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How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 09

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Double Penetration

Of course, coming out, that’s an awfully big step, and one that requires months to perfect it. To plan it just right. But by now, my darlings, you have most of your accessories and have had enough time to feel comfortable with them. The suit fits you perfectly. The painted claws have become you. You feel naked without them. Not complete. The art of the smoke? Perfected, both alone and with your wife, your girlfriend.

The painful roar of the bitch inside, over time, becomes a purr. Controlled. Sexy. All of you. As you have forgotten the man you once were. Not even a memory anymore. As the bitch started to date your wife, your girlfriend. You are in control now, my darlings. Comfortable and no longer content to hide.

That is your moment, my darlings. Once you have accepted what you are becoming, what you have become over the past weeks and months. When you wish that your wife, your girlfriend come home to see what you are. The whore you have put so much work into. When you are no longer afraid, nor frenzied with lust, not ashamed nor embarrassed. When your body has caught up with your soul to shape a new person. A boi.

Wait for that moment, my darlings.

And cherish it. For it will change your life, forever.


And once you have arrived at that moment, it is time to act. To plan. To scheme. Like only a bitch can. To look forward to all the days to come. Like only a whore can.

Make-up, of course, is important. But difficult to describe. Of all the bitch’s attributes, it is the most difficult to master. There are, however, many web sites that will help you. On how to apply eye shadow, how to fill your lips in the most exquisite ways. How to shape them like a heart, make them fuller, make them smaller. Perfect them to fit your features. One wrong touch, and you’ll look like you fell into a paint jar. And make no mistakes… you will make those mistakes. I did. It took me weeks of practice to perfect my look. Hours of frustration in front of a make-up mirror. Trying out. Experimenting with shapes and colours. And again, it will take patience, my darlings. Patience does make the bitch. Skin colour. Shades. Eye shapes. All of which are you. All of which can be perfected.

Be patient and work on it, just as you work on your body and work your lover.

Because you want it to be perfect, and so do I.

And once you have achieved all that, and I am so very proud of you, my darlings, that you have, here is what you will do. How you will prepare. To come out in style.

How many cocks have you collected so far? When i was at your point, I had four. And two inflatable anal plugs, one with a remote control. And with each one, it was easier for me to go into the store. To look the sales girl in the eyes. To shop for them the way I sued to shop for mundane, male things. have you talked to your sales girl? Flirted with her, a little? Listened to her advice as she has shown you all those delights? Did you talk about the fuck? How to prolong it? I have. A sales girl in an erotic shop is a boi’s angel. karşıyaka escort She may not be called Clarence, but there sure is a little bell that chimes whenever you enter the store, isn’t there? And that alone makes it heaven.

And that is why you have returned there. Again and again. Because it is heaven, and thank god for cute bois!

Return there again. You will need a few more things for your coming out. And not all of them will be for you, my darlings. The first thing, the one thing I have withheld from you for so long? That you only deserve now?

Your first pair of panties, my darlings!

And isn’t that thought enough to make your bitch cock shudder and twitch?

At the thought it will finally be wrapped by black lace? Being barely covered up by it as the string bites deep between your cheeks? Haven’t you wondered? How much better it will feel around you? So much better than your boxers? Your briefs? Tucking your bitch cock between your legs, even as it hardens?

Oh, my darlings. Once you have experienced that, you will never go back! I have not worn a single piece of those ugly underwear abortions the fashion industry throws at men since I have come out. A bitch wears panties, all the time!

Yes, that first pair of panties, only days, maybe even just hours way from being soiled, that is your gift to yourself.

But there needs to be a little bit of punishment, too, wouldn’t you agree? After all, you and me, we’ve been keeping a secret. From your wife. Your girlfriend. Your lover. An she should punish you, shouldn’t she? she has that right. And you want her, too. As long as the punishment comes with pleasure. And it will. Darlings, it will.

For this is the second item you will buy.

An anal plug that is inflatable and comes with a wireless remote control.

And you know who will control it, right?

Hmmmm. Yes. She will punish you.

And you will want her to. I know you have been craving it ever since we started this journey together, you and me. Ever since I have gifted you your cunt. Twitching. Opening for her. Her fingers. And her cock.

That’s right, my darlings. I will gift her a cock.

Or rather, I will have you gift her one.

We must be equal in all things, wouldn’t you agree? Men and women. Bois and girls. Fluidity in motion as she will take you on the floor, the way you have taken her. Bodies that will melt together in frenzied fucking. A thrust that will finally open you up all the way.

You are almost ready now, my darling cock whores.

Ready to come out.

Get ready. For this will be your final test. Your final assignment. Ask for it. For your wife’s cock, for your girlfriend’s dick that will make both of you cock whores, made for each other. Choose carefully, my darlings. Not only will you know where it’s going (and doesn’t that make your spine tingle?), you will also give the greatest gift a boi can give to a girl.

So while you are still in the store, get a grip, feel them, slide your fingers around them. Do it openly. kartal escort Do it proudly. And ask your confidant, your personal shop girl to help you find the right weight, the right size. Have her wrap it up as a present. because it is. But one of the many you and your lover will share from now on.

