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I Can’t Believe I Did This

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I Can’t Believe I Did ThisI know right from wrong, but today was such an opportunity, I just couldn’t resist. My son, who I gave birth too as a teeneager, and I were home alone for at least an hour, something that rarely happens. I knew what that he was cruising the xhamster.com site and he was sitting in his desk chair with his back to an open door, short pants but no shirt on.I walked up quietly, just curious to what his interests were. I figured my dark brown 18 year old son would be fixated on white teen girls fucking black teen boys. But no, it looked like young black boys being seduced by older black women. That was a surprise.He had his right hand on the computer mouse, and his left hand was in his lap, moving up and down slowly. As I sneaked closer to get a better look, my foot brushed against something, and he turned around.”Oh, I’m sorry, mom. I’ll turn this off right now. I am so embarrased””Don’t be, son. I look at that shit too.” I had moved forward and was standing behind his chair. I could see the large head on his dick with his left hand wrapped around its shaft. The head was glistening wet with precum. The video was continuing. “Turn up the volume so we both can hear it.”He had stopped stroking, I’m sure not wanting his mom’s attention on his manhood. The son in the movie was giving his mom a nude massage and was rubbing the oil over her ass and down between her legs. The video mom was moaning softly as her ass muscles tightened and relaxed to her son’s exploring touch.I pulled up another chair and was sitting behind him looking over his left shoulder. I put my right hand on his shoulder. “How do they make you feel son? They make me so hot. Right at this minute, my pussy is dripping, getting my panties wet.” I removed my right hand and felt inside my panties. My clit was stnding tall and my vagina was oozing sticky lubricating fluids. My fingers were wet when I took them out and reached around his face to wipe my wetness on his upper lip beneath his nose.I could smell my fingers even at that short distance. My son must have felt he must have been inhaling with his face between my legs.”Ohhh, mom. I can’t believe you, but I like it so much””Believe me.” I reached around him with my left hand to sarıyer escort touch the head of his dick, now with an even larger drop of precum excreted at its opening. “Let mom spread your juice on you.” As I softly rubbed his precum to evenly cover the entire surface of the head of his dick. I could hear the tempo of his breathing pick up speed. Or was it mine? Probably both.He had lost interest in the video mom riding her son, facing toward his feet, as he watched his steel hard dick slowly disappear into her pussy, then re-appear as he withdrew slowly to watch her labia stretch and cling to his thick shaft. But I chuckled as I watched her lose control and squirt a little pee on him once when he fully withdrew. A yellow drop splashed onto the camera lens.Back to reality. He stood up and turned to face me, his pants falling to the floor. There his dick was staring me in the face, maybe the most beautiful one I had ever seen. I had sneaked a peek a year ago of him fucking his baby’s momma and marveled at his size and her ability to take it all up her pussy.Now it was in my hands, and in my mouth. His precum was salty and a little bitter, but I worked him slowly in my mouth and tongue. I doubt he had ever been with a woman of my experience and skill.He was getting so excited, and I didn’t want him to cum too quickly in my mouth. I pulled my head back and stood up. I was just wering a bath robe and was naked underneath.I didn’t have to issue an invitation. He untied the sash and let it fall open. I have tits a little on the small size and only trim my pussy hair, not shave it off. His eyes moved up and down slowly. I let the robe fall from my shoulders to the floor and turned around slowly. “Like that booty?””Oh, yes.” as he reached to trace the outline of my curves with his hands.As I turned to face him, I rubbed a free hand over my clit, and down to my vagina, again bringing out more love juice, whose aroma filled the room. Intoxicating…to us both.I knew that I had to take the lead, so I took his hand and let him over to the bed. I sat on the corner and leaned back on my elbows, raising my spread legs so that he could see from where he entered esenyurt escort the world! I took one hand and spread my labia to expose the full length of my clit. It’s head is visible at the top of my slit