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How I learnt to love sex…

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How I learnt to love sex…I just felt like wanting to tell that story which is absolutely true and mine. Please don’t laugh or make fun, in way, this is the story of how I learnt to love sex as much as I do and how I began to lose fear… I would never be as hot if it hadn’t been for those two guys who had made this first time an amazing, wonderful experience… I would appreciate your comments!I was just 14, and in the middle of my Flower-Power hippie period. You could find me walking around barefoot and with very colourful clothes on. My long hair was either braided or worn loosely over my shoulders and down my back. It was (and of course, still is) long and dark, not really black, not really brown. My parents were hard-working and not very much interested in what I was doing. I didn’t have anything like a time to come home or be in bed, do my homework or whatever else. I took care of myself and dealt with things the way I wanted. At 14 (a birthday which had been forgotten), I was nevertheless rather shy and not sure of myself. Too skinny and complexed about my body and yet small breasts, I had messed around a little with friends from school, but tended to prefer my bedroom and my hands to whatever it was they could do to me. I had been invited to go to a recording in order to help a band finish their CD, a real honour for me. I wasn’t a great musician or anything, it just happened that I was able both to play the violin and the Irish whistles which is what they were looking for – someone to do back up sounds on their songs, mostly written by themselves. A friend of a friend of a friend had arranged it and so I went to the address I had been given with my violin and the whistles. It was in a sort of underground, homemade studio, a room, mics, cables, a guy to mix it all together – about as good as it gets. When I knocked, a guy opened for me and pulled me into the room as soon as he had seen my violin. “Hi, it’s really cool you’re here…” There were four of them sitting on a mattress in the corner and smoking pot, all of them looking up and smiling at me. “I’m Pat” said the one who had opened the door for me, “and this is Rick, John and Pete. What’s your name again?”“I’m Tim, I mean Timea.” I was uncomfortable and feeling exited all at the same time. They had this way of looking at me. One of them said “Sit down here, I’ll show you what we want from you…” which made one of the others laugh. “Are you really called Tim?” “I am”, I said. “And you’re sure you’re a girl?” “Quite sure indeed”, I said, trying not to show them how uncomfortable I was feeling. They must have been at least 20. And there were four of them. One of them passed me his pot and I took it. I had had it before and liked it very much and I needed something to help me relax as I wasn’t sure of myself. Pat grabbed a guitar and several sheets of music and explained to me what they were looking for. It seemed easy enough. When he saw I got it, he got up, nodded to the others and said “Let’s try!” He put his arm around my shoulder and led me to a mic. The others got up and got their instruments, Pete sat down behind the drums. I halkalı escort liked what they were doing! The music was cool, original; something very folky mixed in with elements of heavy metal, a fun mixture. I could totally see why they wanted the melody instruments I had. I had fun playing with them, Pat was great at explaining. We managed to get through their whole programme in just a couple of hours. By the end of the recording, I felt flushed and excited and happy with myself and much more relaxed than in the beginning. Rick and Pete had to leave as they had to go back to their night jobs (I was at school, but these people were working nightshifts… enough to impress me!), but Pat invited me to stay and listen to what we had recorded so far. We sat down on the mattress, and John got drinks for us. We listened and commented on the whole thing. Pat started to say thank you and John complimented me on my fast learning and the easiness I had when playing. I said that it had been easy enough and well explained when John said “so you play the violin, whistles, and recorder? And what else?” “I said “A little flute, but not much, I like the whistles and recorders better” and he looked at me and said “you’re a fast learner, maybe you would like to learn playing other instruments as well…”. Pat grabbed his guitar and said “I’ll show you” and before I knew it, I was between his legs with a guitar on my knees and his hands over mine, showing me how to do it. I felt afraid and exited. I had had boyfriends, but these guys were really “big boys”, not young teenagers anymore. And he touched me… John was sitting with his back against the wall, watching us, watching me… and then, he stretched out his hand and started caressing my foot, in a non-committing way. When he saw I didn’t protest, he moved just a little closer and started moving his hands up my leg, up to the knee. He lifted my long skirt and looked beneath it, and then said “Mmh, nice…” and that’s when I felt uncomfortable again. I had always been told I was too skinny, I didn’t feel confident of my body and didn’t’ like being looked at particularly. Pat had let go of my hands and stroked my arms in a long and soft way. We didn’t say anything; nothing was clear or decided yet. I knew I could have said no and they would probably accept it. I was curious and tense at the same time and I liked what they were doing to me. Pat’s body was nice and warm, he made me feel safe. I hesitated, was I to do something?Then Pat said: “Do you want us to stop or should we continue teaching you our music? Or do you have to go home? Somebody waiting for you, expecting you to dinner?” I shook my head; nobody was waiting for me (which was true). I said in a low voice “I think I’d like to stay, but…” and Pat kissed my neck and said “But?” I tied to answer “I have never… I mean…” which made them smile and laugh. “We know, Timmy. It’s written all over your face. But that’s alright as long as you let us teach you… maybe time for a new instrument in your life, no?” That was John şişli escort who said it and he stood up, opened his pants and took them off. Standing in front of me in his boxers, he looked at