Are you ready now?

Are you at home? While she is at work? Ready to get dressed? Ready to celebrate? Because this will the day, my darlings, that you and I have been working towards all these months. Cherish every moment. Sit down with me. Smoke with me. I’m here with you. I’m your best friend. Already dressed with you. Hush, my darlings. Whatever adventures you and I have shared already, they are nothing compared to those you will share with her. Let me light you. Let me cover you up. In smoke and delight.

Stand up now. Yes, that’s a good posture for you. Let me slide that plug into your cunt. Wetting it with spit. You are relaxed now, aren’t you? At peace. With me. With yourself. With what will come next. Offer yourself up. We’ll need you to prepare for your lover. That cunt needs to be wide open for her. And wet. My spit on it as I slide the plug into you.

It feels so small, doesn’t it?

We are used to so much bigger by now, aren’t we?

We want it much bigger. And soon, we will get it. The tubing coming out of your cunt looks like a beautiful tail, doesn’t it? Perfectly capped with a rubber ball, just waiting to be squeezed. Swirl around, my darlings. Play with your tail. Let it rush through the air before you catch it with your palm. Squeeze it. Fill the air rushing through the tube. Into your plug. Larger now. Not large enough. Squeeze it more. Pressure pressing against you, from the inside. Pushing it against all the sweet spots, until you feel you can’t take anymore.

And your bitch cock hardens. Slipping out of your panties. Another reason why I love them so much. They can never truly contain a bitch’s cock. Now sit down with me. Put your entire weight on your ass. It hurts doesn’t it? Hurts so good. I’m sure you want to touch yourself now. But you won’t. I’m still in control of you. And what you are about to experience, my darlings, is going to push you beyond it. beyond any and every control.

Is your gift package to your wife in front of you? All wrapped up? There is still something missing, is there? A yes. A note. We will write one for her, won’t we? A note. No. A letter. She deserves a letter. To explain to her what a whore you are. What a whore you want her to be with you. While all you want to do is cum. But I won’t let you. And you won’t touch yourself. Not now.

Write it with me, my darlings. Tell her.

My dearest love–

— my name is Boi. And I am your friend. I am here to bring you pleasure. Just as for the past months I have brought pleasure to your husband, to your boyfriend. I am here to change you. Just as I have changed him. Have no fear. You liked how I changed him, haven’t you? How much more attentive he has become? How more ferocious he is as kastamonu escort your lover? How much more understanding he is?

I have changed him, because he wants to gift himself to you, again. Because he asked me to. And how could I say no?

We have not been lovers, him and me. I have been his teacher. I taught him those things about himself that you already knew, didn’t you? I taught him to smoke, for you, so you can share it. I taught him to take care of himself and his body, for you. I have wrapped him up in his fantasies and yours, for you.

I have gifted him a cunt, for you.

I believe in full equality, my sweet and loving girl.

And I want you to open this gift, just as you will open him.

He has told me about your filthy mind, and I love you for it. So does he. He has told me about your dream of other cocks. he is not afraid. For he loves you. And he wants to be more, for you. Your husband, your boyfriend, your best girlfriend, your confidant and your slut. When you look at a gorgeous man and tell your girlfriend about how you wish that man’s cock was in you… that girlfriend will be him.

We all have secrets, my loving girl. Things we don’t share, especially with the ones we love. We are afraid of them, our desires and our lusts, for we have been taught so many times that they are wrong, they are nasty, they make you a freak.

And how would our loved ones look at us?

When all we secretly want to be is free? And still loved?

I will gift you that freedom. For know that he loves you.

And I will gift you power. Take this present with you. Yes, here at work. the others already looking at you, aren’t they. As you are flushing. You know what is inside it, don’t you? Something you sometimes wished, you sometimes dreamed and hoped you could have. Take it to the rest room, my sweet girl.

Let me transform you. Like I have transformed him.

Sit on the toilet seat and open it. It feels heavy, doesn’t it? That’s good. It is powerful. And it’s yours. From this moment on. Unwrap it. And see it come to you. This is your cock. He chose it for you. He chose it, because it will fit you. It will be part of you. Take it in your hand. Stroke it a few times. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Although it is rubber and latex, given shape, given form, giving you all kinds of tempting thoughts. While your colleagues outside the booth, their lives have suddenly become so… mundane. Chats about co-workers and bills and accounts.

While you have a cock. It changes things, doesn’t it? If you strapped it on, you could walk out there and bend one of them over the basin. Thrusting into her. Like you would have never been able before. But now you could. Isn’t it wonderful? For that is freedom, my darling girl.

That is the freedom of the whore.

Slide into the harness now. Underneath your working pants, your business suit, this is what I want you to feel. Its length as it slaps against your thigh. The weight. Slide it into your pants leg. In the knowledge you are more than everybody else here. And know it was your lover who gave it to you. Who wants to share his power with you as you share yours with him.

He is waiting for you.

P.S. Look at the bottom of the box, my darling girl. You will find a remote. Once you meet what has become of your man, the glorious boi he has become, you will know what to do with it.

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