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I am a CUCKOLD!Okay, so where do I start? Well I guess the best place is to state the obvious…I am a CUCKOLD.My wife and I are high school sweethearts, we lost our virginity to each other at 19 years old.We married at 22 and began our “normal” married life together until about 10 years into our marriage I began talking about my wife messing around with another guy, not fucking just playing, kissing, touching and oral.As is the case with most of these stories she was not into it at all. Until one day she told me about a guy from her gym that she found attractive AKA a big cock. He was a bit older than us and married with a couple of k**s.One day he was talking to her and asked her if she wanted to go out on a date with him. Wow I nearly lost it, was this really going to happen? Three days later I was kissing her goodbye as she left to meet her date.Four hours later she returned home to me telling me all of the details of her sexy evening. How they danced touched each other and finally how they made out like two teens. I was on fire!!We repeated this scene several more times with him and then with a much older man. Each time she go a little further until pendik escort she had given a blow job and had her tits and pussy thoroughly sucked.All this changed when she met her first love / lover “M”. M was a guy she knew for quite a while from the area and the gym. He was a black trainer at the gym and the rumor around the gym he had a large cock and knew how to use it. They too started slow until one night my wife told me she allowed him to enter her vagina. I came so hard and so long it hurt, and his black cock never got soft either.After that M and my sexy Wife began nothing short of a full blown affair, making love as often as possible and spending tons of time together (I work very long hours and he was semi-retired) They would spend entire nights together and several mini vacations (the longest being 4 nights).After about 2 years he became tired of either wearing a condom or pulling out, so he give my wife an choice, if she wanted any more of his black cock it was bareback or nothing. That was a major game changer my wife couldn’t get enough of his black cock. Easy choice I was made to do cleanup çekmeköy escort every time from than on he came inside filling her with his cum. And yes, I did eat it all out of her mixed with her juices.As their relationship grew I became more aroused that my wife was not only being used sexually by another man but that she was also falling deeply in love with him. She told me her love for me had not diminished one bit but now she was also in love with M.Throughout the first five years of their affair M did not know I knew or at least the subject was never brought up (oh yes we would also go out as a group), until one night while the three of us were having the final cocktail of the evening my wife asked me if I was still okay with her sleeping with M right in front of him. He almost passed out and I simply replied that I was ok with the arrangement as long as she was happy and they were discreet. M couldn’t believe his ears and as to test me he grabbed my wife and gave her a very passionate kiss and when I didn’t try to stop them he knew I was seriousFrom then on they were more open about their cummings maltepe escort and goings although he and my wife did not want me to watch them have sex because at this point they were making LOVE.Eventually M had to move away. When she told me she met her “new black dream man” I grew very excited and nervous at the same time.After only one date she began having unprotected sex with him and immediately began telling me how he was the absolute best sex partner she ever had! Including me! He was huge, about 9 inches compared to my modest 6 (okay maybe 51/2). He also had a “one problem” cumming so he could fuck her forever without stopping bringing her to multiple orgasms and making her squirt.From the start she wanted me more involved with him and her. She would call me from his bed and tell me how wonderful she felt with him inside her and how she came so hard.She would have me drive her to and from his place where they would have sex for hours and I waited out front in the car. As mentioned before he never wore a condom so she was always full of his cum when she came in from a date. They fucked on average 6 times a week maybe more. He couldn’t get enough of her and she of him, two total sex addicts. Her pussy was getting so stretched by his monster black cock she could barely feel me inside he her when we fucked.Well what he didn’t know is that my wife and I are together forever no one can break us apart not even a long thick cock..As I said before I am a CUCKOLD!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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