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I Can Make You Love Me Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is a follow up to “I can make you love me Ch 1.” if you’d like please read that and then enjoy this second installment. Please feel free to give feedback or comments. I am happy for any suggestions! There is one more part to this story; I look forward to sharing it with you. All parties are 18 and over.

Lana closed the door to the bedroom behind her softly, trying not to wake the sleeping Kelly. It was the first night of a very special weekend, though Kelly had no idea just how special it was. Lana was finally ready to make a commitment, and the most permanent one possible.

Alone in the living space, Lana took note of her bags and the large box beside the door. She smiled wondering how much the bellhop had heard. With great care, Lana moved the box to the couch and opened it. Inside were several smaller boxes containing a number of gifts. From the largest box, Lana pulled out two expensive dresses. One was a deep turquoise lace dress with a deep V in the front and back. The other was long and emerald with a long slit up the side. The next box contained a mink stole, something she had seen her friend eyeing when they had been out on the town. Another box held shoes and yet another a diamond necklace set with earrings and still another a silver cuff bracelet with Kelly’s name engraved in it. The boxes reminded Lana of the most important box and she tiptoed back into the bedroom to retrieve it from her pants pocket.

Back in the safety of the living room, Lana carefully opened the ring box and looked down at her most precious gift. The ring was made of platinum and was a solitary diamond. The inside was engraved with an L and a K. Lana closed the box and put the ring into her suitcase for the time being. Though it was difficult to do, she fought the urge to retrieve it again and instead began her preparations for the following day. Everything needed to be perfect.

* * *

Kelly awoke to a grumbling in her stomach. She rolled over and tried to ignore it but her stomach grumbled a second time and she decided to see if Lana was up. She sat up in the bed and smiled at the sheer black robe that lay across the end of the bed. On top of the robe was a small box with a black ribbon tied across it.

With a smile, Kelly pulled on the robe and opened the box her mouth gaping open when the silver bracelet was revealed. She smiled and squealed in delight, putting the bracelet on her wrist.

Kelly threw open the door to the living space and was surprised to find a young man in a hotel uniform with a cart of breakfast food. The young man’s eyes opened wide and Kelly blushed at the picture she made: bare foot with her breasts and pussy barely covered and a shit eating grin across her face. Lana smiled at her lover and then handed the young man a tip. He took it with out looking at her and then backed out of the room slowly.

“I think you made his day.” Lana said gesturing for Kelly to sit down. Kelly noted her casual attire

“I think you made mine. This bracelet is beautiful.” Kelly said. She sat down on the couch and Lana handed her a plate of her favorite breakfast.

“One of many gifts for an incredible woman.” Lana said. She sat down beside her lover and kissed her fingers.

“You’re being very smooth. What have you got planned for us today?” Kelly asked.

“Well we’re getting a late start so I thought I would take you down to the spa for some relaxation and then have a late dinner and hit a club. How does that sound?” Lana said.

“Sounds great. You having something done at the spa?” Kelly asked. She sat her plate down and knelt in front of Lana. The other woman smiled and softly touched her cheek.

“I was thinking about it. Maybe a massage.” Lana said.

” I can give you one of those.” Kelly said.

With a big smile, Kelly took Lana’s plate from her lap and sat it on the coffee table. Kelly pressed her face to the floor and kissed the soles güvenilir bahis of Lana’s bare feet. She kissed the tops of each foot and then kissed her way up to the other woman’s lap. With a wicked smile, Kelly undid Lana’s jeans and pulled them down over her boxer’s and off her long legs. Kelly kissed the now exposed flesh of Lana’s thighs sending shivers up her lover’s spine.

Kelly pulled Lana’s boxer’s down over her hips and off. She smiled at the bald pussy that greeted her. She kissed her lover’s mound and then licked her pussy from asshole to clit. Her reward was a guttural grunt that she felt reverberate through her lover’s body. With a skilled tongue, Kelly worked Lana’s clit. Lana clenched and unclenched her fists as she felt the tension of orgasm building in her body.

When Lana was close to cumming, Kelly ratcheted up the sensation by pressing two fingers into the slick wetness of Lana’s cunt. She tapped the soft flesh and drove Lana over the edge. Lana allowed a rough string of expletives to escape from her lips. Kelly sucked and lapped at Lana’s lips, cleaning up the mess that she had made.

Lana pulled the smaller woman into her lap and kissed her neck and cheeks, stroking her thick thighs.

“Feeling relaxed now?” Kelly asked.

Lana nodded and opened the front of Kelly’s robe. She ran her fingers delicately over Kelly’s breast and elicited a moan. Lana pulled back then and set the other woman on the couch.

