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Hungry for Love

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Jessica didn’t wake up when I got out of the bed. Not really a surprise. I’d made sure to really fuck her brains out last night. A parting gift, you could say.

Two weeks were already pushing it. Once they ran dry, it wasn’t fun anymore and they might get some permanent damage, so why force it when there were so many other fish in the sea?

Especially since this was the day I went to a new sea.

I picked my clothes out of the general mess and after a bit of rummaging around I even found a small mirror. It’s kind of a miracle how quickly an apartment got messy once I’d moved in. Hopefully Jessica got enough of her energy back to clean up before some sort of vermin settled in.

Choosing a look didn’t take long. I liked my long hair too much to let them go, but as an art student I had to do at least something crazy with it. Purple, maybe. Yeah, purple did the job, but I added some flashy blue tips and streaks as well, because why the hell not? No point in doing anything half-assedly.

I sent a last glance through the room to see if I’d forgotten anything. Not that there’d be much I could forget, since I hadn’t brought more than my clothes. Well, just one thing left to do.

I crawled back into bed. Jessica was still sleeping, which made it even easier to plant the kiss of oblivion onto her forehead. No need for her to be heartbroken. Or become a stalker.

Not even an hour later I already walked through the fancy halls of the university. There was a good half an hour left before the introductory lecture, but I didn’t mind being early. It gave me time to hang out in front of the lecture hall and check out the crowd.

There were reasons I picked arts over any other field. That I wasn’t half bad with drawing and painting was one of them, but not the main one. Especially since I didn’t expect the professors to dig my style. High quality smut is still smut after all.

Nope, the main draw was the target audience. Unlike some other fields, I could expect a decent ratio of girls and, at least as important, there should’ve been a good chance that a lot of these creative girls also took their creativity to the bedroom.

Of course, life isn’t my personal porn buffet. Or at least it isn’t all the time. There were a whole bunch of dudes coming in and a good chunk of girls who were only interested in said dudes. But that didn’t mean I had slim pickings. Far from it.

As the minutes ticked by I saw a lot of girls who’d be very open for a little lesbian adventure. Enough that I could afford to be picky, especially after Jessica had taken care of my hunger so thoroughly. Still, you always had to be on the lookout for the next meal.

It didn’t take long to find a perfect target: A cute smile, cocky blue-tinted pangs, nice boobs, a bit of experience with women, but with a lot left I could teach her. Sadly she’d just started her period, so I’d have to keep her in mind for in a week or so.

With fifteen minutes left to the lecture most people already went into the room. I didn’t want to get left behind and I’d already laid eyes on a new candidate anyway. There was this girl trotting along the other students, pretty small, but cute. Also a virgin, which is always fun. She didn’t have any crazy hair styles, piercings or such that would’ve screamed ‘art student’ at the world. What she did have, however, was a perfect ice breaker.

“Nice shirt,” I said as I joined in with her.

She wore a black shirt depicting what I’d call the Last Supper, but much more metal. Leather-clad disciples, blood-covered Jesus and all. I had to give it to her, that wasn’t something you saw every day and details like this were always a good sign. You didn’t wear such a shirt if you had the personality of a fifty year old house-wife.

“Thanks. I figured I should wear something relating to art and this was on the top of the pile, so I thought, why not. You…”

It took about this long until her eyes fully registered what they were seeing. It was cute how her voice trailed off for a moment.

“You’re styles also… interesting,” she finished, a bit flustered. What followed was the classic game of her trying very hard not to stare as we shuffled into the lecture hall.

“It’s also an artistic statement,” I told her. “Since, you know, I’m becoming a student, so it’s kinda fitting.”

To be fair, she wasn’t the only one who had a hard time keeping her eyes of me, but that was the point. I’d opted for a slim top and a pretty short skirt, both checkered to really sell the “sexy student uniform” vibe.

“I see.”

She was very clearly into girls, but by the way she slightly blushed as she tried to look way, I had to wonder if she’d figured that out yet herself. Well, if not, I was glad to help.

The girl targeted a seat further down and closer to the Prof, but that would’ve fucked up my plan to use the time for some serious flirting. It wasn’t like the introductory session could be all that import anyway.

“How about here?” I asked and set a foot into one of the back rows. “We can see much better from escort kocaeli up there.”

“Well, why not.”

