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How to pull older men – advice for new Trannys

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How to pull older men – advice for new TrannysIf, like me you adore older men, white haired, thick, tan hands, wedding rings and good-quality suits you need to know how and where to meet them, not easy if you are new to being a trans girl.Remember, many older men are widowed, lonely, or living in separate rooms to their wives, sex for many of them is a distant memory. So your best chance of success is to be pretty, a little flirty and if they show any interest, get pushy. If you like short skirts, wear a longer mac or coat over them, let them discover it. With oldsters, bear in mind too that the second they pop, they will be zipping up and leaving, so make sure you pop first if you want to cum. I prefer to hold my load sometimes and once in a while a guy will ask you to jerk off and watch you, it’s a thing. I find that a bit wasteful, at least get a hand job from them so they are close to you and you can kiss their necks.Here in Paris, you need to watch their behaviour. Many get up later ad do go out until 10.30 or 11, so get your timing right. Churches have morning mass, mostly elderly people, so go to that and stay back to light a candle or walk slowly around the church as if you have all the time in the world, not in any hurry. If it’s rainy don’t bring an umbrella, wait in a doorway for it to stop, one of them may offer to give you cover, and you’re in.Supermarkets, sarıyer escort bakeries, cafés in that mid-late morning are good too. Likewise department stores, browse the mens section in cheaper stores and pretend you are buying for a relative. Ask a man what he thinks of it, say it’s for someone like him (‘slim and well built’). Just get talking to them. Ask them the time, ask their opinion, anything.Get used to no interest, for every 20 you approach, many won’t bite but you’ll be surprised how many do. Don’t suggest sex straight off, it frightens them. Be nice, be giggly, make jokes and be fun – be a bright light in their day.If they are slow in suggesting a coffee, you suggest they buy you one. Always say you are at a loose end, doing a it of modelling, unattached – very important – and keep complimenting them. Some men need extra persuasion at this point – but some will just take charge, take you by the arm off to a dark corner. Extra persuasion – suggest they go for a walk, have mapped out already where you can go.If you’re having no luck, wait near a public washroom and when an old guy goes in on his own walk straight in there, heels clacking and compliment him on the size of his dick. Then ask hi int a stall for a couple of minutes of fun, ell him you are lonely.Car parks are good or ideally the washroom esenyurt escort of the cafe. Just let him go in then you follow a minute later without looking up – if he’s pissing or standing at a urinal, take him into a stall. No kissing, lots of men hate that, go straight for unbuckling his pants. I like to sit on the seat and kiss a prick first before sucking it, nuzzling into the warmth and their bush (oldies always have a bush!). Use your mouth only, not hands – if you wank them while sucking they will pop too early. Then sit them down, their knees will be trembling so they will want to. Don’t ask just lift up your skirt, take out your erection and rub it into their face. I love rubbing my cock against a man’s adam’s apple, a purely male pleasure!Encourage a little suck, the a bit more, stroke their hair or their head, be gentle. You have a choice to cum now (advised) or you go back to sucking them and finish them off. Always a big loud gulp when you swallow, let them know you’ve done your job right. Squeeze out the last little pearls of sperm and eat them and while the moment lasts try for a big, hot french kiss, all teeth and tongues.If they want to go, take charge. You buckle up their pants but leave the zipper open and their underwear down. When you both stand up stick your cock into their fly and rub off against their bush. If he is avrupa yakası escort kind, he will let you put your arms around his neck like a loving grand-daughter having a slow dance with him, keep grinding and cum onto his skin.Multi storey car parks always have quiet corners that are good, around the back of apartment blocks where people leave bikes, also in quiet churches just unzip him and rest your head in his lap. You can sit up if anyone comes in. I’m not a big fan of sex on buses or metros, they al have cctv.If you;re very nice and very lucky, he may ask you home. You’ve struck gold if this happens – just get naked and have great great sex until you are slipping off each other with sweat. Tutor him slowly and carefully in the art of sodomising someone and enjoy that bone in your ass and that flash of heat when his breathing shortens and he pops his load. Most of them wont want you to ride them, so be a bottom. I leave about 15 mins between orgasms depending on his age. Pretend you are going, then one last cuddle, a bit of a hand job and before you know it he’ll go again. Twice is as much as you can expect, so make them good – get them deep into your ass and slow it all right downRemember, a lot of old guys just want to be asked and very often they are the ones you least think will go with you, but hit on them and keep fishing til you land one. Be nice, it counts for a lot – they are more afraid than you, so calm them and reassure them.Don’t wear perfume if you’re pulling married men, they get freaked out their wives will catch them. Carry lube in your bag and small bottle of Listerine for oral hygeine.Now get dressed, girly, get out there and have lots and lots great daytime sex!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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