“What happened?” Kelly said confused.

“You have an appointment that you can’t miss.” Lana said with a smile. She walked over to her suitcase and opened it, pulling out a red casual maxi dress and handing it to her companion.

“You’re not going to reciprocate?” Kelly asked, pulling the robe off her shoulders and the dress down her nude figure.

“I thought that was you reciprocating for last night.” Lana said with a smile.

“Oh…right.” Kelly said.

Lana handed her some flip-flops and then leaned down to kiss her again. Kelly smiled as she was ushered to the door.

“I’ll see you later this afternoon. For now, go relax…. Oh and just so we’re clear, no happy endings.” Lana said with a smile.

Kelly giggled and went through the open door. Lana smiled as she watched her short lover saunter down the hallway and out of her vision. * * * The walk back from the Spa was agony; Kelly wished she didn’t have to walk ever again. Every inch of her body was in ecstasy at the princess treatment she had just received. She’d had the works done: a wax, mani-pedi, massage and facial as well as a body wrap. Apparently all paid for by Lana. Kelly wondered if there wasn’t something going on, some horrible news that was about to be broken. Maybe Lana had met someone. The thought brought renewed tension in Kelly’s shoulders as she walked into the suite. It was nearly six and she was getting hungry again.

The first thing she noticed was how quiet it was. Lana wasn’t in the room that she could see and a quick search of the bedroom, bathroom and balcony confirmed her suspicion. On the bed were two boxes each with a note attached. The first one read: Pick One. The second read: Open second. Beside the boxes was a chic pale blue bra and panty set with garters and stockings. With some trepidation, Kelly opened the box to discover the two beautiful dresses inside. Kelly happily put on the turquoise dress and marveled at the perfect fit to her body. She opened the second and took out the stole with a gasp. She caressed her revealed flesh with the soft fur and practically purred with delight.

Kelly returned to the sitting area to find a third and a fourth box on top of the table. From the third box, she took out an exquisite diamond necklace and earrings eagerly putting them on. From the fourth box, she took out silver high heels. She checked her phone but found no new messages, she wondered what was next. There was a knock on the door that Kelly rushed türkçe bahis to answer and she was not disappointed. There stood Lana in a perfectly tailored Armani suit. She held a bouquet of white roses and a smile that had Kelly dripping.

“Well don’t you look lovely.” Lana said.

“Thank you. You look very handsome.” Kelly said. Lana handed her the bouquet of flowers and leaned into her, kissing the top of her head.

“Are you ready to go?” Lana asked, her voice low and husky, drawing a whimper from Kelly.

“Sure. Let me do something with these.” Kelly said rushing into the other room.

“There’s a vase in the bathroom.” Lana said. She watched her lover walk away and wondered if she was making the right choice. She had planned to wait another day to ask her question but every moment with out an answer was driving her insane.

“I’m ready.” Kelly said coming out of the bedroom, the stole draped across her shoulders. Lana whistled.

“Even better than I pictured.” Lana said.

“Everything is so beautiful, Lan. I don’t know what kind of trouble you’re in but I could forgive you almost anything right now.” Kelly said.

Lana put her arm out and Kelly latched on. They made there way out of the hotel where George waited with the car for them. He gave his own approving whistle and Kelly settled into the back seat and Lana winked at him. Once inside the safety of the car Lana pressed her lips to Kelly’s neck, kissing every inch of the delicate skin. Kelly shivered as Lana casually made circles with her tongue along her collarbone and her hands made a similar set of circles along the inside of her thigh.

“Where are we going Lan?” Kelly asked.

“Dinner.” Lana grunted as her hand ran up against Kelly’s soaked panties.

Kelly decided making conversation was useless as Lana stroked her hot mound. She moaned loudly when Lana nipped at her neck. She felt the stole being removed from her shoulders and the soft fur pressed against her inner thighs. The sensation sent a chill through her spine. Lana continued to nibble on Kelly’s neck and ear while using the stole to work her lover into frenzy. The feverish sensation of the soft cool fur against her skin had Kelly close to an orgasm. When her brain was just about to shift into overdrive George opened the door and Lana smiled.

Kelly whimpered in disappointment. She could smell her own juices as she climbed out of the back of the car and she was a little concerned she had left a wet spot on her dress. She followed Lana’s lead into a beautiful restaurant, it was a place Kelly had never been before but everything in the room was low lit and beautiful. They were quickly greeted and taken to an out of the way booth where they slide in on both side and met in the middle.

There was a tension in Lana’s lips that Kelly had never seen before and she wondered if something was wrong.

