaft.I was instantly aroused.I wanted so much to be angry but the horniness overpowered the anger. My dick went rock hard and before I knew it my hand was straight in my pants. I pretended to be asleep, lay on my arm so they couldn’t see me massaging my cock slowly in my jeans.I watched as Sarah sucked harder and wanked her ex’s cock faster, all the while trying to remain quiet. It was not working though, I could hear every movement, every whisper, every moan, every soft, wet kiss she planted on his cock I heard. Every stroke of his shaft as her hand moved up and down.Her ex reached down and began to massage her perfect, white tits and the bra fell away to the floor. He arched and thrust his cock further into her mouth and she worked hungrily with her lips and tongue”Shllp..shllpshlllpshlllpshlllpshlllp…mmmfff”She took his cock out of her mouth to catch her breath but kept stroking his massive cock with both hands.I heard her whisper “Is he awake?””No…he’s sound asleep” he replied”I want to feel your cock inside me…” She whispered”I don’t think we should…” He argued…”what if he wakes up…?”Her breathing became heavier, I could see she was rubbing her pussy through her black panties”I don’t care, I’ve missed you, I need you, I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy again…fuck me now”With that she kissed him fully on the mouth and rose up to climb onto him, her perfect breasts hanging in the dawn light as she did so. She then knelt on the sofa, one leg either side of him, the top of her stockings became exposed as she did so. She grabbed his seriously impressive penis, and guided it into her sopping wet cunt. Moving her panties aside to make room as she did.They both let out a moaning sigh as it plunged deep inside her.”Oh yes!” Sarah whispered, leaning into his ear, and then she said it:”I love you”For some reason this made me insanely hard and I wanted to cum right then and there esenyurt escort but I knew I couldn’t so I slowed right down as they started to speed up.She ground her pussy hard on her ex’s groin and pushed her tits into his face. Her red hair caught the orange glow of the rising sun beautifully as she passionately gave her body to her ex boyfriend. Right next to her sleeping current boyfriend.”I’m such a slut” she gasped.”Yes you are” he said”I’m such a slutty, filthy cheating slut!” She moaned, a little louder.I could see how wide her pussy was having to stretch to accommodate the girth of his huge cock, the wetness of her pussy was running out and onto her thighs, down his cock and balls. She began to get louder, no longer worried about walking me. It was as if all she wanted in this world was her ex’s cock and his cum inside her.”Yes! Yes!… I’m going to cum on your cock baby, yes I’m going to cum on your cock. Can you come in my pussy for me baby? Please?””Oh yeah…””Yeah?””Yeah ..””Do it baby cum for me, cum in my pussy and we’ll cum together….I’m ready for you…yes…yes..””I’m cumming…””Me too…shhhhh…..be quiet, let’s cum toge…ah….ah…..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….fffgggggnnnnnnnnnnuuuuuuck…..ah! …..ah!……ah!!!!!! Holy fuck baby Im cumming, fuck I ove you, I’ve missed you and your fucking massive cock inside my cunt mmmmmmm……yeah baby…..oh!!!”And with that they locked lips in a passionate kiss, and climaxed together. I could see her pussy and thighs quivering as his balls and cock pulsated, pushing the cum out of him and into her. It was a deeply erotic experience, one I shall never, ever forget.They embraced, as old lovers do after sex and she slid off him, lying seductively on the other sofa. He lovingly pulled her panties back in place and handed her her bra.”Best yet to look presentable” he whispered before pulling up his jeans and boxers and slowly exciting the room.”I love you” she mouthed at him as he closed the door, he mouthed it back to her. My cock twinged.I lay there, horny and frenzied as she smiled to herself in the dim morning light.I waited a few minutes, as long as I could, before pretending to stir. I stirred and stirred some more before slowly sitting up.Sarah pretended to be asleep. As if nothing had ever happened. I moved to the other sofa. I lay down beside her and nestled in, spooning her on the cushions.She stirred and held my hand in hers.With my other hand I avrupa yakası escort reached down under her skirt and rubbed at her pussy lips through her panties. She pretended to be asleep.I began to reach into her panties and she awoke with a start.”Oh no baby! You can’t… It’s er…. It’s my time of the month””No it’s not” I replied, “you have been a very naughty girl haven’t you?”She said nothing, I pushed the panties aside”You’ve been a really slutty, filthy cheating slut”I pushed the tip of my cock against her pussy lips, a bit of their cum oozed out. It was warm. She turned and looked straight into my eyes with a sweet smile of shock, surprise and happiness.”Tell me”…I said”I’ve been a slutty, filthy, cheating slu…ah!” She gasped as I plunged my throbbing cock into her pussy. I’d never felt anything so soft and hot and wet in my life, it was like warm velvet enveloping my cockWe both moaned as we began to move rhythmically together, my end hitting her spot as the mixture of their cum swam around our genitals. We kissed passionately, maybe more passionately than ever before.As I thrust in and out of Sarah’s cunt, the cum began to run all over the sofa, her stockings, her legs our groins. Or tongues were intertwined, locked in an eternal dance as our bodies writhed together. We both began to furiously rub her clit to bring her to another climax, just before she did she let out a strained cry and told me.”Aaahhh….I love him!” I thrust into her hard.”I love you both!….aaaahhhhhhhnnnnngggggggg….ffffffuckkkkkk…yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah hhhhhhhhh…. Cum inside me mix up all our cum together baby….. Yesssssssssss……ahhhhh…….mmmmmmmmmmm”I came in her as she came again. Her whole body shuddered with pleasure as fluids collided and spilled all over.I held her tightly as my dick twitched away inside her.We lay in silence for about twenty minutes, smiling and hugging and kissing until eventually she said:”I think we’ve ruined this sofa, we need to get the fuck out of here before his parents wake up. And besides, my dress, panties and stockings are fucking drenched with all sorts of cum, we need to get home before the sun comes up”And with that we left, quickly and quietly. Jumping in the car and speeding home as quick as we could. When we got back, we got into the shower fully clothed and I rubbed her cummy lingerie all over her face and body as she played with my dick, giving me the blowjob of my life with her panties wrapped around my shaft before finally allowing me to fuck her one more time.We slept well that Sunday.Her ex never told us what happened with the sofa but I can tell you, it wasn’t the last time she fucked him and it wasn’t the last time I got to feel Sarah’s sloppy cum filled pussy on my cock.I love that girl, and I hope, now, you can see why.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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