She could’ve used the chance to get away. That she didn’t, meant that I’d already won.

“Name’s Nova, by the way,” I said as we sat down somewhere in the middle of the row. Most students flocked to either the front or stayed in the seats close to the stairs, so we should’ve been able to keep some privacy.

“Alice. Nice to meet you.”

No comment about my unusual name. Nice change of pace. One of the perks of being around artists.

“Pleasure’s all mine.” I made sure my smile was inviting, with a not so subtle hint of dirty. “So, what’s your deal with art? Body painting? Drawing people like one of your French girls?”

“Nothing that interesting, I’m afraid.” She looked flustered, but not too flustered. Perfect. “I like painting monsters from mythology, but, like, not the mainstream ones. The really weird ones, where half the work is just figuring out the anatomy. What part goes where.”

I liked her more and more. That hobby sounded crazy enough that I could have some fun with her outside the bedroom as well. However, before I could say something (most likely something corny about studying anatomy), some other girl chimed in from behind.

“I guess you’re more in the body painting and French girl business.”

The rows of benches were pretty steep, so I couldn’t see much except for short dirty blond hair and a pretty tanned face. She did have some stunning lips, especially with that naughty grin of hers.

“We got a winner there. What gave it away?”

The blond girl looked around. The lecture hadn’t started yet, but most of the seats were taken already. We had a bit of privacy on our little island in the far back, but she still lowered her voice when she answered.

“You’re Cherry, aren’t you?”

Well, that explained the secrecy. It took me a quick second to get my cool back. People rarely recognized me. Well, maybe they did, but at least it was rare for people to openly admit that they recognized me.

“I see, you’re a woman of culture,” I said.

She must’ve come in after us. There was no way I would’ve overlooked that aura while scanning the crowd. She radiated a healthy dose of bedroom experience coupled with an almost frightening lust for adventure. Where Alice was a fine treat, this girl was a barbecue buffet.

“Kinda. Mind if I join you?”

“Be me guest.”

She swung herself over that little desk thingy in front of her and dropped down beside me. Normally I’m not that into boots and army trousers, but with her they fitted quiet nicely. And while her sleeveless green shirt wasn’t the peak of sexiness, it did a good job showing of her muscular upper arms.

“Sorry, I’m afraid I’ve no idea what’s going on. Who’s Cherry?” Alice asked from my other side.

“My professional pseudonym.” I liked that phrase. It sounded fancier than it had any right to be.

“She’s a porn star.” The blond girl almost whispered, so nobody except for me and Alice would hear it. There went the fanciness.

“Yep, it’s my porn name.”

I had to give it to Alice: She took that revelation like a real trooper. Sure, she went redder than a devil after a couple of chili peppers, but many people just stare and have no idea what to say when I tell them about my job. Alice still had her wits about her.

“Wow. Didn’t expect that, but it makes, sense, I guess. I already thought that you were much too… good looking for a normal student.”

It would’ve been interesting to know her first word choice instead of ‘good looking’, but I’d take the compliment.

“Thanks. But it’s not like there’s a shortage of good looking art students. I mean, it hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already found myself two major cuties.”

Virgins are always fun, I thought, when Alice smiled while gnawing her lip so adorably.

“But you really are one, right?” The blond girl asked. “A student, I mean.”

I could’ve taken offense that she assumed I was here for less than innocent reasons just because I was a porn star. It wasn’t like she was completely wrong, though.

“I am. That talk about body painting and French girls wasn’t just for show.”

“That’s cool.” She had the decency to look a bit embarrassed about her assumption. “Like, really, cool. And sorry that I eavesdrop earlier. It was just, I thought, I know that voice, and then I thought, I know that face, and I had to make sure. I can leave you alone again if I’m bothering you. Could imagine that you’re sick of dealing with inappropriate fans.”

“Don’t worry about it. I love inappropriate fans. Especially when they’re this nice on the eye.”

She wasn’t one to turn red as easily as Alice, but one look at that smile was enough to know that I’d won her over. There was no need to rush it now. Especially since I didn’t want to be interrupted by the lecture just when things started to get spicy.

“And I think you haven’t told us your deal with art yet,” I brought the conversation back on track.

“Ah, sure. gölcük escort I draw trashy battle scenes. Think, Space Amazons versus Cthulhu. That kind of stuff. So yeah, I’m a woman of culture or something. Oh, I’m Trix, by the way. Think I haven’t introduced myself yet.”