“I know I said I’d wait till tomorrow to tell you why this is a special occasion.” Lana said.

“But you’re going to tell me tonight?” Kelly said her excitement building.

The waiter came over with a bottle of champagne, which he poured for them and handed each a glass. He smiled and disappeared out of sight.

“How long have we been doing this?” Lana asked.

“What the long weekends? Two years.” Kelly said.

“The whole thing.” Lana said.

“Five years.” Kelly said.

“And we agreed that when the time came we would both talk about changing our arrangement.” Lana said.

Kelly’s heart sank. It had been too good to be true. Lana had met someone new and she was leaving her. Tears welled up in Kelly’s eyes and she felt herself get up and take off though her conscious mind was too upset to notice.

Lana jumped up to follow her. She didn’t know what was going on. Had she given it away and Kelly wasn’t interested? She couldn’t be sure.

Kelly ran outside and walked away from the restaurant and the car. güvenilir bahis siteleri She ended up in the alleyway a few storefronts down sobbing. She couldn’t believe it; she couldn’t believe that it was over.

“Kelly!” Lana called out to her, following her to the end of the alley. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t…I can’t…Don’t tell me.” Kelly shouted hysterically. Lana grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her to face her.

“Do you know what I’m going to say?” Lana said.

“You met someone right? You want to end our relationship. Right? Right?” Kelly was practically screaming.

Lana kissed her hard. Kelly sobbed but allowed herself to be kissed. She melted against Lana’s body and it hurt her heart to feel how perfectly they fit together. Lana pushed Kelly against the wall and ran her fingers through the girl’s hair. She couldn’t believe what Kelly was thinking.

It was Lana who broke the kiss. They both stared at each other trying to refill their lungs. Lana dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring box. Kelly’s heart stopped.

“Kelly…I love you…I’m in love with you. I want to marry you. Or civil union. Or domestic partnership. Or whatever. As long as I can spend the rest of my life with you.” Lana said. She was breathless again when she finished. Kelly began to sob again. “Will you commit to me?”

“Of course I will.” Kelly said.

Lana jumped up and pushed Kelly back against the wall. She placed the ring on her finger and they both admired it on Kelly’s hand. With a mischievous smile, Lana pushed harder, leveraging Kelly’s body against the wall and lifting Kelly’s legs to wrap around her waist.

Lana thrust her hips against Kelly’s pussy eliciting a moan from her partner. With a practiced hand, she undid her pants revealing her dildo. She wrenched Kelly’s underwear from her body, throwing the remains down the alleyway. Kelly moaned as Lana entered her and she pulled her lover’s mouth to her lips. Lana began a slow rocking with her hips and they both moaned at the sensation that it caused.

“Tell me you love me.” Lana whispered.

“I love you. I love you so much. Please.” Kelly said.

With one hand, Lana pulled down the shoulders of Kelly’s dress pressing her mouth to her exposed nipple. Kelly moaned and began to grind her hips hard into Lana’s thrust and Lana took that as an invitation to thrust harder as well. Their moans and the slapping of their hips together were the only sounds in the alleyway. Kelly’s moans intensified and she could feel herself getting closer to an orgasm.

“Please Lan, god please.” Kelly whispered into her lover’s ear.

Lana picked up her pace, she could feel Kelly’s cunt dripping on to her pants. She ground her hips in a circular motion knocking against the walls of her lover’s pussy. Kelly groaned and her body convulsed as she bathed Lana in her juices. The world was full of white color for a moment and then it was gone.

* * * Kelly awoke inside the car. Her head rested on Lana’s lap and the other woman was stroking her back. Kelly sighed and slowly sat up.

“You ok?” Lana asked. She pressed her hand against Kelly’s cheek.

“Yes.” Kelly said stretching. “You ok?”

“I’m fine. I was a little worried. I don’t think I’ve ever made you pass out before.” Lana said.

“You have. But I don’t think you noticed.” Kelly said leaning against her lover. “So are you moving or am I?”

“I am. It’s all arranged.” Lana said.

“You thought of everything huh?” Kelly said with a laugh.

“Absolutely.” Lana said.

The car stopped and Kelly looked up but they were not at the hotel. Instead, they were in the driveway of a large home. Kelly gasped. It was a picturesque house with what looked like a large lot.

“Six bedrooms, four bathrooms, great garden and you should see the special playroom in the attic. Not of children.” Lana said.

“You bought us a house?” Kelly asked.

“I’m not waiting any longer than I have to to be with you.” Lana said.

“What else do you have up your sleeve?” Kelly asked.

“You’ll see.” Lana said.

They climbed out of the car and walked into the house.

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