even when I’m standing with my legs together not excited. I’m a lucky woman and so are my lovers! (See my Avatar and related video – that’s me)I could see his jaw drop in surprise, but his dick stayed strongly erect. Not to my disappointment, he wanted to touch and lick me before getting down to the serious shit, which I guess he feared that he would be like most young boys that cum to a climax pretty quickly. He licked my crotch slowly from my asshole to my clit, stopping to explore each space with his tongue.Also lucky for me, I can have multiple orgasms in a evening, with only a very short recovery time between each one.CLIMAX #1 – as he worked his way up to my clit, I was moaning and breathing fast short breaths. I reached down and held his head in position. “Right there, stay with me for a few minutes.” Actually less than one minute before my vagina was contracting and releasing in waves of pulses.”Wow, I’ve never seen that before. I love it, love it!””I love it too, for sure.” In a way I hoped he would only practice his new skills on me, but that is selfish. OK, baby’s momma too.In my orgasm recovery moment, I rocked back on my elbows, and scooted back away from the bed’s corner, my knees lifted and legs spread. Now my fabulous son was leaning forward over me supported by his hands with his knees between mine but not touching me. “You happy,” I asked. “Unbelievably.” He leaned his head down and gently kissed my mouth. The pashion rose quickly as our tongues explored each others mouth, sharing each others body fluids still in our mouths.I knew he was lowering his ass, and I soon felt that beautiful young dick laying its length between my legs, all outside my pussy.”Hold that position for a minute while your mom pleasures herself.” Slowly I moved forward and backward feeling his dick slide between my soaking wet labia and over my clit.” He quickly picked up the motion. We started moving too fast and “by accident” his dick entered my pussy a couple of inches. We avrupa yakası escort both moaned out loud…CLIMAX #2 “Wait a minute, let me be on top and in control” as I pushed him off and layed still for a few seconds of recovery.Now while he was on his back, I dragged my fingernails lightly up and down the length his shaft, watching it bob up and down in excitement. Next I straddled him and sat down on his beautiful meat, not taking it into my pussy.I slid forward and backward slowly, and my weight, all 90 pounds, was enough to keep him from maneuvering for another pussy entrance. I could control the angle of my body very precisely so that my clit rubbed his full penis length. I hoped my clit’s hardness wasn’t uncomfortable to him, but I guess the sloppy wet conditions provided ample lubrication. I could feel my excitement increasing until waves after wave of shivering excitement ran the full length of my body. CLIMAX #3. And I gave him a little squirt of pee just to see if he noticed my warm fluids running down over his dick and balls. I guess not.”My turn, mom.””Give me a few seconds,” I said as I rolled off and lay still on my back.”Time’s up, mom.” He lifed by knees, spread my legs, and layed on top of me. I could feel the head of his rock-hard dick touching against my labia, just waiting for the chance he had dreamed about tonight…or maybe a little longer on xhamster.com. Almost instantly he pushed inside me as I started worrying about upcoming pain if he rammed it’s full length into me.He’s a nice and considerate boy, who knew he had a monster. “Still feel good, mom? How about now?” Surprising what a little, I mean a lot of lubrication will do. “That’s all of me. You still OK?”Oh yes.” And I tightened my vaginal muscles around his dick and coaxed a little moan from him. Now the tempo started picking up as I wrapped my legs around his back. Faster, faster, all the while our hips rocking forward and back to maximize excitement and deep penetration.I’ve been around and can tell to the second when a man is ready to cum, a young boy too. I thought if I can just keep him from cuming for just 10 seconds, I can cum with him. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my clit, when 5 seconds later his juices began to hit against the back of my vagina in blast after blast. Maybe that realization brought me to climax as my pulsating contractions began while he was still expelling his love juices. CLIMAX 4.We both instantly fell limp, him on top of me. We just laid there almost falling asleep, when the apartment door opened. Uh oh, baby’s momma. Now what?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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