This was getting better and better. “Seems like I managed to find the two most interesting people at first try.”

Trix leaned over a bit. Mostly so she could talk to Alice, but she was also clearly checking me out from the corner of her eyes.

“About that, Alice, wasn’t it? I’d like to see some of your work some time. You can never know enough weird and crazy monsters.”

“Sure thing,” Alice said.

Around this time the room got quiet. A couple of probably very important people had entered the stage. Some guy started talking. As expected, the beginning as a whole bunch of “Welcome to college. I’m the Dean of the Faculty of Whatnot, this is your future Prof in soandso, this is my trusted slave who’s clearly the only one present with any idea how technology works, and yada yada yada.”

I bumped into Trix to get her attention. “Wanna go somewhere later?” I whispered.

“Sure,” she said after barely a second. There was this glimmer in her eyes. This faint hope that maybe I meant what her perverted mind wanted me to mean.

The lecture took nearly two ours and all we got out of it was a bit of organizational information that would’ve fitted in five minutes, tops. But I was a good girl who sat on her ass and listened. Or at least I didn’t do anything to distract other people. Okay, maybe I could’ve chewed my pencil a bit less seductively, but that barely counts. And it was fun how it made both my new friends try and sneak some glances at me.

When it was over, we were in no hurry to leave. Everyone and their mother rushed to the exits as if they handed out something for free outside. Well, something other than these goodie bags. I already got one of those on my way in and, sure, a free chocolate bar is always nice, but good luck getting rid of the two kilos of paper waste that come with it, when all the nearest trash cans were already overflowing from the people who’d had the same problem. Anyway, we stayed at our seats and talked until the rush for the stairs was over.

As cute as Alice was, she just didn’t have this raw sexual power I felt inside Trix, so there was no question who I’d make a move on first. Didn’t mean I had to be an ass and drop Alice like an oily butt plug. She seemed fun to be around and not just as a backup meal. And if I was going to take this student thing seriously, I’d need some non-bedroom friends anyway. Or at least some not-just-bedroom friends.

Still, for the moment my target was set, so we said goodbye to Alice and agreed to meet her again tomorrow before our first real lecture.

“Coffee?” I asked once I was alone with Trix.

“Sure thing.”

We found a small cafe close the university. It wasn’t anything special, but we got a table for ourselves and they packed an extra big bunch of cream on my coffee when I asked them nicely, so what more could you want?

“I like your courage,” I said when we’d sat down with our drinks. Gotta make sure the conversation started off on the right foot. “Not many people openly admit that they know me.”

“Yeah, maybe that didn’t make the best impression of me.” Trix sounded not the least bit ashamed as she said that. “Guess I just wanted to get your attention. I’m a bit of a fan, if it wasn’t obvious.”

“Just a tiny little bit obvious.” I wiped up the top of the cream with my finger and sucked it clean. Such a stunt always had an effect and Trix was no exception. Her eyes were practically glued on me. “Anything you want to know about me? As a fan?”

“Maybe.” Trix took a long sip of her coffee. “But I don’t know if we should talk about that in public.”

“I don’t mind. But if you want to go somewhere more private…”

It was almost scary how big Trix’s grin got. “Could it be that you’ve got the hots for me?”

I’d wanted her before, but after this I knew that I had to have her. That girl had some real ovaries to call out a porn star on lusting after her. I hadn’t even seen her cleavage yet and she was already a lot more interesting than most of my previous partners.

“Maybe I have a bit of professional interest in you.” I wriggled my eyebrows to make absolutely sure she got what I meant with “professional”.

Trix laughed. “I don’t believe it. You mean it, right? You’re not just fucking with me?”

“I’m not. Not yet, at least.” I licked up a good spoonful of cream and watched Trix’s reaction. It was cute how she struggled to stay calm. She looked as if she’d explode if she couldn’t act on her excitement within the next minute.

“I can’t believe it. I’m on a date with a porn star. If I’d know that, I wouldn’t have come dressed like this.”

“Nothing wrong with your outfit.” Well, I would’ve dressed her up differently for sure, but she did look kinda hot with that no-bullshit army style. And besides, izmit sınırsız escort what’s flirting, if not a string of little white lies? “And I wouldn’t call it a date yet. But if you want, we can have a real date. Tonight.”

