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How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 11

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How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 11Picking up where i left off…i was really sloshed by now and didn’t feel at all uneasy. i was totally down with what i was doing. Frank’s cock pushing against my cheek was really hot. When i heard him telling me he was gonna cum i just kept doing what i was doing. i was so hot and decided i wanted to let him cum in my mouth. Even though it scared me the first time i had liked it. His abs tightened and he bent at the waist like he was sitting up. My mouth was half way down his cock just like the girl in the movie and i placed my fingers over his vein so i could feel it coming out when it happened. i felt his vein swell and a large bump passed under my finger tips and shot up into my mouth. Each time he convulsed i felt his vein swell and there was another shot in my mouth. When he was done i had a huge mouthful of cum. i lifted my head straight over his cock, opened my mouth a little and let it dribble out slowly. i looked up at Frank. He was breathing really heavy and watching. Then he rubbed his hand over my head a few times. i got my beer and sat back on the couch and discreetly rinsed a couple of times.A couple of minutes later he started asking me questions: how did i feel (good), did i like it (yes), did i liked the taste of his cum (yes), did i think at all about swallowing it (yes i thought about it).He said that letting him cum in my mouth was a real turn on for him. i told him how i decided to do it like the part he said was his favorite and he said ‘Cool, it was awesome.’i asked him if he really thought i was good and he told me i was very good for a beginner. After that i knew this was what i wanted to go for. i had really enjoyed making him cum like that. i wanted to learn whatever i could to sekabet yeni giriş be good. so i asked what he thought would have made it better. He said i would get better with more experience. i asked if he would be home the next night and he said he would be but that he didn’t know if it would be fair to me to carry on a relationship with him. i asked him why and he said because he wasn’t gay and wasn’t going to do anything to me so it would be one-sided. He said that if i was cool with that and still wanted to it would be great and if i didn’t he would understand. i didn’t know what to say. i told him It was late and i should be getting home. He told me to think it over and decide what i thought was best for me and that he would call me when he was on his way home to see if i still felt like coming by. We said goodnight and i left. On the way home i thought about what he said but it didn’t really matter. i knew i enjoyed myself and wanted to keep doing it.The next afternoon Frank called and asked if i still wanted to come over. i said ‘yes’ and he asked if i had thought it over and was sure. i told him i was sure.Frank got a couple of beers for us and we sat on the couch. He said he was glad i wanted to keep coming over. He asked again if i was sure. i told him i was and that it didn’t matter because i enjoyed doing it and wanted to keep on doing it. He said that was cool with him but that we needed to be very careful that no one found out about it; that it had to stay between us. i swore it would.We were drinking our beers when i asked him if he got high. He said ‘yeah, sometimes’ and i told him i had some great weed. i put some in a bowl and we smoked. We continued smoking and drinking for a while and started talking about baseball. sekabet giriş He told me he was a Red Sox fan and being a Yankees fan i had to break his balls a little. We went back and forth about that for a while. After we had both had gotten pretty high he got up and put on a movie.He said it was one he made of some of his favorite blowjobs. As we watched, he pointed out different things to me. After a while he got up, took off his pants and underwear, sat down and dropped a pillow on the floor between his legs. He wanted me to try some of what i had seen on him. i got on my knees, took his cock and started stroking it. It wasn’t as hard as it was the day before. i started doing some things i’d seen and he started getting harder. He told me to go slow; said he wanted me to work on learning how to do what i was watching without making him cum. He started the movie from the beginning. i slowed down and copied what was happening on the TV. He was completely hard within a few minutes. He started telling me what to do and how to do it, and from time to time would ask if i was liking it. He told me to work on using my tongue more; to lick him from the bottom of his cock all the way to the top and back again. It was so hot! I did this quite a while and he told he wanted to cum. He asked me if i wanted to try and swallow it. i said i would try. i could tell he was close and he told me not to use my hand; just my mouth. Just before he came he stood up. When he started shooting he said ‘swallow it, take your hand away… swallow it. So good, that’s so good.’ It was a lot. i swallowed most of it and the rest dripped down my chin. He took his finger and pushed what was on my chin towards my mouth. He had me open my mouth, pushed the rest of it sekabet güvenilirmi inside my mouth and told me to swallow it. It was really hot.We sat watching TV while i stroked him. He told me to suck on him some more. i got back on my knees and started kissing and licking him. He told me to play with myself if i wanted to. i took off my pants and played with my cock. As i sucked him Frank said he was going to make me a great cocksucker. That made me so hot. He said he could tell from when he first met me that i would be a good cocksucker. The more he talked, the hotter it made me. i was jerking myself and came in a few minutes. He started cumming again and told me to swallow it. It was less this time and i swallowed it all. i told him that his talking to me made me hot. From then on he always talked dirty to me.We continued like this for several months; me going to his house each night, getting high, watching porn, sucking him off. i was becoming an ‘expert’ cocksucker. One night he told me how far i had come and how good i was at getting him off.Things started to change after about nine months. i didn’t realize it then but i do now looking back on it. On Friday nights he started having his friends over for a weekly card game. They were all guys around his age. i didn’t play but would watch sometimes. Other times i would watch TV while they played. One Saturday, while i was sucking him off, he started talking about the guys. He asked me which one i thought was the hottest. i was honest with him, like he and i always were with each other, and said i thought they all were pretty good looking. He asked if i had to pick one which would it be. i said i thought Jack was the hottest of them all. He said that was funny because Jack had made a comment about me being a good looking guy. He said if i was really interested in Jack that it was all right with him. i didn’t say anything to him but finished sucking him off as i jerked myself off thinking about what it would be like with Jack. The next week was interesting…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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