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i am bowled

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i am bowledHi,Only a few days back did I get a chance to go through the ISS. Immediately I decided to share my experience with ISS readers.I am S***z age 35 working in Dubai for last 8 years. My physique, height 6 ft, weight 80 kg, well built and fair complexion. I wouldn’t waste much of your time and come straight to the point.I came to Dubai in the year 1999 and joined an audit firm. Being an auditor, I was visiting various companies for audit and was interacting with lot of employees especially the accountants. During the final audit of one real estate company I found lot of discrepancies in the accounts and screwed the accountant badly. Accountant name was S**sh and he hailed from M********, India. He was really scared that when I would report his mistakes to the upper management, he would be fired for sure. After finishing my work, I was leaving for the day. When I reached my car, suddenly he appears and started begging me to ignore his mistakes otherwise he would loose his job. I was adamant, then he offered me something so special that I couldn’t resist his offer. He said, Sir, I can arrange one very teenage, untouched girl for you. I was really shocked to hear that, initially I reacted angrily but when he showed me her photograph, I was aghast.He barged into the car, closed the door and requested me to move. I was still looking at the photograph and admiring the beauty of the girl. He asked me, Sir do you like the girl. First let me tell you that I was 26 at that time and was still virgin. My only source of satisfying sexual desires was masturbation and fucking was only in dreams so it was a real excitement for me. I asked him where the girl is and how you know her. He replied, in my building there is a flat in which a lady is running prostitution business. He was a regular customer of them and the lady knows Suresh very well. He told me that whenever there is any new girl coming from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, the lady invites him first to have a shot. Poor girls from these countries were coming to Dubai on a visit visa for 2 months bursa escort and were making good money by selling themselves. Yesterday only he received a call from this lady and also she sent him this photograph, but because he was busy in the auditing he couldn’t get a chance to visit there. He offered me a trip to the flat and have a free fuck with the new girl. I was really in a fix because I really wanted to loose my virginity but at the same time was scared also. He read my mind and said, don’t worry I know the place is safe and there is no fear of police raid because the lady is entertaining only known customers.By this time I had made my mind that this is the best opportunity to have pleasure of real sex. I accepted his offer, he told me that at 10 pm he would come down my building to pick me up. I reached home and get a cool shower, wear nice dress and spray my body with a good perfume. I was anxiously watching the clock which was moving very slowly. At last my door bell rang and I rushed to open the door. There he was with a cunning smile on his face. I left with him in his car and it was around 10.30 pm that we reached his building and finally he pushed the doorbell of the flat. The door was opened by a lady in her late thirties, she was having big boobs with heavy buttocks. She smiled at s***h and asked him, why you didn’t come yesterday. He said he was busy, he then introduced me to her saying this is S***d, he mentioned my name wrongly because I told him to do so as I was still scared. He said that Mr S**d is my boss and it is the first time he is visiting such a place and requested the lady to make me happy. She said, don’t worry, we will be taking good care of your boss. S***h told her to call the new girl for me. Lady asked me to follow her, I was quite nervous and had no chance but to follow her. She took me in a room where a young girl was lying on the bed. As soon as we entered she got up and started looking at Me. Lady whispered in her ear and gave me a smile and left the room. Girl must be around 23 yrs, height 5”4 and figure bursa escort bayan 32-26-35, her complexion was brown. She was really hot and very beautiful. I was very nervous and felt that the girl is also quite nervous. I sat down on the sofa and asked her name, she said R*****i. I asked her to sit beside me and now she was sitting next to me. My heart beats were like a railway engine, I asked her how long she is in Dubai. She said 2 days back only she arrived. I started talking to her and she was feeling comfortable now. I asked why she is into this business, she said that she was ****d by her employer where she was working. She made quite an attempt to get justice but he was very rich and influential person and the case was dismissed. Once she lost her virginity she planned to make quick money and through some contacts she came to Dubai. While narrating her story I could notice tears in her eyes. I felt sorry for her and put my hand on her back and console her.I told her that I am tired and want some rest, she took me to the bed, I took out out my shoes, she asked me to remove my shirt and trouser so that I will feel relax. I took off my shirt and trouser. Now I was in my undergarments only. I lay down on the bed, she also joined me. I took her in my arms and gave her a small kiss on her cheeks, she also pelted me a small kiss. Then I rubbed her lips with my fingers, they were very soft. Slowly I started kissing her on the lips she was also responding. I touched her breast and then started pressing hard. By touching her hard breasts, my lund got full erection. My size is not very big, it is average around 5.5 inches but it is very thick. I asked her to undress herself, which she did immediately. I also get rid of my undergarments quickly and now we both were in our birth dress. When she undresses herself, I saw her nude body, vow she was damn hot. This was the first time a nude female body was in front of me. I have seen them before only in B/F. I put my lund in her hand and she started stroking it. .I started kissing her from cheeks, lips escort bursa and then went down to her boobs, her boobs were not very large but were very tight. I started sucking the nipples, first right and then left. I went further down kissed her belly button and then give a kiss near her cunt. Her pussy was clean shaved, may be she shaved only coupe of days back. I put my index finger near her clitoris and rub her clits and then slowly insert the finger in her vagina which was moist by now. She started moaning, by now she was really excited. I asked her to give me a blowjob, she refused immediately. I didn’t push her for that, I went down kissing her flat belly,I have seen a lot of B/F in which men are performing cunnilingus. As I reach her pussy and put my tongue on it I felt a strong smell which I didn’t liked. I dropped the idea of sucking her pussy and told her to turn her side. Now she was lying on the bed on her stomach exposing her shapely buttocks. I kissed her on the back and massaged her buttocks, kissed her thighs. I was really excited now and turned her again front side. I spread her legs, put some saliva on my lund and asked her to place the lund on the vagina. She put the lund on the entering of vagina and I pushed my lund slowly inside her, her pussy was really tight and my lund was thick so with great difficulty I was able to enter around 2 inches inside her. She was in pain and asked me to stop. I stopped and after a while I pushed a little more now half of the lund was inside her, she was in real pain but I was so excited that I want to continue and this time with some force I pushed my lund fully in her vagina. She screamed but I was very horny, I was feeling like my lund is in something very hot. Within few seconds I was unable to control myself and here I was cumming inside her. I exploded like anything, huge amount of semen flooded into her. Due to inexperience and being the first time I got discharged within few seconds.After some rest of 30 minutes I tried again and this time it was wonderful experience and I lasted for around 5 minutes inside her and we both cum together.I fucked her at least 10 times during her stay in Dubai and then she went back to India. I really still missed her.If you like my experience, please give me feedback

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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