“That would be… Wait, don’t you have to… work… tonight?”

I was far too amused by this. “Oh, we’ve got a premium member here.”

Trix didn’t disappoint. She wasn’t bothered in the slightest by me calling her out like that and just said “Told you I’m a fan.”

I could’ve left it at that and with every other girl I would’ve. However, I had to see how much it took to get her flustered.

“Sounds like you would’ve had a date with me tonight anyway.”

She didn’t turn red. She did, however, have to hide behind another long sip of coffee before she was ready to answer, so that was at least a bit of a success.

“Well, I don’t have a premium membership for nothing.”

“Still, I’m honored that you’ve got my dates memorized. Or have you learned the times for all the girls?”

“Some of them.” Another long sip took her through her entire coffee, while I’d barely made it through the cream. “But you haven’t answered the question: When do you have time for a date? According to my schedule stalking, you’re already busy with Missy tonight. And I totally get it if you’re afraid you can’t do anything with me anymore after she’s done with you.”

I nearly suffocated on my coffee. Trix grinned at me while I tried to regain my composure. She was perfect.

“You’re real cocky, you know that?”

“Come on, you deserved it. You teased me about my membership.”

“Yeah, I totally did.” I downed my coffee in a quick swoop. “Anyway, about that date: If you want, I can bring you backstage.”

“Backstage to your work?”


Trix looked at me for a few seconds. “Is this your idea of a first date? You take me to watch you fuck another woman?”

She tried to keep a straight face. She really tried. Didn’t mean she succeeded, though.

“You don’t have to look at us. You can also wait outside and watch us on your laptop.”

Trix got a bit more serious. “But really now, you can take anyone with you? Just like that?”

“Pretty much. It’s no big deal. Of course, you can only look, no touching. But I can show you around and I’m sure the others don’t mind chatting a bit.”

“Wow. I mean, if you’re really serious about this… It’s not like it wouldn’t be cool.”

“It’s a date, then.”

She wasn’t the first girlfriend I brought to my job, but Trix was by far the fastest to admit how much she wanted it. And she was the least intimidated by the prospect of meeting a bunch of porn stars in real life. With someone like her there was no reason to hold back.

“And how about I come crashing your place afterwards? Or you could come to me if your parents are home. I promise, Missy isn’t enough to make me run dry.

“For the record, I still think this is all totally crazy and unreal.” Trix stared at her empty cup for a moment. “But yeah, fuck it, why not? And don’t worry about my parents. They live in the countryside. Got me an apartment all to myself.”

“I knew I could count on you.”

We exchanged numbers and addresses. Her apartment turned out to be closer to the studio than mine, which was perfect. I’d have totally made an exception for her, but it was always nice if I didn’t have to make my home look like an actual human being lived there.

“So, do I need to know anything when I get there? Some password? Is there a dress code?” she asked once we’d got the technicalities down.

“Don’t worry, I’ll meet you outside. If you don’t find me, just give me a call. And you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I trust your judgment.”

“Cool. It’s just, I don’t want to embarrass you or anything.”

It was reassuring that she was at least a little anxious about the whole thing. I’d already started to wonder if I’d misread her and she wasn’t human after all.

“You won’t. Believe me, someone like you, you’ll fit right in.”

Trix gave me this slightly naughty smile that looks so damn hot on her. “I’ll take this as a compliment.”

“It totally was one. Well then.” I stood up. She did the same. “See you at six.”

I gave her a goodbye kiss. Nothing special, just a quick peck on the cheek. A little promise of things to come.

“Can I ask one last thing?” she said. “Before you go?”

“Sure.” All things considered, she’d asked barely anything when she must’ve had a thousand questions, so I was only fair if I entertained her a bit.

“How can your hair look so healthy and nice when you dye it all the time?”

I had to laugh. She stood before her favorite porn star and could ask anything and this was what she went with.

“Secret of the trade,” I told her. “But if you’re a good girl, I’ll tell you some other time.”

Yes, Trix seemed to be perfect in every way, but I wasn’t going to bend my fundamental rule for her: First we fuck, then we talk business.

After that I had an entire afternoon to kill. Sure, I could’ve hung out with Trix for the rest of the day. She’d have loved that, no doubt, and I’d have had a great time as well. But that wouldn’t have had any style. The waiting was important. This way she’d got a good six hours to work up the hype.

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