me very intensely and then took them off as well. I had seen dicks before of course, but this time was different. This time I looked at it like something that I was going to have to use… “My dear student” said John, “this is you new instrument. Let’s call it another recorder, and I’m sure you’ll be excellent on it. Come on, hold it, take it in your hand…. You’ll see what happens if you do…” He kneeled down in front of me and I got to take a good look at his instrument. I took it in my hand, it was hot and soft and felt good to touch. Pat continued caressing my back, shoulders, neck and hair and then let his hand gently slip towards my breasts. It made me shudder, but it felt good. “Come on,” Pat said, “don’t be shy, have fun with it. Rub it, strike it, stretch it.. it won’t bite!”I did. Warming up to it, I started to play, looking at John in order to see if he liked it. He did. It made me feel excited and I started kissing and licking, wondering at the same time at what I was doing. John said “that’s good… take it in your mouth… come on” and I did, fastening my lips around it while still caressing it with my tongue up and down. I could tell how much John liked it and it made me feel really hot. Pat was still on my back, now playing hard with my breasts, he had opened my bra, learned forward and was busy getting into my panties with one hand. He said “you’re wet, sweetie, you like it…” John made me stop and stepped back “wait wait wait… don’t make me cum yet” and then he laughed, saying “Baby, you’re a natural. You’re fantastic…” He came closer again, grabbed me by my braids and said “do it again” and I opened my mouth and took him in. He directed me this time by my head and hair, but again stopped when it got too hot for him. Pat said “me too, let me see how you do it”, and he took his pants off. His dick was longer but thinner than John’s who seemed very large to me. John took my top off and the bra and he looked and touched my breasts “You’re so sweet, honey, just look at you!” and then he made me turn around, get on my knees and take Pat’s lovely dick in my mouth. Pat leaned back, half lying against the wall, closed his eyes and enjoyed it while John visited my body, commented on it. He made me feel special and not so awkward anymore. And anyway, I had decided to enjoy it, these guys were fab (my favourite word at the time!) and this was as good as it gets… John pushed my skirt and panty down and started to finger me. I was hot and exited alright and he talked about it and then suddenly, he bent down and started licking my ass and my pussy from behind. I hadn’t expected this; in fact, I didn’t know this was something you “could” do. It was incredible and made me feel explosions on the inside of me. John licked and fingered me in turn, he pushed his fingers inside my pussy and then into my ass, and I shrieked back a little. Pat opened his eyes and said sarıyer escort to his buddy “you know, this is her first… let’s be nice the her… Sweety, who do you want for your flower?” (Looking back, I can only appreciate the fact that he tried to be so nice…). I let go of his dick and sat up, looking at both of them. One was longer, the other one larger… I like Pat because he tried to be so nice and I felt less sure of myself with John, but I didn’t want to sound as if I preferred his buddy for fear of making him mad… John said “You want Pat to do it, hon, right, that’s ok, don’t worry…” and he made me stand up and took my skirt and panty off. I was standing naked before them and felt uncomfortable again not knowing what to do with my body… John drew me up to him and kissed my pussy, pushing his tongue slowly unto my clit, going up and down on his, filling me with sensations I had never know up to then. When he stopped, he looked up at me, smiled and said “You’re so beautiful, hon, just relax and enjoy, ok?” and both him and Pat pulled me down on the mattress and lay next to me. They fingered me in turn, caressed my breasts, licked and sucked, told me how wonderful I was… I let them do it and touched them and then Pat lay on me. I felt his long dick lying hot on my pussy. He kissed me, long and slow, and then said “I’ll be good for you, sweety” and started pushing into me. I was nervous then, but when he actually did it, it just felt good and I closed my eyes and let him do it. I felt that point where my body resisted his dick and he pushed against it, several times, slowly, before pushing just a little harder and breaking through. It made me wince, but just a little and feeling him inside me, beyond this point and going farther was good and getting better. I hadn’t realized I had started to move with him, to hold him, I caught him with my legs… He felt good, so good and when John grabbed my ass again and pushed his finger into it, I actually had my first real orgasm, lovely and strong and it made me groan, this was too good to be true. Pat pulled out of me, rather suddenly for me, and he said to John “Your turn” with his breathing going fast. There was a little blood on his dick but before I could do more than realize it, John had taken his place and made me go through the road of paradise again. I still like being penetrated and held this way, it’s because of them I think. I think we must have fucked like this for hours. It was all pleasure for me, they made me try different positions and things, they licked me and John fucked me up the ass while Pat sucked my pussy on the front… In one go, I had found the perfect teachers and masters, I had been opened, spanked, penetrated, massaged, fucked in every hole, things going from soft and tender to much harder stuff. I had made them cum, and licked it and liked it, I had swallowed them… It was paradise. We met again several times and took up things were we had left them, even though they were kind of shocked when they learnt that I was just f******n, they would have given me at least two or three years more. But sex has no age… This is ten years ago, and I still masturbate when thinking of “my” guys. I did while writing this down. If you happen to come across this and realize that this is you: Thank you!If you’re in the position where I was one: enjoy it!If you’re in the position of the one who teaches: be nice with the girl – if you are, she’ll do anything you want from her afterwards…

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